Qatar Airwayscomplaining about denied boarding to our flight

D Sep 02, 2018

Qatar Airways Flight 1440
16 Aug-Confirmation no. RFNOUB-
Djibouti JIB
Doha DOH

Mr Mohamed Hassan
rusthållarevägen 3
192 78 Sollentuna
Email: [protected]
+46 [protected]

dear sir/madam.
your company representative in Djibouti airport denied boarding to our flight
from Djibouti via Doha to Sweden/Finland
flight number: QR 1440
on 16/08/2018 at 18:00
on which we had booked and paid for a ticket.
i am therefore filling a complaint on behave of 7 persons including me.
Here is what happened. On 16/07/2018 we arrived Djibouti airport at a
good time to prepare and board to our flight, but something unexpected
happened there was along conversation between the immigration officers
and your company representative in Djibouti and there were no issue
in our tickets or documents.Finally we received the devastated news
that your company representative in Djibouti airport denied us to
checkin or to board to our flight with out any reasonable explanation.
he did not spoke or explained anything for us.
we felt abandoned, helpless and frustrated and that was our worst
experience of an airline. we rated qatar airways the top of our list
and surely we expected better then that.
in accordane with regulations (ec) 261/2004, hearwith assert the
flowing claims: As you didm´t offered any other transport and were
unable to travel. We
are entitled full reimbursement of the ticket costs which amounted to
750 USD each. No services were offered during the waiting period,
therefore we summit the following expenses.
Meals and refreshments 30 USD each
Communications Telephone 5 USD each
Hotel expenses 40 USD each
Transfer expenses between airport and hotel 10 USD each
visa expenses 60 USD each.

The following are the names of the passengers and booking ref.
MR:Mohamed/Hassan (RFNOUB)
Mrs: Xasan/Nasro Karuur (ZIRXKX)
MR: Said/Abukar (PTTGIY)
MRS: Hlimo/Yusuf (YYDJLH)
Mr: Jama/Mohamed Ahmed (YYDJLH)
Mrs: Soda Ali Mohamed (NII33B)
Mrs Magan Mona (LDXB96).

We are hopeful that you will enquire seriously and compensate this
matter satisfactorily. I am looking forward for your reply as soon as

Yours sincerely,

Mohamed Hassan

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