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I'm a first time home buyer, and a few weeks after I moved in, I recieved one of the cold calls offering me free gifts for 15 mins of my time in which my water would be tested. I agreed for the water testing. The salesman showed me how dirty my water was and how much better it was with the system. I was told that with this system, when making a bubble bath, I'd have tons of bubbles without using alot of soap. Never happened. The bubbles accumulate the same as they did with the regular city water. My dishes in my dishwasher comes out no differently than they did before I had this system, as a matter of fact, I experienced no difference in the water after I got the system. My drinking water was already being filtered through my fridge.

Now lets get to what I'm furious about. The salesman gave his pitch, but I told him, I can't afford this system, I'm a single mom that just put everything into my house. He offered me a nice intrest rate to finance it and a 4 year supply of soaps and cleaning products, but my concern was if I'd be able to keep up with the payments. I expressed this to him and was told that at anytime I didn't want it anymore, I could call Rainsoft and they will come pick it up and I would owe nothing more than what I had paid up to that point. When I asked about maintaining the system, because I didn't want anything that would cost me money ongoing, I was told I could buy the salt from Home Depot and put it in myself, which I did, and that it would need a filter change annualy which I could also get from Home Depot, but included in the cost was a yearly maintance. I was told that once a year I can have them come out and change my filter at no charge to me. This all sounded good so I signed the paper, which, I was NEVER given a contract, just the finacial agreement stating what my interest would be that goes to American Finco. When the system was installed, they installed it wrong; my water was running very slow and water was shoting out of the hardware they added to my sink. They came the next day and fixed it. So a year goes by and I call to have them come change my filter. I was told it would cost me $175. I told them that I was told I recieved a yearly maintanace. They said that was only in the first year and I used that up the day after I had it installed. How are they going to use that as my service call when they insalled it wrong. Anyway, I told them the conversation I had with the salesman, and they told me, don't know why he told you that, but that's not the policy and it will cost me this amount each year for them to replace the filter. Screw that, so I went to Home Depot to buy a filter and install myself, but guess what, that was another lie. Home Depot doesn't carry Rainsoft filters, or any that you can use with the system. So now I'm stuck with a system that I can't use because It hasn't been serviced since purchased in 2008, I wasn't able to keep up with payments and now this has went on my credit report as delinqent, the interest has when sky high on this, and, they didn't give me 4 years of household products because I ran out of everything back in Dec. I don't know how to unhook the system and I'm afraid to drink the water comming out of my faucet now so I'm spending more money buying bottled water for my daughter and I to drink.

I just came into a couple extra hundred dollars so I called Rainsoft to have the damn thing maintanced. I work 8am - 5pm, Mon-Fri which is the only times they have service guys on the road. No evening or weekend hours. So I'm supposed to take off work loosing more money to sit at home waiting for them. I don't think so. What I do think is that I should contact all that has complaints, we all get in touch with my attorney and file a class action law suit against these lying ###.


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May 28, 2022 12:36 am EDT

This is what life is like after being defrauded over $12,000: insomnia, hyperactivity, nightmares, and serious regret I didn't listen to my disabled spouse. People at Rainsoft should be locked up for defrauding disabled veterans of their hard-earned money!

May 28, 2022 12:14 am EDT

Upon having a Rainsoft system installed, the devious salesman Tim Hayes in Columbia, SC convinces me to purchase a platinum vapor barrier for my attic. He measured 5500 sq ft and charged me $18,792. The actual measurements and cost are 3200 sq ft/ $6200. After notifying the manager, Chris Berryhill. He tell me he wants to make me happy, and will offer $1000 credit, providing I remove the negative reviews on all websites. Upon contacting the CEO in Illinois, I get NO RESPONSE! Anyone willing to do business with these F__N CROOKS in SC, stay away from these deceivers!

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Aug 01, 2018 12:54 pm EDT
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Class action lawsuit, you can count me and my wife are in. I went back and forth with the company for 2 weeks every day, had a "sorry we can't do anything else for you" - hung up on me.
I work for a well known to the area hvac company, and if we had a customer who felt at all uneasy about the situation, my owner personally contacts them and tries to come to an understanding and agreement that works. when I told them i wanted it removed, they asked me "what took so long" - what took me so long was YOUR SALESMAN told me to wait a week or 2 for me to really notice the difference. I DIDN'T. "Sorry sir, by law we are only required to uphold a 3 day agreement."

You need help ME AND MY WIFE ARE IN.

[email protected]

Feb 09, 2018 1:05 pm EST

All that money spent on a system that is under $800 where is that extra money going? Install $300. Soap and products offered $400 rest in their greedy pockets. You would think the yearly maintenance would be free with the price of this system they are charging. I also was scammed into purchasing this product. I see no difference in water quality, iron stains still accumulated in shower and toilet. I wish I never purchased the rainsoft system. Help!

My family also was duped by this company. The fast talking representative misled us into believing the system would pay for itself by reassuring us that we would be able to get the same exact household products we were buying for free. This was a LIE. We were not allowed to even see the site that would provide the items until after we wrote a letter under duress about `how wonderful the filtration system' was AND we had to provide 10 family/friends names and numbers to even begin accessing the `free' supplies. We do not like giving our friends numbers out, especially for sales pitches. We hate being harassed by the sales calls we already get. we also asked about maintenance of the tanks Again, we were reassured that the cost would reasonable. Long story short, my mother in law's tanks had to be replaced before ours and she told us how expensive it was to replace (in the thousands). Initially paying $5, 000 +, we thought the initial costs were the most we would have to incur. It's been three years and we have college aged children and cannot afford to pay for the maintenance of these tanks. We still buy products that we prefer from the store, as we were before. We also do weekly water runs to purchase drinking water. We do not like being forced to use the company brand they make us order from; however we have no choice and get our dish liquid from there. If you get a call from this company HANG UP! YOU WILL REGRET IT. WE have NO WATER PRESSURE IN OUR HOME. Due to our financial situation, my husband and I are trying to find out how to bypass this expensive system we regrettably purchased years ago. DO NOT BE MISLED. If there is ever a class action law suit, we will participate, because we were misled and duped out of money our family could have used more wisely.

Nov 24, 2010 6:48 am EST

I too have been duped (out of $5, 000+) by rainsoft, their local dealer "Hydro Engineering", and their financing company "Aqua Finance." Same story as above, they lied about the financing, the return policy, maintenance cost, "free 4 year supply of soap" (which lasted about 2years) and system warranty. I tell everyone i meet not to do business with them. I even emailed every local news outlet and lawyer for assistance and no one would help. One lawyer stated he "could help, but would need a $3, 500 non-refundable retainer". If a class action suit ever does take place I will be the first to show up in court.

Sep 11, 2010 10:42 pm EDT
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I would have to 100% agree with Felicidad Aponte. I'm going to keep this short and sweet. The exact same thing happen to us 1st time home buyers, same issues etc. Fell behind a couple months Rainsoft call me and ask to pay 331.00 a month for a year to settle which would of cut me out of paying 191.00 a month for 3 more years on top of a total of the 5 years agreement I think (pretty close anyways). So I agreed and did exactly. I paid the 331.00 a month, if I couldn't pay it I would call the lady back and would have it postponed to a lately date. But, my husband became laid off and later on I got fired for being pregnant and unable to preform my duties. And I was like 3 mths away from having it paid off totally according to the last agreement. After I got fired I filed for unemployhad to go to my family for help. I had called the lady that set my payments in regards with my situation and she had told me that I had until the Jan 1, 2010 to pay 900.00 (don't know exact amount right now). I couldn't come up with the money because we were to busy trying to come up with money to save our house from foreclosure which we are still in battle 2-3 years later:( but, come Jan 1, 2010 the lady called and pretty much said that I owed 5, 000.00 and something. lately I thought about it and I had told my husband that the lady said that we are back to owing the 5, 000.00 I had said where is all the 191.00 payments and 331.00 that I paid because the loan was for 5 thousands to 6 thousands and something. And now they are saying I back to square one screw that I've paid enough on it ( I refuse to pay anything else on it) they said the reason why I owe that is because late charges and and interest and they want more damn money to fix the system, just like you. You had stated "What I do think is that I should contact all that has complaints, we all get in touch with my attorney and file a class action law suit against these lying ###." Me and my husband agree with you with the lawyer and would even help with paying for him to end this what ever it takes to stop the harassment. You can email me at [email protected] if you can just note it as regarding the comment that I lefted on the rainsoft and I will know who you are or just rainsoft is good too.

Jun 11, 2010 3:46 pm EDT

Like many people who have dealt with this company, I understand the frustration. I actually worked for this company for almost 2 years and feel like I should never admit it to anyone. I fell for the "pre-scripted presentation" when I went in for an interview. Well I got the job and before I could go into anyones home I had to show the presentation to 5 family members, only as practice. My office was pretty mad that I hadnt sold at least one softener to a family member. Red flag but I disregarded it. So I put a ton of hard work into this company and found that I was making good money, but something didnt feel right. I was taught many closing techniques and soon was the second best rep at our office. Within a year I had been promoted to sales manager and later to AGM. I found out during this time the dishonest practices we were doing. Telling our reps to basically say anything to get the sale and even fake some phone calls to my boss to make it look like we were giving these unsuspecting customers a GREAT DEAL. I have a ton of information on this company and I feel like I am a creditable witness should someone feel like bringing these people to court. I even became a General Manager of a local office and was witness to even more shady practices. This company teaches a script and will say anything to get the sale. If they would just let the product do the talking they would never get a complaint, it is the best out there. But, if you have a problem with your system call a competitor to service it you will be better off. These products are first class its too bad the company is run by a bunch of accoutants. They make the rep want to sell the most expensive products they have instead of selling you the one you really need and can afford. Sorry to anyone I may have screwed.

May 07, 2010 10:36 am EDT
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Hello! My name is Scott Harmon I am the director of technical service and customer focus for AWTP, LLC – the parent company of RainSoft. We are the manufacturer of RainSoft water treatment equipment. Since 1953, we have worked with our network of independent authorized dealers to provide the finest water treatment equipment in the industry. I am sorry to hear that your experience with our local dealer did not measure up to the standards that we work to uphold. While all our dealers strive for 100% customer satisfaction, we know that there will be times when we fall short of the mark. Please feel free to contact us and we will work with you and your local dealer to resolve the issue. Please include your original post with your response. Thank you. [email protected]


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