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Progressive Complaints & Reviews

Progressive / Auto insurance claim

m&b on Oct 20, 2017
My vehicle was hit by a person insured b y progressive on Sept 14, 2017. It is now October 20th, 2017. Your insured person received the only ticket for the accident. ticket 28-772. The claims adjuster as been hostile and rude. I have summited 4 times to request a new adjuster. He, today...

Progressive / agent/ auto insurance/ underwriting/ underwriting

Johneshia Riley on Oct 19, 2017
So, I called three times prior to my address, I spoke with my agent and several customer services . It still took over a month to get done. Now while I was updating my address I was also filing complaints on my current agent for poor customer service and maltreatment. Nothing was done...

Progressive / insurance claim and business practices

Phoenix JD on Oct 12, 2017
Dear Progressive or Investigating Agency, I have been a "Gold" customer of Progressive Insurance for over three years now. Unfortunately, an old woman performed a "hit and run" on my vehicle on Sept 14th at 5:35-5:45pm approx. The sad reality was that the bruises, second degree burns wa...

Progressive / snapshot

Xin Qian on Oct 11, 2017
I returned my snapshot on May this year and I confirmed with the representative that I already paid the snapshot fee. However, just now now, four month later, I received an email from progressive saying I need to pay twice the snapshot fee because they do not receive it for four months. I called and the representative just urged me to pay. Bad service.

Progressive / claim

Ainotan Nosyt on Oct 11, 2017
Timothy Kizer is the supervisor I was referred to speak to about adding information to a claim. While giving him this info he made a comment about my insurance choice and about it not being very "prudent" which is an unwanted opinion, unprofessional, and an overstep of boundary. What...

Progressive / payment for a claim

juvania dumas on Oct 3, 2017
Progressive Insurance has great customer service until they have to pay anything out or use your money to fix your car you pay insurance for. I have had the worst experience getting anything fixed through Progressive. The claims personal and adjusters Brett and Kenny are the worst they are...

Progressive / agent interfering where they should not

MarciZ6 on Sep 27, 2017
Matthew Berner of Albany Progressive company went above-and-beyond to make sure that I did not get fully reimbursed for the damages to my vehicle. When his/your insured driver hit my vehicle it went through insurance and it was determined that Progressive would not pay the "additional...

Progressive / insurance adjuster

Sarah watters on Sep 22, 2017
My car got into a minor collision and it is taking over 3 weeks to get my car repaired because the insurance adjuster didnt do a complete inspection/quote. The collision center has to keep ordering more parts and taking ten times as long instead of being able to order them all at once. My...

Progressive / failure to inform us they added grandson to our policy and took seriously high payments from checking account.

Gail Henson on Sep 22, 2017
Apparently Progressive decided that since my grandson lived in the house that they would go ahead and charge us for his insurance. They never informed us that they were doing this and they started taking two and a half times two payments from my husband's checking account starting in June...

Progressive / executive auto body margate florida

hailey02! on Sep 20, 2017
We are a autoglass vendor for many progressive shops in broward county I want you to be aware of tony at executive autobody I've done work for them and they collect money from you and don't pay there vendors that worked on progressive cars I understand you can't collect money for me but I...

Progressive / "paperless discount"

Jamie Cervantez on Sep 18, 2017
On 9/18/17 I changed my billing preferences from paperless to U.S. mail. Upon doing so I was told I would have to pay a fee of $2.87 each time I received a bill. I find this highly ridiculous. When I called to complain about the fee I was shuffled between 3 different people who all spewed...

Progressive / lack of customer service and loyalty to 20+ customer

SamDook on Sep 15, 2017
I have called since Mon 9-11 and then again Tues 9-12 to be told an adjuster will call me to set an appointment up between 24-48 hours. No calls received. Called back on Thursday 9/14 and was advised my vehicle will be picked up Fri 9/15 and I will receive a call to schedule the tow. Gue...

Progressive / auto insurance wrongful denial of soldier

Jessica F. on Aug 29, 2017
On May 29, 2017 at 9 pm, My husband hit a deer driving in the middle of Kansas. The night of the accident he called to file the claim even though when the airbag deployed it hit his head and he wasn't feel ing very good. When the claims person got on the phone all he said was, "Well, look...

Progressive / customer service/auto repair

Sarah Anne Colyar on Aug 18, 2017
This is the second time I used the Progressive center to fix my vehicle. The first time was such a wonderful experience. This time was horrible. The representative Patricia Mcillion was so rude to me and my family, I will be changing my insurance. I've been a customer since 2009. There...

Progressive / agent

Brutus412 on Aug 17, 2017
We entered Waldo & Associates (126 Boggs Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15211) to conduct business, we were met with hostility, threats, bad attitude and more of the worse parts about a person from the man in charge. When I questioned him about services he instead pushed passed what I needed and began...

Progressive / loyalty to your customer s

Jerry Osborn on Aug 9, 2017
Hi my name is Jerry be Osborn policy 10745125-9. I've been with progressive insurance for over 10 years. I am in the process of buying a home by the end of the month. But do to the way you're handling my auto claim 17-3834283 that was cause by a progressive customer. I will not use you for...

Progressive / being charged for making a phone call

Tanisha Marie on Jul 26, 2017
my vehicle was vandalized in 2016, I had contacted progressive about my coverage by no means was a filing a claim, I had no payout never took my truck to a shop did not contact progressive again due to not wanting my insurance to be raised due to a simple fix. I was then contacted...

Progressive / claims/customer service

EmilyC. on Jul 24, 2017
Since when does calling your insurance company to ask a question, turn into a claim on your account? Oh that's right, when you call Progressive! I simply had a couple of questions about my car and something that happened, and was told and assured by the representative that it would not go...

Progressive / about the non service and discrimination

user1700747 on Jul 24, 2017
I was ran off the road by a non black driver 100% non black drivers fault. Progressive said they did all they could but could not produce ne written documents on wht was done. I tried to file 5 complaints. Formal. N was called they were resolved. Nothing in writting saying so n how the...

Progressive / progressive auto insurance

J. Manny Gonzalez on Jul 24, 2017
I was involved in an auto accident on Monday 7/18/17. The other party rear ended my vehicle due to inattentive driving and following too closely per the police report. The day after the accident progressive called me and told me that the other party was accepting fault and gave me...

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