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Complaints & Reviews

customer services 800 phone #

Dear team I have been trying for several days to speak with a customer service rep to cancel my subscription...

magazine subscription

I signed up for Barron's in February, and they requested that I wait 12 weeks before subscription starts. So I waited, and after nothing came after 12 weeks, I waited a couple weeks more to make sure that there weren't any more delays. After about 6 months, I asked them why wasn't it delivered yet, and the customer support said because I waited so long to tell them, they will only be able to give me 2 months back (assuming they will actually send it). The mailing address they have on file was also correct, so there were no errors. In other words, Barron's is telling me that they didn't send anything, but because I didn't tell them earlier, it is my fault, and I'll only get 8 months of a 12 months subscription. I still haven't received anything yet, so maybe this time I'll get something, but I am not keeping my hopes high. It seems to be money down the drain with this company.

This is ridiculous. Apparently, magazines have such high readership that they don't really need to care about customers anymore.

Failure to cancel

I told the service not to renew my subscription two times. The subscription was being delivered to other than...

Resolved Fraud and scam

There were ads running for Barron's Magazine on KDLT TV in Sioux Falls, South Dakota in November - advertising 8 weeks of Barron's for $19.95. When I called the 800 number they upsold me 52 weeks for $52. About a month ago I get a subscription renewal form telling me that my subscription expires in April. I called and they told me that my subscription was only 4 months! The other problem I had was that they charged my credit card twice - I had to call and get that straightened out in December. I have subscribed to Barron's before and have never had any problems. The number that the TV ad had went to a call center - which tells me that another company was running this promotion. I wish I knew who they were. I don't have a recording of the conversation because I didn't expect to get screwed by Barron's!