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Canada Goose reviews & complaints

Canada Goose complaints 44

Canada Goose - Navy coat

I called Canada Goose because my item said delivered when I never signed for nor received it. It was a christmas gift for my husband (I now have no gift for him) They took forever to respond to my emails. Promised to call back and never did and when I finally spoke with someone they said too bad basically. Will not issue a reshipment or offer a refund. I am now out of 950 dollars. I asked to speak with a supervisor they told me none were available. It is astounding this is the type of service they provide and still have customers. I am beyond disgusted. They are a bunch of greedy money hungry individuals I will never support them again and will use all of my efforts to spread the word. Canada Goose sucks!


Canada Goose - Not receiving my coat and mittens

I had a jacket and mittens ordered from the Chicago store on Oct 30, 2021 and still have not received my items. I have called several times and was told my issue was escalated and someone would call back within 48 hrs. It's been over 3 weeks and I still have not received a return call. I was also told that the items were lost with UPS and an investigation was opened.

I would like a refund immediately.

Canada Goose has provided POOR customer service and lack of communication.

Desired outcome: Full Refund immediately

While at the store in Chicago, I ordered a jacket and mittens for $1500 on Oct 30, 2021 and still have not received the items. I have called several times and am told i will get a call back within 48 hrs and 30 days later, i still have not received a call back. Each time i call, i am told the same thing, "you will get a call back" and not sure why no one has called back yet. This is unacceptable
customer service.

Canada Goose - Lies/censorship

Tried to buy a parka, but with no luck (see below). After some time got an email asking to leave comment on my purchase, which technically didn't happen. So the feedback was:

"Ordered a parka, because had a good experience wearing one of those earlier and didn't find this model at the local retailer. But just after payment completion got an email saying my order was cancelled. No reason, just notification. Spent almost a week to reach out support. Eventually their answer was literally"Our system done that. It could happen due to a lot of reasons, we don't know why exactly". Luckily got money back eventually."

Now got an emai from them saying:

"Our staff has read your review and values your contribution even though it did not meet all our website guidelines. Thanks for sharing, and we hope to publish next time!"

What a hypocrisy


Canada Goose - Jacket

I purchased 6 jackets from Canada Goose on June the 30th 2018 for myself and my family members. We purchased their products because of lifetime warranty and a promise by CG of great quality of their...

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Canada Goose - White puffer jacket turned yellowish

After caring for my jacket exactly according to label instructions, it began to have a yellow hue. I sent it to Canada Goose and filed a warranty complaint. It took them 1.5 months to even acknowledge receipt. Then they said I didn't care for it properly.Numerouse emails tried to explain that I did, in fact, care for it according to the label instructions...finally escalated "to the highest level" only to hear that they had tried to clean it which "resulted in a yellow hue". I spoke with 2 people who just kept saying the company line and didn't even acknowledge what I was saying. After almost 3 months I got my jacket back. I believe they used inferior down from ducks, not geese, which when wet yellows over time. I told one person that because the fabric is white the yellowed feathers show through...their customer service is the worst!

Desired outcome: replace jacket

Canada Goose - No delivery of virtual gift card and lousy customer service

My husband purchased a virtual gift card for me as a Christmas gift, and it is now after New Years and I still have not received it and this company is giving us the run around. I've called twice and no one has done anything, I got the response that it's been escalated internally. Are they serious? It's been over a week with no resolution but, they made sure they got our money!!

I've emailed and of course the same response, it's been escalated. This is absolutely ridiculous!! Horrible company!!

Canada Goose is the worst company that I have ever dealt with. They have the absolute worst customer service and for the price of their products it is totally unacceptable!!!

I will never purchase from them again. They are the absolute worst!!!

Desired outcome: Refund

Canada Goose - Poor customer service / refund and order related issues

I have ordered a total of 3 Canada Goose Sherbrooke Parka coats. The first order I returned because of the size. They received the return on Dec 10th. The second order came to me visibly...

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Nov 05, 2020

Canada Goose - Warranty department

My parka got caught on a doorway and completely ripped from the pocket to the knee. I filed a detailed claim for repair or replacement and over the course of 4 weeks received 4 different answers as to why they were unable to replace or repair- including suggesting that the make and model is no longer available (it is) and color isn't made anymore (it's black). I had to ask them to mail it back to me and still haven't received it. Customer service made 2 Appointments to call me and never did. Absolutely horrific that I'm out a $1, 000 coat with 0 attempts to be helpful or honest by CG. Will be taking my business elsewhere.


Canada Goose - Little colour fade out and lots of fur coming out of my canadian goose and lost its warmness.

Hi greeting to you, I purchased my Canadian goose slightly 3 years back but I used it for 2 winter season. The colour is little fade out, I don't mind for that so long as it maintain it...

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Nov 02, 2019

Canada Goose - Customer care / after sales service

I caution anyone considering the purchase of any Canada Goose product read this before going ahead. They're quick to take your money but when it comes down to providing basic customer service...

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Canada Goose - Terrible warranty cafe

Calling the people who review the quality of the jacket "experts" is an absolute joke. Reading the reviews online I saw that the sleeves and the cuffs are a recurring issue with the jacket. Seeing...

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Aug 05, 2019

Canada Goose - Customer service/product

I ordered a jacket back in march for a 50th birthday present, I had it a week before the birthday then went on holiday for a week, the coat I ordered was the wrong size and I returned it upon my...

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Canada Goose - Parka

I have recently bought a parka from canada goose, but surprisingly after less than a month of usage I realized there was some loosing stitches inside my jacket. Due to the investment and...

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Canada Goose - Chateau parka

I contacted canada goose via the correct channel i. E registered. I advised the fur from my hood had been stolen. I advised on all the required information - colour, trim, style, cut number etc etc...

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Jan 25, 2019

Canada Goose - Parka

I bought my Canada Goose one year ago at Yorkdale Mall. I just noticed that around the sleeves the lining is wearing off and there are little holes around it. This is absolutely disappointing to know...

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Jan 21, 2019

Canada Goose - Warranty program - terrible service, ineffective policy

I bought a defective parka from a Canada Goose retailer. It was releasing fur all over my clothing every time I wore it. It turns out it is covered under the Warranty Program. I sent in my jacket...

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Canada Goose - Warranty on kensington parka

Bought a CG coat approximately 7 years ago. Sent this Kensington model parka for warranty since it was no longer providing warmth. The down in the sleeves was almost non existent. The fabric had...

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Canada Goose - Reference: nakeshri/canada goose-coat case [protected]

11/01/2019 Dear Sir or Madam, REFERENCE: Nakeshri/Canada goose-Coat I purchased the Coat from Canada goose. At the point of purchase I paid £900. The Coat is not of satisfactory quality...

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Jan 04, 2019

Canada Goose - After sales service

I returned my jacket to be inspected as I wasn't happy with it. It appeared that the feathers were clumping together and the empty spots were showing dark patches. I had previously contacted Canada...

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Dec 16, 2018

Canada Goose - Chilliwack bomber

Absolutely apauled at they're warranty department!! Opened a claim as my jacket is tearing around the seams on both cuffs and seems on both arms and pockets are letting go! They're offering to add...

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