Purolatorlost shipment worth nearly $300


Purolator has lost my shipment and refuses to take any responsibility for it. I bought a TV monitor on and the shipping was supposed to be done by Purolator. I took an entire day off so I can receive it personally and I was periodically checking the tracking number online.

At around 14:00, I saw that the shipment was supposedly delivered at 12:37, so I went outside to check if it was unceremoniously dumped on my doorstep, but there was nothing there. I immediately contacted their Customer department and was assigned a tracking case. I was told that their "tracking specialist" Mary Leblanc will send me an email soon.

When I finally received her email, I noticed immediately that she barely could speak English. She told me that she will contact the driver as soon as possible. It took an entire week to get a reply from her, and when she did, she told me that the driver delivered the shipment to the proper address and the case is closed.

Even if the driver told the truth (which is doubtful) and he did deliver the shipment to my address, he never notified me in any way. There was no doorbell or even a knock on the door. In the 1.5 hour window between it was supposedly delivered and when I checked the front door, someone apparently stole the shipment.

So someone else has my TV and I'm $300 in the hole, but Purolator isn't to be blamed. Never do any business with this irresponsible and unprofessional company.


  • Purolator Help Jun 28, 2016


    Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback on your recent experience with Purolator. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this situation may have caused.

    If possible, please email your tracking number to [email protected] and we will review the case.

    Please note that when the shipper sends a package with the Signature Not Required, it will be left at the receiver’s door, given that the driver believes it’s a secure location. If you would like to receive a notification when an item has been delivered, you can sign up for one when tracking the shipment on our website online. Once it’s been delivered an email is sent immediately.

    Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions.

    Thank you,

    Social Media Coordinator / Customer Care Team

    Purolator Inc.
    E-mail: [email protected]

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  • Mr
    Mr. Not Amused Jul 02, 2016

    Because it's sooooooo hard to ring a doorbell... Get bent, Purolosers!

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  • Mr
    Mr. Not Amused Jul 02, 2016

    The very fact that Purolator accepts unsigned shipments (which are often worth a lot of money) only invites unethical behavior from their deliverymen...

    Someone stole my shipment, but how do I know if it was my neighbour or the Purolator driver himself? I can't tell the difference... Can you?

    Unsigned delivery should be outlawed...

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