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Primerica Complaints & Reviews

Primerica / service

A. Moreno on Sep 30, 2018

Me and my husband where promised to participate on this auto insurance company. Alba Moreno agent #46xwb payment of $174 Max Moreno agent #46xwn payment of$174 I was introduced to a sales agent when i was looking to obtain a state auto insurance license, due to my busy schedule, I trust...

Primerica / refund

Gloria0730 on Aug 10, 2018

I need the 124$ refund and the guy that hired me doesn't want to refund the money back. I had last minute family emergency and won't be able to attend anytime soon and I feel like I will not get back because I will be gone for a long time and I am going through many things to even go back...

Primerica / one hundred twenty four dollar fee for training purposes.

Aliciađź’˘ on Aug 1, 2018

I was called in for a job. Was sat down to look at a video then asked for a list of friends and also my account information. The next day I had ninety nine dollars taken out of my account then twenty five dollars taken out of my account. I honestly felt played. I confronted Dawn through...

Primerica / refund account #52lkm

F.Perry on Jun 27, 2018

Primerica Customer Service June 27, 2018 Re: Refund Account # 52LKM I went for a Primerica meeting, which actually ended up being a tour on 3/23/18. On 3/24/18 I contacted my recruiter and informed her that this was not going to work for me. I told her I could not solicit on my job, or in my...

Primerica / billing

Hi i only signed up with the company 2 weeks ago today and i hadnt been to any classes any meetings or anything. But yet and still i get charged $125 on my bank account. Ive been on the phone trying to get a hold of someone who can cancel my primerica account and give me the $125 refund...

Primerica / life insurance

Jennifer2130 on Apr 16, 2018

We had a sales lady come athe request of a friend. I had asked what company she was from prior to her arrival and I got an answer of a "private broker". Yeah, not really! We sat down and did a "budget" as I use one daily, this seemed easy. I have her going over numbers with me and she...

Primerica / death insurance, mutual fund fraud

Nextaxpro E R Rocky on Mar 3, 2018

All lies lies LIES by the pirate versus America apologists!!! I don't need a background check and neither do any law abiding citizens. For a complete expose of CON versus America and the...

Primerica / money being taken out of my bank account

Jamela Ro on Dec 4, 2017

When I first decided to sit and hear the person out that was doing this, it sounded like it would be a nice minimum work part time job to accompany my full-time one. (So the agent said) I was told that the $125 was for the classes you had take to be able to obtain your license and well a...

Primerica / stealing from my checking account

jroose on Oct 26, 2017

My account was to be debited on the last day of the month. Every month it comes a day or too earlier. It was deducted on the 25th. My checks are bouncing and they have the balls to say my bank should have held the check. News Flash: that is not how banking is done in the 21st century...

Primerica / $25 refund

Nadine Williams on Sep 21, 2017

My I'd number is 7cwkf I'm a client of primerica and supposedly a agent in which my agent sign me up for I paid for the license never went to training because she just made me sigh up to collect the $$$$ they been taking $25 monthly for over a year . She never explain the full...

Primerica / reps

Frank Lyles on Aug 19, 2017

Kansas city team is drug users and dealers... Y'all suck for this to be going on in such a business of primemerca. Sexual contacts amongst same people causing lack of interest to others... Drug dealers recruiting... Shame on you all as a whole! The company should drug test. Husband and...

Primerica / I want a refund on the money I paid for the test

Mary Torrey on May 23, 2017

my solution number is 9sjxt all I want is a refund to my account because I am no longer interested in working for the company. its not fair that I am being told to write more because my request will not be noticed if someone just wants a refund they should be able to get it without a...

Primerica Representative / Referring to a job fair were I met primerica representative who stole money out my account

magalybadmus on Jan 24, 2017

Monday 1-16-2017 I went to a job fair with a friend of mine and met with Ms.Karyn Gils ( phone # 2404770602 ) and Ms.Danon Chanes (2409383801). Ms.Giles Introduced me to the program and she sent me to Ms.Danon. I told Ms.Danon about my situation about me recently being unemployed for a...

Primerica / unprofessionalism

Angela Cieslik on May 2, 2016

I left primerica as a consumer this year. When I filed my taxes I found out that my advisor did not take off the taxes off my Rif and now owe the government over 3400.00. Then I wanted to move my funds back to my bank where they originally were transfered from and he refused to deal with...

Primerica / 25$/monthly fee

AndrewMendoza on Feb 26, 2016

My name is Andrew Mendoza my security number is 7ABLH. I enrolled with Primerica in October 26. I wanted to resign from the company a week later because I just was not interested with the business. James Russell Charles Jr. told me to fill out a form to withdrawal from the company. told me...

Primerica / charging me $25.00 each month automatically without my permission

Reviewer16289 on Dec 24, 2015

To Whom It May Concern! My Name is Mir F Ansary I joined this Life insurance company and the told that, I am only paying $99.00 for the state test and nothing else and now they Been charging me $25.00 each month automatically without my permission so far they pull out of my account total...

Primerica Life Insurance Company / outrageous increase in life insurance premiums

Kimbel on Sep 6, 2012

Twenty years ago I purchased Life Insurance with this company hoping to be able to cover my debts in the event of my death so as not to put a financial burden on my children. This is the main reason most people invest in Life Insurance, right? I knew at the time that in 20 years my...

Primerica / rvp

smusick on Aug 27, 2012

I joined Primerica with much promise until my RVP promised items she didn't follow up on. I tried to stick in there for months, even quit my full-time job to do it. I liked helping people but she was jealous of me and she called me stupid! The office preaches a lot of concepts they...

Bmo Primerica Life Insurance Company / it's a scam

DEKSI on Jul 19, 2012

I got an e-mail from Bmo Primerica Life Insurance Company. They congratulated me with the win of 2000. Also they asked me to send some 1500 to other bank and bla bla bla! It’s a scam. I’ll never believe in such a thing. Beware!

Primerica Life Ins Company / back payments for the disablity insurance

Mrs. Ashton on Dec 3, 2011

I had a disability clause that i was not aware of when i found seven years had passed i filed my papers i was approved but i only got approved for the pass year, no let me say thay would only go back a year, but i was in the insurance in the year 2002 and became disable in 2004 but i made...