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Quicken Loans reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Mar 1, 2007. The latest review Pulled credit without permission was posted on Jul 5, 2021. The latest complaint warning: do not be fooled!!! was resolved on Apr 24, 2015. Quicken Loans has an average consumer rating of 3 stars from 227 reviews. Quicken Loans has resolved 87 complaints.

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+1 800 251 9080 (Customer Service)
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100 Public Square, Cleveland, OH 44113-2208
6135 Park South Drive, Suite 200, Charlotte, NC 28210

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Quicken Loans — home mortgage

First I was told I could close on our new house on the 15th of may. I was able to get the 20% down necessary...

Quicken Loansthe way I was spoken to by your representative

I had a conversation with Mr. Dan Trotter yesterday, and to say the very least, I felt humiliated by his questioning, and by his tone. It's none of his business that I give a reason why I've waited so long to refinance, he did not provide me his NMLS number at the initiation of our conversation, listen to the tape, and after being in lending for 33 years, there is no way I would ever speak to a prospective customer in the manner in which I was spoken to. His tone was extremely condescending, and he's lucky I'm not taking this complaint further. I NEVER want to hear from Mr. Trotter or Quicken Loans or make certain I will escalate my complaint. To say that I was extremely upset after speaking with Mr. Trotter is a huge understatement. You would be better served to hire employees that don't talk down to prospects.

Joe Sook

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    Quicken Loans — applying for a loan

    They demanded my Social and dinged my credit before asking me simple questions that showed that I wa...

    Laguna Woods

    Quicken Loans — hard credit inquiry

    Credco/quicken loans obtained a copy of your experian credit report. New inquiry alerts notify you when a...

    Quicken Loansfha mortgage

    I was contacted by Quicken Loans regarding a house I wanted to buy. The banker was really nice at first. He told me my closing costs would be 2, 800 and I thought that was great! I can do that without a problem. I found the house I wanted and made an offer. My realtor told me that my closing costs would be in the 5-6k area. I was floored. I told her what I was told by the banker at QL. She contacted them immediately. Keep in mind, she was referred to me by them. The banker called me that night, not so nice now, telling me that I was not to listen to the realtor. He kept telling me that my closing costs would only be 2, 800. Told me to listen to him and no one else. So, even though my gut was telling me differently, I still proceeded. As the process continued, the underwriter contacted me with my closing costs. I nearly stroked out when he said close to 5k. Now, granted there was a judgement of 1k in there that I knew about, but my closing costs should NEVER gone up by this much. I told the underwriter what I was told as my closing costs and they could not explain it either. I divorced two men for lying to me. Did QL not think I would walk away from a loan for it?? Please... You lie like a rug, QL!! I will tell everyone I know about your scummy bankers and shady deals. Now I find out I am eligble for the Saphire FHA loan. QL never said a thing about that. What rip offs!! I will refer all my friends to my new mortgage broker before I will let anyone deal with these people at QL.

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      Quicken Loans — mortgage solicitation - spam

      I keep getting emails from this guy trying to get my company to send him loans. It says it's from Quicken...

      Quicken Loansmortgage appraisal

      Was going through refinance and paid $500 for the appraisal. Appraisal came back fine enough to proceed. There was another hang up as appraisal stated I need railing on my front porch. I said fine but it would take a cup le of months for them to fabricate and install wrought iron railings. Railings are now done and went back to myql to finish loan and couldn't sign in. They said I had to start the process over. At this point I was aggravated and went to my local credit union to just get a loan from them and they said they didn't even need to do an appraisal as long as my appraisal was within the last year which this was only 4 months old appraisal from Quicken they said they needed an original color copy so I called Quicken and I said can I get a copy of my appraisal the original copy and they are refusing to give it to me they said they would give me a black and white copy but they refused to give me a color copy I paid $500 for that appraisal I think that I am an owed an original copy of that appraisal otherwise I'm just out $500. NOT sure how to fight it. complete BS. STICK with local and stay away from big corporations like quicken.

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        Quicken Loans — home loan

        Just a group of con artists in my opinion. I applied for a loan and paid $500 “good faith” money. They hired...

        Quicken Loanspulled my credit report without permission

        Yesterday (9/29/16), I was checking rates on a refi. Quicken Loans called and persuaded me to give out my spouse's and my socials and asked if he could pull my credit report. I said no because too many checks can cause your rate to go down. He kept pressing me -- over and over -- until I just hung up. Turns out he DID pull my records just an hour before I selected another company, which made my rating go down about 20 points. TOTALLY pissed off.

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          Quicken Loansunethical behavior, bait & switch

          A Quicken Loans sales rep continued to aggressively pursue my client although they had already made complete loan application with a local mortgage company. The sales rep promised they would save a ton of money. I could not talk them out of going with them.

          To make a long story short, the Quicken Loans sales rep provided a lot of misinformation by letting my client believe that their Origination Fee was NOT a Quicken Loans fee and was a VA fee . The Quicken Loans "TEAM" did NOT provide my client with the status of their loan until ONE DAY BEFORE closing. Quicken Loans was not able to offer them the loan my client applied for and instead OFFERED ANOTHER loan that cost more, etc., etc.

          As a result, my client was not able to close by the contract date and the seller would NOT extend the contract. My client did not get their "dream home" and lost their deposit, appraisal fee, and inspection fee !!

          After this horrible experience, they made an offer on a different home and went back to our local mortgage company. They were able to obtain approval and close a VA Loan in record time AND the local mortgage company provided excellent service, unlike Quicken Loans !!

          I would NOT recommend Quicken Loans to anyone buying a home under any circumstances !!

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            Quicken Loansbait & switch, unethical behaviour

            A sales rep from Quicken Loans continued to aggressively pursue my client that had ALREADY made a full loan application at a local mortgage company and promised them tremendous savings by making the change. My client wanted to go with them and I could not talk them out of making the change.

            To make a long story short, the sales rep lied to my client and let them believe that an Origination Fee, was NOT a Quicken Loans fee and told them it was a VA fee. The sales rep supplied a lot of misinformation to my client . There was no savings by going with them AND The Quicken Loans "Team" was not able to give them loan approval until right before my client was supposed to close. ONE DAY before closing they told my client they could not offer him the loan with the terms he wanted but could offer him another product which costs more, etc, etc.

            My client could not close on time and the seller would not extend the contract . My clients did NOT get their dream home. They lost their deposit, appraisal fee, and the money they spent on inspections.

            I would NEVER recommend them. They are unethical and do not deliver what they promise.

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              Quicken Loanscustomer service and internal processes

              By far the worst customer service I have ever received in my life. The representatives are "yes ma'am, we understand but we did nothing wrong" kind of people and it's a total sham. The second I indicated any interest in exploring the home buying process this company called me 8 times within 8 hours and left 3 voicemails. When I eventually answered and was connected to a banker to get some more information I openly admitted that I knew NOTHING about the mortgage process and he began asking me where I was at in the process and I said that I literally just started and knew NOTHING about any of this. When he pulled my credit he informed me A) that because I have student loans in deferment I was disqualified from pre-approval and B) that this was a HARD inquiry on my credit score. Minimally, the fact that I openly admitted to not knowing a single thing about the mortgage process he should have mentioned the hard inquiry beforehand, as I would have immediately stopped the conversation because being in the first week of exploring home ownership, I clearly was not at that stage yet. He neglected to tell me that because as a phone representative he just wanted to make his sale. Second, I screen clients all the time before actually setting them for an appointment and when there are “red flags” or immediate disqualifiers such as student loans in deferment, that is something that can be discussed prior to starting the entire process and putting a hard inquiry on my credit report. That could have easily been screened and once again the banker was just trying to make his sale and was all too eager to “get me started with their company” that he failed to act on any common sense and protect his “potential client” beforehand. This people are deceptive, manipulative, awful telemarketing, robots who are only out to tell you just enough to get what they want. When a representative followed up on my concerns the following day he defended his banker saying that “it wasn't necessary to ask about student loans before pulling my credit score.” Necessary? Apparently not. But for a company that promotes their excellent customer service, and A+ rating, necessary should not be the expected service received. Considerate and efficient is the basic service I expected. He also proceeded to tell me that “by simply asking permission to pull my credit should have made it obvious that it was a hard inquiry” (even though multiple times I told them I knew NOTHING about this process). I will absolutely recommend NEVER to work with these company. I simply want them to remove the inquiry from my credit report that they so hastily ran. Had I been given accurate inform and adequate customer service this whole situation could have been avoided. I would never have agreed to run my report if I had known it was a hard inquiry and could have easily disclosed my student loans in forbearance had they simply screened me beyond my social security number and income. Just because they believe something isn't "necessary" or that something is "obvious" does not give them the right to not disclose it prior to docking my credit score just so they can push me through the system to get what they want.

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                Quicken Loans — my home square footage off by 500sf for fha appraisal

                This inaccurate FHA appraisal is now stuck to my home for 4 months. Appraisal off by 500sf, nothing done her...

                Quicken Loanspredatory loan practices

                I applied for a refinancing loan with Phillip Baker / Quicken Loans and he promised a certain rate.I submitted all the necessary documents and he requested an updated statement showing that I had the money for the closing costs in my account.
                I provided that in 2 business days and then he said I would need to pay an extra $2, 000.00 to keep the same rate. Even though the market rate had dropped on that day, they still wanted me to pay through the nose to maintain their initial rate which was higher than the daily market rates anyway. A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME!
                Don't waste your time talking to these clowns.They'll promise you the sky only to pull the rug from under your feet after you fulfill all their greedy demands.

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                  • Ms
                    Ms Brenda Dec 07, 2017

                    They did me almost the same way...had promised me a lower rate than what ended up being on the papers. Made me sick but by then I was almost done with all of it and didn't say too much. But they did lie and his name was Patrick, I think. It's been a few years.

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                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  Quicken Loans — warning: do not be fooled!!!

                  I am a former employee of quicken loans. With the utmost sincerity, I can say that quicken loans is the worst...

                  Quicken Loanspreapproval letters

                  I am 100% disabled Veteran I requested a preapproval letter from Jane Guzman of Quicken Loans I gave the Preapproval letter to my real estate agent Glenda Hall from ReMax in Port Charlotte Florida. She found me a home within the limits of the pre approval Then Quicken loans said I didnot Qualify for it so they gave another approval letter for 239, 900 We found a home in that price range and did not qualify for that loan They said I qualifed for 236, 000 only so I found a home for 229, 900 with another preapproval letter. Then they tried to switch to a FHA loan With $8, 000 down. That is where we are now. They don"t know what they are doing. I kept getting the ok every time I called Jane.

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                    The complaint has been investigated and
                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                    Quicken Loans — misleading fraudulent

                    When i contacted quicken loans about a refinance on my house they were given all the facts. Being self...

                    The complaint has been investigated and
                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                    Quicken Loanssales tactic

                    Hard sales tactics. Abusive salesman (kyle), recorded my phone number without my permission then called me back several times despite my request that my phone number be deleted from their service. Kyle was rude the second time I asked for my number to be deleted, parting with the following "Jay let us know if you ever change your number so we can delete that one too".

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                      Quicken Loans — misleading fees and costs

                      My mortgage company was shut down by the govt and my loan transferred to Quicken. I must be a candidate for a...

                      The complaint has been investigated and
                      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                      Quicken Loan — Business incompetence

                      The representatives from this office have delayed a closing on a property at least 6 different times. The...

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