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Rainbow Shops Complaints & Reviews

Rainbow Shops — Double breasted it's a 1 piece pants suit

I brought item up to register.I brought to the attention of the cashier that the item had a button missing but it was in...

1 comments Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Dec 06, 2019

Rainbow Shops — retail clerks

I am submitting a complaint against your cashiers/clerks that were working Sunday evening, Nov 17th. They were very rude...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Nov 17, 2019

Rainbow Shops — I would like return some items that don't fit. I would like my money back.

Hello, my name is Taffanny Eigner. I am emailing rainbows because I was cleaning up and may have throw away my receipt...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Nov 10, 2019

Rainbow Shops — shirt I bought

I bought a black shirt with bell sleeves for $4.99 because I liked it. I always wash everything first but I didn't...

Clementon Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Oct 27, 2019

[Resolved] Rainbow Shops — horrible service

I wasn't going to write normally I come into this particular location and always have help when I'm shopping for any...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Oct 25, 2019

Rainbow Shops — cashier

I shopped for the first time at the Rainbow Store in Oglethorpe Mall, Savannah, Ga. I found a special color shoes I had...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Oct 02, 2019

Rainbow Plus — my manager

My name is Nicole and I work at rainbow plus I like working there but I have 2 kids and I'm a single mom I do thing...

2 comments Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Sep 27, 2019

Rainbow Shops — rude manager

9/26/2019 11:42 Operator: 9796TL Store manager was extremely rude, lazy leaning over the counter basically doing nothing!...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Sep 26, 2019

Rainbow Plus — a manager

I'm a customer and I was in rainbow one of the employees said there working on thanksgiving and she has kids I...

[Resolved] Rainbow Shops — return

Rainbow ShopsI saw a shirt online, brought it and then purchased the same shirt but in a different color in the store. I went to...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Sep 05, 2019

Rainbow Shops — crappy customer service

The clothes may not be the best quailty but it's affordable, but I do expect the customer service to be top knotch...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Sep 04, 2019

[Resolved] Rainbow Shops — digital content

My gamer tag is : DoubbleZZ And I play on xbox I bought the safari bundle from the rainbow digital Content store and...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Sep 02, 2019

Rainbow Shops — customer service

Rainbow ShopsI visited this Rainbow location on Saturday, August 25, 2019, around 6:30pm. I am 8 months pregnant and had been in the...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Aug 30, 2019

Rainbow Shops — management

Workers aren't being given there breaks and days that they say they are unavailable for they are being scheduled to work...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Aug 29, 2019

Rainbow Shops — clothing sold that was defective and customer service was nasty, condescending and cruel

I recently bought 2 pairs of pants and 6 bras from rainbow shop online. I was having health issues so, I washed my bra...

2 comments Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Aug 23, 2019

Rainbow Shops — a shipment of 23 items

An order was place on the 28th June. It was said to be shipped the day after and delivered on the 4th July. To date the...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Aug 21, 2019

Rainbow Shops — the amount I paid for a dress was not fully credited to my account.

I returned a dress because it was a poor fit on August 11, 2019. I was not credited the full amount of the purchase...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Aug 12, 2019

Rainbow Shops — the spanish lady that worked there

My son went to return a dress at this particular location on wed aug 7th at 12 noon. The spanish lady that was there...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Aug 07, 2019

Rainbow Shops — manager and employees

Good morning i was shopping Sunday afternoon around 5pm and i found a lady that used to work with me and she got fired...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Jul 30, 2019

Rainbow Shops — store closing earlier than operating hours

On July 29th, I tried to purchase some last minute outfits before my departure to the Caribbean's. It was 8:30 and the...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Jul 29, 2019

Rainbow Shops — 7/27/19 1:50 pm two store clerks were very disrespectful

Rainbow ShopsI came in as I regularly do, and I've never seen these 2 girls who were snickering as I walked up. One said she was a...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Jul 28, 2019

Rainbow Shops — rude disrespectful management

An incident occurred at the register during an exchange i was doing . I asked manager why was the price different for...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Jul 22, 2019

Rainbow Shops — rude manager

I am unsure of the Manager name but she was totally RUDE!!! 2 of the sale associates were mopping the store and I wa...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Jul 21, 2019

Rainbow Shops — closing procedures

On 07/17/3028 It was 8:50 ten minutes before closing and me and my daughter witnesses a staff member counting end of day...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Jul 17, 2019

Rainbow Shops — discrimination from manager

I was discriminated against by manager Tiana. She had no name tag so I do not know if that is her real name. She alluded...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Jul 16, 2019

Rainbow Shops — return

The manager with long back hair (operator: 1325EV) at store number 00115 and was very rude when I was trying to make a...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Jul 13, 2019

Rainbow Shops — rude staff

I shopped in rainbow on june/14/2019 I found a shirt on a clearance rack I asked the manager on duty if she knew how...

Rainbow Shops — rude unprofessional staff and management

Let me first off start by saying I'm a regular customer of both stores in Little Rock Arkansas. I had just left the...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Jun 04, 2019

Rainbow Shops — manager unethical

Governors Square; Eastern Blvd Montgomery Al Manager Mariam is very rude. Talks on the business phone her whole shift. Let...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Jun 01, 2019

Rainbow Shops — the manager at cape fear plaza in fayetteville nc

I will not return or ever spend my hard earned money at this Rainbow. The manager is very, very rude and unprofessional...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · May 29, 2019

Rainbow Shops — cashier

I walked in the store to return a couple of items and as i waited for my turn in line a woman came up behind me and...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · May 17, 2019

Rainbow Shops — gold edition

Rainbow ShopsI brought gold edition for my birthday but later on I uninstalled the game as it kept on glitching but then I...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · May 16, 2019

Rainbow Shops — return

I purchased 2 tops from the rainbow store on 38th post road in indianapolis, Indiana...on Thursday May 2nd 2019...I...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · May 09, 2019

Rainbow Shops — order # your order has shipped! order number: [protected] tracking number: [protected]

On 4/24/19 my order was placed money taken out of my account I received a order number tracking number stating it wa...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Apr 29, 2019

Rainbow Shops — I am an employee whom would like to file a complaint against my store manager

My manager and I started out great but as she started to hire people I did not agree upon who were constantly calling in...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Apr 25, 2019

Rainbow Shops — customer service

Went shopping with my grand daughter there, she had a 10% off couponon her cell phone which she couldnt get to load. She...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Apr 15, 2019

Rainbow Shops — customer service, harassing behavior from store manager

On Sunday, March 17th I arrived at the above location to exchange merchandise. I checked my bag in at the front of the...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Mar 19, 2019

Rainbow Shops — clothes and shoes

I made an order with Rainbow shops November 2018. Order. #[protected]-001. When I received the order in December there...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Jan 16, 2019 — assaulted by employee

On saturday january 12th 13:59 #transaction 532824 I went into this rainbow with my little brother to buy are little...

Bronx Bad Business Partners  · Jan 15, 2019

Rainbow Shops — am looking for my order # and am not finding it

The order # is [protected] so I can get an invoice please thanks in advance. It was shipped on 12/8/2018 4:39 pm. And the...

Online Shopping  · Dec 14, 2018