Quicken Loanscharges before loan approval


Total rip-off artists! - I can picture a phone room crammed full of desks, with minimum-wage employees, all with "special" Titles such as
"Loan Advisor", "Loan Consultant", etc etc ... and ... a total lack of communication between them.

The biggest fraud they engage in is all the "Special" & "added" costs you must provide BEFORE your loan is even considered ... just a few - $400. "good-faith" fee, then a "Loan Initiation fee", then they charge you for a Homeowner's Insurance Policy, while demanding that YOU also provide a separate Homeowners Policy, a Home Inspection fee (Before you even know IF your loan is approved!!) - An appraisal fee, and ALL These "fees" to be paid UP-FRONT - BEFORE you even know if your loan is to be approved!

All this, while you provide Bank Statements, proof of income, Credit Reports, , , , at LEAST two or three times, because these "clerks" can't seem to have the ability to walk your paperwork through from one desk to another. Just when you think you have everything set-up,
you get transferred to yet Another "Loan Consultant" who starts you all over again asking for proof that you paid all the "Up-Front" fees, so this is another trip to the copy machine to send this dolt all the paperwork again!!!

I wonder how much Quicken Loans pays J.D. Power & associates to hawk them as the "Number One" in home loans??

STAY AWAY FROM QUICKEN LOANS, unless you have $1200 or $1500 to throw away on "fees".

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