Publishers Clearing House.comis this real or is this some dream

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My grandmother played publishers Clearing House when I was a child.And I told her I would make sure I, or some one in the family would play if she died.My grandmother is Dead now.So I played with my mother for many years, and now even my mother is dead.I am 52 years old and I still play publishing house.And no one has won big yet!.And now I guess I may die before any one will win big.Now I am asked to register for the 7, 000, 000. sweepstakes, to be given out thanksgiving.But for some reason the web site is down.I am 52 years old now.And I have watched my grandmother, my mother, and so many friend die.And yet no winners yet.PCH please let me know what is wrong.Every one in my family will be dead soon.That is a lot of years of playing, but on has ever been a winner.


  • Ma
    maryann newsome Nov 16, 2008

    Billing Dept.

    Before I left for a vacation I paided off all my bills with PCH
    I got back and picked up my mail and you said I had a payment due---WRONG---
    History Magazine--pd. 6 oct 2008
    check #876
    I have record of all my bills to you and they are all paid.
    Then I open another piece of mail from you and its a check for $8.00---refund on my Military Thro-----wrong again. That was check #879--
    15 Oct. 2008
    You need to keep better records---I know --I do.
    All my bills were pd.
    And I will cash this check for $8.00. because its your mistake. Refund #3033-2109-7351---
    Maryann Newsome
    [email protected]

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  • Wi
    William Granger Nov 27, 2008

    I received a notice that I was a winner of the Super Pack Jackpot, for a total of $30, 000, depending on if any of the other two had done what they needed. The potential therefore was $10, 000, $15, 000, or the full $30, 000. My number is 6 19 25 32 37 39.
    I had been living at 7112 Big Bear Lake Drive, Arlington, TX 76016, but have moved to 14434 Cabana #303, Corpus Christi, TX 78418, and I have not received any prise payment.

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  • Ja
    janice warren Nov 28, 2008


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  • Th
    Theodore A LaCelle Jun 02, 2009

    Hello this is Theodore A LaCelle i was told i was a third place winner.A sum of five and half million.So i did every thing that this guy told me to do so i could get my winnings.But nothing happened.I dont know what to do i spent eleven hundred dollars sending money to diffrent places and people.And now i am broke and i have four kids to raise and one is in a wheel chair.The guys name is Kevin Francise and his phone number is 1-876-875-0942.My email is [email protected] and my address is 23 durgee rd Altmar . N.Y 13302.Is there anything u can do to compensat me for any of this.

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  • Fl
    Flames41 Sep 24, 2009

    I'm also a skeptic of Publishers Clearing House since I have played & entered for as long as I care to remember & NOTHING...So many people play & hope that one day they'll show up at their door but seem to always be disappointed just as I have, On Tv you see all these people getting flowers, checks, wine & so on but from the looks of their houses & all they really didn't need it & those of us that hope to recieve this "Large" payment REALLY need it to get out of debt, buy a house for our families to live in, help out our families that struggle day to day, buy a MUCH needed car that they don't have & so on, like me..I have rented all my life for the simple fact that I can't afford to buy a house & have been with out a car for almost 2 years now & It would be a Gods Blessing to me & my family to atleast win 1 time even if it's only $1, 000 or $10, 000 I agree the later would be better & also get me out of debt so I guess I'll keep playing like all the others in hopes I'll see the prize patrol pull into my drive one day before I die.

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  • He
    Helen McGee Sep 25, 2009

    Trying to inform pch of husband's death.I am not responsiale for his debts. thank you Helen McGee

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  • Sh
    sheldon d. clark Dec 04, 2009

    I am confused by your billing proceedure. Getting bills with number refrences which are your numbers and do not indicate article purchased. Will you please send me itemized bill of my open account?
    Thank you, Sheldon D. Clark, , 250 N Maguire Ave # 136, Tucson, AZ 85710.

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  • Ka
    Karen_43 Sep 28, 2010

    Can you tell me if someone was to be called and told them they won the publishers clearing house would they have to send money for insurance on the money they won. If not then someone out there is using your name and making money off of it. Karen

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  • Ro
    Roberta Hitchens Apr 27, 2011

    Hello my name is Roberta Hitchens 82 Rutgers Slip APT.22E new york N.Y.10002 I have won 2 games sent to me from publishers clearing house both for the sum of 50.00 on two seperate occassions one was a tic tac toe scratch out and the other my signiture was required on the back.I have placed my order and recieved shipment/payed the bill and have not recieved the moneys due to me from winnings. Any and all assistance granted on behalf of this request will be greatly apprciated.Thank You!

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  • Jo
    Joan Martinelli Aug 30, 2011

    id#01984845188 my account showes items that I did not order and I did receive them but did not open the box and i did send them back in the mail also I did open a package with a alum wallett that I did not order and I sent a letter about the fact that I did not order it and I dont want it and asked how one goes getting it back to you. My account still showes all the un ordered items. I refuse to pay for any items that I did not order or ask you to send me. Stop sending me items and if you want the wallet back tell me how to send it back to you. I will keep up sending you coments about this. You cant scam people this way. I will pay for what I order but pading the bill is wrong and you wont get away with it so correct my account and tell me how to return the wallet

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  • Ra
    randall elzy Jan 19, 2013

    My name is Randall Elzy someone call me and said i have wom 5 million and a new Mercedes and all i had to do was go get a money paper card for 500.00 and then call him back by the way his name Mark James phone number is876-466-4788 how bum does this guy think i am i may have been born at night but not last night'

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  • Vi
    vinnie smith Mar 07, 2013

    i also was called and was told that I had won a 2.5 milliondollars and a Mercedes benz all I had to do was send money to him on a card and his name is mr golden his number is 876-391 2343 my name is Vinnie smith and this man ripped me off and I had been playing the clearing house what do we do [email protected]

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  • La
    Laura Vázquez Carmona Sep 22, 2015

    My name is Laura V. Im play the game on the smart phone
    When I so the announcement about the win lotto and star plaing. The firts game win. Then lm so PCH game.bat I'dont Thik Win Real money. When I'm call O my good I can't believe.

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  • Fl
    Florida charm Jul 08, 2017

    Well I am not surprised when I have First " Google Award Notification Commission upon reading All the complaints along with The Publishing Clearing House complaints as well, I too have been caught up in the emails from PCH searching collecting Tokens and then this letter claiming a chance to win a million dollars send 11.89 plus 3.00 Yeah it's All bs, we have been All just hoping to be the one cough it up as entertainment and be Grateful that you did not send out any money And those of you who have sent out money I am sorry that you were scammed

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  • 10
    100% Winner Jul 14, 2017

    A great big Scam! The FBI need to track these dogs & give them a PAL Certificate, Prison Awards Letter by Certified Delivery! Thanks to my Wise Best Son In Law in the world, I did not waste my stamp & he saved me $11.89 that it was going to cost me to collect my $2, 000, 000.00. That in itself is a great big RED Flag! Two Million, deduct the $11.89 from my two million, I do not mind at all!

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  • Jo
    joy64 Aug 29, 2017

    got a phone call stated I won w/pch ha ha ordered mop of course overpriced broke first time I even used it. I worked for $ tree same items we sold $1 was about 20X higher and cheap as the other one. don't fall for their scams my grandma whom if lived would be 100+ always said no one ever won the money and were all just a bunch of liars- this coming from a Christian woman. don't answer questions over the phone about the money you supposedly won it never happened and they still your id.

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  • Wi
    Windy Ray Sep 14, 2017

    No puedo creer que el vudú haya crecido hasta el límite cuando puedas usarlo para ganar la lotería. Vi un comentario en línea de un lanzador de hechizos llamado PRIEST AZIBA que me ayudó con un vudú que me hizo ganar la lotería powerball de $ 85.000 que también me dijo que si tuviera que ir por los millones que tendría que ganar también. Pero el problema era que sólo se puede usar el hechizo una vez, lo que significa que no hay segunda oportunidad para jugar dos veces, porque contra el vudú dijo por el hombre espiritual. Estaba tan agradecido por esto era algo que nunca creo que alguna vez va a trabajar, pero hoy pude pagar mis deudas. Es una obra asombrosa que este hombre está haciendo allá afuera y yo le aconsejo que mantenga el buen trabajo porque él es Dios enviado a la tierra para los pobres. Los correos electrónicos son: [email protected] o el sitio web: o Add dr on WhatApp: +2348100368288

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  • Pa
    Paul Jean D Dec 21, 2019

    Searched all 6 buttons...but PCH does NOT RECORD/CREDIT my searches...PITTYFUL !

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