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6300 Wilson Mills Road, Box W33 Mayfield Village, Ohio 44143

Progressive Complaints & Reviews

Progressive / car insurance

Ben Radeamker on May 24, 2017
I changed my auto policy to Progressive based on the quoted rate I was given when I applied. After I cancelled my old policy, Progressive billed me for an amount almost double what they quoted me because I needed to provide proof of prior insurance. I sent in the proof of prior insurance...

Progressive / roadside assistance

Ronni Rose Swanson on May 22, 2017
We called for roadside assistance. I told them we were between two towns on a major freeway. They wrote down wrong mile marker. The help couldn't find us. Estimated time=an hour. Didnt show. The dispatch told us the road truck probably went back to the shop. We called Progressive again...

Progressive / auto insurance

Rebecca Jones Bupa on May 19, 2017
Worst customer service. I received a email yesterday that our policy was cancelled. I called and was transferred from caller to caller. My husband and I are OTR truck drivers, our insurance agent helped us transfer to progressive a month ago. We paid 6 months in full. We thought we were...

Progressive / claims agent

KeandraB on May 15, 2017
My friend was involved in an accident in my vehicle and because she didn't understand what to do she left without contacting police. Upon seeing the damage and hearing her side of the story, I contacted the other party's insurance company and filed a claim. He also filed a claim through my...

Progressive / Coverage options

SLacy on May 10, 2017
To all that this concern, I have been a paying policy holder with Progressive (auto insurance) for 9 years, in addition to having a homeowner’s policy for 8 years. The history of my policies will reflect a well-paying consumer, with no previous claims filed AGAINST EITHER POLICY. I am...

Progressive / paid for full coverage when needed magically i don't have it anymore!

Vocal55 on May 9, 2017
Progressive is supposed to be the #1 auto insurance company. Yet when I filed my claim of a car theft. They completely did everything in their power to find loopholes and ways to NOT help me and be there for me. As if having your car vanish in thin air isn't enough. They did not give me a...

Progressive / Auto insurance

MarkHajec on May 8, 2017
Signed up for a policy on 4/20/2017. Received a email on 4/26/2017 stating the bank didn't recognize the numbers I gave progressive. I called progressive right away. While I was on the phone with progressive I went into my bank and received the correct numbers and relayed them to progressive. I...

Progressive / Awful service, no return calls Steven Cook was the claims adjuster.

Grant Whitus on May 8, 2017
Left messages for Steven Cook, no return call, left a massage for his supervisor Kathy, no call back. This week marks one month since the vehicle was damaged and it is still not repaired, even after I was told it would be done on 050517. Not done! Now I'm told maybe on 050917. This is a work...

Progressive / agent disregarded the officer's report in the determination of fault

Missy Moseng on May 3, 2017
My husband was driving straight down a rural road when a client of Progressive pulled out into oncoming traffic from a stop sign causing my husband to collide with his vehicle. This happened 4/6/2017 at 4:55pm. According to the police report it states that Progressives Client "failed to...

Progressive / robert gleason - agent immoral and unethical behavior

BridgettSmith on Apr 28, 2017
4/27/2017- I work with Champion Mortgage Company as a HUD Assignment Claims Specialist. I had a homeowner whose account needed an updated declaration page for their file to be submitted to HUD. I faxed a request into Mr. Gleasons office, as he was the agent we had on file. At 12:06 my time on...

Progressive / unethical behavior, claim delayed and denied

karthik136 on Apr 20, 2017
Filed a claim with progressive. Progressive's examiner initially said the police investigation is pending to process the claim. I called the police and they said the investigation is complete, the examiner changed her stance and said it is progressive investigation and not police...

Progressive / vehicle repair at progressive body shop

Onelia Alfonso on Apr 20, 2017
Date of accident: 2/27/17 Customer # 75569655 Our vehicle has been at the progressive Body Shop for 6 weeks and they can't still provide us with a date of completion of the repairs. All we receive from the Body Shop an our are bogus explanations of parts ordered but not available. We have...

Progressive / filing a claim and denying a claim.

Hav jones on Apr 10, 2017
Hello my name is Edward Jones and I have been a progressive customer since 2013. Everything has been with the company and I regarding moving vehicle to vehicle change coverages and even paying a higher rate when I bought my new Honda 2016 Civic. I have been on time with payments as well a...

Progressive Insurance / home & trailer insurance

Paul1949 on Apr 7, 2017
I am Paul Filstrup of Saint Joseph Michigan and have auto, home, and now trailer insurance with Progressive. I was living in Tanzania in 2015 I decided to switch my home owner insurance to Progressive. I filled out all the info online and it all looked good, I talked with your staff, and I...

Progressive Insurance / Claims

Wounded Insured on Apr 3, 2017
I filed a claim to have my vehicle repaired and provided Progressive permission to move my vehicle to their storage facility, Copart. My vehicle arrived at Copart 4 days after I filed the complaint and Progressive sold my vehicle within 3 hours. Progressive sold my vehicle before it wa...

Progressive / Claim #172707090

Wornoutdad on Apr 2, 2017
I feel bad for others after reading complaints and am lucky I am only out $165, but I still feel frustrated with Progressive and will never chose them as an insurance choice. We were hit from behind by a distracted driver who took full responsibility (crying baby in backseat) and had...

Progressive Insurance / Claims

Eric hates Progressive on Mar 31, 2017
Progressive insurance Bad faith insurer On june 30, 2012; my pregnant wife, while driving, was struck by another vehicle. The driver of the offending vehicle, a seattle police officer, admitted fault. He was insured with progressive insurance. Our daughter was born prematurely at just...

Progressive / Customer care

Laura hogf on Mar 22, 2017
Claim number 17440644302. Just had an awful experience at the claims department. If a supervisor says he will not bring someone in the room that has been rude towards a claim customer. Why would.he proceed to do it. He then proceeds to say this is.not 1960 which is referring to being...

Progressive / My insurance policy

Vallen8899 on Mar 22, 2017
Just purchased a new car. So I needed to add it to my insurance. After being quoted the price. They added it to my policy for it to be the wrong state. So I called back to insure the vehicle in the correct state and they said they were reviewing my policy and I couldn't make changes to my...

Progressive / claim

Daniel Sandberg on Mar 21, 2017
My car was parked in Advance Auto parking lot. I was in the store. One of the employees said to me "hey isn't that your car?" That plow guy just backed into it hard and pushed it forward up onto the curb! I got the drivers information. And the progressive information. Also I have spoken...

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