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United States

I arrived at the Scotts Valley, California Quest for a CBC test ordered by my internist who is with PAMF - Sutter.
As the Scotts Valley facility was closer than PAMF to where I live, and I had to fast 12 hours for the test, my doctor gave me the option to go to Quest in Scotts Valley, CA.
The doctor sent an order to Quest. I also went in person to the doctor's office to pick up a hard copy of the order so that there would be no question.
The front desk receptionist, ‘Bernie' has typically in the past been confused and not competent with processing insurance and my orders. Today was the last straw. Even though I had not only the sent order, but a hard copy, Bernie said she needed an address. I offered to Google it on my phone, although she was in front of a computer. She refused to process my order even though I had every comprehensive original paper work to support this. She said she would call, but then then said I would have to ask them for further information (????) I gave all that was possible! Then she said I would have to be on hold with them. I told her that was HER job, not mine as a patient. I lost all patience with her incompetence, unprofessionalism, and unwilling to help me facilitate my blood draw. I told her this was a pathetic situation that with all the orders and paperwork, that she still wanted ME to do her administrative legwork. I told her that she was lazy. (I have never told any business or health professional that before.). But she WAS! I was so angry. I drove miles away to SUTTER / PAMF, where I was greeted with smiles, and kindness. Within 5 minutes, my blood work had been completed there with no questions or irritation.
It is my strong suggestion that your Quest person retire. She is so very inept at what she is doing (or not doing). By the way, I have used Quest for years now, and I don't ever want to go back again.

Jun 03, 2019

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