Qantas Airwaystransit from queenstown back to brisbane via jetstar in between travels

Hi for those who may concern,
I would like to make a formal complaint.
I have been platinum membership (6895930) with QANTAS in the last 8-9 years and will be almost lifetime gold member soon.
Recently my husband traveled with me from Brisbane to Christchurch (with QF135) for holliday, we really enjoyed the trip. However on the way back, the only option to travel back Brisbane is via Sydney with Jetstar (JQ224). Being a platinum member, we have luggage allowance around 50kg+20kg. However due to the fact traveling with Jetstar in between the travels, the allowance only down to 20kg+20kg. I was not treated as platinum member at all. Which is extremely frustrating and disappointing. If QANTAS is going to share the service with Jetstar (I booked all my flights through QANTAS website), the membership status should be taken into account. We had to queue for checkin etc, and had to take at least 5kg of our belongs from the luggage due to less allowance during the transit. When I made all the relevant enquires to the Jetstar staff, they all are not aware of anything and didn't been bothered to sort out the issues for us.
It was affecting our travel a lot, which shouldn't happen to a 8-9 years platinum membership and loyal QANTAS customers. Hope QANTAS is able to provide some explanations and how to avoid similar situations in the near further.

Sep 30, 2019

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