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The Claim adjuster was incompetent. I faxed all information, turned in keys, title. Shannon Peters closed my account because she messed up the paperwork and when I called her on it she got mad. My truck was stolen while at my cousins funeral on 10/05/17. When I reported it to the insurance company they said I didn't have any rental insurance. So all weekend I had to get a ride to work. Finally I was send an email to get a rental. After back and forth with her saying she really doesn't want to look in my bank account or phone records, she wants to look in my credit report. What up set me the most after the rental money ran out I had yo rent a car on my own. After her saying she did not receive the faxes I send. Then she said she did receive them. Then she ask for proof my cousin died. I told her I wanted to speak to her supervisor and she denied my claim. claim number [protected]. She is. the worst.


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      Dec 05, 2017

    I recently was in a accident with a fellow in witch my 2008 Pontiac Torrent bumped a fender of a 1991 Ford Ranger 2 wheel drive junk truck. I came home explained what happened to my insurance company. Weeks passed. My new policy came and it doubled. I called to find out that my insurance company (Progressive) that never looked at my car had issued a check for $1600 for damage to Ford Ranger. We hit at less than 5 miles a hour and dented in my plastic bumper (Corner hit) and broke headlamp. Behind bumper is nothing. Dent popped out and new headlamp installed. The Ford Ranger had a broken signal lamp. That was it. The owner committed fraud and had to beat his truck up after he got home. Very evident this much damage is impossible. Called claims agent and hope he will be out tomorrow. Always have a camera. Never call your insurance company. Call theirs. Yes he gave me his insurance card. Isnt that admitting fault. This Ford Ranger doesnt hold a book value of $1600. How unprofessional. Progressive has really slid down hill. Just fancy commercials.

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