Alibris Complaints & Reviews

ALIBRIS / One book was missing

Aug 16, 2016

I have ordered two books from and arrived only one. When I contacted customer service they claimed that they shipped two books. I told them that there was only one book in the package and demanded a partial refund but they refused. I contacted them many times asking for a...

ALIBRIS / Long Delay of Delivery

Dec 14, 2011

I was a seller for this organization. I shipped books the same or next day. However, they would pool international deliveries at their warehouse where they would sit and gather until sufficient were accumulated to ship en masse. Delays would be more than a month. Just from Texas to Canada...

ALIBRIS / None delivery of Book Order

Mar 31, 2011

I ordered for a book, "Handbook of Tribology" online and fully paid with my credit card since mid-February. I received an email notification from Alibris CS that my book order was shipped February 27 and will be delivered March 17, 2011. Not receiving my order after March 17, I emailed...



We placed an order with Alibris for three books on 12/8/10. We never received the first two items; we received an incorrect book for the third. We immediately contacted Alibris, followed their instructions and returned the book to them. We received an email yesterday stating this seller...



My story: I wanted to order as many hardcover copies of Hermann Hesse's works as I could find, and Alibris offered many. I ordered about twenty or so. One, in particular, Narcissus and Goldmund, was listed as, "Hardcover: New, New, Great Conditon." I paid $37.00 for that one book... / Product never received


On 12/23/09, I placed an online order for a book and received confirmation of my order(#32828843). I was charged for the full amount $62.24 but never received the book. I tried to contact the seller several times and, on 4/13/2010, received an email letting me know that another copy would...

ALIBRIS / Refund shortened


I ordered a book from a Canadian seller, Aldresbook to be delivered to a Canadian address, 60 miles from the seller. Alibrist first requested additional $3 for shipping costs on top of $11 already paid then the book never arrived. Alibris partially refunded yhe missing book for the cost of...

ALIBRIS / Bad Service


I going to said the same of the other.Please be careful when placing order with alibris. They are extremely slow in shipping and sometimes they claim that they have shipped, but the item will never arrive. The only offer a refund after 1 month of waiting and not receiving the item. Not to mention, they immediately charge your credit...

Alibris/nomade Book / PENDING STATUS


I ordered a book from NOMADE BOOKSTORE through ALIBRIS on Dec 15th, 2008. Until today, my order status is still pending. The expected arrival date of the book is on January 16th, 2009. I doubt that they can deliver the book on time if the status is still pending until today. I am worried... / fraudulent book description


The book I received from was a disgrace. The book’s condition was described as follows: “Very good condition Good dust jacket.” The book I received had: *Mold on the inside cover and many of the pages *Wavy pages from water damage (68 of the book’s 168 page...

ALIBRIS / non receipt


Book ordered from ALIBRIS, AlLIBRIS was paid only ALIBRIS forgot one deliver the book.Similar to last complaint ALIBRIS would not or could not respond to my complaint insisting I wait 30days before I contact them for further investigation. Well I am not your average patient... / Scam and lies!

I used to get a DVD box set for the anime Yu Yu Hakusho. I had all of the sets but the very last one, and since they are out of print I took whatever I could find. I found what I was looking for on this site and ordered it. I get a notice that the box set was shipped Jan 1 and... / Non-delivery / refund shorted!


Alibris has just given me the absolute worst customer service experience. First they failed to ever ship my order and second, the refund they promised was less than the amount paid. Emails are answered by what seems like people on Prozak - actually they are probably employed by a third... / Do not order from this company!


I ordered a textbook through Alibris from a seller named "Payless" and I paid extra for express shipping. I received a message telling me that my order was shipped on September 25th. It is now October 16 and I have not received the textbook. I inquired with Alibris into the status of my... / Too good to be true


Do not order from this website. Do not order from an individual seller by the name of "payless." If you must order from this website, use a credit card which will allow you to dispute the charges. Quick rundown of my experience. *i ordered a textbook from *i was notified that...