Primericamoney stealers!!!

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these people have you sign up for their business. its 99$ to start and then they deduct 25$ every month. you have to basically go around and try to sell life insurance to friends and family... most of the time you wont be able to sell it because everyone usually has life insurance. so you kinda get screwed!!! and if you want to cancel it you have to write them a written request and sign and date and have your account info... and send it in. do not sign up for them because alls it does is take money from you... it doesnt qualify you for the insurance unless you give them more money. please i ask of you do not sign up for it. thanks for reading my complaint and i hope i save you the trouble.


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    Rune May 13, 2008
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    Totally agree! They scam and they make deals with you and then they throw you out in the cold! It is like some piramid franchise scheme. When I called CitiBank/CitiCorp which is the main hub for Primerica with my complaint about this guy they knew he was but said ti was my problem since all their "owners" are responsible for their franchises.

    I didnt buy anything from them even tho the guy I did the work for tried to get me to "invest" in the Primerica program. Thank GOODNESS I didnt!!! But whether you are a customer or a vendor that worked with them, they will try to scam ya.

    The prob is part my fault--I didnt get it in writing other than the initial down payment he gave me in a check form. I was trying to start my own businiess as well and this guy is the son of another fella that I worked with at the "day job". I trusted the guy because I worked with his father. (Lesson learned the hard way folks!)

    It all seemed cool at first. The guy paid me the down payment via check--so I did have proof that he was paying me for a website. He even put "down payment" on the check note line.

    I did his website, logos, content development and everything! when it was all done and I sent him the final invoice he dogged me for months! (Come on...I even charged him more than half off what I was charging as my going rate!!!)

    After months of emails, phone calls, msgs and letters as well as me having to ask his dad to relay a couple of msgs he FINALLY talks to me.

    He gives me some sad song & dance that he is getting divorced and cant pay me what he owes me--so sue him. I wont (and I didnt) get a penny.

    The point...Primerica is just an extention of CitiGroup/CitiCorp (as per the guy I did the website for) and when I called directly they didnt give a flying monkey about how their franchise distributors where robbing people or how they were ruining the whole company's name with bad business practices.

    Primerica is a joke. (except maybe for the Tool that IS making money off all of the rest of us).

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    rocky Sep 09, 2008
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    For Primerica to steal from agents bank accounts when they are providing nothing but grief for their employees {that's what they are: Primerica controls their work and how they are to perform it. IRS take notice!} and customers is reprehensible, abhorrent, deceitful, deplorable, needless, fraudulent and abominable. Primerica has no business whatsoever knowing your SS#, credit card or debit card number. They tell you that you are an independent contractor! They want the best of both worlds.

    Contact your local consumer protection agency and ask about Regulation E. There's something you can do. You have to be persistent but the bank will credit your account back after they hem and haw for a while. Even if 60 days have elapsed, the bank will sometimes do it for you. Definitely look in to it. Thou shalt not steal, Primerica!!!
    Primerica — they never paid me the commission that I deserved
    Don't give out your information to schools, reunions, search for people, ever!!! /URL removed/§ion=Entire+Website&sort=rank

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  • Ro
    Rob Feb 01, 2009

    Primerica helped me out..

    Here is my results from working with my Primerica Rep;
    Life insurance = $250k on me $150k on my wife with WRL now $750k on me and $250 on my wife for $98 (35 year term).

    Debt- over $300k in debt, (house and all) paying $2800 a month for the next 32 years.. now paying $1900 a month and house and all paid off in 12 years.

    Home and Auto insurance savings of $138 month.

    My wife and I now have Roth IRA's with Vankampen (via Primerica).

    We have a fully funded emergency fund in a money market mutual fund.

    I am not a agent (Have been thinking about it though).

    So to anyone wondering if Primerica is a good company, my ansewer is yes. Everything they have done for me (via my friend from work) has been great and made sense.

    By the way, I have been a client of Primerica for 6 years now. My friend/agent has been working with them for about 6 years, and I have watched him resign from our well paying profession to pursue Primerica full time, and I must admit, he is doing quite well. I am not sure exactly how much money he makes, but I do know for a fact he is making at least 4 times what I make. His lifestyle is a testament of this.

    So if you are considering working with or doing business with Primerica, don't get advice from this site. Go to legitament websites; seek out and speak with actual clients and agents that have been with Primerica for longer then a year (or even a week or day like the folks on this site) and get advice from them.

    Great company, great products, great people.

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  • Ne
    Nextaxprogmailcom Mar 20, 2018
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    @Rob YOU have told FILTHY LIES!! Yeah, those who launched the boiler room PYRAMID SCAM FRAUD. Some great, great people!!
    CON VERSUS AMERICA BOOK ONE AND TWO:–book-two–america–and-the-sodomites-encompassed-the-house-round-and-said-open-unto-us-that-we-may-know-them-and-they-wearied-themselves-to-find-the-door–genesis-19-think-about-that
    CON VERSUS AMERICA BOOK ONE AND TWO:–book-two–america–and-the-sodomites-encompassed-the-house-round-and-said-open-unto-us-that-we-may-know-them-and-they-wearied-themselves-to-find-the-door–genesis-19-think-about-that ~ assorted contemporary exposes

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  • Da
    das Feb 01, 2009

    my husband has been a rep with primerica for 6 months now and has not made one single penny. He has however, paid $99 to join, $57 for his life ins license which (supposedly) he is going to get refunded when his license comes in, $25 per month for the online help, and probably a good $200 in products he bought off their website: business cards, fliers, dvd's, stuff to help him in his "business". Not to mention the constant driving everywhere to go on appointments...OH and we changed over our very good life insurance to a lesser policy with primerica..mostly because we felt he had to represent the product he was selling. SO now we have less life insurance for the same amount of money.

    My husband is a VERY hard worker. You cannot say "well, anyone who doesn't succeed in primerica it's because they don't work at it"...because my husband works this business to no end. He also works a full time job, but every other moment is dedicated to Primerica. He goes to opportunity meetings, goes on interviews, kitchen tables, spends time calling our warm market (who are all avoiding him now), every freaking second is dedicated to this business and it's ruining our family and he hasn't made one freaking CENT. He's dumfounded because people that seeming are not as hard workers as him are making tons of money. SUPPOSEDLY. I don't see anyone do anything, but that's just me.

    Honestly, I don't think Primerica is a bad company. It's not a scam. They do tell you up front that you have to work at it. And you do...but it's VERY HARD. In this office they tell you that you should be going on 15-30 appointments to get ONE recruit. And then you just HOPE that that one recruit actually DOES something. In 6 months my husband has recruited two people. Both have paid the money but not been heard from since (thus making him no money in commissions). The only person he's got to buy a product is his mom. It's just a VERY DIFFICULT business to be in because no one wants to be approached about this stuff. IF people want loans and life insurance they will call you. They don't want people calling THEM trying to help. JMHO.

    It's discouraging to my husband because he's never worked so hard at anything and not succeeded. And so he just works harder at it, and gets mad at everyone around him. Mad at me for not going to the Primerica meetings with him, mad at our family for not letting him come over and show them the business, mad at people who don't show up at his meetings, or don't answer their door for kitchen table meetings after he just drove 45 mins to their home after working a full freaking day at his real job.

    It's not a bad company but it can suck the life out of you if you're not careful.

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  • Ri
    Rick Feb 02, 2009

    This is to DAS and all the other negitive people that have left bad comments ...(i dont think DAS is negitive.just a tad frustrated)...First!!! anyone with $15.00 a month can have a internet connection and get on a site such as this and type anything they want about anyone...We all know that a satisfied person will usually not get on a site like this a type about how happy they are...But we all know that there are tons of negative, mean tempered, crybabies that will go out of thier way to make themselves heard anyway that they can...As a few of these comments have said...get your facts from a credible source...As for DAS, i believe your husband is a hard working man...and i believe he will do well in Primerica in have to remember that any new business takes time to get off the ground and yes it takes money also..(Gas, Business Cards, State license Fees, State Testing Fees, Company Internet Site used for training and business tracking, GOSOLO business answering system if wanted Ect.)

    I myself am Licensed with Primerica and i did get my testing fees back about a few weeks after i passed my licensing test...and so will your husband...When you add these things all up the amount is so small when you compare it to lets say starting a machine shop from nothing...Or a coffee shop...Or a Salon Ect...there is no formula for how and when any one person will or won't succeed...Unlike all the get rich quick nonsense we see on TV, this is not one of those get rich quick thingy's...I have been paid everything that i was suppossed to be paid when i have helped clients (once i was appropriately licensed)...But understand that we deal with PEOPLE in this business...most become clients and some don't...Some will join with your husband and become licesed reps. and some won't...we have no control over what others do ...Tell him to hang in there, i believe your support will be rewarded someday...the more you learn about Primerica the more you will like...It's full of great people such as your husband...But as in any company or business on earth there will be a few bad apples...Think of some of the people you have known or worked with...I must say that i am not making a fortune and have been struggling a bit...but i personally know several that are doing very well from watching them over the years. (notice i did not say MONTHS)...There is so much i can respond to after reading these different postings but it's late and the ol' eyelids are getting heavy...Hang in there DAS...Rick

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  • Jd
    JD Feb 10, 2009

    Hey Rick, you hit the nail right on the head. DAS your husband WILL be rewarded... I have only just started in the business, and yes, I'm running ragged. But anything worth having is worth working for. A good RVP or trainer can make all the difference in the world. Maybe it's his approach. It might just need a little fine tuning. Your husband is going to do great in this company, and will give you both a lifestyle that you can only dream of! Keep up your love and support, and tell him to keep the faith. Dont worry about recruiting, just go out and help people... the money will come.

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  • Da
    das Feb 15, 2009

    I don't doubt he'll make money, like I said...i don't think it's a scam. But now? Since that post, my husband just got laid off from his 75k a year job. we have no money coming in other than my $425 a week from my job---which is now about $180 less than that due to health and dental insurance that I had to sign up for. My husband decided to take " a few weeks to really work the business" while we live off the tiny bit of savings we have. It's been two weeks now and he still hasn't made a penny. I wll say, though, that we did get the $57 testing fee back.

    I keep telling him that everyone I talk to in the company says things like you said above: "but i personally know several that are doing very well from watching them over the years. (notice i did not say MONTHS)."

    he now thinks that if he can work this thing to death, that he won't have to go back to a regular job. well, in 6 weeks we won't be able to pay our mortgage. I honestly don't think he can make this work in 6 weeks enough to save us financially without getting some kind of paying job somewhere else. We fight about it daily and it's ruining our marriage. we go to the builders schools and the meetings and cheer and all that stuff...I just feel like he got sucked into some type of cult. They've got him thinking that anyone not with him is against he's going to the top "with or without" them. He thinks it's okay to go into debt and not pay our bills cuz someday we'll be millionaires. I'm more worried about having somewhere to live in 6 months.

    I don't mind doing the business, like said before it's not all bad. I just can't stake my life on it to survive NOW. My husband doesn't see it that way. I work all night, and deal with the kids and house and doc's appts, I babysit for extra cash, etc etc etc..all day and he wants me to call all these people and set up all these appointments. I am accused of holding him back. Primerica makes a big deal about "partners". Get your partner on board. I can't eat, ###, and breathe this thing. I have a family to take care of, a house to take care of and now I'm the sole breadwinner too. They've got him thinking it's my fault he can't succeed.

    I do have to say this one thing. We were recently on the primerica website. Me and him. they said that in a week he had 8 appts 4 showed up and 3 signed. I was disturbed when he read me that. I thought it was misleading because the numbers were actually 28-8-1. How many people are looking at this site and saying "oh god, look how easy it is!" husband says stuff like that all the time. It's a flat out lie. People need to know you will set up 30 appointments and 7 people will show up and you MIGHT get one person to sign. He has has THREE people sign in the entire 6 mos he's been with Primerica. Not in a week. and those three people haven't done anything yet.

    I'm not here to knock primerica as a company. But people should know what they are getting into before doing this. It WILL take a long time a VERY LONG TIME. And if you're a wife you have to be totally on board, because if not---it could ruin your marriage.

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  • Gr
    grahamj2 Feb 18, 2009
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    If you want to look at a real opportunity very much like PFS, with all the good features and none of the bad, take a look at

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  • Mo
    MORICA Feb 20, 2009

    I invested many thousands of dollars with Primerica in Houston with their agent Juan Barrios. This man is the very essence of the word incompetent. After I had lost over half the value of the money he refused to take responsibility. He had drawn up lots of nice charts to show that I would make at least 20% on the money. Primerica have said that they stand by him. This shows that Primerica is a very dishonest company. DO NOT INVEST WITH PRIMERICA. THEY ARE THIEVES!!!

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  • Br
    Brandon7 Feb 25, 2009

    Well, I am writing this because I just read das' comments and my heart goes out to her. I recently was brought to one of Primerica's intro meetings last week by my friends who have the same thinking as das' husband. I have to admit the atmosphere had somewhat taken me by surprised. They are very firm in there thinking that this will make them the millions of dollars that they have always dreamed of. They are set in this way of thinking to the point where if you question or bring up certain flaws in the program they turn on you with a "if your not with us your against us' attitude, even if it was brought to their attention in a polite way. These are my friends, and I was surprised how they have acted, as well as their trainer who accompanies them when they go over the FIA(?can't remember if that is what it is called) with people. When I agured my points at the meeting at my home, she came off as almost looking down on me for questioning aspects that concerned me, and that I knew I was right about. After attending their meeting and having a "kitchen table" with my friend and her trainer I found one MAJOR flaw in the program. You will only be as good as the people you know. I beleive this is a legit company, and can work. The problem is, when starting out you are completely dependent on your friends and family. Your "Inner Circle" is your bread and butter. Before joining Primerica you really need to take a look at the people who you have contact with. If you don't have many friends, alot of family, and people who have families and have debts and insurance policies, you will never get your feet off the ground. This is not the type of business you will excel at if starting out you will need to be doing "Cold Calls" to strangers. Your too dependent on people who trust you, and trust your advice and opinion. These will be the people who will sign up because they trust you. In turn, those people will tell other people. And that will bring your opportunities. I feel it isn't right for Primemerica to say ANYONE can do this and make millions, you just have to work hard. They should really stress the fact that you really need to look at your "Inner Circle" as they will be clients. Without them, you might as well try to sell this along side the guy selling discound perfume in the target parking lot. No matter how good the product is, your gonna have as much luck. I don't believe anyone should do this full time. If your interested, go to some meetings, maybe ask to tag along with one of the reps who have been doing this for awhile. Just go with them to a few appointments and see how they interact, and if it's something you can see you self doing. And again, I can't stress enough, before writing that check for the license try feeling out your friends and family first. Just kinda bring it up to see if it's something they would be interested in. You don't have to go into too much detail, but you will be able to see if it's something that would be interested in. And it will be easier to do that and go back later, then the blunt hammer approach they teach you that will cuz everyone to stop talking too you. As for Das, I can't really say the best thing to do. Maybe try to make an agreement that you will do all you can to help him, if he is able to just do this part time and get a full time job to help you out and free up some time for you to assist him. Everyone has dreams, and no one wants to give them up. Hopefully, he can realize that by not giving up his dream, he might loose all the wonderful things he already has.

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  • Je
    jesserobert Feb 27, 2009

    I was laid off from a really good job in December. I have a Master's Degree and ten years of experience. Unfortunately no company out there is hiring within my field of expertise. I applied for 25 positions in two weeks and got one interview that paid 70% less than what my family had become accustomed to living on. Nevertheless, my father had a really good friend who made a great living and the way my father spoke of him was hugely successful, but wasn't really sure what he did. Almost in desperation I asked him if he had any open positions as I was securities licensed. He said the company is always looking to expand and that he would like to take me out to lunch.

    So, we went out to lunch and needless to say I was a bit disheartened when I heard it was Primerica. But here's the thing. I knew I had a four months severance package and that I figured I need to do something to generate an income even if it's outside my comfort zone. So I told my wife I would give Primerica a try for one month and if it doesn't work out that would still give me three months to find a job.

    Needless to say, I was very apprehensive. I read what a lot of people were saying about Primerica on the internet etc. And I have to say, I have been in the business for two months and I close to making what I was making at my full time job that paid $60, 000 a year.

    I have worked very hard, have been very coachable and was willing to take the good with the bad. I got my $71 dollars a week after I passed my test and all my commissions have been paid. I have learned a few things as I read posts such as these 1) people don't have a bad experience with Primerica, they have a bad experience with a person. 2) Typically only the negative is posted.

    Primerica is not a pyramid scheme. Citi-Group wouldn't pay billions for a pyramid scheme. Those families that I have helped wind up thanking me for calling them by time we are through. So far, I have saved most of the families I work with between $200 and $700. If I can't save them money I tell them honestly and don't try to sell them any products. I simply show them what we can do for them and let them make up their own minds.

    There is so much more I could say... I worked for an insurance company that employed 14, 000 people and let me tell you at least 50% complained constantly about the company almost daily. But they needed the paycheck. At least with Primerica I am helping families and have the flexibility to set my own schedule. And not one person out of my office has presented any notion that we all will get rich. We were told that about 2% of those who come to work will have huge success. But even if I can have moderate success while still running my own business without the huge massive franchise fees, then great!

    I can't apologize enough for those who may have had a bad experience. Personally, my experience has been great and I look forward to a long future with Primerica.

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  • Ti
    Tizo Mar 10, 2009
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    As with any business venture or regular job you have the good and the bad. It's usually the people that make the difference. I found after working in corporate America for the past 10yrs after serving honorably in the military for 10yrs the mind set was the same. Rather than being treated as a contributing member of the organization we were resources to be used up and disgarded at some one elses whim without consent. I've been involved in Primerica for less than a year and have concluded the opportunity for success lays squarely on my shoulders. No one starts a day without risk and few accept they are the masters of their destiny. At least this company offers the individual a means to test their fortitude and make their endeavors successful.

    I've read the victim stories posted here and elsewhere and concluded that's the mentality of many people these days. I'm encouraged to know there are many out there that take their situation in their on hands and make it happen. I'd like to encourage DAS to focus on faith rather than fear and do what it takes to make your life what you want. Primerica is a positive oppotunity to help people change their situation dependant on their efforts and be encouraged to know your husband has the fortitude to do what it takes for the well being of your family. I look forwarded to one day seeing you both at the top because I'm sure you know the bottom is too crowded.

    Keep the peace and make it a great day

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  • Mo
    Monique Mar 17, 2009

    I just started with Primerica about 6 weeks ago and I too don't have a lot of friends or family. But I have made some money. The key is to get your license as soon as possible, because when you go out on your training appointments and you don't have your license, your trainer gets the commission from the few friends that you do have. Make sure you get your life license asap and then you will get paid from your training appointments. Another friend pointed this out to me because unfortunately my trainer did not. She emphasized getting me trained first. Why? Because she wanted the commission on the six friends/family that I did have that were interested in Life insurance. Get your license first! I can't stress that enough! This is a state license, so it is yours even if you don't continue with Primerica, you can sell life insurance anywhere with your license. Then go on your training appointments and get the commission for the life insurance you sell at those appointments, not your trainer, then after you start getting your money, then concentrate on building your team. Do not let your trainer trick you into thinking that training appointments and builiding your team are the first things you should do. Get your license first! That's what you paid $99 for, the licensing classes. Do that first and then go on the training appointments with your trainer and make sure that YOU get the commission for those sales. Then build your team. The purpose of building your team is so that you get more money in sales commissions. You get a larger percentage of your sale if you get a promotion. The size of your team and your sales determine your promotion. Your commission is then larger and you get bonuses for you teams sales. You don't get any of yourteam members' money, they get what they get, but you get a bonus from their sales. Primerica does work. You just have to be wise about it. You can't make any money if you don't have a license because you can't sell anything. Get your license to sell insurance, make sure you get your Debt approval license (just by watching a video online) and get your securities license when you can. It's no different than any other company except that it is straight commission (which a lot of insurance companies are) and they can't fire you. If you don't want to pay $25/month for online access, you don't have to. I log on using my friends account. I do not pay $25 for access. I fax my paperwork in, using their fax machine. Primerica works, but you can't expect it to be some magical get rich quick scheme. It's a job just like any other job. When you look at it that way, your expectations can be more realistic. The only difference between Primerica and working for a regular insurance compnay is 1) they can't fire you 2) you are not tethered to a desk 3) you don't have sales quotas 4) your money making potential is a big as your work ethic is strong. It won't be easy or quick. If you are in dire straights and need quick money, Primerica is probably not for you. So far it is working for me. Of course I'm not a millionaire, not close to it, but it is providing some extra money for me right now. I'm going to stick it out and see what happens.

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  • St
    Stufrogg Apr 05, 2009

    My long Primerica Story...Before Getting Involved!!! PLEASE READ THIS!!

    Many years ago, when I was just a child, my Father and Mother were already very poor. My dad wasn't making much as a youth minister (only about $900 a month) and my mother was at home trying to raise 5 children and she didn't have a job.

    My folks already had life insurance, so he probably wasn't shopping for more, but when his friend from the ministry asked if he could come over and visit with my mom and dad, they said yes, because the trusted him. Well do you blame them? Wouldn't you trust a friend from the ministry?

    Well anyway, this "friend" came over and tried to explain to my dad, that for the same $25 a month they were paying for life insurance that had cash value, they could get term and get $100, 000 death benefit instead of $25, 000. Well to say the least my dad was surprised to hear this. This "friend" also claimed that the cash value that was in the policy would not be paid out, but rather kept by the company, in the event of my father's death.

    Now I don't know how you would react to this, but if this was true, well then that means that the guy who sold the whole life policy was either: a liar and a thief, or just plain ignorant. So if this "friend" from the minsitry was right, well practically everyone was getting ripped off by the Life Insurance Industry. That's what he was claiming.

    This "friend" also claimed that he could start investing. Investing!! This was an outrage! Who would give a guy like him (no college degreee, no high paying job, no money, grew up raising hogs and chickens) a chance to be an investor? Well this so called "friend" said that he could begin building a mutual fund investment portfolio for small amounts of money for now, and then increase the amount as he was able!!

    Imagine that!! This friend had the nerve to come over to our house and show my dad how to get a better rate of return on his money (money that the family will actually get in the event of death), than he was getting in his whole life. Likewise, he could help my dad get $100, 000 death benifit instead of $25, 000 for the same $25 monthly. In addition, the term was guaranteed renewable til age 100. Wow!! It's hard to believe that a so called friend would do this.

    So do you want to know what my dad did? My dad said, "No I'm not interested, I don't want more cash savings, and more coverage to protect my family." And then he remained a youth minister for the next 32 years! There was no way he was going to let some long time "friend" come help him!!!

    What acutally happened:...My dad took the friend's advice and realized that indeed, people needed help. So he got into the business part-time at first, then full-time and then began building an organization that grew, and continued to grow, and continues to grow today. Hundreds of thousands of lives have been dramatically transformed becaue of his organization alone. He has many downlines that make 2-3 times as much money as he makes, so there's no way it could be a pyramid. Likewise, he and my mom has made it possible for our family and my kids and all 12 grandkids to have PAID FOR college educations. Also, we have two ranches one of which will have wind turbines that will provide residual income for generations. He also supports missionairies worldwide some full-time. They also built an orphanage in India which educates homeless kids and helps them go out and build other orphanages...What if My dad would have said NO? What if he would have posted some bull somewhere (like many of you are doing)? What if he would have said, I can't do it, it sounds too good to be true...blah, blah, blah...

    You can always count the amount of seeds in an apple...But you can never count the amount of apples in a seed!

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  • To
    Tom May 06, 2009

    Primerica is a Financial Services company that caters more towards the middle income class. There are a lot of complaints about Primerica online. In fact, if you google them you'll find about 104, ooo. A lot right? But google Wal-Mart and you'll find about 4 million. However, Wal-Mart is a massive company.Much larger than Primerica, so it makes sense they would have more complaints. But then google Santa Clause, hes got about 2 million complaints! And the better business bureau 7 million! (and they are the ones your suppose to send your complaints to about companies) So for a company with 100, 000+ reps out there helping thousands of families a month, 104, 000 complaints aint bad. I have been with Primerica part time since October '08. And i have had some success so far, not huge yet, but some. But i haven't been putting as much effort into it as i could be. Therefore I have nothing to blame Primerica for. My RVP is a great guy who will invest his time in me and help me to succeed with this company. The large seminars our branch of offices have are great! Non stop positive speaking and people in the company speak about their successes and where they came from and how they got to where they are. Everybody is different! Some make it right away, some take longer. Its all about the choices we make and what efforts we want to put into it. And that goes for everything we do!

    So don't say you tried this for a month and it doesn't work. Yeah you pay $99 to get set up in business but where else can u start a business for $99? And the $25 a month is a resource tool through the company that keeps you on track monitoring your business with clients, keeps you up to date on licensing, training, products, and everything you need. So $25 month for a great resource tool isnt bad. How much do you spend at the bar in a month? on cigarretes, or that starbucks coffee? $20, $30, more? And yes most people have insurance like Alicia says at the top of the page. But most have the over priced under covered type. We help them get the right amount of coverage for a lesser price. So before most of you start whining about the company cause you heard this guy say this or that about this one thing, why don't you sit with an agent and let them explain it to you. It will make sense! But most people think they know everything and are too stubborn to take a closer look at stuff.

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  • Na
    Navrad13 Jun 04, 2009

    Primerica is a gives you the power to pick and chose who you want to work gives you the very best financial products to offer average americans and the very same products that the traditional institutions will not even offer an average joe...and we get these products from the same people who wont sell them to you at all...every one is an independant conctractor and a Vice President in training...every one starts at the same level and you control your promotins with "drum roll please" your own work ethic...if you owned an independant grocery store, you would absorb all the initial cost and liabilities and since it was your "store" you would put all the time and effort that was required and more...The problem: not many people have this mentality with this have no overhead and are required to learn as much as possible so you can go teach what you have learned and teach you people how teach more poeple, thus creating a franchise of your own that you can sell and pass down to your children, not kidding...if you and the people you personally taught produce an amount of money, times that number by 12mo then times that by 10 which equals the value of your franchise which can be sold because like any business system it will generate money whether you are there or not...It is not a will not get paid for not producing...sort of like a store that does not open its doors, it will not do buiness that day...My heart does go out for the peeps who thought they would earn $8 an hour for sitting at a meeting, class or training session...but my heart really goes out to the folks who ran into Primerica reps who did not take the time to properly state the facts...I suggest you start by saying to your new guy: It is not a JOB. Too much energy and time will be wasted (for both involved) to not get people who at least understand that aspect...Pros and Cons of a Job (for instance) gaunteed income--Pro...gaunteed income--Con...NOt very many companies will offer a cashier to earn 100k or ever give the opportunity sniff the possibilty...Primerica does.

    -1 Votes
  • Ne
    Nextaxpro E R Rocky Mar 01, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @Navrad13 Primerica is a PYRAMID SCHEME FRAUD. PLEASE study my exposes. Type "Nextaxpro: primerica in to a search engine.

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  • Su
    Sue Jun 08, 2009

    Can someone give me answers to my few questions? When Primerica rep comes to the client's house offering to do a free Financial Needs Analysis, does the client have to give a commitment to the rep that he or she will go ahead to buy the policy if Primerica offers a better one than the existing policy that the client have? Once the free FNA is done, does the client get to keep the FNA to review it themselves?

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  • Ha
    Happy Primerican Jun 22, 2009

    Google these companies followed by the word complaints and see how many are found. What you find will surprise you.

    Mary Kay

    Primerica has fewer complaints than any of these companies. Considering that they have been around since 1977 that says a lot. Also consider that Primerica has produced more $100, 000 earners than any other direct marketing company in the U.S.

    Primerica is not for everyone. Primerica takes time. Primerica takes effort. Primerica takes dedication, Primerica also takes educating yourself and bettering yourself.

    With other companies it is all about making the money. A successful Primerican focuses on how many families they can help, not how much of a commission they will make. The most successful offices work with their heart, not the wallets. If you are greedy, it will be apparent to your client. If you are truly there to help them, that will show too. Don't focus all of your time on perfecting the presentation, learn it well but learn your products even better. Learn how to break down a life insurance policy and a mortgage and learn them well. Don't try to sell a product to someone if it is not an improvement over what they already have or will better their situation. That turned down sale may lead to countless referrals because of your honesty. Don't tell them to buy anything, guide them so that they can see the improvement on their own and make their own decisions.

    Too many reps with direct marketing companies sell the potential of huge incomes to potential recruits. I joined Primerica because I believe that with their products I can do the right things for families. I can teach them to become debt free, I can pay their houses off faster, I can give them better insurance and I will be working with a reputable company. I just so happen to be in the top hierarchy in the company in one of the fastest growing offices in the company. We teach the vision of the company and bettering families lives. We are achieving great success for a reason. It's our hearts not our wallets. I don't care how much money I am making this month or next. I fight the crusade knowing that I will achieve the level of financial success that I am looking for when it's my time.

    Also consider this, the insurance industry is brutal. They don't like us. We replace their trash value policies and it hurts them in the wallet. We are investigated by this industry every 6 years. We've been challenged by every state in the nation on behalf of our competition. They can't knock us down because what we offer is honorable and solid. We also get investigated by the financial industry and with the upcoming changes in the mortgage industry, we'll be audited by them too. We always come out a winner. What other company invites audits? None but we enjoy them because it gives us an opportunity to once again prove we are doing things right.

    As for those of you that haven't seen over night riches, or even the success you were looking for, I say to Learn what the successful people in your area are doing. It is harder to achieve success in some areas than others so techniques have to be adjusted. Learn how to do better presentations, better policy reviews and do it because you believe in the company not because you want to get rich.

    If you read most of the complaints they come from those that failed at Primerica. It is not the fault of the company, it is the fault of either yourself or the office you are/were in. Anyone can sell a phone, candles or juice product. We are professionals that are required to have licenses, go through continued education and continually fight to improve ourselves and we also have to dress the part. Would you invest your hard earned cash with someone wearing jeans and worn out t-shirt?

    Primerica is a great company that is doing what is right for families. Catch the vision, believe in it and you WILL achieve success.

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  • Ha
    Happy Primerican Jun 22, 2009

    The Financial Needs Analysis is complimentary, confidential and customized just for you. It is yours to keep and review. If you have a quality agent on your hands, they'd happily give you a new one every year if you ask. If your agent asked for a commitment after doing a policy review showing you how Primerica is offering you a better product, then he/she is using good business practices but you are not required to give him/her a commitment at that time.

    I'd recommend the FNA to everyone. Even if PFS doesn't offer you an improvement to what you have or save you money, it is a good tool to have. They are free so I'd recommend getting one anytime your financial situation changes, i.e. you buy a new house, get a new job, a child graduates from HS or college. They are free and there is never any commitment required to do further business with Primerica just because of the FNA.

    Blessings to you and thanks for asking,


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  • Kn
    knar7 Jul 14, 2009

    Hi I'm Evelyn (kanr7) I what to know what happen whit my complain that I made the last week I 'm still waiting for a answer from you about the problem whit Julio Salazar (0E05021) probably I need to look for another source of help I can't belive that you support what Julio salazar did to me first Rvp rafael mejia now you why you can answer my email and tell me what happen to you to you company whit people like Julio salazar represent a big company like Primerica this is a shame for primerica this a shame that someone use your name just for recruit people then steal the money from them like happen to me.

    -----Original Message-----
    From: [email protected]
    Sent: Thu, 9 Jul 2009 23:53:42 -0800
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Re: kanr7
    Hi I'm Evelyn Kanr7 - again I want to know if you really take care of my complain if you have trobles to talk whit Julio Salazar (0E05021) about my complain about all this try to reach him to this phone #[protected] sorry if I bother you whit this but I need I want a solution to all this you can try to talk whit Julio salazar or Rafael Mejia RVP

    thanks for your time

    Primerica []
    1038 N Maclay Ave
    San Fernando, CA 91340
    > -----Original Message-----
    > From: [email protected]
    > Sent: Tue, 7 Jul 2009 18:03:47 -0400 (EDT)
    > To: [email protected]
    > Subject: Re: kanr7
    > Your complaint has been forwarded to the Office of General Counsel and
    > you will receive a response within 7 business days.
    > Thank You and have a nice day
    > CallAtlanta Billing
    > AS
    > ---- Original message ----
    > >Date: Thu, 2 Jul 2009 13:29:17 -0800
    > >From: "JULISSA J. V" <[email protected]>
    > >Subject: Re: kanr7
    > >To: [email protected],
    > [email protected]
    >> Hi my name is Evelyn Juarez (kanr7) I worked in
    >> the office of Rafael Mejia 1038 N Maclay ave,
    >> Suite A San Fernando CA, 91340 The reason for this
    >> email is because I want to file a complaint with a
    >> person working at this office located in
    >> California was a recruit of Julio Cesar Salazar (
    >> Insurance Lincese # 0E05021 ) I was working with
    >> Julio Salazar group, He asked me for a favor to
    >> make a loan of money which came to the sum of $
    >> 2723.00, but also I made another thing, he need a
    >> computer for work in the office so one more time
    >> he ask me for another favor because he don't have
    >> good credit to buy something to credit so I we
    >> decide to buy a computer for work in Primerica
    >> using my credit. I lend my credit to him to
    >> purchase a computer on my name to assist in the
    >> work in Primerica first and decide to help him
    >> once more time with the agreement that he going to
    >> take full responsibility for making all the
    >> payments on the computer with the company Dell.
    >> unfortunately he did not do his part and the
    >> company where we bought the computer call me that
    >> I was late with all the payments. I talk whit him
    >> about this why he don't made the payments for the
    >> computer when we made a agreement to lend my
    >> credit but always make the payments, and several
    >> time actually I see myself obliged to put money
    >> for my pocket to pay some money for the computer
    >> because the company Dell always told me that they
    >> going to send me to collection, but I can't afford
    >> more this situation I don't have the money to pay
    >> this bill because is not my bill I know is my
    >> credit but I just trying to help him whit this
    >> favor to work in Primerica I was really upset whit
    >> Julio Salazar asked him for my money That borrow
    >> him before and also for the money that I put for
    >> pay some months for the computer and the most
    >> important thing to be serious whit that agreement
    >> that we made whit all the payments for the
    >> computer and my money back .He refused to do his
    >> part whit our agreement, So I decide to put my
    >> complain to the RVP Rafael Mejia Rafael he ignore
    >> my complaint whit the problem of the money and the
    >> agreement that we have whit the computer saying
    >> that the problem was between Julio Salazar and
    >> myself not from office I explain him why I decide
    >> to all for Julio Salazar my purpose just want to
    >> help him specially whit the purchase of the
    >> computer that was good to work in Primerica for
    >> the whole group Of Julio S ( Dragon's Team)that
    >> the name of the group of Julio's, Rafael Mejia
    >> understood all this problem but he still ignored
    >> my complain because I decide not to be part of the
    >> office after all embarrassment situation could not
    >> continue in the company of Primerica, Julio S ruin
    >> my credit send me to collection missing to his
    >> oath whit the agreement that he made to take
    >> responsibility to pay the computer and also to
    >> return my money back that I borrow him, I feel bad
    >> because Rafael Mejia decide practically support
    >> him because I decide not work whit them and Julio
    >> Salazar still whit him. Now you are only source
    >> that I have for me because you cannot be possible
    >> to allow people like Julio Salazar continue using
    >> Primerica to recruit people to work whit him in
    >> Primerica pretend to be a good person ask for help
    >> and them ignore this favor swindling a recruit and
    >> don't pay his debt, and also to allowing him to
    >> use Primerica your name in court in front a judge
    >> of his hypocrisy I have letters signed for him
    >> that he would be responsible for paying all the
    >> debt including the computer payments and the money
    >> that I borrow him but he just ignored never pay me
    >> I'm still waiting for my money back, he never made
    >> the payments to dell company he ruin my credit and
    >> send me to collection for lack of payments to
    >> Dell. I feel desperate about this you as an
    >> organization and big company have to do with this
    >> person working in your company that you are
    >> supposed to help those across it represents like
    >> Julio Salazar give a bad representation to the
    >> name of Primerica he use this name to the laws of
    >> this country to lie saying to a judge that we
    >> never made an agreement, because I don't have
    >> another option to take all this problem to court
    >> because RVP Rafael Mejia he decide do nothing with
    >> Julio Salazar, and my friend that also work in
    >> Primerica told me that I can put my complain whit
    >> you the headquarter of the company my friend told
    >> me that this is not allow the someone nobody can
    >> ask for money to their recruits I didn't know
    >> about this I just want to make a favor, and Julio
    >> Salazar he knows about the rules that you have in
    >> your company and also RVP Rafael Mejia. Please
    >> don't ignore my complain too please help me whit
    >> all this situation please tell me if I can trust
    >> in you. is a shame for Primerica that people like
    >> Julio Salazar represent your name in front to a
    >> judge in court and pretend that nothing happen
    >> that all this is nothing whit someone who worked
    >> in Primerica that not only ruin my credit and
    >> never pay me back my money he ruined my
    >> perspective about the people the recruit people to
    >> work whit him in Primerica and for the other
    >> people that know about this problem whit his
    >> irresponsibility of our agreement .here I send you
    >> a example of the copy of the paper that he signed
    >> to me and you can give you a idea about all.
    >> Thanks for your time I hope that you can
    >> understand my difficult situation thanks
    >> ----
    >> Example Letter
    >> To whom it may concern :
    >> This letter is to notified Mr. Julio Salazar to
    >> take full responsibility for the payment for the
    >> computer which he ask me as a favor to help him as
    >> a
    >> co. signer duo to his financial negligence my
    >> personal credit is been affected there for Evelyn
    >> Juarez demand of Mr. Julio Salazar full financial
    >> responsibility of payment or I will take legal
    >> action against him. I will also write a letter to
    >> Primerica Financial Service head quarters letting
    >> them know about Mr. Julio Salazar behaviors whit
    >> his recruits.
    >> Julio
    >> Salazar .
    >> Evelyn Juarez
    >> __________________ _________________
    >> Firm Att.
    >> Julio Salazar Loan
    >> This letter is to notified Mr. Julio Salazar that
    >> I Evelyn Juarez demand to him full payment in the
    >> amount of $ 2, 723.00 as a personal loan that I in
    >> good faith lent him, which he gave his word to pay
    >> me back by January 2007 which as of today it
    >> hasn't been paid not even a single payment.
    >> I Evelyn Juarez give to MR. Julio Salazar the
    >> option to pay me in one lump sum or 3 equal
    >> installments stating July 11th 2008, in case that
    >> Mr. Julio Salazar refuse to agree to this terms, I
    >> will take legal action to Primerica Financial
    >> Service, the unprofetional behaviors of Mr. Julio
    >> Salazar whit his recruits.
    >> Julio
    >> Salazar.
    >> Evelyn Juarez
    >> ______________
    >> __________________
    >> Firm.
    >> Att.
    >> -------------------------------------------------
    >> > -----Original Message-----
    >> > From: [email protected]
    >> > Sent: Sat, 27 Jun 2009 19:58:29 -0400 (EDT)
    >> > To: [email protected]
    >> > Subject: Re: kanr7
    >> >
    >> > We apologize for the inconvenience. Can you
    >> please send your request in
    >> > English. We currently do not have a translator.
    >> If you have any questions
    >> > or concerns please call [protected], press 1
    >> for billing, and 0 to speak
    >> > to a representative.
    >> >
    >> > Thank you
    >> > KV, CallAtlanta Billing
    >> >
    >> >
    >> > ---- Original message ----
    >> > >Date: Fri, 26 Jun 2009 16:29:45 -0800
    >> > >From: "JULISSA J. V" <[email protected]>
    >> > >Subject: kanr7
    >> > >To: [email protected]
    >> >>
    >> >> Hi my name is Evelyn Juarez ( kanr7 ) I worked
    >> in
    >> >> the office of Rafael Mejia 1038 N Maclay ve,
    >> suit A
    >> >> San Fernando CA, 91340 la razon de este email
    >> es
    >> >> porque quiero poner una queja con una persona
    >> que
    >> >> trabaja en esta officina localisada en
    >> california
    >> >> era una recluta de Julio cesar Salazar estabajo
    >> con
    >> >> el grupo de Salazar el me pidio un favor que le
    >> >> hiciera un prestamo de dinero el cual llego a
    >> la
    >> >> suma de $2, 723.00, tambien le preste hice
    >> presatmo
    >> >> de mi credito credito comprando una computadora
    >> a mi
    >> >> nombre para ayudar en el trabajo de primerica
    >> acepte
    >> >> y decide ayudarlo un vez mas con el acuerdo que
    >> el
    >> >> iva a tomar toda la responsabilidad de hacer
    >> los
    >> >> pagos de la computadora quese le hizo a la
    >> compania
    >> >> Dell. lamentablemente el no cumplio con su
    >> parte, le
    >> >> pedi el dinero que se le havia prestado tambien
    >> que
    >> >> terminara de hacer los pagos se nego hacerlo,
    >> por mi
    >> >> parte me queje con Rafael Mejia el RVP Rafael
    >> ignoro
    >> >> mi queja diciendo que este problemas era entre
    >> los
    >> >> dos no de la compania Primerica cuando sabia
    >> que se
    >> >> havia hecho bajo un acuerdo que era para ayudar
    >> con
    >> >> el grupo de Julio Salazar por motivos que yo no
    >> pude
    >> >> seguir en la compania primerica por este
    >> problema
    >> >> con Julio Salazar rafael mejia decidio apoyar a
    >> >> julio Salazar, ahora estamos llevando este caso
    >> a
    >> >> corte, decidi contactarlos ya que ustedes son
    >> una
    >> >> esperanza para mi porque no se puede ser
    >> posible que
    >> >> permitan que personas como Julio Salazar siga
    >> ab
    >> >> usando de su nombre de Primerica mitiendo ante
    >> una
    >> >> corte ante un Juez de su hipocrecia tengo
    >> cartas
    >> >> firmadas por el de se haria cargo de pagarme mi
    >> >> denero mas haria los pagos a la compania Dell
    >> de la
    >> >> comtadora, no a pagado la deuda tambien aruino
    >> mi
    >> >> credito mandandome a colleccion por falta de
    >> pagos a
    >> >> DEll. me siento desesperada ante esto ustudes
    >> como
    >> >> una organisacion tienen que ver con las
    >> personas que
    >> >> trabajan en su compania se supone que ustedes
    >> estan
    >> >> para ayudar atravez de quienes lo representa
    >> mas sin
    >> >> embargo el Sr. Julio Salazar perdica su nombre
    >> de
    >> >> Primerica ante las leyes de este pais, por
    >> favor
    >> >> digamen si me pueden ayudarcon esto y hablar
    >> con
    >> >> Julio Salazar y con Rafael Mejia de como pueden
    >> >> permitir que pase esto dentro de su compania de
    >> >> Primerica es un verguenza que personas como
    >> Julio
    >> >> Salazar reclute personas solo para
    >> >> estafarlas.gracias por su tiempo
    >> >>
    >> >> loan. $2723.00
    >> >>
    >> >> Dell computer now. $2046.22
    >> >>
    >> >> total; $ 4769.22
    >> >>
    >> >> phone [protected]
    >> >>
    >> >>
    >> ------------------------------------------------
    >> >>
    >> >> Email Notifier Preview
    >> >> Receive Notifications of Incoming Messages
    >> >> Easily monitor multiple email accounts & access
    >> them
    >> >> with a click. Visit [] and
    >> check
    >> >> it out!
    >> > Thank You.
    >> > CallAtlanta Billing.
    >> > (Please include your solution number and this
    >> email if you are going to
    >> > reply to this message.)
    > Thank You.
    > CallAtlanta Billing.
    > (Please include your solution number and this email if you are going to
    > reply to this message.)

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  • He
    herbie3691 Jul 21, 2009

    I am looking for feedback on this one. I am not interested in joining the Primerica team; the pyramid-like structure is not for me. Now, as a consumer looking to bring down some debt and refinance his mortgage, is Primerica good at that? Will they help for this, or will I also be making a bad choice?

    1 Votes
  • Th
    the PRIMERICA chick Aug 02, 2009

    What ever ppl you don't know what you are talking about PRIMERICA is a grate company in 19 making 4800 a month...

    0 Votes
  • Ne
    Nextaxpro E R Rocky Mar 01, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @the PRIMERICA chick Have you noticed that Primerica apologist have no knowledge of grammar and not even spell?

    1 Votes
  • Mi
    MicaelaPegram Aug 03, 2009

    sooooooo pissed off...i had primerica, wrote them cancelling it..and they STILL took money out of my account, i called and complained, she apologized and said she would write me a check and take care of it. THREE MONTHS LATER, they are stilllllll taking money out of my account! So sick of this BS, DONT get PRIMERICA, they just want your money!!!

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  • Be
    bee78 Aug 18, 2009

    The problem is, when starting out you are completely dependent on your friends and family. Your "Inner Circle" is your bread and butter. Before joining Primerica you really need to take a look at the people who you have contact with. If you don't have many friends, alot of family, and people who have families and have debts and insurance policies, you will never get your feet off the ground.
    end quote.
    Brandon you said it right on... Ive been with, Primerica for 6 months now. And, I dont have a big family or know a lot of people because, I have moved around my whole life. I cant agree that the products are horrible because, the theory is sound, HOWEVER... ALL the agents on MY "team", I have meet in MY office have left some things lacking in my opinion. I have spent over $500.00 and made $00.00. I see these fellow team members who talk about, Primerica like it is a religion (similar to mass-hysteria). People say you can be a million-air in a year. They tell you how it will make all your dreams come true. All wear, ### clothes, drive ### cars and work another full time on the side. Some have been doing this over a decade andf are supposedly succesful. I don't see it. Also, I have to say. My upline is absolutly horrible. Maybe thats where my problem is if it isn't myself or Primerica. Maybe its just my Trainer. This individual has No idea what he is doing except fill out the paperwork for insurance forms and quoting primerica's rotes. Knows nothiong about HOW, Primerica works, How things are processed, and the simplest questions are answered with direct quotes from various, Primerica manuels which, I have several. Again, The service of, Primerica really is priceless, however the orginazation really is too loose and needs a better monitering system for its agents/trainers/uplines. I have several horror stories to tell you about my agent but my fingers hurt and, i need to make a few cold calls to harrase people at home like your lovely neighborhood tele marketer. I love getting cussed out and hung up on after a hard day of work. Nothing better for the pride of a lo-income guy who spends money trying to make nothing. Bad buisness sense in my opinion. I will give it another month but after that... Ill keep my securities and life insurance ( because it is a good deal) but, I will not endorse them or work for them. I can make a better living asking for money off the streets.

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  • Li
    LIFE IS TOUGH Sep 28, 2009

    I'm 23, college graduate, commissioned officer in the US army, and am a Regional Vice President with Primerica. These boards are hilarious! "I worked so hard! They scammed me! Boo hoo for me!" These are the same people going... "My company laid me off. They are so mean. My boss doesn't treat me right. Why can't everything be just so easy." If you want a handout, get the hell out of America. Nobody owes you jack. I make 80, 000+ plus in Primerica and my 3 year career here has paid me ten fold what that BS college degree has given.

    You obviously joined Primerica because you wanted something more then what you have - and are obviously not financially independent, yet you are the same people who took off every saturday to go boating and to football games. In debt up to your eyeballs and yet you can afford hundreds of dollars of sports tickets for entertainment. LOSERS!

    That is why I love this business. Equal playing field and it exposes people for what they really are...

    -1 Votes
  • Dh
    D-Hub Mar 17, 2010

    My nephew joined Primerica last week and setup a meeting with my wife and I without telling us the details and we attended for his sake. I love my family deeply and mean no disrespect towards my nephew but he is a 20 year old with a GED and no professional experience outside of flipping burgers. His "boss" ran the meeting and when I probed her about her work history, I learned that she was working on her BSN (nursing degree) and dropped out to pursue Primerica. Prior to that, her only work experience was a Nurse Assistant in a Nursing Home. When I asked questions about the types of financial instruments that she sold, she had no clue what I was referring to. When I asked if her people were securities licensed and could trade individual equities, she didn't understand the question. Just told me that they sold "mutual funds which was playing the stock market, have I ever played the stock market before?"

    Any organization that hires individuals with zero work experience or proven track record to handle the financial affairs of middle to low income families in praying on the financially ignorant. My financial advisor with Morgan Stanley has multiple financial degrees and worked as the Controller and Pension fund manager for Greyhound for 15 years prior to moving full time into financial services. Everything that the Primerica rep discussed could easily be learned from a $20 investment in Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover or attending his Financial Peace University at your local church.

    Do not place your financial future in the hands of anyone without doing your due diligence and making sure that they are knowledgeable and experienced in the field. We are in a financial crisis in this country but the way out of it is not to blindly follow the blind. Read Dave Ramsey, Suze Orman or attend the Crown Financial Course or Financial Peace University. Spend less than you make and cut up the credit cards. The mere fact that this company fills the pipeline by asking "recruits" for references that they badger to line their own pockets is a sad state of affairs.

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  • Li
    LIFE IS TOUGH Apr 13, 2010

    Let me guess - expounding judgment and yet you have never served in the armed forces. I know you will comeback and LIE and say you have, but we know the truth you have done nothing for your community or country. You sit around and suck from every other hardwarking capitalist around you. Great name calling with "dirtbag". Don't forget to pick up your welfare check and food stamps this week you whiny little f * u * c * k. Not only will I use my commissioned status because I can do whatever the hell I want, I'd use all the great combat traing to break your face. By the way, I'm a 6 figure earner now and I made $200, 000+ on the Primerica stock I purchased on the IPO. Started at $15. Now at $25. Way more to go. Enjoy your "Whole Life Insurance". Do us all a favor and make your company pay out that piece of ### policy... right now... go...

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  • Li
    LIFE IS TOUGH Apr 13, 2010

    If you have never served, then shut the ### up. Quit acting like using google makes you so superior throwing out a couple military terms. I know exactly what the AR's say and am frankly laughing that you are trying to use that ###. Are you that much of a ###ing loser? I got out of the service because I sure as hell will not serve a populus that voted in our current ### of a president. I actually EARNED my right for the freedom's we posses and the pursuit of happiness. I have done more than 99.9% of you liberal idiots ever will for the rights we possess, so if you have never raised your right hand - then shove it up your ###. Put up or shut up.

    All of these comments about incompetence? What is this Pyramid Scam crap? We are in the MOST HIGHLY REGULATED INDUSTRY IN THE WORLD. Licensing tests, background checks, fingerprints. BBB, A+ Superior rated with A.M Best and Fitch Ratings. We have done business, do business, and have relations with companies that I imagine have a much more credible research department than listening to some blog from some trailer park trash from bum###, Mississippi life you have. So get your facts straight. We just went through months and months of grueling feats with going public, and have been one of the shining gems of the market this year.

    So say what you want, but I give more to charities and worthwhile organizations per month than you make in that pathetic thing you call a paycheck - to barely make the bills and survive the pathetic thing you call a life. Enjoy the welfare line tommorrow. I was not joking when I told you to do everyone and favor and just end it in my last post. Seriously, take a deep breath, think about the people who would actually care which is NOBODY, and save people in your country the air and space that you are taking up and wasting. This could actually be the first thing you would ever finish in your life.

    -3 Votes
  • Ne
    Nextaxpro E R Rocky Mar 01, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @LIFE IS TOUGH You're defending an EVIL, VILE, CRIMINAL, FRAUDULENT, BILKING BOILER ROOM PYRAMID ABOMINATION. Type "Nextaxpro: primerica" in to any search engine.

    1 Votes
  • Li
    LIFE IS TOUGH Apr 13, 2010

    By the way, Warburg Pincus - one of the most respected private equity firms in the world put up $230 million into the company IPO. You may want to let their research team know that YOU of all people found out that Primerica is a "Pyramid Scam" since you are such an educated successful unemployed welfare piece of ###. Please let me know what they have to say about your accusation.

    -1 Votes
  • Ne
    Nextaxpro E R Rocky Mar 01, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @LIFE IS TOUGH Soooo? They were BRIBED to COMMIT A LYING, SINSICK "endorsement"! primerica, which took over a.l. williams cerca mid 1990s, is the same PYRAMID CRIMINAL BOILER ROOM.

    1 Votes
  • Th
    The Voice of Reason Apr 14, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Primerica is no better for worse than any other insurance company. I looked at it after I retired from the Air force and decided that selling insurance was not the road to happiness for me. But, I must take exception to one person on this board. If you actually were a commissioned officer in the Army, it would be a conflict of interest to be a regional vice president of Primerica. I find dit hard to believe that a 23 year old would have the position of regional vice president regardless of his/her background. Just my 2 cents.

    1 Votes
  • Li
    LIFE IS TOUGH Apr 15, 2010

    "Smarts"? You are that much of a ### aren't you?

    First off, since you are supposedly so keen on research. A high school student can join when they are 17 years old by splitting their basic training and AIT between junior and senior years of high school. I do a nine month rotation overseas. Then with the proper credentials, approval, and prior college credits, can do an accelerated program called SMP through ROTC institutions, mostly with larger state colleges. I commission, Obama gets elected, and I fight to move to the reserves in my state - which is how I can be a commissioned officer and a Regional Vice President by the way 'Voice of Reason' since you feel you must take exception". Last time I checked, I still am holding my commission and do my civilian career as well. Crazy concept huh? I hate even having to explain that ### - but yet proven again your "Smarts" are just not proving true.

    It is funny how you try to judge me on my service - YET YOU HAVE NEVER SERVED! At least I would semi listen to "Voice of Reason" since it sounds like he actually performed in the service!

    ""I know all about your company, and I wouldn’t buy into it with your money. I’d skip that crap and go straight for Avon. At least they have a sound business model. (Smarts – 3; You – 0)"" You probably wouldn't, and that is why you are broke. (Truth -1: You - idiot)

    ""Like I said way back when, if you had any integrity, you would’ve never associated your status in the Army with ANY company. If you paid attention at any point during your service, you’d have known NOT to do that."" I'm glad you do everything you are told to do like a little worker bee, but it has nothing to do with paying attention, it has to do with not giving a ###. In the last few days, you are basing your argument over a rule that is so trivial and doesn't affect anything. This is a message board that 15 people WILL EVER READ IN THEIR LIFE! It was not on TV. It was not in a published book. You are so pathetic and just a brainwashed drone, it really does offend you that in a passing comment I mentioned I was an officer.

    See, the funny thing is no one probably would have ever even noticed it was briefly mentioned, but you gave it a spot light by trying to scold me and now everyone is who comes to this board will look at it YOU ###ING IDIOT! If your reasoning was to stop a commissioned officer from putting that out so other people wouldn't see it - WHY WOULD YOU POINT IT OUT MORE YOU [censored]?

    It is only hard to beleive a 23year old can be a Regional Vice President - because you have a middle income mindset and know nothing other than a pathetic job, having to have your hand held by your employer, living for the weekends, and enjoying your TV dinners while watching American Idol.

    JazzCat23 - Since you are such an educated "Smarts" guy - please tell me anything you have ever accomplished that would at all be viewed as a great acheivement? My guess is nothing. You started this argument, if I could I see your face I would end it.

    -3 Votes
  • Li
    LIFE IS TOUGH Apr 15, 2010

    Life gives you what you will ask for. I have accomplished more in these short years than you will ever in your lifetime. Say what you want, come back with some "Smarts" comeback if it makes you feel better. But at the end of the day, you and I both know the truth - you ARE a "run of the mill ‘Joe’ surfing the internet" - because you have nothing else in your life to prove otherwise.

    -1 Votes
  • Li
    LIFE IS TOUGH Apr 15, 2010

    The funny thing about all of this, is that the commissioned comment had nothing to do with the actual original point made - and wasn't even used to validate the company, but the credibility of the person making the comment! It no way indicated that the ARMY promoted Primerica; it indicated that my PERSONAL point promoted Primerica and was simply an introduction to the person giving it! You talk about your "Smarts" and completely missed the the direct point in the first place!

    Violate an oath? You are just that much of an idiot to make an issue out of absolutely nothing. And yet again more statements with no attempt to prove any validity. Better educated? If so, how are you using it. More successful? Prove it. Business savvy? Working for someone else is not being business savvy. Served your country? Still have yet to prove it.

    By the way, I don't give a ### about what you say about Primerica. Yet again, missed the ball here idiot. My aggression was towards you trying to talk ### to me, and had nothing to do with the company. You started calling me a dirt bag out of the gate if I remember correctly. That is what pissed me off you ###.

    The ironic thing to prove your idiocy is that over 85% of the population that owns life insurance still owns cash value compared to term - such an "Obvious life lesson" isn't it? Since EVERY person out there is following what you call an "Obviously life lesson". Man, you are just so cool though. What sophisticated business do you run? I've got more licenses than you can probably count with your "arithmetic abilities" and "Smarts".

    This isn't getting us anywhere. I can just see you excited to get off of your job to come and respond to me. I just love the "better educated" point you made. Sounds like the same professors in college who are trying to teach students how to be successful in the real world, when they have never even been there themselves. Hope that unemployment check can make things work this month for you, because I am sick and tired of my work paying for your incompetence.

    -1 Votes
  • Ne
    Nextaxpro E R Rocky Mar 01, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @LIFE IS TOUGH CON Versus America sells cash value as well. You weren't told that.

    1 Votes
  • Li
    LIFE IS TOUGH Apr 15, 2010

    Wow, what a great come back. 'sea of words', just genious. How do you come up with these things?

    "But please don’t fantasize about me getting off work and coming home. That’s completely creepy." Man, that was a good one too. Seriously, how did you get soooooo good at this being sarcastic thing. I should just stop now before you embarrass me more.

    "Later...I’m going to review my non-Primerica investments". Way to stay on topic. What did this have to do with anything again?

    By the way, the preceding comment thus affirmed you do have a job and your assumption of being 'business savvy', as you put it, is negated. Impossible to be 'business savvy' when you are waiting on Friday for the big boss man to sign your check - idiot.

    -1 Votes
  • Li
    LIFE IS TOUGH Apr 15, 2010

    Let me guess, your genious come back is going to be you have 'direct deposit' and that you are going to review your bank statements later too. Seriously, what the hell did that comment have to do with anything?

    You know, I was really disapointed with how pathetic that last post was. I figured you'd have something better than that. By the way, the small paragraphs comment was a little bit of a low blow. How could you get so personal. I guess this forum is now "flying off the handle" as you put it! ###ing idiot. That was seriously wweeeeeeaaaaakkkk. Grow some balls ###.

    -2 Votes
  • Su
    successandnothingless May 05, 2010

    If you work the business it will work for you, Usually I find that the people who complain are 9 times to 10 lazy and is not working the business. I personally think that it is one of the greatest business opportunities in America today. I read where one person talked about the $99 dollars to start the business and then $25 monthly. ( laughing) If your not willing to pay $99 dollars to start a business and $25 to run it, you honestly deserve to be poor and struggle.

    Yours Truly, Successful rep in beautiful South Carolina

    As you can see, we are winning over here

    -2 Votes
  • Ne
    Nextaxpro E R Rocky Mar 01, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @successandnothingless I worked a.l. williams 16-17 hoursday, 6 daysweek, for 7 months. It being a PYRAMID SCAM, I only sold two policies as there is NO PROTECTED TERRITORY!!!

    1 Votes
  • Be
    Bentheredonethat May 19, 2010

    Hey, it'd too bad the oldest stuff is first here.

    4 years ago I joined an insurance company. I had to get my Life, Health, Auto, and Casualty licenses before they would consider me. It was over $600 with classes. Once on board, had to get FBI cleared, Credit checked, and enrolled for the Series 6 and Series 63 classes and tests, and file forms with the Securities Exchange Commission. That was over $850. Well, a year later and three managers later, there was no reason to be there. Each manager reversed the previous one, and of course it was my fault for believing someone could promise things someone else wouldn't deliver. So, what the heck, took the Series 65 and transferred all of the licenses again at my own expense, to another company to do mutual funds. That cost me about $2200 out of pocket. After another two and a half years, and three managers, each reversing the previous one, there was no reason to be there. (Is there a pattern here?)

    A friend of the family invited me to Primerica's overview. I saw the chance to sign up for $99. have full access to the company for $25 a month, (oh, the previous jobs internet was $85.00, plus $250 tech fee and E&O ins.). I haven't looked back since.

    Man this is a no-brainer. Most insurance companies hire hundreds to thousands of people each year, milk them of their friends and family, and let hundreds to thousands go each year. Case in point, the first company above hired 2150, let 2200 go. The second, hired 850, let 785 go.

    Primerica lays out what one needs to do to get promoted, and if you do it, you get promoted. No promises, no sucking up, no grovelling, it is all there, in writing. The more money you make the more they love you. It is not a matter of personality, just do the work. I don't know what you are going to do, but I know what I'm going to do.

    Last year at my previous "job". it cost me nearly $8, 000 to be there. did I mention they charged $65 per month for office rent?

    I'm getting the $99 back, getting all of my licenses paid for, getting into a situation that I can't be fired by anyone, unless I do something illegal or incredibly stupid. I can build a business the way I think it should be built, take care of people I know and love dearly, teach young people really meaningful things about money, I don't know, the only down side to this is work. It will be a lot of hard work, but this is the midwest, we don't have signs that say "Men Working" we know they are.

    I'm really sorry to read about people having bad experiences, and wish I could help them. Most of it boils down to training, and there are good and bad trainers. I guess if we were all good at everything there would be no need for companies like Primerica in the first place.

    Well, that's my story. I'm not coming back, so you can pick it apart all you want, everything is fact and I can back every single thing said here, so it is what it is, I know what I know, and remember, it's not what goes in the mouth that poisons, but what comes out.

    -1 Votes
  • Ne
    Nextaxpro E R Rocky Mar 01, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @Bentheredonethat YOU LIED!!! You never receive your 99 back, nor the 25 that primerica STEALS from your bank account!

    1 Votes
  • Bt
    BTF May 29, 2010

    Well if you get off the couch, turn off the TV and just get out and do it!!! you will succeed, i had no family no friends that i could turn to and im doing it every day, i have clients that have been with primerica for 10+ years-have done the research and tell me there just is no one better

    -1 Votes
  • Wo
    won Jun 22, 2010

    ive been in the Company for about three months, and jus became licensed like three weeks ago..I have not made any money yet but..but its on the way cause i wrote my first life insurance application the other im very excited to see how much itll be..i am very happy to be apart of this company, i want too make it out a career..and just to let people know my RVP is a 100, 000 a yr earner..and my division leader makes 4000 a month..and my district leader makes 1500..and they are very hardworkers, that was inspired just like me when i was cousin is who introduced me, he also introduced his mother and we both got licensed before him...he just gave thing with this business is the sucess is basde on how bad you wnat it...and Primerica do pay deathclaims...I know things will get better as i BUILD my business...PRIMERICA..ALSO WHAT COOMPANY DO YOU KNOW ONCE YOU PUT YOU PUT your 99 in..they give you 6 mnths to BONUS..which means every month for 6 mnths you make some get a 20% bonus from it...

    -1 Votes
  • Mc
    MC2819822 Jun 24, 2010

    primerica is a great company in the last 6 months i learned more about finances than most people in there 60's that i see daily. 1 thing you need to be successfull is a good RVP most of your experiences stem from that. I know primerica works because im living it, ive changed whole life policies that people had simply by showing them deep in tehre policy in the small print what they are doing to you. The gratification isn't in you saying if the company is real its in the eyes of the people we help, and until you truly see how people react you cannot really talk. And lets be real 99 start up and 25 pol (which I use everyday) to get a life license that cost over $700 including classes + securities license down the line, you got to be kidding me that you complain about this price the average person spends more on takeout in a week than the $25.

    -1 Votes

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