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Date of the Incident: April 18th, 2019
Case: 9446148
PIN: [protected]

I had ordered flowers with the company Bloomex as a surprise to send to my fiance at her place of work. The flowers were meant to be delivered on April 18th however on the 18th the only thing I could see the entire day was that it was at the sorting facility on the 17th. I decided to call Purolator and they had a tracking specialist look into it. They were communicating with me via email and asked me for details of what the product looks like. I had sent them the exact link to the product so they definitely knew they were flowers. I even explained to them that they were a surprise for my fiance and that they are being sent to her work (so a business). They explained they were looking into it and at the time the communication seemed to be open. Today (April 22nd and also Easter Monday) I receive an email saying that my package is on its way to being delivered. I also get an email from the tracking specialist saying the same thing. I replied to the specialist reminding them that it is Easter Monday and that they are sending the package to a business. Also, my fiance does not work on holidays which is why i asked for the flowers to be delivered on Thursday. I do understand that there are many packages that Purolator receives however I do not understand how they were communicating to me via email and yet they could not ask if it was a convenient time to deliver the package. They had no problem emailing me and I replied very quickly, yet they just assumed they can send it to a business on Easter Monday and expect the staff to be there? Everyone in the email thread knew of the situation because I had specified it. If it was a regular business day then I understand why just sending it out would be a good idea. They also knew it was flowers so I'm not sure why they would assume that throwing it on a truck and delivering in on a holiday to a business would be anything close to satisfactory to anybody on the planet. I would rather someone throw garbage at me. The end result is that my fiance was not at work and will not be at work for another few days as she had taken time off after. She now has a bunch of dead flowers waiting for her on her desk in a box upon her return. I replied to the specialist saying it is a holiday and she offered me the choice of disposing of the package. Wouldn't it have been slightly more proactive to ask me before sending it on a truck and delivering it on a holiday and assuming it will be received? I will be attaching copies of the emails between myself and the tracking specialists. As far as compensation, I would suggest some sort of credit as this is just horrible. Instead of getting some flowers at work, she will get dead flowers at her desk. I understand the flowers are not your problem since Purolator is just supposed to deliver the package. I fully get that. My issue is that the specialists were aware of the situation. At this point, any other solution would have been better than throwing the flowers on a truck. How does anyone assume that someone will be available at work on a holiday? I suggested that they can deliver it to a different address so that my fiance will actually receive the package to which they replied that they cannot change the address once it is on a truck. Who told them to put it on the truck? This is a really ruined sentimental experience for me thanks to poor customer service.

Please get back to me on this, I am sure you can sense the frustration.

Mazahir Walji



Apr 22, 2019
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  • Je
      Aug 26, 2019

    I placed an order with on July 30, 2019 with delivery expected August 5th. The next day my confirmation email informed me it was being shipped via Purolator (Tracking # CGK004949045) and would not arrive until August 6th/7th.

    This was the first problem as I was leaving home (L0L1P0) on the 6th and driving for two days to my destination at the Live From the Rock Folk Festival in Red Rock ON P0T2P0 . Since the package was travelling via ground from Vancouver it would be passing right through Nipigon ON and I thought they would deliver it there on the way.

    The second problem was that the customer service representative I called on July 31st to change the delivery address to my alternate address ASSURED me the package would be diverted and delivered to Red Rock with one extra day. Great: I didn't need it until the 9th! (customer service confirmation # [protected])

    Problem 3 came to my attention as I checked my online tracker and saw nothing happening until August 7th when I noticed the package was in transit from the depot to the initial address. So I phoned again and begged the representative to contact the driver to return the package to the depot. She assured me that she had texted the driver and the package would be brought back and forwarded. Once again I foolishly believed the lies I was being fed by Purolator's customer service misrepresentatives.

    Problem 4 arose when the package was left at my address in spite of all of the above. Now the materials which were crucial for the running of the Festival were 1200 km away!

    Problem 5 involved a LIVE CHAT with a csr who, although she was obnoxious, at least didn't lie to me.

    6. So, without thinking of alternative delivery methods, I phoned a good friend who drove the package back to the Purolator depot and paid $85.00 to have it delivered (ground) overnight. Unfortunately, this did not sink in with the depot worker and the package ended up at the Hamilton airport where, due to some tent seam waterproofing included with the plastic badges, it was not allowed on the plane (How is that ground delivery I ask). At this point (2:30am) someone calls my friend twice just to let him know there's a problem and that the package will be sent via ground.
    7. So, finally aware that there is no hope the package will arrive in time to be useful, I implement my emergency plan for substituting packing tape and string and hang around for four days after the 'expected' date of delivery until the following Tuesday (August 13th) waiting for delivery. This re-labelled box magically gained five pounds during its trip and was reborn as #[protected]

    I realize no one at Purolator wants to read this but I would like to know the progress of the complaint the obnoxious but truthful(I hope) said she filed on my behalf.

    I have spoken to and registered this complaint with their service department. I hope my efforts will lead to a reduction in packages which are, mishandled, delayed or lost through Purolator's incompetence.

    I wish to receive a formal apology and to be reimbursed $100.00 for the extra shipping charges/fuel costs incurred in this botched attempt.


    Jennifer Ives

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