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Quicken Loans Complaints & Reviews

Quicken Loans / hard credit inquiry without my authorization

Jul 06, 2019

On june 28, 2019 your company pulled a hard credit inquiry without my authorization through credco. I have had the lending tree app for years and from time to time get emails indicating i am able to see and get current loan rates without negative impact on my credit. I received a call from...

Quicken Loans / danny walker 5865226092

Jun 13, 2019

Just received a phone call about refi from this guy, Danny Walker. He wouldn't let me off the phone. When he realized I was about to hang up he asked why I was so loyal to our company! He asked if "they made our mortgage payment for us!" Childish!!! Do not go with this company! Hang up...

Quicken Loans / mortgage statements

May 16, 2019

I have a mortgage with quicken loan going on 2 yrs and now they have changed statement dates to be sent out on the 21 st! It takes 6 days to get to our home giving us very few days to make payment by mail on the 1st! I am told its because they want everyone to get their payment in before...

Quicken Loans / pulling consumers' credit without permission

May 14, 2019

This company calls you after searching for refi rates and harasses you. They called my husband and asked him some questions and never once said they would be pulling credit because we weren't ready and it was never discussed. That night we received a notification that we had a hard inquiry...

Quicken Loans / phone call

May 10, 2019

I just completed a phone call with one of the most unprofessional agents. His name was Logan, 313-373-1612. He was asking way too many unnecessary questions that were irrelevant to inquiring about getting a mortgage quote. After all this he gave a very ridiculous rate of over $18900 in...

Quicken Loans / insurance claim

May 08, 2019

My basement flooded and my insurance company issued me a check for the structural damage. Well Quickens was on the check also. So they advised me I had to mail them the check with the insurance adjusters work up info and if that's all they need within 3-5 days they approve it and sign it...

Quicken Loans / loan

May 08, 2019

I was looking to refinance and was called by Quicken Loans after looking online at options. Last night I receive a notification that my credit had a hard inquiry for a mortgage but I already have one and remembered Quicken calling me earlier that day. I said I would get back to them. I...

Quicken Loans / home loan

May 06, 2019

Quicken loans is completely disorganized and one of the worst communicating companies I have personally dealt with. Their structure is clearly set up to optimize their time, but is ridiculously inefficient and completely frustrating for the customer. The banker starts the process by making...

Quicken Loans / refused to do loan

Apr 09, 2019

I was a new customer of Quicken Loans and initially everything was going well with Mitchell Hatty. Mitchell assured me the loan I wanted to do would work well and it would be no problem. Two weeks before closing Mitchell calls me and tells me that Quicken Loans can't do a loan that'...

Quicken Loans / refinance

Mar 27, 2019

I gave the requested information for refinancing my home. I was dealing with Mike Lachendro and was told I would be called back. Another guy named Mike called claiming to be a Manager asked me what I wanted which was to know the interest rate and APR on a 15 year fixed loan. He then tried...

Quicken Loans / customer service

Feb 06, 2019

I had the not so great experience of talking with jamar Jackson about a home loan and first off he was VERY rude! He was not helpful what so ever I tried to ask him questions I did not understand he practically avoid my questions and would not answer my questions he did not do anything I...

Quicken Loans / mortgage loan process and tactics

Dec 05, 2018

12/5/2018 To whom it may concern (if anyone): I am a current customer and have been with Quicken Loans for many years. I have faithfully given my business solely to your company based on past experiences. That all changed within the last month. We are moving, and as usual, turned to...

Quicken Loans / mortgage

Nov 03, 2018

My husband and I are returning customers who have already paid off a mortgage with your co. We received a 1, 000 gold card towards the closing costs of our next home purchase. I provided all info and that my husband took a early retirement package from Pfizer Pharmaceutical but was working...

Quicken Loans / refinance

Oct 19, 2018

My name is Rae McElvain. I was in process of finishing up my refinance when I got a phone call from underwriting, his name was Nate. Nate informed me they could not continue with my refinance because of verification of income from AFLAC. I was told Quicken was calling the Appraiser to...

Quicken Loans / poor customer service

Oct 13, 2018

I've been receiving unsolicited communication and aggressive e-mails and multiple phone calls from representatives from Quicken Loans which I consider harassing and bullying when I don't require the service. I have received a total of 6 phone calls to include 3 on my cell phone and 2 on...

Quicken Loans / loan

Sep 25, 2018

Hello my name is Willie Hankston, I told this guy up front I don't want my credit ran if they can' help me. And his response was we have the loan you need. After asking me about the property condition, he told me they don't do the type of loan that I want, so I responded don't run my...

Quicken Loans / unprofessional behavior - van espiritu

Sep 22, 2018

This is not an email I enjoy writing. I went on the internet to inquire about refinancing with cash out or getting a home equity line of credit. Van Espiritu contacted me to begin the process. I found Van to be aggressive from the beginning but continued to speak with him. He worked up...

Quicken Loans / mortgage loan - bait and switch

Sep 07, 2018

Next Monday, I am homeless. I applied and was approved for a new home about 30 days ago. I was told I had to sell my home first, and pay off my vehicles with the proceeds. I was getting close (within a week) of closing on my new home and decided to sell my home for $30k less than appraised...

Quicken Loans / loan qualification under harp

Aug 23, 2018

I filled out some information on line that said if I do so they would tell me in minutes if I qualified for a HARP loan and if it would save me any money. While I was filling out info and before I finished a lady called me saying she was from Quicken loans and was putting me in touch with...

Quicken Loans / unauthorized hard inquiry on my credit report without my permission

Aug 23, 2018

I called Quicken Loans to inquire about mortgage rates and down payment amounts required for the purchase of an investment property. I clearly stated to the service rep that I was not interested in completing an application (on his recorded line) and made sure he knew that I was only...

Quicken Loans / "mortgage counselor" amanda fratt

Aug 21, 2018

Called on aug. 1, 2018 and spoke with amanda fratt. I provided all information needed to receive a quote for a mortgage loan. After "reviewing" the information for me and my husband, she stated emphatically "I hate to tell you this, but you will never get a home loan"... I advised her we...

Quicken Loans / mortgage servicing

Aug 21, 2018

My Escrow was short about $240, I was given 2 option to pay the shortage and pay an additional $30 per month or not to pay the shortage and pay $80 more per month. I want to pay the entire shortage and keep my payment the same. I was told by 3 levels of customer service including the...

Quicken Loans / mortgage call

Aug 17, 2018

I just signed a contract to buy a home. I filled out an online form and received a call within 2-seconds. It was a woman from quickens loans and then she passed me to a guy. The next thing I know they are running my credit report without my consent, I just wanted a simple quote from them;...

Quicken Loans / loan agent pulled my credit without my permission

Aug 04, 2018

I only spoke to a Senior Power Banker about what services were available. At know time did I state I wanted to pursue financing with their company. Today, I received a letter stating why they were unable to finance a home loan for me. This seems to be a shady way of communicating with...

Quicken Loans / poor service

Jul 27, 2018

I am a homeseller. I have a very interested family in seeing my home. They claim that Quicken Loans is not getting back to them to supply a pre qualification letter. My broker takes about 2 hours to generate a pre approval letter if he has everything in front of him. The couple is Carissa...

Quicken Loans / mortgage on a home.

Jul 02, 2018

We were given a pre-approval letter by quicken loans in february 2017 to buy a house specifically the one we were renting at the time. Our lease was up in may and the owner gave us a chance to buy the house. My husband gave the broker nick babut everything he requested, and continued to do...

Quicken Loans / refinance a home mortgage

Jun 29, 2018

Was not offered any real help and was insulted with "what? Have you got 50k hid away somewhere" when I told the loan agent I would probably pay off the loan early. The agent let me know that we really were too old to apply for the loan I requested. I have good credit and only owe about 36%...

Quicken Loans / mortgage late filing fee charges

May 23, 2018

On 4-20-18 I mailed my $1, 250.48 May Mortgage Payment Due on 5-1-18. Quicken Loans cashed my check for $1, 250.48 on 5-1-18. I received my June Mortgage statement/payment stub on 5-22-18. On the statement I was charged a Late Payment Fee. On 5-22-18 I called Quicken Loans to find out why...

Quicken Loans / quicken loans continuous calls

Apr 26, 2018

I recently signed up for HGTV Home Giveaway and Quicken Loan has been continuously been contacting me. (6 times since yesterday afternoon). One customer rep asked if I owned my home and I said I don't know anything about the company so I'm not answering besides I am not interested. She...

Quicken Loans / harassing calls on refinance

Apr 25, 2018

I made the mistake to look into refinance or pull equity out of my house. After determining it was not worth it i told quicken loans ok. However they sold my number to other agents and I have been calls for 6 months. Some are robo calls. I had to block the numbers. I could not get them to...

Quicken Loans / david wan

Apr 02, 2018

I was contacted by David Wan and then by Zachary Lederer in regards to refinancing my home, the last conversation was on Friday after 5:30 pm with Zachary which he gave me incorect information. I called Monday Morning at 8 am to cancel the process and asked for a refund which of course got...

Quicken Loans / refinance

Mar 14, 2018

Recently we were looking to refinance for lower payment so I called our current mortgager who happens to be quicken loans Well after being spoken to by one of the team who was trying to force me to make a decision right then I called back the next day n told them that I would not deal with...

Quicken Loans / undisclosed fees

Feb 26, 2018

I started the process of refinancing my home in January then decided to not go through with it. During the process a $500.00 deposit was made on my credit card for the home inspection which did not happen. I had to call to find the deposit was refunded almost a month later. The most...

Quicken Loans / home mortgage

Feb 20, 2018

1429 Elizabeth Drive Petaluma, CA, 94952 [email protected] February 20, 2018 Quicken/Rocket Loans Consumer Complaint Division Dear Consumer Complaint Representative, Re: File #6061800031 On January 27, 2018, I received an Interest Rate Disclosure that had an estimated monthly...

Quicken Loans / home refinance

Feb 12, 2018

What they'll do quickly is drive down your fica score by putting three hard inquiries onto it, for no reason. All I wanted to do was check into the possibility of getting a refi under the federal harp program. My credit score is below 700 for the first time I can remember. Plus, they tell...

Quicken Loans / they took my money even though I told them not to proceed

Dec 30, 2017

I was contacted by a loan agent. After talking and giving them info I was approved. I gave a credit card under the understanding that the 500 deposit would not be pulled til the next day. The next morning I left messages with my contact and online that I did not want to proceed. The money...

Quicken Loans / home loan closing

Dec 26, 2017

I don't understand why you would wait till 12/22 on a friday before a holiday to ask for a bank statement when you could have asked for this weeks ago.. This is a small request that your using as an excuse to why we can't close before the beginning of a new year. We've had nothing but time...

Quicken Loans / refiance

Dec 21, 2017

12/20/17 loan # 3394425615 I called them to do a refinance on my home. We started going through the process. Paid the $500 for the appraisal. Let me start off by saying that the communication between the departments is nil. Todd was very good but they all need to communicate much better. We...

Quicken Loans / unwanted phone calls

Nov 22, 2017

I told Dan Holcomb that we had secured a loan with another company. This was done via email... so there was zero chance of misunderstanding. My husband received a text last night (at 8pm) reminding him/confirming the phone call he would receive the next morning. But my husband didn't...

Quicken Loans / auto call / customer service

Nov 15, 2017

I recently was looking in lending tree to refinance my home. After I filled out all information my options arrived. Quicken Loans was one of them. The phone calls started. I have recieved a phone call every day since, every hour on the hour. 15 calls a day! When i finally answered and told...