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auto insurance

claimed new damage to my vehicle they denied the fact and accussed my of making a fradulent claim. I had two...

Took money without permission

I used Esurance for 6 months no problems. Then 1 month before my insurance policy expired I got an email...


Substantially higher policy rate for singles. If you have no current or (get this, a prior) marriage or no domestic partner, your rate is $60 higher for six months. They do not tell you this if and when you agree to a policy quote. Not a peep. I told them I'm gay and not (how do I put this) "endowed" which if you know anything about gay life, not 18, and not hung, no marriage for you, no matter what. That's just the way it is.

Singles (and gays who cant get a husband) need to get a hold of their congressman and stop this baloney. Sheesh. I can't think of anything more damaging to your financial status then a divorce - which is 50% likely if you tie the knot. This is open discrimination against single people and for no reason, at least the way they state it. Has everyone gone to the moon?

  • Jo
    JoeKay Sep 09, 2013

    I don't know how to tell you this...but... divorce can and often does ruin your financial status and >50% of marriages (we're talking straight marriages here) end in divorce. Gay marriages will be at least 80%...one trip to the baths can end those relationships...oh, yeah, that's right, as long as there isn't some financial goodies involved (anyway, the divorce lawyers are licking their chops). FICO scores and credit history are just as important in setting rates. And btw, the accident rates for singles is nowadays almost the same as for married or domestic partnered people - especially those over age 50. You're referring to old stats and under 40's.

    By the way, the person that I talked to told me its just that in SF this marriage or domestic partnership thing is just popular and that's why such a large discount. That IS discrimination. Anyway, at their behest, I told them I have a domestic partner and they gave me the discount.

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delay in processing claim

Heaven help you if you have to deal with this insurance company if you've been hit by one of their insured drivers. They will use any and all delay tactics so they won't have to process your claim in a timely manner. It took over a week for the body shop to get authorization to start the repair to my vehicle. Then they only issued a check for the parts not the labor to repair the car!!! I mean really--is it that hard to read page TWO of the estimate to figure out their are labor costs involved to repair collision damage? So a second check will be on its way, but wait . . . it didn't cover all the labor!!! So after contacting them multiple times to "read" the repair estimate to them, I will be receiving a third check to cover ALL the costs that the body shop will expect to paid. I guess they just do any and everything to find ways not to pay on a claim and don't really care if it's an inconvenience to you. Guess it's the business model of the future. We are so on our way to becoming a third world country. It's just pitiful! No integrity or intelligence unless of course they use intelligence to figure out ways to put the screws to you.

Auto Insurance

On April 13, 2012 I had a not at fault accident where my truck incurred about $2, 500.00 worth of damage; First it took until two days ago (10 days short of 3 WHOLE months) to get an appraiser out to look at the damage to my vehicle.

Then they apprasied my $2, 500.00 worth of damage at a little over $1, 200.00. My deductible is $1, 000.00 leaving me with about $200.00 to fix, y vehicle. That's not even enough to buy one headlight muchless fix the damage.

Bottom line, If you want your vehicle INSURED then ESURANCE IS NOT THE WAY TO GO. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND DO NOT EVEN WASTE YOUR TIME ON A QUOTE. You get what you pay for in most cases, but I definitely lost money by switching to Esurance.
ESURANCE IS THE WORST INSURANCE COMPANY ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET. If you have any questions for me or about my experience please contact me at [protected] or [protected] and I will be happy to steer you away from esurance as I would never want anyone to go through the horror story that I have with this horrible insurance company.

Auto Insurance
Auto Insurance
Auto Insurance

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Esurance refused to honor a claim

In 2009 my car was stolen. I reported it to Esurance and it seemed they were doing right by me. I soon discovered otherwise. They demanded a detailed phone and text record from my cell and the phones my kids had. They demanded maintenance records, and more. I refused the phone records because I felt it was an invasion of privacy and no connection to the theft. My car was soon recovered. ( It had a bad catalytic converter so the thieves used it until it ran out of gas) After fighting with Esurance for another 2 months they refused my claim and accused me of faking the theft. Esurance went so far as to use scare tactics of going to the state police to report the fraud. I reported them to the Bureau of Insurance in VA who investigated my claim. When questioned Esurance said they only asked for the phone records of that day to verify when I was informed of the theft. Funny thing is my son used a friend's cell to call the house phone. They then claimed they talked to the officer and he said he doubted it was stolen. I talked to the officer and he most assuredly said it was stolen. There was more discrepancies but those were the major ones.

In the end they never honored the claim and I switched insurance companies. I am much happier with Progressive now. If you're looking for insurance, stay away from Esurance. If you have Esurance, switch now before it's too late!

  • An
    AnMelch7 Aug 05, 2011

    OH! I have insurance with them! After reading this I will cancel NOW!

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This insurance company takes money out of your bank account without authorization. I paid my husbands insurance last month and they went into my account an took another payment on 7-4-11 and again on 7-11-11 to the tune on $510 in total!!! I called and complained and they said I authorized auto payment when I paid online..^#^$%&*%* ### had no right! They only agreed to refund $80!! It is my mission to tell everyone about the fake insurance company. They just want free access to people checking accounts. If you have car insurance with them, cancel it or you will be next!

Ruined my BMW

Esurance ruined my BMW. I filed a claim with Esurance on 5/18/2011 online and was contacted by my first claims rep on 5/19/2011. My disaster of a claim started with my first claims rep Ruby she seemed helpful seemed nice enough took my statement and informed me that they would have an adjuster out to look at the damage to the interior of my car that occurred from water damage but I should be aware that I would likely fall into a scenario where my vehicle would be totaled. WHAT? I was devastated I asked what she meant by that and she said your car is probably not worth fixing and would be totaled due to the age of the vehicle. I was sick about this my car is a 2000 323ci and while it’s over 10 yrs old I bought it used and am still paying it off. It was in excellent condition prior to the leak that completely trashed my interior.

While I am wondering what my options are I am contacted from DOAN the adjuster’s office and was told the adjuster would be out that day I asked what time they would not give me a time. I called back several times and was not permitted to talk to the adjuster to nail a time down or go over the damage to my car. Eventually I was contacted and told they were coming in the evening and no one showed I followed up with them and told them they had to go to the shop I selected A1 Body and Frame. They went to A1 a few days later and discussed with the shop not with me the damage to my vehicle. They issued their fist estimate to Esurance on 5/23/2011 which was to remove my rear seat bottom; rear carpet, b and c pillar covers, and front seats, console, and headliner then clean the carpet and put it all back in???? Seriously??? I had 6-8 inches of mold in my back seat and they don’t think that’s an issue?

So what was damaged? The rear seat complete back and bottom, headliner, A, B, C pillars, complete carpet front and back, and both front seats were completely soaked, the body shop told me I certainly would have to also have the rear side panels replaced also. Now I’m confused by the next call from Esurance I now have another claims rep? Daron was his name and well he was explaining the next steps to me including how my claim was going to be denied? I asked what? Why? He explained that my leak was due to normal maintenance issues and I should have maintained my sunroof. I was so upset as there was nothing wrong with my sunroof the leak originated under the headliner from some tubes that direct water out of the vehicle came loose. I don’t know about you but as part of normal maintenance I don’t usually take my headlined down and check things out. After telling him how absolutely absurd this was he let me know technically the claim hasn’t been denied yet and I clarified but when it goes to review it will be right? He said most likely that this is never something they cover and said I should call BMW that he was just doing me a courtesy by letting me know up front what to expect.

After having a complete meltdown I called back in and demanded a supervisor and told them how ridiculous this was and how upset I was. Granted I have not been with Esurance for years like others have described but I’ve been insured for 17 years and NEVER made a claim. This supervisor apologized and said that Daron had no business telling me that and I emphasized my concern that since he is the one who presents my claim to the board he would skew the claim to look like it was my fault so they would deny it.

Meanwhile DOAN was supposed to go back to A1 and take pictures and submit a supplemental adjustment to Esurance. Yet no adjustment was submitted by Doan until I went back to A1 and discussed what was going on with them. They provided me the copy of the estimate which was again not for the complete damages not even close. I personally had to fax it to Esurance as well as A1 body shop. This estimate was never uploaded into Esurance until the Esurance Rep Daron expressed his total annoyance with DOAN their own independent adjuster and requested that A1 complete an estimate and email that to him directly.

A1 decided to write this estimate on all NEW parts to pad their pockets for a dent they fixed without my permission. The Rep I am working with there is brand new Daniel Legg so he assumed since I had an estimate on fixing the dent they would just do it while it was in there. They flat our refused to use used parts or to look for them they say that it's DOAN's job not theirs. They also would not use parts I found on eBay for 2000.00 plus shipping because they can’t deny bad parts when it’s not a junk yard or shop they usually deal with. While I understand this policy my goal and statement to them from the beginning was that I wanted all of the damaged parts reported and fixed even if they were a suitable used set. I asked A1 from the beginning if they could handle this type of claim and work and they assured me they could although Jay a long time employee I have trusted in the past with my friends vehicles laughed and told Daniel “this would be a good project car for him.” At the point they were submitting the estimate to Esurance upon Daron’s request they advised me it was better to ask for only some of the parts to be replaced initially so they would not total the car and then once midway through fixing Esurance would have no choice to pay for the other new parts the vehicle clearly needs.

Once Esurance received the quote from A1 on June 6th for $5337.40 they sent it for another review board according to Daron even though he assured me he was taking complete care of everything from that point forward to ensure everything was done correctly. Now Esurance decided to use the estimate from DOAN that was never uploaded way back on 5/27 because Daron said he knew it wasn’t right or complete. So this estimate was to replace the headliner as new, b, c pillars from a random junkyard, the rear carpet only from another random junkyard, and the rear seat bottom cushion from another random junkyard. So that means ALL the other damaged items moldy and stinky will be put back into my car with miss matched junk that they didn’t even verify the condition of from the junkyards|. This is completely unacceptable!!! I’ve repeatedly called them to beg them to assist me properly and they push it back to the body shop saying they have to tell them there is more damage and the body shop says they won’t pull anything else out unless Esurance tells them to nor will they write future estimates because Esurance re involved DOAN the independent adjuster whom I’ve researched and found complaints on him as well for threatening someone with harm while doing an adjustment as well as just being completely rude to people calling them liars|.

I was left with no other options at this point than to tell my story?. My partner of 4 yrs in a Firefighter Paramedic in the public service sector with tons of legal contacts as well as my corporation has legal counsel that I can utilize as a future option!. I embed myself with companies I’m usually proud to promote and recommend to others in this case I will be running to share with everyone I can that Esurance is a fraud as well as never recommend A1 Body and Frame to anyone ever again|. I have personally sent A1 at least 5 vehicles for collision repair over the last 4 yrs;. I will be taking this same complaint to the Ohio insurance commission, The Ohio Attorney General, and the BBB'. Holly Lacy – Esurance Claim FXP42578 Columbus OH.

  • Jk
    JKDE Jul 08, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Most cheap online insurance companies will repair your vehicle only with used parts to keep cost down and profits up.

    You get what you pay for.

    Bavarian Auto Parts Company can probably color match you cars interior colors. Try them out.

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Took forever to approve a claim after accepting liability

I am really unhappy with Esurance. They are not my insurance company, but the other parties. After accepting fault it took forever to settle the claim, and I had to call them repeatedly to get a status. In the mean time I was stranded with a broken car, and was not given a rental even though I was not at fault.

The claims rep was also pretty arrogant too, she probably just took advantage of my patience.

I should have paid my deductible and taken care of the car myself. To anyone who might be in a similar situation, just take care of the car yourself by paying your deductible, and let the insurance companies deal with who pays the money.

I would never consider being a customer of Esurance.

Esurance took $832 dollars from my account for over 5 days

Esurance took $832 dollars from my account for over 5 days because they have no idea how to do their jobs. I called to change to a monthly payment and it was a huge fiasco because they made me sign up for a new plan. I was hesitant because I had a feeling their system is not capable of handling change like this and I was right. The agent assured me multiple times that my old policy was canceled and it would just roll over...not even close to reality. It looked fine as I was charged my monthly rate on my new card of $180 or so, then, out of nowhere, 2 days later they charged the NEW card, that wasn't even given until I switched to the new monthly plan, $832 for the whole 6 month premium on my original plan. This is exactly what they 100% assured me would NOT happen when I changed.

This was Friday night I found the charge and called them about an hour after it went through. After over 1 hour on the phone and transferring to 3 different customer service reps they kept telling me it was their mistake but they can't do anything until "Accounting comes back on Monday and I can try to rush the refund". This was unacceptable, first they were lying as someone in accounting had charged my card just 1 hour previously, second you cannot make unauthorized charges and steal money from customers without a way to refund. Plus there is noway a company with THOUSANDS of employees has not a single person in the office over the weekend. I made it all the way to the Corporate Customer Service Rep, Tara Agent #2480 who assured me there was nothing I could do until Monday and then it would take an additional 3-5 days for my card to refund me. This was not acceptable as SOME PEOPLE HAVE BILLS TO PAY AND CANNOT LET ESURANCE BORROW $1000 OF MY MONEY. I asked to talk to her boss and she informed me she had no boss, lie. She would not help me in any way and informed me that Monday was the earliest she could rush the refund.

They informed me that if the charge caused an overdraft they would cover it...I hope to God they would. But that isn't even the point, I need the money in the account for bills, it won't let me take an overdraft, all my bills will just be declined.

The only thing that got them to move 1 day earlier(it took until Sunday for them to reverse the charges) was to threaten to do this, online reviews. And I had to CC the email to all their customer departments. Now they offered me a $25 gift certificate for them stealing $832 for a whole week, unacceptable.

I had bills to pay and NEVER GOT MY REFUND IN TIME, now I just got another notice saying they are going to charge me an additional $348 for some reason on the policy that was cancelled a week ago, the fiasco continues as I think they are going to try to steal another $400 for no reason, wish me luck and I hope you NEVER buy an Esurance policy EVER! Save yourself the police report as they steal your money!



Don't do business with Esurance. Even though I have had no tickets or accidents they increase my premium every six months. They're crooks.

  • Je
    JEALSTI Jun 26, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have not had an accident, violation or claim since 1997.

    I have State Farm as my carrier.

    In June 2009, the base rate changed for my state, and I had an 18% increase in my premium.

    You know what I did?

    My homework... I got quotes from other providers, to see if I was still getting the best rate I could.
    Even with the 18% increase, they were still far and away the least expensive for me.

    If I would have found a better rate, I would have changed.

    Tell your insurance company thank you... Depending on your state, your selected coverages, and other factors, they have agreed to pay for the damage and/or injuries YOU cause or need to pay for, to someone or something else for up to TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars if not HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of dollars, PER Incident... while only paying how much? $100.00/mo??? $30o.00/mo??? or if you're a high risk, or in a high risk area $500/mo??

    I have been paying an average of about $100/mo for:

    BI: 250, 000/500, 000
    PD: 100, 000
    plus comp and coll and other coverages on the auto policy


    a $1, 000, 000 umbrella policy over my homeowners, business and auto policy which would pay for my home and other covered property and liabilities.

    I have paid the same company since 1999... So, paying in $13, 000 in auto/umbrella policy premium...
    and about $11000.00 in homeowners/renters/business policy over the past 11 years for a total of about $25, 000.

    Those policies, if something major occurs today, and I have to file a claim, could pay between $1, 500, 00o to $2, 000, 000!

    They surely don't get that from ME or you and me!!! They would get that from me and eighty other people paying $24, 000 over of the past 11 years! Then, add more people on top of that to pay the agent, his staff, the adjusters and other operating costs, as well as other claims and costs.

    Think about how many people and/or how many months you have to pay premium, to have to have for the insurance company to be able to pay a single claim!!!

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  • Je
    JEALSTI Jun 26, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Would you be willing to promise to pay $10, 000 or more if someone only paid you $1000, 00 a year? Pretty risky isn't it?

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Rental car coverage

I have paid for rental car coverage with these clowns for over 3 years. When I did have an accident (car/deer...

Esurance Sucks!

I had insurance through Esurance and I had nothing but problems ranging from false information, bad customer...


I had Esurance for my 1989 Ford Probe with an SR-22 filing. Monthly payments were about $100 for liability only, give or take. I bought a newer vehicle, a 2002 Chevy S10 with full coverage and went about to stop insuring the old vehicle and switch to the new vehicle. Now the monthly payment is $260, which is BARELY acceptable. But the thing that is clearly UNacceptable is that the first payment is a whopping $490. Esurance is a joke and I strongly urge everyone to avoid them at all costs.

  • Je
    JEALSTI Jun 26, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    start a policy today for $600.00 + fees/six months (6/26 to 12/26):

    5 payments:

    6/26 = $200.00 + fees (2 months, 6/26 to about 8/26)
    7/26 = $100.00 + fees (1 month, 8/26 to 9/26)
    8/26 = $100.00 + fees (1 month, 9/26 to 10/26)
    9/26 = $100.00 + fees (1 month, 10/26 to 11/26)
    10/26 = $100.00 + fees (1 month, 11/26 to 12/26)

    7/1 change cars/coverages, and premium from $600 to $1560.

    6/26 payment already paid for 6/26 to about 8/26 based on $600.00.

    Now, 7/1 to 8/26 needs to be rebilled for the $960.00 difference in premium. ($230.00)

    So, in July would need to pay:

    $230.00 for updated coverage from 7/1/10 to 8/26/10
    $260.00 for the new monthly installment.
    $490.00 total

    then Aug to Oct schedule would be about $260.00 + fees.

    So, you weren't being "ripped off", you were being "rebilled" for the new premium due.

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  • Je
    JEALSTI Jun 26, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    PS... "Fees" referred to here (SR22 fee, monthly installment fees, any state fees/taxes that your state may collect through your insurance company).

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  • In
    Insurance Companies Expert Feb 21, 2011

    Esurance is one of the worst insurance companies out there. They overcharge overcharge and are unreliable. There are a number of companies who are far superior.

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They suck and I lost 7 grand

I totaled a motorcycle back in September. My claim was filed with in 3 days (two days late due to surgery from the accident). After saying they were being held up by the bank, 5 Months later (February) they finally settled my claim and paid the bank for the bike (bike was financed). Well, having gap insurance to cover the balance, I filed my gap insurance claim. You only have 90 days from date of loss to file this claim. They give you and additional 30 days just in case. They take into consideration the date of the insurance settlement. My claim was denied thanks to Esurance and their timely claim settling! They now owe me $7000 to cover what gap insurance was suppose to cover, but won't, because Esurance was on top of their game and got my claim settled so quickly. For those who don't know, Esurance is American Modern Insurance Group. Don't be fooled by the name if you have insurance through AMIG. They are one in the same. And they suck.

  • Ad
    Advocate of Insurers Feb 22, 2010

    American Modern Insurance is an A+ rated carrier, and settled about 90% of their Katrina claims in about 30 days. You seemed to refer to 'esurance' often, however the claims adjuster would have stated that they are with American Modern Insurance. Your insurance cards, and all other policy info. would have said American Modern Insuance. Similar to other insurance companies, Esurance is in partnership with other companies, such as the motorcycle, boat, rv, and other specialty products. If you do some more homework on other companies, you will see that the 'underwriting' carrier is often a completly different company.

    For more information regarding American Modern Insurance, and their AM Best rating, please visit www.amig.com and www.ambest.com As for your claims story, there seems to be some missing pieces to the puzzle. Many insurance claims proceed in a similar fashion, you may want to state your concerns about your gap policy to the lender.

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  • Am
    Amig are liars Nov 04, 2011

    AMIG has got to be the worst company to deal with it has been almost a month and the 3rd check they say they sent ... liars!!!

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Charged $50 to cancel

After our truck was stolen, we cancelled our coverage with Esurance. They said they were charging us 50 dollars to do so. We said we never read anything like that in any our policy literature, and they said we had agreed to it by clicking through one of the many screens we had to in order to become insured. They could not give us anything in hard print stating this and so we just had to "take their word for it!" Unacceptable. Horrid customer service, especially considering we had just been victimized and left without any means of transportation. The CSR was rude to us in an upsetting time on top of their skeezy policy that could not be pointed to in any feasible manner. Stay away, no matter how their cute little pink haired cartoon character makes them sound so honest and socially aware etc...

  • Th
    theinkdrinker Jun 18, 2009

    horrible company!!! I called after my rates were to drop due to a speeding ticket 3 years ago. No one could tell me how much my rates would drop. I got my renewal and the rates dropped $5.00. I asked why so little and they said there were new policies in effect in CA that raised our rates, when I asked by how much they said they didn't know then said it was different for each customer.
    I researched new insurance and found Geico charged less than half of what I was paying esurance. They are a ripoff, do not use them!!

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  • Th
    theinkdrinker Jun 18, 2009

    OH! and then tried to charge me a $50.00 cancellation (a policy that was a small line buried in their fine print). I asked how much my refund would be for canceling and they said they couldn't know that until I canceled, she was very short with me about me trying to find out this information. I asked for a manager and got the answer $42.00 refund, I am letting it run out but never ever had I had such a horrible experience with people not answering policy questions we have a right to know about.

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  • Sa
    Sams Boycott Nov 08, 2009

    Unless you signed dont pay them the $50. If they do a negative action against your credit report sue for a couple of million!!!

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  • Je
    JEALSTI Jun 26, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Base rates change ALL THE TIME!

    They can increase, decrease or stay the same.

    These changes can be very noticable depending on when they occur.

    If you have an accident and a base rate change occurs, your next renewal could be extreme with ANY company.

    IE: Current term 4/1/2010 to 10/1/2010:

    Currently clean Record, no accidents, violations, claims.

    Currently Paying $600.00/six months.

    10/1/2010 to 4/1/2010 may show:

    $600.00 base rate
    $80.00 base rate increase
    $100.00 loss of accident free discount/savings
    $120.00 accident surcharge
    $900.00 for renewal.

    Easy issue... shop around... find out if still the best rate you can get.
    If so, keep it.
    If not, buy a new policy, and do not renew the current one.

    We all shop for cars, clothes, food, cellphone service, etc... What says that you have to renew with any company!?! Esurance, Geico, Hartford, Safeco 21st century, any of them???

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Car Insurance

In 2004, I had 2 auto accidents that were 2 months apart. Neither were my fault. Esurance stopped my PIP benefits for the 1st when I had the 2nd accident. I guess they felt I had recovered. However, injuries from the 1st got worse with the 2nd car accident. Esurance sent me to 2 independent medical exams. The chiropractor said that I chiropractor could never help me. The 2nd was a pain and rehab dr who said I should go home and exercise. When I did not get better in 2006, I went to a neurosurgeon who told me that I needed 2 surgeries. Esurance has ignored my letters and I have been suffering and in a lot of pain ever since. My back has gotten much worse in those areas and is now described as severe. I have lost my job and my health insurance shortly after the accidents. My boss was not happy that I could not do the same job that I used to do. I have filed a complaint letter with Esurance and plan to file suit on Oct. 20, 2009 if I do not get response this time. These accidents have destroyed my life.

  • Ve
    Vernon Howard Jun 23, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is a terrible company. My policy refund check bounced! http://blog.vshoward.com/2009/06/23/esurance/#content

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  • Sa
    Sara G Sep 26, 2009

    Esurance cut off my benefits after those two exams.

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Terrible company

I started my search for automobile insurance with Geico and after the amount was too high I went to Esurance.com. After i received a quote and my payment was taken, my monthly payment increased two times. I was told that the state of FL by law would not let me cancel with in 60 days and that i would be charged a fee. I could not afford the new payment but i stuck it out and when my 60 days was up i sought more affordable insurance, a 100 dollars a month cheaper to be exact, and canceled the policy with Esurance. They still charged me a 10% cancellation fee after the 60 days of $84 dollars. I would not recommend this insurance company.

  • Ho
    honest Feb 20, 2009

    it probably increased b/c you didnt tell them about some activity you had

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  • Je
    JEALSTI Jun 26, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    FL and SC law forbids cancellation within 60 days of inception without proof of duplicate/alternate coverage or other valid reasons.

    Check your laws for a list of valid reasons. The insurance company can't "lead" you with the reasons allowed, you have to provide the reason for cancellation. If you buy from company A today @ $1200/six months and next week find a policy from company B for $900.00/six months, then BUY IT! Call company A back and tell them that you have purchased a policy from company "B", provide the company name and policy number and get your refund from company A!

    A few bad apples spoiled the WHOLE bucket on that. Too many people were buying a policy, getting the ID cards, and cancelling the policy. They'd have "proof of insurance" in the vehicle, even though the policy was NO LONGER valid!!! They were driving without insurance, and getting into accidents, leaving the rest of us vulnerable!

    It was NOT the insurance companies fault that people were doing that, and the laws were changed for this. It was (some) customers!

    In regard to "post purchase rerates" and "cancellation fees":

    1. ANYTIME you get a quote/buy a new policy, with ANY COMPANY there is a "discovery period" where the underwriting investigation is done. Most of the time today, with modern technology MVR, Credit, Verification of Previous coverage and Claims reports can be verified at purchase. But, if a state system is down, and the company can't pull the MVR (or other report), and you indicate that you have no accidents, violations or claims, the policy will start with that information.

    However, once the MVR, Claims, Credit, or whatever report(s) that may not have been able to be verified at the time of purchase finds "other" information, rerate(s) will occur.

    2. If a rerate occurs, and it is the result of an error, contact your insurance carrier for the contact information to dispute the information. Just like errors can occur on credit reports, they can occur on MVR, Claim and other reports that are used to establish the premium owed. You will want to clear that from the current carrier's records, AS WELL AS the reporting agency's records, so that the issue won't be a recurring issue in the future, when you renew and/or purchase a new policy.

    3. Granted, not every insurance company charges a "cancellation fee", but it is NOT uncommon. Regardless of which insurance company you do business with, ALWAYS check the terms and conditions. If you accept them, without reading them, you are still legally bound to them. Some states do not allow this, MN, MI, TX, IL, NJ are a few of them... but others will allow for this, and the cancellation fee will either be a "flat fee" regardless of how much time is left before renewal. Other's will allow a percantage of the leftover premium. So, if 50 days of premium left at $5.00/day for $250.00 of premium, then $25.00 cancellation fee deducted from refund, or if only 6 days of premium left at $5.00/day for $30.00 of premium unpaid, then $3.00 cancellation fee. This is especially important to watch if the cancellation fee is a flat rate! If the CX fee is $50.00, but only 2 days of the current term left, at $5.00/day, then you'd owe MORE for cancelling than to keep the policy for two more days.

    You need to make the decision, pay $10.00 for two more days of coverage, or cancel early and have $10.00 credit with $50.00 fee, to pay $40.00 more for two days less coverage.

    Don't get mad at anyone but yourself for not knowing what is disclosed in declaration pages and terms and conditions, and coverages selected!

    It is NOT uncommon for insurance policies to be purchased at "state minimum" liability coverages. In FL, the lowest Bodily Injury Limits without declining the coverage is: $10, 000 per person/$20, 000 per accident cap.

    If that is what someone has purchased, even if they are driving a 1984 Ford Escort, and hit someone else who has medical bills as a result of the accident, $10, 000 will be very easily exhausted! If they hit someone and cause $50, 000 in medical bills, but have only purchased $10, 000 in coverage, that driver will still be responsible for $40, 000 in medical bills!

    A 1984 Ford Escort can still cause just as much damage/injury as a 2010 Focus, 2010 Chevy, et al.

    Liability limits are NOT insuring the vehicle! Liability limits are insuring against the damage/injuries the vehicle can cause!

    Call your agent/company to make sure you have enough insurance! One week in the hospital today can easily cost $100, 000! If you only have $10, 000, $25, 000, $50, 000 in liability coverage, you are UNDERINSURED, unless you have a million dollars in the bank! You can be sued, garnished, or have your assets and bank accounts of various types seized in a lawsuit if you don't have enough insurance!

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Negligence and Delay

my car was hit from the back on the highway three weeks ago. The person at fault was given a ticket and his insurance company (ESURANCE) is suppose to take care of the damage to my car. I called them four times and left voice mails. Fifth time finally the insurance agent picks up the phone and tells me that she is investigating and let me know when she has an update for me. I ask her to give me a timeline and she tells me she will let me know when she has an update. Its been two weeks since that last conversation and she has not responded back. My rear bumper is still damaged and I have no clue about the extent of damage to the car. My thanksgiving weekend got screwed up. Esurance is not ready to do anything about it.

Avoid this company

I was in an accident on Aug 20. I was rear ended at 30 mile per hour and my car was totaled. So please keep in mind that this accident was in no way my fault and could not be prevented or avoided.
I called Esurance and the man that answered was everything you needed after being in an accident. He was kind and very patient. The next day I talked to a case worker and she was very nice and walked me through what would happen next. The appraisor came out and saw my car. He valued the car at $7400!?!? Kelly blue book valued my car at $9180. How could this happen.
So Mr. Appraisor went to autotrader.com and picked three cars in my area from private sellers. One car was valued at 11K, one at 9.5K and the other at 7K. The average is 9K+. The appraisor basically claimed in his report that I could replace my car with 7K.
The adjuster sent me the report I am mentioning (this is a very useful tool, if you do not have it request it). I called her and explained that this was outrageous. There was no way I was going to be able to replace my car with the amount they claimed it was worth. So I emailed her the KBB value and a handful of auto trader ads for cars in my area and told her it was unrealistic to think I can replace my car with the amount she quoted. She responded and said I could get my own appraisor and to make his report. If they disagree we will have to go to an umpire.
No one plans to be in an accident but it really stinks to be in one and have the people you pay on time every month really screw you over...it has been 3 weeks now and we are still going back and forth in email. Wish me luck.

  • Ch
    Christy Jansen Oct 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I too was in a serious rear-end accident on Sept. 23, 2008. I was not at fault (I was sitting in a turn lane at a complete stop) and I do not have Esurance but the guy who hit does have Esurance. He hit me first and then went on to hit 3 other people. All totaled he caused damage to 6 cars including his own. The excuse for the accident was that his prosthetic foot fell off and lodged in the pedals. He is wholly at fault for the accident and my car was hit from behind and then shoved into an SUV in front of me so the rear end and the front end of my car are crunched. It took 3 days for Esurance to contact me and then another week for them to give me a rental car to use. I finally got the valuation of my totaled car and their estimate of its value is a joke. I had a 2006 VW Jetta with only 30, 000 (approximately) mile on it. It was in excellent condition and they say it was only in moderate condition. How you can tell that from the wrekage, I have no idea. Anyway, they now have me dealing with 2 people at their company. One for the car damage and one for the personal property and bodily injury (I was transport by ambulance to the hospital). Their valuation of my car is about $3000 too low for me to get a replacement car. I have no idea what they will do for the personal property and bodily injury I sustained. I have researched the value of my vehicle with KBB, Edmunds, NADA and a local VW dealership so I know the value of the vehicle but they use some company called CCC (which the general public can not access) to come up with their estimate. Through my research I came up with a value of $17, 500 for an average with the lowest being $16, 300 and the highest being $19, 000. Yet, they insist on only offering me a maximum of $15K and change. They will add in for the tax and some other $39 charge but then they deduct $904 for dealer prep. I should not have to pay anything to get a replacement (comparable) car nor should my insurance company (which is what they want me to do and have said as much). They sent me about 5 pages of car comparisons, even from the dealer in my are, but after all the deductions they take on those cars there is now way I can get a replacement for the money they offered to me. It is now 3 weeks on since the accident and all the bruises and cuts have healed except for a spot on my forearm that is still bruising and some discomfort in my neck but the real pain in my neck is dealing with these people. I thought I could handle this by myself as I was not trying to take the company for any maximums just fair compensation but I see I was wrong so now I am looking for an attorney. Hopefully, I can find an attorney that will not charge me his fee but charge Esurance so I can get the appropriate compansation for my car and injuries.

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  • Ja
    Jacob Mar 24, 2009

    On Feb 11th i renewed my insurance, and today i checked they have doubled my premium.

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  • Vi
    VICTIM OF ESURANCE May 22, 2009

    I am in the same situation as you right now. My car had an accident and it wasn't my fault so I called esurance and they totaled my car. The KBB value of my is $4, 500 and esurance said they will only give me $2, 700 for my car now I'm in the process of getting an attorney. These people are thieves and I don't know they are still in business. I filed a complaint with BBB and I will do the same with my State attorney.

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  • Ke
    Ken38654 Oct 20, 2010

    WOW !!! No wonder the quote I got was $100.00 less a month with Esurance the Progressive !!!
    Thanks for the info--- Going with Progressive.
    You do always get what you pay for !!

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