Area Circulation, Inc. Complaints & Reviews

Area Circulation, Inc. / Unauthorized magazine subscriptions

Dec 18, 2016

About 1 year ago I ordered two trial offers of skin lotion. In the online questionnaire, cleverly tucked into the payment authorization for the shipping and handling costs for the skin care products, was a question, multiple choice. It asked, if you were to read a magazine, which one would...

Area Circulation / Unauthorized billing


About 4 days ago i got a call asking if i wanted to recieve a diamond watch as a gift for applying to recieve a few magazines. With Christmas around the corner I agreed. After listening to there speach about how great an offer it sounded, and it did seem like a good offer at the time. I...

Area Circulation / Fraud and scam


Area Circulation what a SCAM. If you ever get a call saying that your entered into a million dollar drawing just for ordering a few of your favorite mags, for a great low monthly bill. Tell them to stick it where the sun don't shine and hang up immediately. They got me a couple of...

Area Circulation / Scam and cheating


I was called by Area Circulation offered a few magazines for a jeep price. Then they called at a later date called again to get more magazines. I paid every bill over the 24 months and never received half of the magazines. Finally the last payment that was set up with them for auto pay...

Area Circulation / Awful fraud

This company makes the first account of magazines very interesting, and they claim it'll help better your credit report and score. My credit report hasn't been effected at all by this company. The accounts they persuade you to set up are great, and the account is only half way...