Public Storagestorage unit

S Aug 06, 2018

I'm highly pissed off. I'm a military personel. This storage unit is for my mother. I ended up being responsible for all her accounts and debt. I have been going through financial difficulties trying to manage my bills (being a mom of two also) including what I got stuck with her bills. I just dropped $695 last week to catch her up on the rent. For aug the rent is remaining. The storage is however up for auction on aug 10th. The District Manager Ben has the ability to help out and override the system but he chooses not to do so. I asked him time till the 16th. I was lied to by the personel at the White Oak location that my storage unit would be fine since I only owe Aug and we are in Aug. come to find out it still will be sold. I think it's ridiculous that we are lied to and last min have to come up with a payment. Other companies and many other storage places work with you but apparently not this area (white oak and silver spring). They need to get their employees trained properly and a new District Manager who knows how to talk to people and help them out. I spoke to corporate customer service and different managers in the other locations and they told me the DM is the only one that can override but he's the one choosing not to. The fees are ridiculous and then there's a lien on it too. They basically make double money from us.

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