Qantas Airwaysoverbooked flight, refused boarding

I am stuck in a hotel, in a country I didn't plan on visiting, because of an arrangement I never agreed to, with no money and no way to make outside calls. Emirates "protocol".

On 11/10/2019 I made my way through Singapore airport to make my connecting flight to Melbourne. At the transfer desk a woman pulled me aside and informed me that my flight was overbooked. She said that there was "a 50/50 chance" I would get onto the plane and if I couldn't get a seat, my only other option was to catch the same flight 24 hours later. She said Emirates would compensate my hotel for the night if that was the case. She gave me a food voucher and told me to come back in an hour. I left to get food hoping there would be a seat for me.

I came back to the desk to see Another man standing with Her, she informed me there was no room on the plane while he handed me a hotel voucher. I was very disappointed I had spent way past my budget on a flight that would gareentee I would get home before the weekend, all I wanted todo was go home. I ask if there was any other compensation I could receive, mainly vouchers or cash as I hadn't planned on staying in Singapore at all and hadn't organised anything with my bank. They said it wasn't part of protocol to give money compensation. I asked if I could trade the night in the hotel for cash as I didn't mind staying in the airport and they said no.
At this point I was quite upset and confused, I didn't understand why I wasn't allowed to board a flight I had paid for. Then Jess informed me that I had the option to still get on the flight when we first spoke and that I had volunteered to give up my seat!! AT NO POINT HAD SHE SAID I HAD THE OPTION!! AT NO POINT DID SHE SAY I WAS A VOLUNTEER!! I would have got on the plane otherwise. I am distraught.

I paid AUD$900 for a one way ticket so I could get a flight home in time for the weekend, only to be TARGETTED and TRICKED into giving up my seat with no chance of compensation for my time or forcing me to miss out on my commitments back home.

Qantas Airways

Oct 11, 2019

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