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5 gallon re usable water

I am very disappointed and unsatisfied by the water quality of Al Bayan water which I am using in my home from last 4 years... recently always I started facing bad smell and bad taste water. This is my third bottle in last 4 months I am getting with the same problem.
First 2 times I complained the same to Al Bayan quality Director and later to the quality controllers and I was not at all satisfied by the response and explanation given to me or they replaced my bottles.
Now as a customer I do not wish to continue with this water and feed my children unhealthy water by paying money.
I ask the higher officials to take appropriate action at the soonest.
Mabela, Oman

home delivered gallon water bottles

Please be informed that yesterday (11-Apr-20) we were delivered with 2 bottles at our flat, but was charged...

charged extra

Today one 5 gallon water can was delivered and my account was debited for two cans. This has happened earlier also but the delivery boy did not admit. They are doing it purposefully. Delivery boys are debiting my wallet on their own. Kindly resolve the issue. My AlBayan wallet number is [protected].
Dr Arush Arora
Flat 109, Al Gobash building, Al warqa 1

Resolved customer service and delivery time

Ordered for 2 bottles of water on 5th of Jan and they said will be delivered ASAP but I haven't received any updates nor call from delivery person till next day . Again I called on the following day and the person who answered informed that there was no any orders have been updated under my account and he has taken the order, but till evening on the same day still there was no confirmation. So I had call again and spoke to Mrs Sabha and she said will arrange to make it delivered ASAP . But for the surprise till today 8 of Jan I have got any updates . So called again and Mrs Ayya said within 48 hours they will solve the issue then I said that I wanted to speak with a supervisor or manager but she informed their is no such available at shift .
So if we order for water basically will they deliver after 3 -4 days?




home delivery of bottled water

Have been chasing the company for my account summary for past 6 months but haven't received any response...

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unethical behaviour

This is to inform you that my name is Brynysinish. I am staying in al hamariya.(oman) Iam your new customer...

bottled water

Purchased water dispenser along with bottle coupons over AED1600 spent. Inflexible service for this area...

1 comment Dubai Food

charged extra

I stopped taking water from them on 14/12/2014. Before starting the service the deposited AED 50. When asked...

1 comment Dubai Food

horrible service

Horrible service by Al Bayan water..the sales person who contacted us initially for the sale told us that their service was excellent and always matches customer requirements. We were convinced with the flexible days and timings of delivery and decided to go along with Al Bayan only to realize that the sales person has misguided and lied to us about everything. I called for a refill a week later (on a friday) and I was told they dont work Fridays when they never told me they don't work on fridays, Infact I was told there is never a restriction and they are available whenever customers call..Then I was told that they only service in my area from 8-10am in the mornings when infact I was told by the sales person theyt they service in the area till 7pm so we could call them after work and they'll drop off water...To top it off, I was told very arrogantly that if I wanted i can "leave the bottle outside with coupon and they will come whenever"...seriously?! and THIS IS WHAT THEY MEAN BY GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE?!?!?! First of all, they might want to hire some competent people and secondly they should provide customers with all the details without misleading and lying about their "great services"...Needless to say, I stopped using Al Bayan and now use Oasis (WELL PLEASED!)

  • Su
    sudha gk Jun 27, 2014

    i totally agree. after the order you have to wait minimum 3 days to get albayan water. worst service. we keep buying different mineral waters until we get every delivery of albayan. really pissing off.

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  • Al
    albayan Mar 26, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    water cooler dispenser not working

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