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My husband was at Home Depot, waiting for an interview and saw the sign about entering your sweepstakes to win a $1000 gift card. So, he filled it out. Several weeks later we get a call from Rain Soft and they said in order for us to officially be entered into the Home Depot contest we had to get our water tested. Then, she said after we get our water tested they will send us a $20 gift card. She said they are performing water testing in our neighborhood. I asked her if they were going to try and sell us something and she said NO. We'll when the guy comes from Rain Soft to test our water that was fine but then he went on and on and on trying to sell us their Rain Soft water system. We couldn't get him to stop and we had told him our financial situation and that we couldn't afford to by Rain Soft. See, my husband lost his construction company and has been out of work for over a year. We are struggling to save our house and buy groceries, but this sales guy from Rain Soft kept pressuring us to buy their system. It took forever to get the guy to leave. We told him that we don't and can't buy anything and that the lady who scheduled the visit said they were just testing our water and were not going to try to sell us anything. Anyway, Rain Soft misled us to just weasle their way into our house under faulse pretence. Is this a company you want to do business with? Oh, ya.. and the $20 gift card we were suppose to get for getting our water tested, that was also missleading. We got a coupon in the mail from Home Depot that said if you spend $150 you'll get $20 off. That is not a $20 gift card in my eyes. The whole thing was such an aweful experience. We would never intentionally invite a sales person into our home. We can't even afford to buy groceries, come on! Then, when we say NO, this guy won't take NO for an answer and leave our house. This experience left a discusting tast in our mouths about Home Depot. It was a very shady thing to do. All my husband wanted to do was enter your contest for the $1000 gift card. We are serioulsy considering taking our future business to Lowes moving forward and we've already started telling our friends about this aweful experience.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Jan 14, 2019 11:08 am EST

The other day i got a call from a survey i filled out with at home depot. The lady seemed to be for real. Anyway, i was told that some company was coming to my house to test the water and install somekind of filter give us a 20$ card and the results. They never showed. Thats why i looked for this site.
Thanks !

Nov 28, 2015 1:02 pm EST

I just got a postcard in the mail today, looked like an official correspondence from Amazon. Said that if I filled out a brief survey and sent the postcard back in, I'd get a $20 Amazon gift card. The survey just asked questions about how often I make purchases from Amazon and if I use other online sites for shopping. I started filling it out but then noticed the return address was Rainsoft of Northern Michigan. Never heard of the company before but decided to do a Google search. Ended up finding this site, glad I did! The postcard says nothing about a water test or anything but I'm guessing this is their new ploy to get people's contact info and try to sell them crap. Glad I found this, definitely not falling for it!

Oct 05, 2011 12:51 am EDT

I was also at Home Depot when all this happened to me. At first I thought "what a great service!" and was interested to see what a water test would show. A couple weeks latter I started getting unsolicited calls, which I had been ignoring until my curiosity perked up. When I finally answered they hit me up with about 20-25 questions - and NEVER gave me the results of the damn test! They assume I want to wait for one of their representatives to come to my home - uh, WHY? I sent the water to get a result, period. I asked "where are you all going with this?" and I could tell the person was surprised I even asked, but she kept on rattling on and on, throwing in the bit about the coupons and contest, like a gave a flying frak. I don't know if it was a scam but I'd tend to agree with the sentiment around here - its lame of the Depot to have any part of this. Big Thumbs Down!

Jul 16, 2009 7:51 pm EDT

Same thing just happened to me. Just got off the phone with them. I signed up to win a washer/dryer and they just called to "confirm my address" and offer me a free water test. I politely declined and she went on and on. I politely said, "no thank you" and she hung up on me! How unprofessional can you be for a company? I suppose she took our name out of the sweepstakes, too, but I'll never know. What a huge scam.

Jun 22, 2009 2:02 am EDT

yup, me too. all i wanted was the free $20 gift card. and i was curious about my city tap water. ok so it sucks, but i buy water from a water store at 35 cents a gallon. it works fine for me. and when the guy came he tested all my water, he stopped testing my water store water after it turned blue like his rain soft water. he sounded surprised when i told him that i wont make a $6000 in 1 hour! i needed to do more research. he packed up and left nice and smooth, so maybe he figured why waste more time. he came on saturday and today i did my research, all i can find is complaints against the company. i'm so glad i am not gullible and fall prey to predatory lenders and scam artists. it may just be a great product, i know i need a water softener and purifier, but not at their prices! and certainly not a decision to make in one hour. the "free" cleaning products was a big 'red flag'. good luck people, be smart, do research. and DO NOT FINANCE with any company like that, get your own financing first.

May 13, 2009 2:31 pm EDT

Wow, sounds like the exact same thing that happened to me last night. I got the exact same call from a representative who said they were doing water testing which was great for me beacause the city I live in sent out a letter regarding lead in the water so I was all for getting a free water test. The sales associate for the company came in and started testing the water...they didn't tell us about what exactly they found in the water. After the test they sat us down and started talking about a solution, which was a $7K investment...they made it sound cheap saying it will really cost $59 a month or something like that with all of the savings in additional cleaners, then I said OK...once I asked about the interest rate which was 18% I rethought the scenario and asked what the monthly payment would be and they the salesperson said $198...WTF! I then said no and I was being pressured into buying...I flat out told the associate I WILL NOT BUY ANYTHING THIS EXPENSIVE WITHOUT THINKING IT OVER SOME MORE. That is when I think they got it through their head that I was not worth the time which is fine with me, I will just take my business elsewhere. They then left and I started doing some research on the company, supposedly they have a great product which is WAY overpriced but like I read earlier, their tactics to get you to buy the product is extremely shady. They also offered like $4K worth of cleaning supplies if we sign that day the back of my head I was thinking, "If they product is so great and worth it then why would you have to offer the supplies as a bonus?!?!". That tells me that either 1) their product is not that great so they need to sugar-coat it or 2) They are making you pay for all of the free stuff also.

I am glad to hear that other people had the same experience I did...I am still looking for a water-treatment solution and will probably NOT go with this company.



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