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Zillow's website is horribly bad. Three quarters of the page is taken up with ludicrous, unrelated photos of potential rentals that have nothing to do with the listings on the left side. There's no feature to minimize the right side that is worthless, yet despite addressing this with them they ignore the complaints and suggestions. They DON'T CARE.

They DON'T CARE about improving the site to help customers use it properly. Consequently, it's impossible to look for and find rentals.

In short, Zillow DOESN'T T CARE. They're in it for the money, not to help the public. Very unfortunate.

Fence Installation Company

Today I called a company called Aluma-Guard about getting a fence repaired at a rental property I own in Aransas Pass, TX.  The receptionist answered the phone at aluma-guard  (877.258.6448) and she was not very helpful.  She said she would "reach out" to someone and try to get more help later.  When she said that - I asked her..."Reach out?  Do you mean you are going to call them on the phone?"  To which she replied..."OH!  Are you trying to give me an English lesson?"  While she was very rude and upset, I remained calm and continued to talk to her and then - got off the phone.  

Within two minutes, she obviously googled me, Barbara Allbright in Bastrop and Aransas Pass, TX and she located my (I assume) Realtor information.  I believe that she then logged into Zillow to find me and posted the following review of me on ZILLOW!!!  She can ruin my career as an agent!  How can I get this review removed?  People should NOT be able to use this medium as a personal retribution site!! Here is what she wrote on her review!

"Very Rude and disrespectful. I reached out to her to get information about selling my home and she decided to give me an English lesson instead of helping sell my home. I would never do business with such a rude individual."


Is it possible to research and find out if she submitted the review from a computer in Brooksville, FL.? That is where it was probably submitted from.


You can reach me for further information at 512.921.6350.
Thank you!

Barbara Allbright  - Realtor, Bastrop, TX 512.921.6350

apartment listing

I saw a rental listing on your website for a 1 bdrm, 1 bath on a horse ranch, when I looked at the pictures, I wanted to rent it immediately. I was in for a big surprise, the landlord is a disgusting, lecherous man, the apartment was so filthy, I spent the first month cleaning, scrubbing, and steam cleaning the floors; the electric stove had faulty wiring causing burners to remain on even after turned off. When I sent a written request in the 7th week of tenancy, the landlord threatened to physically kick my as* and rip my throat out. I was so unnerved, I called the police and filed a complaint. Fortunately for me, another tenant recorded his threats and emailed them to me.

He is now evicting me though I have never been late on rent.

stealing buyers and selling the leads

I was inquiring about property on Zillow and when I called the phone number under agent at the top of the page I got immediately contacted by Zillow sales company within a few minutes... to try to get information on me so they can sell my information to a buyers real estate agent.

It was not the number to the listing agent or the seller... it was was malicious to get buyer leads and not direct the call to the seller or the listing agent.

The seller of the house was the owner agent and he wasn't even notified that I was contacting them about this property And neither was the agent...this this false advertising by Zillow should be ILLEGAL!

The seller who is a broker told me he has not gotten contacted by anyone off Zillow because Zillow keeps stealing all their leads to people calling on his property. That is with over 650 views and over 15 saves

I think Zillow is Scamming all the Sellers on Zillow by stealing the leads to make money!

poor quality service

Your Zillow Representative promised me 10-15 phone calls per month. I realize now that was a snow job. Zillow never lived up to what your Rep' promised. A contract, which was not signed by me, is a mutual agreement between parties. Zillow did not do their part in supplying leads. I request that funds be credited for Poor Quality Service.

My Supposed Contract: I agreed to the Hebron Area, knowing that business was booming in that area. Then, I was conned to taking the Gary, In. areas. I did them a favor and took it. Bad move on my part because Gary, In. was the only calls that I received. Gary, In. is not the area of interest for most clients. Then I switched to Demotte. Once again, very few calls.


Ted A Gross


After dozens of emails to customer service with only canned responses back and refusal to escalate issue I am writing a complaint about their zestimate of our home. For nearly three years our zestimate has continually gone up as the market has rebounded, increasing from the mid $1.3m to a high of $1.5.
As an owner my husband updated our listing written verbiage to state that the home underwent a $300k renovation. Open concept, chef's professional kitchen with two islands, new marble floors, new and improved everything. Instead of the zestimate going up it went down in one day by nearly half a million dollrs or 33%!!! Wtf. Himes didn't crash by that amount during the 2008 market crash!

Surely it must be a glitch, I thought. So I contacted zillow. As a chief marketing officer, formerly with usaa, whirlpool and other great companies, I expected a decent customer response, tailored to my details. Instead, email after email. I received cut and paste pat responses. On the 14th email I asked for a supervisor. This same person said that they finally looked into our particular listing and said it was based on an owner change to the listing.

Ok again, what the heck?!? You renovated a house, improved its value by investing over $300k and this algorithm decreases the zestimate by 33% and it continues to go down?!?!?!?!? This is why realtors hate zillow and now why we do too. We are just completing a $96k expansion and hit renovation of the master bath. Will that decrease our value by another half million?

I can list our house for $1.35m and have a bidding war in a week. We can easily sell north of $1.4. Your current zestimate is $989. How can you be that off??? The house at 1004 piano sold for $1.135 and your brilliant zestimate is $1.309m!!! That house has not been updated in 20 years, has a lot half the size of ours, has no real water view and by all rights would likely sell for less. But you zestimate it's value at over $300k more than ours! What!?!

I want more than a canned response and a fix before I take this to as many forums and associations as I can

Donna samulowitz


rental application

Nonexistent customer service. Decided to try Zillow application service. Potential tenant submitted application, paid (the charge went through), I never received their application via Zillow. Tried to contact Zillow customer service and opened several tickets, they never replied to me. I wonder how many other applications didn't go through and I lost the business? Very disappointed.

incorrect information

Zillow deleted and changed my previous information (its 2.5 bath and Zillow shows it now having 1 bathroom) and they deleted over 30 quality photo recent photos of the refurbished new home and left my older, lower quality photos. All of my kitchen, master bdrm/ba, main bath, bedroom and other ground floor area photos vanished as soon as the home was put into the MLS system. Neither my realtor nor myself can correct it.
I have spent days working on photos getting it ready to list and added captions and organized them into a nice walkthrough beginning with a perfect exterior view. I have had owned this listing with Zillow for over 10 years and suddenly Zillow took control away from me and changed things.

I have contacted Zillow Support but according to my realtor, "Zillow determines" what is on their site so really nothing either of us can do about about it.

erroneous views reporting, dropped of saves views,

Please be advised that you are reporting 633 Laramie River Ave El Paso Texas 79932 as not for sale thu...

horrible service, zillow took over $2,500.00 out of my checking account.

Well, I hope someone really reads this complaint because I have tried to talk with a real live person for...

processing rental payments

This is the absolute worst company with shabby customer support. Impossible to get anyone on telephone. They have not processed rental payment into my account and the renter sent the ACH payment to them almost 1 month ago. It has been a daily chore with emailing back and forth. They continue to state my routing and account numbers are wrong. What do I do when they continue to hold my money? HELP !

my listing

935 S Street Merced CA 5341 still segregated from your public listing (Bias)

Incident dates 7/17/19 and 7/18/19

Below is the copy of the email I sen to your [protected]@zillow.comsupport i asked to be escalated to a supervisor and read below why, ...

Please have this email escalated to a supervisor over tech support and to contact asap i have 1 hour and 1/2 before my open house and i doubt anyone is going to show up due to the tuck out of sight move done my your tech.

Zillow my listing has been segregated from your public listing and i would like an explanation for this is potentially cause me
monetary damages,

My home had a open house for 3:30 TODAY and listed on zillow, then it was taken down and according to your tech
support was placed hidden in a fsbo category.

Although it is as such I consider that bias because all your listing are in one way or another still categorized as well my
beds, bath, city and state to name a few and yet they are in public view.

This seems strange and almost feels like a bate in switch done 1st on me a few days ago, where as i'm asked 1st about a customer service quality from your Tech Maricar, then my listing after i answered, was tucked out of sight and separated from all the other listings.

Today I was expecting to have a open house from 3:30 to 7pm with the Zillow listed I posted days ago and now no one will know about this one today at 3:30 nor the open houses for this weekend.

Consequently a $195.000 sale not sold and you are my primary source of listing platform.

I have been asking for days to have my listing with all the rest of them here in merced back in the general public and Maricar and Steve have basically i feel playing games.

Please have this email escalated to a supervisor over tech support and to contact asap i have 1 hour and 1/2 before my open house and i dout anyone is going to show up due to the tuck out of sight move done my your tech.

Time is money.

Please contact me via this email now.
Andrea Mason

Resolution Request: please promptly place my listing back where it was in plain site in the public eye (not where a buyer would have to type fsbo or my address to find my listing) with all the rest of the listings as it was before 7/17/18. in THE CITY OF Merced CA Listings

Thank you please reply to email: [protected]

new subdivision and zillow is providing estimate!

We are in a new subdivision and only homes that have been sold are via the builder. One home across the street is listed at 40% higher than mine and it's same model. We are on Lakeview and they have pond view.

Zillow should not provide estimates until the homes have been sold from one owner to another ; and again since it's a new community it's only 70% complete . Zillow should stay out of trying to provide estimate !!

you suck

You people (zillow) have made it impossible for the public to call and talk to a human about viewing or listing a property but you still want that commission which I dont see that is deserved you are lazy and getting fat sitting on your asses and appears that you are making things easy for yourselves not your clients called the customer service number 5 times not 1 response you expect the public to set up appointments by email and if you cant keep the appointment you lie and said I didnt get your email etc. Not everyone has a cell phone, to do texting, emailing, scanning, etc but you assume everyone does and those that dont get [censored] on
You make me want to puke

zillow posted wrong house number on foreclosed property they listed

Zillo posted a property as foreclosed for 1547 days with the wrong house number! The incorrect address posted...

false information

Zillow has provided false information on a couple of my listings. Heads up Realtors check the information from Zillow, in my opinion, you may find false information as well. They will not return phone calls or emails. Even a letter to the CEO Richard Barton 1301 Second AC Floor 31, Seattle WA 98101 . Advise from Homesmart is to delete Zillow from Broker Distribution on our listings. Armls AZ is contacting them on the false information they were not pleased with the information I gave them.

homes for rent/condos/pre foreclosures listed

I am heading preserving historic afro-american yorktown community. (60yrs plus post war). We have been...


Everyone looks at zillow and the zestimate to get a quick picture of a home's value. We are busy people and do not take the time to understand that the zestimate might not be accurate because they make mistakes and refuse to correct them. I am in a heated battle with zillow right now to fix the inaccurate zestimate they have put on my house.

Re zillow:
"zillow does not offer the zestimate as the basis of any specific real-estate-related financial transaction. Our data sources may be incomplete or incorrect; also, we have not physically inspected a specific home."

So - why do we believe it? They should not be allowed to set what they even admit is probably wrong.

Re zillow:
"the list price and zestimate for this home are very different, so we might be missing something."

We have legislation for everything under the sun. How about something to protect homeowners from this kind of misrepresentation without recourse? Zillow refuses to do anything about it because they know you want your home viewed by as many people as possible.
This is simply not right.

  • Ph
    Philly2019 Feb 13, 2019

    You know that Zestimate means estimate, right? You know what estimate means, right? If you can't be bothered to read and understand things for yourself, that's nobody's fault but your own.

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online listings

Please!!! Remove homes that have gone through closing and are sold! We did love zillow until we made contact to view listed homes on zillow and so many were already: under contract, pending, sold or the same property is listed with zillow as by agent and fsbo not possible.

Numerous times we have inquired about these homes to find the above aggravating information. Please remove these listings

inacurate zestimates with proven appraisal and sale

Zillow is using an algorithm machine to estimate the price of our home, they have dropped the price from the...