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Quicken Loans / unauthorized hard inquiry

Hae Lee on Oct 13, 2017
I noticed a hard inquiry on my credit report that was done by credco/quicken dated 10/09/17. Although I have been poking around looking at mortgage calculators and different options for loans, I have given no one permission to do a hard inquiry on my credit, as I am not ready to apply for...

Quicken Loans / refinance

mksmesa on Oct 13, 2017
After applying for a refinance loan, was provided an estimate for an FHA Loan instead of conventional loan as requested. The benefit of an FHA Loan is it will lend 85% of the home value instead of 80%, which on my loan amount was about 15k. However, because you are going over 80% it...

Quicken Loans / refinance

Doris Helene Quigley on Oct 9, 2017
Quicken loans Called Me, and offered me a refinance. I went through the application process and was told everything looked good. My current mortgage holder is Quicken loans. So when they told me everything looked good I believed them. They ordered up an appraisal. My husband and I hurried...

Quicken Loans / credit reporting error file #342895640

Linda Hartsfield on Aug 31, 2017
Hi there! Transunion shows an inquiry on my credit report from EMS/Quicken loans. I have not applied for a home loan. Can someone please send via email mzbeegee1@gmail.com a letter of deletion so I can have this removed from the Hard Inquiry that shows on my Trans Union Credit Report. I...

Quicken Loans / unethical behavior

John E. Schwartz on Jun 15, 2017
I have complied with all of the requirements to complete the application for a home refinance pre-approval. I provided details of my current situation including the co-signing for my daughter’s car when I initially spoke with Mr. Kyle Shepler ( NMLS # 1566416) and submitted all documents a...

Quicken Loans / new home purchase

quickensucks on Jun 12, 2017
On or about December of 2015/16 I attempted to purchase the home I had been living in for 5 years. After three months and 4 credit pulls underwriting for unknown reasons turned down my loan. One year later I attempted to buy a house, I called Quicken since they already had a lot of my...

Quicken Loans / to mr. dan gilbert!

Terry Martin on Jun 10, 2017
Dear Dan; Greetings! I hope this finds you well! Hopefully you remember me… I emailed you from Afghanistan and we met upon my return from deployment concerning possible employment opportunities with your Rock financial family of companies. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out, though I wa...

Quicken Loans / mortgage loans

SandraGui on Jun 1, 2017
I feel that I was scammed by Quicken Loans. I tried to resolve it through Consumer Finance.gov and through my credit card company Capital One. I had no success. I want to warn others to be careful before handing over $500 to Quicken Loans. Think twice. Don't let them pressure you with...

Quicken Loans / home mortgage

Annessa on May 26, 2017
First I was told I could close on our new house on the 15th of may. I was able to get the 20% down necessary to do so. The agent was well aware that I wasn't closing on the sale of my home until the 31st of may. Then, the closing date for a reason unknown to anyone got pushed back to the...

Quicken Loans / the way I was spoken to by your representative

EATINGaburger on Apr 29, 2017
I had a conversation with Mr. Dan Trotter yesterday, and to say the very least, I felt humiliated by his questioning, and by his tone. It's none of his business that I give a reason why I've waited so long to refinance, he did not provide me his NMLS number at the initiation of our...

Quicken Loans / applying for a loan

David Bender on Apr 11, 2017
They demanded my Social and dinged my credit before asking me simple questions that showed that I was ineligible to fill out a loan application for another month. It was totally unnecessary for them to ask for my personal information or ding my credit. All they needed to do was ask if I...

Quicken Loans / hard credit inquiry

Eileen Martinez on Mar 18, 2017
Credco/quicken loans obtained a copy of your experian credit report. New inquiry alerts notify you when a company has viewed a copy of your credit report as a result of a loan or credit application. I responded by calling into your customer service center, in response to the solicitation...

Quicken Loans / fha mortgage

Mickie866 on Jan 21, 2017
I was contacted by Quicken Loans regarding a house I wanted to buy. The banker was really nice at first. He told me my closing costs would be 2, 800 and I thought that was great! I can do that without a problem. I found the house I wanted and made an offer. My realtor told me that my...

Quicken Loans / mortgage solicitation - spam

Greg Powell on Dec 1, 2016
I keep getting emails from this guy trying to get my company to send him loans. It says it's from Quicken Loans. No opt out and no way to stop it other than emailing him directly. PLEASE tell me Quicken Loans follows the basic anti-spam laws now in place. this guy should be reprimanded at...

Quicken Loans / mortgage appraisal

Shootsnscores on Oct 26, 2016
Was going through refinance and paid $500 for the appraisal. Appraisal came back fine enough to proceed. There was another hang up as appraisal stated I need railing on my front porch. I said fine but it would take a cup le of months for them to fabricate and install wrought iron railing...

Quicken Loans / home loan

SmityB on Sep 7, 2016
Just a group of con artists in my opinion. I applied for a loan and paid $500 “good faith” money. They hired an appraiser that had no idea what he was doing. He gave a very lowball price that was 30% the appraisal done 4 years earlier. I provided documents (new comps) that showed the appraisal...

Quicken Loans / pulled my credit report without permission

Laura P Wright on Jul 30, 2016
Yesterday (9/29/16), I was checking rates on a refi. Quicken Loans called and persuaded me to give out my spouse's and my socials and asked if he could pull my credit report. I said no because too many checks can cause your rate to go down. He kept pressing me -- over and over -- until I...

Quicken Loans / unethical behavior, bait & switch

DonnaK56 on May 26, 2016
A Quicken Loans sales rep continued to aggressively pursue my client although they had already made complete loan application with a local mortgage company. The sales rep promised they would save a ton of money. I could not talk them out of going with them. To make a long story short, the...

Quicken Loans / bait & switch, unethical behaviour

DonnaK56 on May 26, 2016
A sales rep from Quicken Loans continued to aggressively pursue my client that had ALREADY made a full loan application at a local mortgage company and promised them tremendous savings by making the change. My client wanted to go with them and I could not talk them out of making the...

Quicken Loans / customer service and internal processes

Nina Cantrell on May 12, 2016
By far the worst customer service I have ever received in my life. The representatives are "yes ma'am, we understand but we did nothing wrong" kind of people and it's a total sham. The second I indicated any interest in exploring the home buying process this company called me 8 time...

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