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Complaints & Reviews

$500 scam — Told one thing and presented another!

4648 I have heard about the low interest rates and I decided to reach out to Quicken Loans based on their 5 star rating! Not sure who rated them but it must be their own employees. I...


Quicken is trying to fleece illegally for a home owners policy that lapsed for a short time and they are trying to charge $569 for the less than two months that the homeowner policy was not active when that was in the past and it is three times as much as what the policy would have cost which is not even needed.

They need to be reported to FTC for price gouging


a loan I refused yet got "sign to go forward" papers

Stephanie Taylor called me and we talked some - she sent an email and I emailed her back and told her we did not want a loan. Nov 26th - 28th. Then she called me and I told her NO we did not want a loan. Today I got papers to proceed with the loan - Loan # [protected] WE DO NOT want a loan. If this continues we will move our remaining mortgage to another lender

scam scam scam

Run Run Run 🏃 🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃 away from this company as a customer or employee . This is full blown scam ring of 2019 . I was hired as a remote banker with all this promises but come to find out it was a complete lie and waste of my time . All we did was lie to customers and take $500.00 . If you don't do that they will threaten to fire you . I end up resigning from my position because if I stayed I would've risked my Mortgage License. Stay away from this SCAMMERS . There are three idiot managers like Michael Salah, Jeremy McDonald and Dana . These three retards will be on your throat to scam customers . Quicken is a huge scam !


Quicken loans is dishonest! They lied when I made a payment. I gave my routing and account numbers, but without saying anything they used the numbers online when I started the loan. I haven't used the online account for five years. Plus I read the numbers! Why didn't they stop me and say we are going to use the online numbers instead. Quicken loans is dishonest.

mortgage banker

On September 23rd 2019 I called into the customer care number to speak with an banker on obtaining information about getting pre approved for a primary home or possibly an investment home. The banker whom I was talking to was Cameron Bacon NMLS 1751732. Cameron was not helpful at all with answering any of my questions on the investment side. He would not tell me my approval amount nor would he tell me the rates. I told him that I didn't want to borrow no more than 125k he told me I had to borrow 150k. When I asked him why he kept saying he didn't want to get into details about the reason why. Cameron then said I had to borrow at least 175k for an investment property. I asked him why again and he gave me the same answer. I then told Cameron I never heard of such a thing and I just wanted him to send me my approval letter. He told me he can't send it to me because I didn't qualify for the primary home which I understood and he told me he can't send me my approval for the investment because I didn't want to borrow more money. I'm not sure why Cameron couldn't explain to me the reasons why but he lost a potential customer and I now am hesitant in doing business with Quicken.

bankruptcy fee

there is a fee of 250.00 on my current bill for bankruptcy fee. this charge was never disclosed to me or my attorney you do not have signed authorization where i agreed to pay...

urgent please help lower my rate immediately

Closing is in 35 days
Mortgage processor is giving me. 4.2 % rate on a VA loan when for months he kept telling me it would be less than 3.99

Never disclosed the $8000 VA funding fee until the last minute months later after we have been discussing how much I need for closing. He never mentioned this until minutes before he wanted to lock in the 4.2 rate . See attached details

urgent please help lower my rate immediately
urgent please help lower my rate immediately

the worst company

I am seeking a way to start a class action lawsuit against Quicken Loans. I would have a terrible difficult time doing it alone since they are so big a company. They are fraudulent. I attempted to go through the home loan process. Paid the $500 good faith. Answered their questions. Only to be told they couldn't close the deal. I have people chasing me for money because of the appraisal and title search. Which I think I should not have to pay because of a shoddy deal. Anyone out there with any suggestions on a class action lawsuit please feel free to lend help.

intro power banker/bryan klemett

I called your company for information on taking out a mortgage loan on my property after speaking with Bryant several times I decided I needed to speak to a lawyer first I told Brian this he continue to call me I received a letter of intent to proceed in June I told Brian I was not ready to finish the loan application 2 weeks later I received a letter will Bryant ran my credit trying to get me a loan that I did not want at this time please take this hard inquiry off of my credit history

customer service

When we first filed for BK, the people at Quicken were great - they said they were sorry we are in this situation. They really made us feel better.

Well, those people must have left your company. Because we were told you had all of our documents!! So we are just thinking - great everything is being done, etc., etc.

I have talked to people at Quicken that say 1) they never heard of us; 2) they did not receive the document I attached to the email I sent them. I sent it 8 times and they still didn't get it. These emails were sent to [protected]; Accountresolution and now, we don't know what is going on. No one calls us anymore - even though we had documents that needed to signed. When I call them up - they never mentioned the documents we need to sign. Everyone gives me a different story. I am appalled that this is the company that has our mortgage. We don't want to lose our house and these nitwits can't even open an email with an attachment that I sent 9 times!!!

The communication from quicken loans is worse than poor!!! What is going on there. Why is no one helping us!!?!?!?!?! What time of internet service do you have!?!?!?!

We have never received poorer customer service from anyone else - wow have my opinions changed about quicken loans - I thought this was a legitimate company and now we don't even know about keeping our house. We cannot get help from quicken loans - they just don't care!!!

Quicken Loan — unauthorized inquiry

Dear Dan Gilbert, One of your hired contractors (Factual Data) indicated that Quicken Loans asked them to inquire into my credit without my knowledge or authorization. I am...

too many to list

RUN, don't walk away. Please heed my advice. This company is all but "rocket-like" and you will regret immediately utilizing an online/call center to make one of the biggest purchases of your life. Enter the barrage of phone calls you receive once you post your contact information with interest in using their company. Spoke with a very charming banker who assures me Quicken is the way to go. Verified approval is as strong as a cash offer. Just submit the required documents and presto, verified approval in as little as 24hrs! Fooled by this sales gimmick I finally locate the home of my dreams, submit all the required docs (good credit, stable incomes, large down payment w/supporting docs) only to get an out of office email from my banker. Vacation sounds nice mid week when you're assisting your client in getting a mortgage, oh wait you're across the country and barely able to get a hold of via phone. Lucky for me his associate was on it, or so i thought. Thursday comes and I request that my application was submitted to underwriting. Stand in banker says he's not able to locate the gift letter with bank statements. Finally able to track it down, tells me its all set, just kidding I get a later day voicemail asking to call him back I call him back/email back no reply. Awesome...Friday comes, I send another email inquiring if everything is ok. Informed by stand in banker that hes not able to understand my work history (having been an RN for 4+ years, no employment gaps and worked for the same company twice with pay increased at each hire) I had to submit additional information. Convince my HR dept to send me a letter explaining what earned time is. Finally got everything in, Friday afternoon now. Was told by associate/substitute banker that underwriting had all they needed. Day is coming to an end, still no sign of email of approval letter. Finally inquire via email to learn that my letter was uploaded to my Rocket Account. The same account i have no access to? The same account that I have been requesting support from IT from with no response? I inform substitute banker via email, no reply. I contact customer service, get my online technical difficulties rectified. Log in and discover no approval letter. Contact customer service again, no one can help me (required 24 business hours on a Friday evening). Shortly after I ended that phone call I received an email with an attachment of my PRE QUALIFICATION letter. NOT VERIFIED, what else needs to be verified, my assets...was never asked for asset verification as we have none. I call customer service once more. Demanded to speak to someone who can assist me. Was transferred to Tina Madden a "resolution advocate." Relayed all the aforementioned concerns/frustrations only to be met with no support or sympathy for a frustrated customer. I was told there was no actual significance behind a VERIFIED approval versus a pre qualification letter. The icing on the cake was the resolution advocate's lack of overall advocacy for a frustrated client. I would have brushed aside the zero communication of vacation, the technical issues with my account, the misleading information behind my approval letter ALL of it except after speaking with Tina. She informed me when I asked to speak with someone above her that there was no one else above her. She sarcastically expressed her condolences to my questioning the level of frustration so early on in the home buying process. I stated that I would like to withdraw my application with Quicken and she all too quickly offered to forward my decision to my banker and ended the pone call. That folks is Quicken loans in a nutshell. You are just a number to them. Your satisfaction, eagerness, anxiety, frustration, any of the emotions you experience when buying a home...they don't matter to them. I wish I did not fall for the marketing ploys "rocket" and "verified approval"

home loan

Mortgage Disputes; The Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 U.S.C. § 1681 As a senior citizen I purchased my property and received a loan through Quicken Loans in May 2017. During the...

hard credit inquiry without my authorization

On june 28, 2019 your company pulled a hard credit inquiry without my authorization through credco. I have had the lending tree app for years and from time to time get emails indicating i am able to see and get current loan rates without negative impact on my credit. I received a call from your company and the reprasentative wanted to confirm some general info about my person and the property address. In the few minutes we spoke, he gave me a couple of options and i indicated that i would like an email with the information and that i did not want a hard credit pull. I also told him i did not have much time as i am a truck driver and was on the road. Shortly after the conversation, i have alerts indicating a hard pull. After contacting credco, they gave me your info and i immediately called to complain. After speaking to mr. Rom wojtasik at [protected], he said he would call me by friday july 5 to research my complaint. He did indeed contact me and said he agreed the hard pull was legitimate. Apparently the representative in the beginning of the conversation said he was going to look at my current credit and review information and that was his que to do a hard pull. I asked mr rom wojtasik if he listened to the entire conversation and my specific request not to pull my credit, and he said that it was after the fact and irrelevant. I request that you remove this hard credit inquiry from my report immediately and ask your representatives to be more clear that they are making a hard credit inquiry. I am going to contact lending tree as well because your guidelines should follow their specifics which clearly indicates being able to see rates without negative impact of credit. My phone number is [protected]. My email is [protected]@gmail.Com, the last 4 of my ssn are 4482. Please research the content of the recorded conversation and see that i clearly requested no hard credit pull. Thank you, , , mingo vera

danny walker [protected]

Just received a phone call about refi from this guy, Danny Walker. He wouldn't let me off the phone. When he realized I was about to hang up he asked why I was so loyal to our company! He asked if "they made our mortgage payment for us!" Childish!!! Do not go with this company! Hang up. Quicken Loans needs to back off. This is harassment! He asked for my cell phone number as well. Sheesh! These guys all have different companies they go by but are all connected to Quicken.

mortgage statements

I have a mortgage with quicken loan going on 2 yrs and now they have changed statement dates to be sent out on the 21 st! It takes 6 days to get to our home giving us very few days to make payment by mail on the 1st! I am told its because they want everyone to get their payment in before the grace period the 15 th or 16th!!! I dont understand why I should have to wait for the late payers! Now this is making ours late also!! My payment is due on the 1st! Not a happy customer!!! Grace period should only be used when an emergency has came up in someones lives and not every month! Very disappointed in statement dates!

pulling consumers' credit without permission

This company calls you after searching for refi rates and harasses you. They called my husband and asked him some questions and never once said they would be pulling credit because we weren't ready and it was never discussed. That night we received a notification that we had a hard inquiry for a mortgage and remembered the phone call earlier. Called them the next day and they refused to let him hear the recording for authorization. Long story short, they basically said they had a loop hole and could do whatever they want even though an application was never started and we would only lose 7 points or so. I go online to see if they can do it and there are literally thousands of others they have done this to. Quicken loans, we will be starting a class action lawsuit against you because this is essentially stealing money from people and you can't continue to get away with this. You should just make it right instead of refusing to admit you didn't have permission and just take it off the credit report.

phone call

I just completed a phone call with one of the most unprofessional agents. His name was Logan, [protected]. He was asking way too many unnecessary questions that were irrelevant to inquiring about getting a mortgage quote. After all this he gave a very ridiculous rate of over $18900 in closing costs. I thought quicken loans was a professional and reputable company.

insurance claim

My basement flooded and my insurance company issued me a check for the structural damage. Well Quickens was on the check also. So they advised me I had to mail them the check with the insurance adjusters work up info and if that's all they need within 3-5 days they approve it and sign it and overnight the check back to me. My basement just flooded and I have lost thousands of dollars of belongings and I have to wait almost a week to get my money. This is the most ridiculous policy. I have to wait to do anything.


I was looking to refinance and was called by Quicken Loans after looking online at options. Last night I receive a notification that my credit had a hard inquiry for a mortgage but I already have one and remembered Quicken calling me earlier that day. I said I would get back to them. I never, ever gave them permission to pull my credit and they did just that. I called them and they said they don't know if they can get it taken off. What?! You did NOT HAVE MY PERMISSION! Avoid at all costs!

home loan

Quicken loans is completely disorganized and one of the worst communicating companies I have personally dealt with. Their structure is clearly set up to optimize their time, but is ridiculously inefficient and completely frustrating for the customer. The banker starts the process by making promises and collecting $500. You are then shuffled to someone to assist you through the process. They had no idea what the banker committed to, and we had to start over. Then, when they passed it to underwriting, the entire process had to begin again because they miscalculated and misrepresented so many things. They consistently asked for items that had already been provided. The groups didn't talk. It was ridiculous. Then the kicker, 4 days before closing I got an email that there was a problem and I had to contact someone else. Of course the number provided was wrong, and there was no explanation. I finally reached a human, who told me that the loan couldn't be approved because there was pending repair work to the building. Not the unit mind you, the exterior of the building. They simply pulled the rug out from under me, no refund, no concern. I was able to close the loan with another lender, no problem. If not for that, I would have lost $20, 000 in earnest money. Quicken loans is terrible, shop elsewhere if you value your sanity.

  • Updated by RRob C · May 06, 2019

    At a minimum, you should refund my $500.

refused to do loan

I was a new customer of Quicken Loans and initially everything was going well with Mitchell Hatty. Mitchell assured me the loan I wanted to do would work well and it would be no problem. Two weeks before closing Mitchell calls me and tells me that Quicken Loans can't do a loan that's valued under $100, 000 in Detroit, MI. I was trying to do two loans around $60, 000 this wasn't an issue the whole time and the day he was supposed to do my appraisal he calls and tells me they can't do the loan. Everyone I have spoken to told me this isn't true. I'm not sure what happen, but he had the good estimate written up. If he knew he couldn't do the loan why not be informed enough to tell me this months ago and not waste my time. I will never do business with them again.


I gave the requested information for refinancing my home. I was dealing with Mike Lachendro and was told I would be called back. Another guy named Mike called claiming to be a Manager asked me what I wanted which was to know the interest rate and APR on a 15 year fixed loan. He then tried to convince me that I need to buy a 2 point loan. I told him I did not want to add additional cost of lowering the interest rate for the loan. He persisted telling me the cost would be less. I asked him to do the math he gave me an interest rate of 4.75%. I then asked what the APR was? He refused was hesitant to give me that when I said I need to know what the true cost of the loan was he said that APR didnt matter... I said have you taken a finance class? APR is the total cost of the loan interest rate plus quicken cost factored into the loan. He said I was wrong.

Now I know by law you have to give a loan with the APR information but he continued to go on about how much I would save with a 2 point loan. I stopped him said I did not want it. He said you dont want to save money? I said no. He then said I couldn't get a loan with Quicken without paying points (Which I assume is also illegal). I then said have a good day and good bye.

Terrible experience and customer service pressuring people into loans they did not ask for or want.

customer service

I had the not so great experience of talking with jamar Jackson about a home loan and first off he was VERY rude! He was not helpful what so ever I tried to ask him questions I did not understand he practically avoid my questions and would not answer my questions he did not do anything I asked of him or provide me the information I was in search of. I was trying to ask him questions as well regarding things with my fiance and he would not explain them and proceeded to tell me that they were not my issues and "who cares they are his problems not yours." My fiance contacted him for some answers on his credit history and he was extremely rude with him and for that reason I will never try for a loan with quicken loans ever again. Customer service really needs to be worked on.

mortgage loan process and tactics

To whom it may concern (if anyone):

I am a current customer and have been with Quicken Loans for many years. I have faithfully given my business solely to your company based on past experiences. That all changed within the last month. We are moving, and as usual, turned to quicken loans for a quick pre-approval for a new loan for which to move my family. We sold our current home in 10 days for full asking price but the buyer needed a quick close (12/20/2018). We felt confident in our existing history with quicken loans that a new mortgage would be no issue. Boy, were we wrong!

The mortgage loan representative, Collin Schwe, was very polite and courteous, as well as 100% certain that we were going to get our within a couple days. Throughout the process, he kept saying, "I should be calling you back with good news!" He even told me on several occasions that my score on the credit reports was low, but not be an issue stating "If it were 1 point lower, we wouldn't be able to proceed, but we will get it through." I get it, we want to stay positive and try to earn business, but on our end, it is more than business - IT IS LIFE!

I have always been very diligent in keeping a high credit score and always have paid my bills on time outside of a few minor issues, which we called the creditor to arrange a catch up plan. On all occasions, we were paid up within 30 days. Paying on time is not the issue; the amount of credit/debt is the reason for the lower credit score. Maybe there should be more consideration of on time payments than strictly debt to income. If a person can make payments, does it matter the amount of debt they have? Circumstances should play a part as well in my opinion. Although our debt is high, we pay our bills. We have high debt mainly because we are caring for a child with a disability and several medical conditions that take priority one in our life! I would have it no other way! I am very upset that your company, whom we trusted and been a valued customer for many years, would mislead us in the way you did. As a result, we are now basically homeless, selling our home in 20 days, unable to obtain a mortgage from another company, and not sure how to explain to our children what we are going to do! You have not only turned away a valued customer, you have put an immense burden on a very good family who values respect, honor, trust, and caring for people. I know this will fall on deaf ears and the proper people, such as the CEO, COO, and Board of Director's will never see or hear about this.

I could detail more of the process, but don't think it will matter as it will not change the situation. I am extremely disappointed in your company, the processes in place, and your inability to see through some of the data to notice truly good people with extremely high ethical values may need a little help/support in cases where they become burdened by doing the right things, in our case, caring for our son with every ounce of love, caring, sacrificing, and yes, money, to make sure he can be successful in his life. I will not be returning to Quicken Loans for any future business, and I will make sure that my children do the same, regardless of how big you become or how good your offers are once we restore credit. Which, by the way, we will be paying off between $60-$70, 000 of our debt once we sell the home - surely that will put our credit score back in line. Again, something that may have been considered in the final decision? The information was provided to Collin, but again, scores are more important than factual payment history?

I appreciate the business partnership we held in the past, but am simply distraught at the misleading information, the processing of our current application, and fact that we are not being granted a loan when we have had such a good standing account within your company. Big companies only care about profitability, and that is very evident throughout this last loan application. People are much more important - and we should do everything within our power to help people whenever and wherever possible! Misleading and misrepresentation is not Ethical Behaviors!

A once satisfied client,

Paul Hupp


My husband and I are returning customers who have already paid off a mortgage with your co. We received a 1, 000 gold card towards the closing costs of our next home purchase. I...


My name is Rae McElvain.
I was in process of finishing up my refinance when I got a phone call from underwriting, his name was Nate. Nate informed me they could not continue with my refinance because of verification of income from AFLAC. I was told Quicken was calling the Appraiser to cancel appt made for Sunday, October 21st. No one called the Appraiser from Quicken Loans. No one called Title Company either. Not only was I turned down after I was assured my loan was okay by my bank contact Emilio Patas, but I am left cleaning up the mess they left behind because no one called the Appraiser or Title company to tell them the loan was denied. So I kept getting phone messages from the others involved.

My Banker was:
Emilio Patros | Mortgage Banker
Toll Free: [protected] x 50862
Fax: [protected]
NMLS# 1719952

I do not appreciate having to clean up your companies mess.

  • Updated by Rae McElvain · Oct 19, 2018

    My name is Rae McElvain.
    I was in process of finishing up my refinance when I got a phone call from underwriting, his name was Nate. Nate informed me they could not continue with my refinance because of verification of income from AFLAC. I was told Quicken was calling the Appraiser to cancel appt made for Sunday, October 21st. No one called the Appraiser from Quicken Loans. No one called Title Company either. Not only was I turned down after I was assured my loan was okay by my bank contact Emilio Patas, but I am left cleaning up the mess they left behind because no one called the Appraiser or Title company to tell them the loan was denied. So I kept getting phone messages from the others involved.

    My Banker was:
    Emilio Patros | Mortgage Banker
    Toll Free: (800) 226-6308 x 50862
    Fax: (844) 854-8069
    NMLS# 1719952

    I do not appreciate having to clean up your companies mess

poor customer service

I've been receiving unsolicited communication and aggressive e-mails and multiple phone calls from representatives from Quicken Loans which I consider harassing and bullying when I don't require the service.

I have received a total of 6 phone calls to include 3 on my cell phone and 2 on my home phone and I even received 1 at work and 2 e-mail communications. I also received multiple e-mails to include one with the subject line "are you home" which indicates to me you are agitated that I haven't responded. I found the subject line to be quite aggressive and insulting because I have the right to not answer my phone. All of this communication was received in the last 3 days.

  • Updated by Mrs smith18 · Oct 13, 2018

    I would like the phone calls and constant e-mails to cease until I am ready for your service.


Hello my name is Willie Hankston, I told this guy up front I don't want my credit ran if they can' help me. And his response was we have the loan you need. After asking me about the property condition, he told me they don't do the type of loan that I want, so I responded don't run my credit. his response was I already have. I want this removed immediately. sorry company. They should get the information up front before ruining a person credit. they are so hell bent on beating the next company that they think you're going to call. stop the madness Quicken now. He told me I needed a hard money lender for the type of loan.

I look forward to finding the right mortgage solution for you.

To help you gain comfort in choosing me and Quicken Loans for your home financing needs, I wanted to share some great things clients are saying about us.

Here's my contact information - I'm here to answer any questions you have along the way. Give me a call anytime.

My Contact Information

Chris Smith
Phone: [protected], ext. 31845
NMLS #1497548

unprofessional behavior - van espiritu

This is not an email I enjoy writing. I went on the internet to inquire about refinancing with cash out or getting a home equity line of credit. Van Espiritu contacted me to begin the process. I found Van to be aggressive from the beginning but continued to speak with him. He worked up some numbers for me. When I reviewed the numbers and saw over $17, 000 in closing costs I decided to hold off. I told Van in our last conversation my concerns. He explained that I would be getting most of the money back. I told him I will reconsider but it would not be today, that I understand that rates go up and down and I may lose out on a better rate. At that point he became angry.
He told me he was frustrated. That I should have been honest. That I should have called him and told him I wasn't interested at this time so he didn't have to go through heavy traffic to get to the office to call me at our appointed time.
I am appalled at his rude behavior and his lack of professionalism. I cannot be the only person to inquire about a mortgage that decided not to follow through. I told him I was still considering a home. Due to his behavior, I told him that I may pursue but it will never ever be with Quicken Loans and that is a damn shame because I am a past customer. However, I decided to not let one unprofessional employee stop me from getting a good deal when I am ready, but it can never be with Van Espiritu.

mortgage loan - bait and switch

Next Monday, I am homeless. I applied and was approved for a new home about 30 days ago. I was told I had to sell my home first, and pay off my vehicles with the proceeds. I was getting close (within a week) of closing on my new home and decided to sell my home for $30k less than appraised value just so I could close on time. I closed on my home, but the documents weren't ready from Quicken. I was able to extend the buyer's possession on my home until Monday on Thursday - the day I closed on the sale of my home.

On Friday, I received a call from (now 4 different) my loan person at Quicken and they went over closing costs. I had been quoted $10-13k cash at closing, but it somehow changed to $23k at closing. I have already sold my home (at a $30k) loss and paid off two vehicles ($60k) which doesn't leave me enough to close on the new home. I've already extended the closing date on my new home (because of Quicken) and that home has 3 backup offers behind mine.

I'm out a loss of $30k on the sale of my home, I've used $60k+ cash to pay off cars (I was told Friday before closing) that could have been paid off at the closing on my new house, and I won't have a place to live - let alone a place to put all my stuff - in a few days. Oh, and the last Quicken Loans "agent" helping is now on vacation...

My only option is to sell one of the vehicles - if possible - at wholesale trade-in value to come up with the extra cash to close. Then of course I will need to buy another vehicle. I also planned on starting a new job next week, but obviously can't do that either - so I'll have to turn down a great career as well.

I can't even begin to tell you how upset I am and how this upsets my FAMILY. Thank you, Quicken Loans, for making me homeless, and possibly jobless.

loan qualification under harp

I filled out some information on line that said if I do so they would tell me in minutes if I qualified for a HARP loan and if it would save me any money. While I was filling out...

unauthorized hard inquiry on my credit report without my permission

I called Quicken Loans to inquire about mortgage rates and down payment amounts required for the purchase of an investment property. I clearly stated to the service rep that I was not interested in completing an application (on his recorded line) and made sure he knew that I was only inquiring about the rates, yet he did an unauthorized hard inquiry on my credit report. I would like it removed!

"mortgage counselor" amanda fratt

Called on aug. 1, 2018 and spoke with amanda fratt. I provided all information needed to receive a quote for a mortgage loan. After "reviewing" the information for me and my husband, she stated emphatically "I hate to tell you this, but you will never get a home loan"... I advised her we already had a pre-qualification letter from our credit union, but it was for a conventional and we wanted to see what the fees on an fha looked like. Our credit union does not offer this mortgage type. She stated "well, I know this will be heartbreaking, but it will never go through"... Can you imagine that??? How incredibly stupid, insensitive and unprofessional... But, uhhhh, today, I received a "mortgage package" from ms. Fratt requesting signature to continue with the approved loan amount... Wait... What???!!! Nooooo, not ms. Never... Well, I am hoping management reads this... Not only were we approved for our conventional, through our credit union, but the appraisal and survey are completed and we close on 08/30/2018!!! So quite frankly ms. Fratt can go phuck her self

mortgage servicing

My Escrow was short about $240, I was given 2 option to pay the shortage and pay an additional $30 per month or not to pay the shortage and pay $80 more per month. I want to pay...

mortgage call

I just signed a contract to buy a home. I filled out an online form and received a call within 2-seconds. It was a woman from quickens loans and then she passed me to a guy. The next thing I know they are running my credit report without my consent, I just wanted a simple quote from them; and I never consented!

Total predatory practices shame on you!!!

loan agent pulled my credit without my permission

I only spoke to a Senior Power Banker about what services were available. At know time did I state I wanted to pursue financing with their company. Today, I received a letter...

poor service

I am a homeseller. I have a very interested family in seeing my home. They claim that Quicken Loans is not getting back to them to supply a pre qualification letter. My broker...

mortgage on a home.

We were given a pre-approval letter by quicken loans in february 2017 to buy a house specifically the one we were renting at the time. Our lease was up in may and the owner gave us a chance to buy the house. My husband gave the broker nick babut everything he requested, and continued to do so every week. The property manager was also in contact with the broker and was ready to get a contract signed, but the property manager and us were told not until the first week in april. We tried to contact the broker nick babut the first week in april by phone calls, email, and text with no respond. Then 2 weeks before our lease was up his supervisor called us and stated we did not qualify for any loan. We spent $2, 000.00 dollars trying to finalize a contract and we were out of a place to live. We had pack up our house and put everything in storage and had to also spend $2, 000.00 for a hotel until we could find another place to live. When we tried to talk with quicken loans on this we were told by ms. Szukhent to bad and it was quicken loans who caused this to happen, and even though their broker should have told us within 30 days we didn't qualify their company did nothing wrong and any money we are out is just the way it is. I have filed complaints with the consumer financial protection bureau and the consumer financial bureau of enforcement who emailed me that quicken loans violated the ecoa/regulation b, but because this falls under the cfpb they couldn't do anything. The email from the consumer financial bureau of enforcement read as follows:

Ms. Morrical:

I was able to review your complaint with the examiner assigned to your complaint against quicken loans (#88846).

I understand you were provided a pre-approval letter (subject to satisfying underwriting requirements, etc.) from quicken loans on february 24, 2017. I also understand you were not provided a denial letter until april 28, 2017.

I understand this delay caused several problems with your purchase. Based on my review, it appears the denial disclosure should be provided within 30 days. This requirement falls under the equal credit opportunity act (ecoa) / regulation b. This federal requirement does not fall under the purview of the office of financial regulation. Therefore, I will refer your complaint to the consumer financial protection bureau (cfpb).

I have emailed the company and have received the same answer from the same person and those emails are as follows"

Mrs. Morrical:

Thank you for your e-mail. As previously stated, quicken loans is not in violation of the ecoa/regulation b. Per the ecoa notification 12 cfr 1002.9:

"a creditor must notify an application of action taken on the applicant's request for credit, whether favorable or adverse within 30 days after receiving a completed application. Notice of adverse action taken on an existing account must also be made within 30 days."

We did not receive a completed application from your addition, the loan was denied on april 28, 2017 and a statement of ineligibility, which explains the reason for denial, was provided the same day.

We will respond accordingly to any further action you wish to take.

Lauren szukhent

Sr. Resolution correspondent
Quicken loans, executive office

[protected] ext. 33564

Fax: [protected]
Email: [protected]

How can this company get away with things like this and screw the consumer out of thousands of dollars and not be held accountable.