Publishers Clearing House / PCH.comscam

W Jan 10, 2020

This morning I had a man call my office to tell me that I had won the grand prize of 21 million dollars and a brand new 2020 Mercedes convertible. I was like in my head, yeah I let him keep talking . He told me his name is James Holness and his phone number is 876-481-7198. He gave me a ticket # and also a confirmation to claim my proze. He asked if I can go to Las Vegas to the claim center or should they present my prize to me at home. He mentioned that my taxes for the win had to be paid on November 5th, 2020. The best part is that I had to go to a Western Union and pay a fee of $170.00 dollars so that I could get the documentaion to claim my prize. He asked me to call him back in a few minutes, I DID NOT.. but he did call me back within 25 minutes and I told him he was a SCAM and to not call me again.

Several hours later, , another phone caller arrived this time it was Robert. I asked him what happened to James and he said he works with him . I told him I called PCH and told them of their scam...and I said do not call me anymore...!!! I hung up...people please be aware.

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