Qantas Airwayslost luggage!

A Oct 10, 2019

My partner works away and recently on his way to work from cairns to Canberra they lost his luggage.its been over 22 days now and they still have not found it he is now back from his 3 and 1 swing. He had only just bought brand new thermal work gear and day clothes as it is freezing cold. Also lost iPad, sunglasses, shoes, speakers, clothes, underwear, important keys other items irreplaceable etc. he had to buy a new suit case and new clothes to get buy chargers everything as u would expect someone who works away in 1 - 2 degree weather as a rigger. He assumed they would find it and was working every day and when going back through air port they still have not located it. They have not told him where it got to as it has a bar scanner so they should know. He is a frequent flyer his company had insurance on the fight and it's just outrages that you would loose someone's things and not be compensating them for the hassle and trying to find the bag and if not completely compensating him for that. He would much rather his bag back and the expenses of new stuff he had to buy. I am considering never flying with you guys again knowing how little you guys care about others personal belongings. I never take things I don't care about especially when you not at home.

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