Protea Hotel Mahikengmy was dented in the protea hotel mahikeng premises while I spent the night there.

P Dec 12, 2019

I had booked from 04/12/2019 t0 the 08/12/2019. On the morning of Saturday, I found my car had a dent which I reported but to date I have received no help as to whose car caused the accident. My car was parked next to the entrance where there are CCTV cameras.

Can I please be assisted to get information as to who caused the accident so I can make a claim against the person.

  • Updated by Prof E R Mathipa · Dec 12, 2019

    My car got dented while parked next to the entrance next to CCTV cameras in the Protea Hotel Mahikeng on the 04/12/2019 to 08/12/2019. The accident has occurred at night and on Saturday morning I reported the matter. To this day I have received no assistance as to who cause the dents.

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