Questia Complaints & Reviews

Questia / unauthorized recurring credit card charges

Nov 2, 2018

HB *QUESTIA 800-889-0097 IL is on online research library that tacks on a reoccurring charge of 99.95 dollars a year until you call the 800 number to cancel. The initial charge happened in Oct. 2016 with continued charges each year on Oct 25 2017, 2018. The reoccurring charge happens even...

Questia / unauthorized billing

Jul 22, 2018

7/11 2018 HB Questia 800-889-0097 IL Charge $99.95. Not the first time Never use. Would not know how to access. Credit card bill does not specify purpose for charge. Never notified me of charge nor purpose of authorization for charge. Similar to many complaints on complaint board. Number...

Questia / Questia scams its customer's

May 6, 2015

Questia is a scam and they don't assume responsibility for their mistakes. This organization doesn't inform its customers directly about being charged for a monthly subscription when they only sign up for a free trial. Don't make the mistake of signing up for a Questia... / Definitely not recommended

Oct 23, 2011

I signed up for this service and never used it. It was extremely difficult to cancel, the customer service was lousy–and they charged me for an extra year and then refused to refund it, claiming that they never refund anything. That is absolutely rediculous, and very poor business practice. Definitely not recommended.


Jun 9, 2011

I've been scammed by Questia as well. I've called and they don't assumer responsibility for anything. I wish I had known about their scam before I signed up for a 24 hr trial. I'm sick of Questia! They should not be functioning anymore. I am planning on exposing...

Questia / Internet Scam

Feb 14, 2011

I ve been scammed by Questia as well. Ive called and they don t assumer responsibility for anything. I wish I had known about their scam before I signed up for a 24 hr trial. Sure, Questia's agreement allows them to do what they have done. But you have to admit, it's pretty...

Questia / Buyer beware


I signed up for their free trial service. Since I was taking a summer class in World History I needed to find some good sources. I must have used it only a couple of times. By the end of the month I remembered I needed to cancel the service. When I checked they had already billed me again...

Questia / Have subscription yet Cannot Access


I have been unable to access Questia website for two weekends now. I have emailed the company and they told me that the problem was with me. Yet I have no internet problems and can access all other websites. I am paying a good subscription to them yet their website is frequently UNAVAILABLE.

Questia / unfair trade practises


I purchased a Christmas gift for my daughter of an annual subscription from Questia on Dec 12, 2007. I believed it to be non-renewing. On Dec 11, 2008 Qustia took another annual subscription. On Dec 30, 2008 I cancelled the subscription and requested a refund. I have not received one. Here...

Questia / Unauthorized billing


Questia is an online library. It has various subscription plans. Two years ago, I opted for a yearly plan. When you subscribe to Questia, you can't just subscribe for only one year and that's that. They force you to enter a perpetual agreement that is renewed every year, and i...