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My husband got 'hired' by Primerica about two months ago through He has a bachelors degree in Public Relations, has no experience in financial industry and had never taken a single class in finance but was looking for a sales job. Needless to say, he was an easy target for Primerica's smooth talkers. Just two days after he got recruited his 'trainer' had invited herself into our home to do a 'kitchen table' with us to help us set our financial goals and help Paul 'train'.

Me being a recent MBA graduate I prepared a whole list of questions like 'So how exactly is Primerica different from say Mary Kay other than the fact that Mary Kay sells makeup and Primerica sells financial services?' and 'Is there really a business need for my husband to recruit his friend the plumber and our neighbor the Secretary to sell insurance with him so that he can make money of their sales to their friends and family?' I had all kinds of questions that I was so sure she wasn't going to be able to answer at least not to my satisfaction and that because of that we would not ever see her again.

Boy was I wrong. She had me completely showed. She was throwing around arguments about baby boomers retiring soon and how they'll be rolling their 401ks and all of this money will be exchanging hands and there will be no one to help them with their insurance and investment needs. And this is because companies like Merrill Lynch wouldn't even talk to you unless you have $100, 000 to invest and Primerica fills in that growing market of middle class people that do not yet have clear financial goals set.

To my question on whether Primerica is a multi-level-marketing company she exhaled: 'But of course it is multi-level! Every single corporation in the United States is multi-level. Everyone including CEOs have people below them, above and them or both.'
Not 30 min. into it we were already going into our Financial Needs Analysis (aka FNA) and through Primerica's 'Show Me the Money' 6 months plan. She was throwing charts, graphs and all kinds of flyers at us showing exactly how much money will my husband making over the course of next 6 months being on the fast track 'trainer's plan'.

Among other things she kept saying that if the wife isn't happy then no one will be happy and that she wanted to make sure I was agreeing with what Primerica had in plan for him and that I was satisfied with it. Along with six figure income after 6-7 months she showed us that the first month while he is training he will make exactly $565 - by his trainer giving him or finding him a client for a life insurance policy. Yes its small, $565, but its guaranteed and it will help pay for our daughter's daycare.

When she left our house I left pretty good about my husband's new job. Sure, its commission only but with all the 'training', help networking from his trainers and colleagues and his sales skills he is be bound to succeed. But my piece of mind did not last very long. In less than two weeks I saw what was going on. He was 'training' for about an hour on Saturdays only and spent all day Tuesdays interview new recruits. Outside that all he did was make endless phone calls soliciting new recruits.

As I work from our home office I get to hear the same sales pitch over and over again. Several friends started avoiding us as he tried to recruit them, they refused but he wouldn't back off. Around that time is when I found out that not only did we pay for the $199 membership fee but we also bought a term life insurance policy on my 27 year old husband's life that we needed so much as he could die any second and what would I do than to replace all of his income (with Primerica) ? And we didn't stop there.

We got an emergency mutual fund investment too. And all of this before trying to pay off all of the high interest debt we have that is costing it a lot more any investment we could make. Needless to say I went ballistic but as soon as I came down I started doing my research. Here is what I found out through watching him recruit and talk about Primerica:

Primerica is nothing but a pyramid scheme that depends on constant influx of new recruits that will pay the $199 membership fee and purchase number of financial services/ investments most of which they do not need or are not suitable for them. The manner in which Primerica sells these financial services involves some very questionable business practices and by sales reps with very little or no training, education or credentials in financial advising.

Even though my husband had now spent almost two months with the company he could not give you the definition of term life insurance let alone explain the difference between term life insurance and cash value insurance. Despite of this, he managed to recruit some 6-7 new people most of which he solicited off CareerBuilder. It's been two months now he did not make the promised first month $565. When he asked his trainer about it she told him she couldn't help him with it because he did not have a 'warm market'.

Primerica was been and is under investigation by the SEC, FTC and numerous other government bodies. Listing of investigations and litigations can be found SEC's and other sites -->§ion=

If you just do a goggle or Yahoo search on 'Primerica fraud' you will get hundreds of hits explaining lawsuits, Primerica's deceptive tactics and testimonials of people defrauded. Most concerning of all though is that members of Primerica during company's presentations and speeches yell out 'Amen' and 'Hallelujah' (my husband admitted hearing this too) and insist upon Primerica being a 'Christian' organization.

The two of us had never went to church on our own before but only a month after he started working for Primerica he insisted on going to church every Sunday. And not only going to service but to Sunday school, Wednesday service and church softball and basketball leagues- its good for meeting contacts for Primerica.

To sum it up:

What Primerica tells their recruits is that:

1) They can easily make a six figure income
2) Their greatest income opportunity comes from recruiting new people from whose sales they will receive overrides (or % of commission)
3) The $199 dollars is for a background check (that typically does not cost more then $65 or that $40 is for the background check and $159 is to cover the cost of government subsidized classes (which oddly enough cost exactly the same in every state)
4) That in order to be successful selling Primerica's financial services it is strongly recommended that the representative buys a portfolio of Primerica's products
5) That Primerica is in fact a 'Multi-Level-Marketing' organization but 'as is every single corporation in the United States' (or everyone but the CEO has people below and above them)
6) That they are being recruited as financial advisors
7) Primerica is in the business of “helping people'
8) That Primerica is a part of Citigroup - the largest financial company in the world

What they don't tell their recruits is that:

1) Only about 1.5% all Primerica's sales reps ever make a six figure income, if even that many
2) Primerica does not cover any of the business expenses or overhead representatives incur in the process of recruiting new members or selling Primerica's services
3) As a result of questionable business practices Primerica's has been banned from operating in the state of New York for two years (strangely enough my husband's recruiter had moved down from New Jersey?)
4) Even Primerica's disclaimers state that 'Representatives are not financial planners, investment advisors, financial consultants or other specialists who provide financial advice and whose compensation may be unrelated to sales.'

5) That Citigroup is merely a sister company of Primerica that does not endorse any of Primerica's business

All that my husband has to say to this is 'I bet that if you look hard enough on the Internet you'll find that even Jesus is bad'. He does not want to even hear about anything about it much less consider doing his own research. He is now even planning on an advertising campaign to get his Primerica's sales started. Needless to say, Primerica will not pay for any of it.

Basically going forward my fear is that:

a) Him and I will pour hundreds if not thousands of more dollars into this 'business venture' before he figures out who he's dealing with
b) Some new recruit and/or customer will either break his jaw when they realize they had been defrauded or sue him

I have said so many things to him but nothing seems to be working. We just end up getting into fights about it. He is not himself anymore and has been completely brainwashed. He would not listen to me or his parents and family. His aunt actually had the exact same experience with Primerica and told him not to do it. But Primerica's answer to it is that its not for everybody - it is hard work and only determined and hard working ones succeed. But lately I've been feeling that the following applies.

Stay away from Primerica and their pushy salesman with no knowledge in any financial area. They are posing as financial advisors looking to take your $199 and sell you anything they possibly can. After all as a member you better be buying all you are trying to sell.

Atlanta, Georgia


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    AMPM13 Nov 20, 2021
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    Crazy to see all these negative comments.

    The bottom line: Primerica is a legit and reputable company in the financial services industry. That's not even debatable.

    Primerica is NOT an MLM. They don't have a high-priced product that must be kept in inventory. There are no monthly quotas, etc. It's built more like a real estate brokerage.

    There is a heavy emphasis on recruiting, but that word makes people afraid for some reason. When all over their towns they see "Now Hiring" signs and never consider them to inappropriate. Odd. The issue is not recruiting, it's WHAT people are being recruiting to. In Primerica, it's to help families find financial freedom. That's a pretty commendable pursuit.

    And TO BE CLEAR: no one makes a penny for recruiting anyone. Money is made if products are purchased, just like most other businesses in the world. And if products are purchased, the new recruit is making money, too. It's a very good business model.

    As for the cost to join, it's $124, and $25/mo to have access to a "online toolbox" to do business. One would be hard-presssed to find any business opportunity in America for $25/mo.

    So, folks, please educate yourselves. Please stop listening to the rhetoric of those who claim Primerica doesn't work, when the truth is that THEY didn't work. It's easy to blame others. Look in the mirror and ask yourself what you really want in life. Primerica can provide the financial means to get it IF you work for it.

    NO ONE says it's easy. It's not. But after all, isn't that what most people want: easy money? They join thinking they can earn six figures with little worth. Such a misguided belief says a WHOLE lot more about them and their character, than it does about a 44 year old, Fortune 1000, publicly traded, financial services giant.

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    AMPM13 Nov 20, 2021
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    @AMPM13 *"They join thinking they can earn six figures with little WORK."

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  • Qu
    Quityerbit.ching Jan 26, 2020

    Wow, what’s really amazing is how all the complainers have absolutely no basic English skills and write like 8 year olds.
    It’s not the company, most of these major mom companies are not the problem. YOU are the problem in your life and that will probably never change because you will probably never have the guts to face it and admit that the only reason YOU failed, is YOU. But I guess when you are a failure the only thing you can amount to is a COMPLAINER. I thank God that I saw this board and read all of your retarded, grammatically tragic, posts. For those of you blaming the companies for your failed marriage, I am going to spare you the “it’s not you honey, it’s him/her” bullspit. IT IS YOU. You are a failure because of YOU your marriage failed because of YOU, your spouse is better off without you and deserves to find someone with the drive, focus, discipline, and determination they have and YOU DON’T. I will take this time to congratulate your newly liberated spouses and encourage them on their path to success, leaving YOU was the first step. The rest of you, enjoy the rest of your pathetic lemming lives sucking up to your boss at the company (pyramid) that will probably never pay you any more than you are worth (not much) and probably never promote to the level you really deserve (not far). Now go on failing at everything you can set your dim eyes on and keep complaining that’s the problem is “them” and not YOU... oh yeah and did I mention the problem is YOU! Goodnight on your hopes and dreams, stop trying to drag down your friend and family members that can actually achieve something, stay as far away from them as you can. Do them the great favor. Anyone reading this that believes enough to take a chance on achieving their dreams... don’t let these sheep discourage you, YOU CAN DO IT! See you at the top!

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    Nextaxpro E R Rocky Mar 24, 2018
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    It is a JOB, and YOU are a customer to be bilked!! You don't own a business! Read your IBA. Then, the srvps and rvps move on. PIRATE vs. America moves on to the next bilking. SCAM VS. America is a confidence boiler room scheme
    That's really MARIJUANA HEAD for CON AMERICA to put the number of recruits { victims } in their prospects for bilking. It matters NOT that the stock has maintained. So has herbalife -- another pyramid scheme. So has quixtar { wamway }. So was Enron until it collapsed. Federal government has done essentially nothing as proved in 1979, when wamway LIED to the judge when the judge asked if their revenue is disproportionately influenced by recruiting othes. Judge let wamway go, which has, needless to say, RUINED millions of lives here, in the USA and abroad. Chances of dupes rising is 0.0025! If CON VS. America and several parts of the world is afloat, it is deceptive. They are gaining in Siberia, Bengladish, Romania, Venezuela and the Philippines, or someplace where no one is going to buy insurance, even if they could afford. If CON vs. America tries their PYRAMID BOILER ROOM SCHEME in China, they will be shot! One of my ex-girl friends is from Shanghai. I asked her if one is convicted of marketing a PYRAMID SCAM, will he/she be shot, hanged or placed in the chair. She said: "PSSSH!!!" For the uninitiated, that means the firing squad. - Nextaxpro
    For a very thorough review of CON VS. America, I have three of the six Categories on my web page listed below. More to come as I get time:

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  • Mi
    Michael Camil Jul 06, 2017
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    Wow you posted this so many years ago and it is still very useful...Thank you!


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  • Ro
    Rocky Oct 22, 2016
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    That's really MARIJUANA HEAD for CON AMERICA to put the number of recruits in their perspectus. Been going down, too. Chances of dupes rising is pretty slim. If so, it's deceptive. They are gaining in Siberia, or someplace where no one is going to buy insurance, even if they could afford:

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  • Er
    E r just perfect Nextaxpro Oct 22, 2016
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    For a thorough discussion of the PIRATE VS. AMERICA AND THE WORLD CULT, it's apologists, liars and frauds and what CON TO AMERICA REALLY, TRULY IS;

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    Nextaxprogmailcom Aug 08, 2016
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    For the con America apologists who say the SEC is not after them, if you type in "lawsuits vs. primerica" in to the irs, sec, and all of the State attorney generals search engines, you will find a whole lot of nothing. crime against America apologists are waging a war to deceive the public AND, of course the sales representatives that there are plenty of lawsuits vs. con America and plenty of investigations by governmental regulatory agencies - Federal, State and local - in to con America's tactics and practices! For the pathetic dolt who said "the irs issues you a 1040", the IRS does not "issue you" any Form. You fill out the form. In this case, you fill out a 1040-EZ, 1040-A or a 1040. If you think you can take a chance at deducting your expenses, you fill out a Schedule "C" and attach to your 1040-A or 1040, depending. I didn't take a chance at attempting to deduct my expenses! The IRS KNOWS you CANNOT deduct expenses for getting ripped of in a confidence game. crime against America has many more fees and tricks than art williams had. THREE DOLLARS FOR EACH SEMINAR! AND $3-$25 for samples of their propaganda literature!!! What pirates con America boiler room schemers are!

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    Toolbelt Nov 08, 2015
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    Did someone mention scam reports???? I suppose they forgot to mention that, for a fee, scam report will remove negative reports ([redacted]-is-in-expansion-mode/)? If you can't beat them with facts, silence them with cash!!!

    Take a nice long look at their 2009 SEC filing with NY. ( Read it all, especially about # of reps/recruits/new policies and do the math. Look at their need for recruiting and their fear of being legislated in regards to their marketing methods.

    Don't take my word for theirs!!!

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  • Pr
    primerica works or not? Jan 22, 2013

    My husband joined this company a year ago. I've been always supporting him. He is working so hard in Primerica, he makes so many phone calls every day, we listen to the CDs in the car, we both read books that our uplines recommend, we wake up early, we go to any social event possibly out there, we go to church, we go to training TWICE A WEEK. I have a full time job, He does Primerica full time, he has nothing left he got lay off 3 months ago. I'm so upset with this company and so disappointed!! My husband won the contest of month, last month, however I got sick and I got a doctors note to stay in absolutely rest for 3 days and he went away for the weekend with the army. I was so excited when he won the contest of the month that I even asked for the day off at work in order to get the prize, unfortunately was the same weekend I needed to stay home. And the upline said that unfortunatly there is no rain check... He works so hard and he doesn't get anything!! He have changed so much! I've been very patient. But for me this is ###!! If they couldn't even give us the prize, that was such a stupid shopping day!!! I hardly believe about making the 6 figure income!!! The worst part is that I don't know if should feel sorry for him or myself!!! He has been brainwashed!! He doesn't make more 500 a month!!! After one year! and he really works his butt out to get appts! but I still don't see anything good happening. I'm so disappointed and I don't even want to stay with him anymore. Is like seeing a child chasing the bucket or gold at the end of the rainbow.

    Please the people that went through this, and its getting divorce!! I would like to know if your spouse ever make it???? PLEASE!! IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR ME TO KNOW IF ITS JUST ME NOT BEING PATIENT OR PRIMERICA FROUD!??

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    Don't Be Fooled By IT=t Dec 03, 2011

    Uggnh!!! A Primerica branch occupied the offices directly above where I work for several years (they finally moved out last fall, thank OG!). High pressure, multi-level marketing sales of iffy financial services was their thing.

    Viewed from the outside, it looked like a real meat-grinder, and I rarely saw the same faces returning year after year. Those who did were inevitably in-your-face sales types with attitudes that oozed insincerity. We have limited parking for our building and they regularly had recruitment drives that would flood the lot with their marks' cars which would cause absolute chaos and no small amount of fury when multiple idiots would double or even triple park. The foot stomping chants and cheers as they rallied around the cause of bilking their 'clients' just compounded the headaches (did I mention that they were directly above my office)?

    The building manager hated their guts and would regularly complain about building doors being left unlocked overnight and the disgusting condition of the upstairs bathroom. After about the sixth time they clogged the toilet and flooded the bathroom he decided to rip out the toilet paper dispenser altogether and replaced it with those dispensers that distribute really thin tissues that are so low-grade you can still see chunks of wood in them. Never piss off a building manager.

    I'll give them credit for one thing though, they were smart enough not to try to hard sell any of the other tenants. That would have crossed a major line would likely have ended up with them getting booted from the premises. The only reason the owner put up with them in the first place was the rent they were paying. Of course, that only gave the weasels a monumental sense of entitlement to add to their already inflated egos.

    Phew...did I mention that I'm really, really, really, happy that they're gone?

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  • An
    Angelgirl1982 Jun 17, 2011

    I met my husband 2 years ago. When I first met him. I was enamored that he was helping people and trying to have a better life. I was convinced that Primerica wasnt a scam because his family lived in Boca and seemed like a normal family. After a year, I slowly realized how corrupt primerica is. My husband spends hours working in primerica with his dad and comes home with no money week after week. We lost our apartment. We had to move in with my in laws. He cant even afford to buy a crib for our infant son. Our son has been living in a bassinet for months. We lost everything because he decided to go full time. I never thought it would turn this way. We cant even afford to buy the little things our son needs. I am getting worried that I may have to give up my son for adoption because I hate that he cant go to the doctor, and have normal neccessities. He is so brainwashed. He couldnt even afford to put food on the table and take me to the doctors when I get sick yet he has enough money to go to a convention in Atlanta. I wonder how many divorces have developed from this company. They preach partnership but all I see is time away from your wife and child and we dont get anything in return except heartbreak and suffering. I hate Primerica!!! I hope it gets closed down immediately

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  • Ll
    lluapa Apr 03, 2011

    Primerica has ruined our once-happy, Christian marriage. My husband started it about 7 months ago and did well at first, so I supported him. Then, he ran out of contacts and was putting in about 20 hours per week at trainings and appointments and made ZERO dollars. He also left me to live with the person who got him into Primerica (about 1 hour away), and he took our 3-year old daughter with him.
    Ironically, Primerica is meant to provide financial freedom so that families can spend more time together. However, I am left alone on weekend nights while my husband goes to Primerica meetings. Please stay away from it.

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  • Ja
    JaysonW. Dec 01, 2010

    good attitude Darth Dunley. selling much?

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  • Ja
    JaysonW. Dec 01, 2010

    I am sure PRI is a good financial service company. I was at a meeting last night. The Marketing techniques made by the RVP, Kay Mulford, was one of someone that has been with the company for 20+ years, very good. However, I cannot see the hireing of innocent people that want to do good things and make money is a good investment on PRI's part. Most of these people are my friends and I dont want to put them down, so I will just say this. If you want to work in a financial institution do it the old fashioned way, GO TO SCHOOL and learn the business. Take online classes. Dont fall into an easy money making job that sells you your own dreams. You are better off doing this yourself.
    I appreciate PRI's time in explaining how banks work and how much money banks and other institutions are making off my hard earned cash. I have only an associates degree in business. In those short years as a student I have learned that there is no such thing as easy money.

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  • Da
    Darth Dunley Nov 30, 2010

    Primerica aint for stupid fools, sounds like you people cant make the grade, step down, leave Primerica to us

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    anna22 Nov 02, 2010

    I know it's been a while since this post, is your husband still involved? I'm nervous because my boyfriend has started Primerica and he seems completely brainwashed. We fight about it all the time and I feel like it might lead to an end to the relationship. Any update would be so great- I just want to know there is hope, thanks.

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  • De
    DeeAnn Lancaster Oct 14, 2010

    I feel like I have finally found other people who can relate to my situation! My husband and I will divorce if he doesn't quit Primerica before December of this year (2010). He is a changed man. We have been married for twenty-eight years and I have never seen him like this. He is being brainwashed 5 plus hours a week in meetings, as well as through listening to the Primerica Training CD's he's uploaded to his MP3 Player and listens to every chance he gets. I never dreamed that my husband would be a victim of mind control.

    Please, stay away from this company!! It changes people and tears families apart.

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    Trent Lagoria Aug 09, 2010
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    Verified customer

    I absolutely rescent this company, I started a blog to help spread the word about them please post your complaints there

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  • Ro
    Rob H. May 13, 2010

    I just joined primerica after 1 year of research of the company and yes it is multi level and no not everyone will make money, heck i might not make a dime. What i do know however is i had a choice of starting my own business the traditional way ( didnt because I didnt have the funds needed to do so) or follow a company that gave me the abilty to have a business within a business. If you join primerica with the mind ser that it is a job then you are not in the right place, if you do not think that there is a posibilty of failure then u should move on. If however you are looking for n opurtunity to be in business working hard ( Im sure you work hard at your current pace of employement so if u start a business u better work hard fr yourself) and have an oppurtunity to make as much money as you can though hard work, then this may be the business for u. Reality is this business is not for everyone, and not everyone will succeed just as not evey1 is successful in traditional business startup. If you join this busieness with realistic expectations understand that it does require effort, and money to some degree just as a traditional business would the you have a oppurtunity to be successful. Also if you have a business but ur not using your own product then u probably should not be selling the product because u dont believe in the product. If a FNA is good for your friends, family, clients and new recruits, and purchase of product will help you the same as they will your clients then what kind of idiot would not use the product. ( Seriously, if you are selling a product that shows someone how to save on traditional insurance and invest the difference to have tons more money for retirement ( even if it was 2 times as much, that more than you had) the you would be insane not to use the product.

    I could go on and on here but bottom line those looking to join this BUSINESS understand it is just that a business, not a job, you will get out of it what you put into it. Secondly if you do not have a business mindset then don get into this business or any business for that matter because you will not succeed PERIOD!

    A side not primerica didnt ruin you marriage, there were other issues already, you just need a reason or source to blame it on, but really how solid is a marriage that fails, because of a business venture, you probably would have devorced regardless (harsh but true!!!)

    Make your decisions for you, dont allow a forum to decide what YOU can or can not do. research the company (not through this crap) use viable business sources and then make a solid sound decision. Also, what are the odds of a company like warbirg picus getting involved with a fraudulant MLM no good company like primerica (JUST SAYIN) FYI thsi private investor only deals with companies that are sound solid honest and making money!

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  • Ne
    Nextaxprogmailcom Dec 29, 2017
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @Rob H. It is a JOB, and YOU are a customer to be bilked; then PIRATE vs. America moves on to the next bilking.
    That's really MARIJUANA HEAD for CON AMERICA to put the number of recruits in their perspectus. Been going down, too. Chances of dupes rising is pretty slim. If so, it's deceptive. They are gaining in Siberia, or someplace where no one is going to buy insurance, even if they could afford:

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  • Yo
    youcandoit Apr 12, 2010

    well i am a divion leader with primerica & im sorry that not every body here is happy with pfs. you got to understand that this is a business opt. & not a job so just like any business there are no guarantees only just a shot at doing somthing great. & whats so bad about protecting your family with life insurance are saving up an emergeny fund for your family its to bad that people would bash primerica for just offering them a shot at changing thier sitiuation. then they try to blame pfs for thier broken home please thats no where near fair the real fact of the matter is it takes gutts to do this business & maybe if those women would have suported their husbands maybe things would have been better but maybee thats to much to ask so now what go back to the rat race & pretend like every thing is fine in corp. america LOL... i love primerica & the people in pfs & i love jesus to whats wrong with that this is america lets not forget & is primerica perfect no do we do whats right well lets see im now 30 debt free & see my famiy more than ever all because of a shot offerd by primerica. by the way as of april first 2010 you can find us on the new york stock exchange under PRI doing very well

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  • Ca
    Canadian Primerica Rep Mar 19, 2010

    Primerica is GOING PUBLIC!

    AND we all know, that this was written by someone either

    A) does not understand what's going on
    B) is an agent from an other company
    C) is just plain stupid...

    It's gotta one of those or a combination of A+C or B+C..

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  • Gp
    GPAG Jan 09, 2010§ion=

    Primerica is not and has not been the focus as stated of investigations outside of ordinary review of those agencies. No different then the largest of traditional investment firms. Get you propaganda straight. For a company of their size, the amount of complaints they recieve (all of which Primerica resolves if notified directoly [protected]) are far less then the industry numbers. Please Read the retraction printed by [redacted].
    /URL removed/

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  • Ou
    ougner Jan 01, 2010

    Primerica Financial Services is a multi-level marketing company that is heavily regualted by the Securties and Exchange Commission (SEC) as well as FINRA and the State Commissioner in all 50 states. Funny how all these governmental entities missed the fact that it was a scam, but congrats you found Primerica out! You were the one to see through all their lies.

    Fact: 50% of all small businesses fail in the first 5 years. (Check it out on this government website:

    Fact: When you start a Primerica business, you fill out an IBA (Independent Business Application) that costs $99 + $25 for POL (online data storage service/tracking service) OR $199 and no POL. The IRS views you as a business owner (hence Form 1040 at tax season).

    Fact: Most people who begin work in Primerica are not coachable, willing to work hard, or prepared to not have a boss telling them what to do (meaning these people discover the harsh reality that they have to develop self-discipline and drive), hence they fall out and post on that it is a "scam".

    Facts are objective. Emotions are subjective. Looking at this post from a logical standpoint I see very few facts.

    As to the 5 points listed in the original post, let's look at these logically:

    <<FROM ABOVE>>

    "What they don't tell their recruits is that:

    1) Only about 1.5% all Primerica's sales reps ever make a six figure income, if even that many

    <<Exactly, Primerica isn't a "get-rich-quick" scheme, it's a real business. How many small business owners do you know who actually make 6-figures? Primerica does currently have several thousand of people who DO make 6-figures.>>

    2) Primerica does not cover any of the business expenses or overhead representatives incur in the process of recruiting new members or selling Primerica's services

    <<False. All the paper forms are provided free of charge for recruiting (IBA forms) and services (life insurance, securities, $MART). In fact almost all of the forms can be done digitally now, and the software is downloadable free of charge as long as the agent uses POL for $25/mo to track their business (I would guess a human secretary would cost more than $25/mo). In fact, the person who runs each office (the Regional Vice President) receives these forms free directly from Home Office in Duluth, GA.>>

    3) As a result of questionable business practices Primerica's has been banned from operating in the state of New York for two years (strangely enough my husband's recruiter had moved down from New Jersey?)

    <<Nope. NY simply has different financial regulations.>>

    4) Even Primerica's disclaimers state that 'Representatives are not financial planners, investment advisors, financial consultants or other specialists who provide financial advice and whose compensation may be unrelated to sales.'

    <<True. Just like Dave Ramsey states on his show continually that he is not authorized to provide financial advice. From his following though, one must assume people are being helped by his financial advice. The reason for this is because Primerica representatives do not acquire a Series 7 securities license. (They acquire a Series 6 and 63) You'll notice if you read your quote it says 'and whose compenstation may be unrelated to sales.' That line is why Primerica does so well. Primerica allows their agents to generate the Financial Needs Analysis for their clients free of charge. That is a good disclaimer, not a bad one for most middle Americans because it means they don't have to pay the representative for his services. They only pay for any products they may choose to take advantage of. The agent then derives his income in the form of a commission off that product.>>

    5) That Citigroup is merely a sister company of Primerica that does not endorse any of Primerica's business

    <<COMPLETELY FALSE. The very page you linked us to in your post ( mentions Citi 15 times. Here's one quote from that very page: "Lender and Primerica Financial Services Home Mortgages, Inc. are affiliated companies of Citigroup." Primerica is actually in the midst of breaking from Citi and filed an S1 on November 9, 2009. ( Here is a quote from that news article: "Citi announced plans for the IPO of its financial services and insurance subsidiary, Primerica after Thursday's closing bell. In its S-1 filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Duluth, Ga.-based firm said it was seeking to raise as much as $100 million through the sale."

    Again readers, look at the facts for yourself first-hand. Don't make decisions based off second-hand knowledge.

    Hope this gives you some additional food for thought.

    I'll leave you with a quote from Pat Riley: "Look for your choices, pick the best one, then go with it."

    -1 Votes
  • Be
    Bernie123 Dec 09, 2009

    Take heed to the warning. I wish I had. I was a desparate single mom trying get out of the rat race. I lost my job because I got hit by a car. The company I had worked for was mid-sized and did not want to take the hit on insurance by entering my claim. So I was fired. I had no insurance
    and ended up on assistance to make ends meet while on recovery. While in physio, one of the clients came up to me and said she was from Primerica. I didn't know who they were, but little by little -she talked to me about what she did. I wanted to get into the insurance business, thinking I could make money there.

    She invited me and I went to my first sit in. Nothing spectacular, just testimonials about people who were once in a hard financial position and are now pulling in $50K+. It took 3 meetings before I was convinced that I could be there too. Well, I plunked down $185+ on the table and signed the dotted line. Then, the following week I was informed that I had to pay $3 to every seminar that I attend hereon in. Then at the seminars, if I was interested in reading any of the materials or using any of them to captivate potential clients, then I have to pay for that to (cost range: $2 - $25 each). Not even a week and a half and I was enrolled into an intensive course to acquire the LLQP insurance. Come to find out that $165 from the $185 given to these people was to pay for the license. There were 2 weekends of intensive training. Out of a class 60 people, I was part of the 10 that passed the prelimenary exam. I was assigned to a supervisor. The supervisor hung around my like moth to clothes. it was a wonder that I could go to the bathroom by myself when he was around.

    I still kept speaking with the woman who originally told me about Primerica. She still made nice with me and inquired how I was liking Primerica. I told her I liked it but did not agree with having to give my supervisor the leads I worked so hard for. My supervisor, would take me to local meetings every Sunday, where a group of 15-20 people would come to share there hopes and dreams. We'd watch inspirational clips about various people from various backgrounds. We'd read books together about Think and Grow Rich. We's share successes, eat together, talk together, cry together. It felt like a family. Until my 2nd month. I still didn't produce a sale. I spoke to friends, family, neighbours, strangers - you name it, I spoke to it!!!

    I was told that I didn't try hard enough, I didn't believe enough, didn't say the right words, didn't wear the right clothes. I was told thatI should be working my good looks. I was told if I was smart, I'd of gotten at least one by now. I left dejected, My supervisor saw how visibly upset I was and trie d his sexual advances. The guy was a rat! He was married. I refused him. And rejected them. Primerica is a cult. They throw lovebomb celebrations using residual income that those who make insurance sales should be receiving.

    By the time I left Primerica, and it wasn't even 6 months - I was more poor then when I went in. If you read the fine print, you'll find that if you have another business on the side you have to choose between Primerica or the other business. If you choose the other business, Primerica has the right to take your leads and business away. They charge you for everything and fill you with pipe dreams. They try to make it so easy when it is not and dehumanize you for not producing. You can't even get your own business cards without your supervisor's name on it!!! Whatever you work for, your supervisor gets a huge chunk of the profits - while you are left with little. Guess those people who made $50K+ did so off of those who produced leads and left just like me. Save yourself the time, money and grief. If Primerica comes knocking, run like ***!!!

    4 Votes
  • Do
    Done with it Jul 21, 2009

    My husband and I are probably going to get divorced soon. He has been with this company for several months, and I WAS all excited about it at first, especially since my husband got laid off at his previous job. Then I realized what it was going to take to actually make it with this company, (MLM) and started listening to the cult-like pavlov conditioning CD's of "motivational speakers" he was given, and boy was he sucked in. He doesn't have an education, and is the perfect candidate for someone to be sucked in by Primerica; he's a hard-worker, wants success, and is enamored by the stories of previous "drop-outs" who have made millions with Primerica. So far he hasn't made more than $1, 000 a month at it (6 months) and we are losing our house, we already had one car reposessed, and we are considering filing for bankruptcy.

    If you want your marriage to survive if your spouse gets sucked into this company, either you need to join with your husband, and convince yourself that you don't mind the fact that it's an MLM and you don't mind moving into your parents' basement for 5 years, or not say a word as your friends and family start avoiding you because they are tired of hearing your spouse talk about it.

    When my husband told me that other people on his team are in fact contemplating bankruptcy after being with the company longer than him, (they've been with the company 8 months) what does that say about the income?

    Sure, some people make it big, but for how long? Then what? If you actually make enough to not lose your house/cars, do you have any friends left? i guess people who make it big don't have to worry about friends- because the newbies that they brain-wash instantly become their BFF's for however long they stick with the company.

    It's like a legalized form of a gang/cult; they make you feel like you're bonded with ever other Primerican because of the "mission" and the "crusade" they teach you to all have someone in common to hate; everyone other insurance company. It's so stupid. And to also hate people that don't join, because they are "close-minded." Never mind that I have not gone on one date in the 6 months my husband has done this, and had numerous fights because he wants me to "create a list" for him to recruit/sell to people, and I've already given him every name of every person I can think of. He thinks I'm the one that needs to change my thinking, regardless of the fact that we're losing everything. It's nuts. Maybe he'll find some other Primerican girl to help raise him up to be the "Primerican Super-Couple" but me, no way. I'd rather keep making 2-3x as much as he is, have health insurance, and still have my dignity.

    6 Votes
  • Kn
    knar7 Jul 14, 2009

    Hi I'm Evelyn (kanr7) I what to know what happen whit my complain that I made the last week I 'm still waiting for a answer from you about the problem whit Julio Salazar (0E05021) probably I need to look for another source of help I can't belive that you support what Julio salazar did to me first Rvp rafael mejia now you why you can answer my email and tell me what happen to you to you company whit people like Julio salazar represent a big company like Primerica this is a shame for primerica this a shame that someone use your name just for recruit people then steal the money from them like happen to me.

    -----Original Message-----
    From: [email protected]
    Sent: Thu, 9 Jul 2009 23:53:42 -0800
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Re: kanr7
    Hi I'm Evelyn Kanr7 - again I want to know if you really take care of my complain if you have trobles to talk whit Julio Salazar (0E05021) about my complain about all this try to reach him to this phone #[protected] sorry if I bother you whit this but I need I want a solution to all this you can try to talk whit Julio salazar or Rafael Mejia RVP

    thanks for your time

    Primerica []
    1038 N Maclay Ave
    San Fernando, CA 91340
    > -----Original Message-----
    > From: [email protected]
    > Sent: Tue, 7 Jul 2009 18:03:47 -0400 (EDT)
    > To: [email protected]
    > Subject: Re: kanr7
    > Your complaint has been forwarded to the Office of General Counsel and
    > you will receive a response within 7 business days.
    > Thank You and have a nice day
    > CallAtlanta Billing
    > AS
    > ---- Original message ----
    > >Date: Thu, 2 Jul 2009 13:29:17 -0800
    > >From: "JULISSA J. V" <[email protected]>
    > >Subject: Re: kanr7
    > >To: [email protected],
    > [email protected]
    >> Hi my name is Evelyn Juarez (kanr7) I worked in
    >> the office of Rafael Mejia 1038 N Maclay ave,
    >> Suite A San Fernando CA, 91340 The reason for this
    >> email is because I want to file a complaint with a
    >> person working at this office located in
    >> California was a recruit of Julio Cesar Salazar (
    >> Insurance Lincese # 0E05021 ) I was working with
    >> Julio Salazar group, He asked me for a favor to
    >> make a loan of money which came to the sum of $
    >> 2723.00, but also I made another thing, he need a
    >> computer for work in the office so one more time
    >> he ask me for another favor because he don't have
    >> good credit to buy something to credit so I we
    >> decide to buy a computer for work in Primerica
    >> using my credit. I lend my credit to him to
    >> purchase a computer on my name to assist in the
    >> work in Primerica first and decide to help him
    >> once more time with the agreement that he going to
    >> take full responsibility for making all the
    >> payments on the computer with the company Dell.
    >> unfortunately he did not do his part and the
    >> company where we bought the computer call me that
    >> I was late with all the payments. I talk whit him
    >> about this why he don't made the payments for the
    >> computer when we made a agreement to lend my
    >> credit but always make the payments, and several
    >> time actually I see myself obliged to put money
    >> for my pocket to pay some money for the computer
    >> because the company Dell always told me that they
    >> going to send me to collection, but I can't afford
    >> more this situation I don't have the money to pay
    >> this bill because is not my bill I know is my
    >> credit but I just trying to help him whit this
    >> favor to work in Primerica I was really upset whit
    >> Julio Salazar asked him for my money That borrow
    >> him before and also for the money that I put for
    >> pay some months for the computer and the most
    >> important thing to be serious whit that agreement
    >> that we made whit all the payments for the
    >> computer and my money back .He refused to do his
    >> part whit our agreement, So I decide to put my
    >> complain to the RVP Rafael Mejia Rafael he ignore
    >> my complaint whit the problem of the money and the
    >> agreement that we have whit the computer saying
    >> that the problem was between Julio Salazar and
    >> myself not from office I explain him why I decide
    >> to all for Julio Salazar my purpose just want to
    >> help him specially whit the purchase of the
    >> computer that was good to work in Primerica for
    >> the whole group Of Julio S ( Dragon's Team)that
    >> the name of the group of Julio's, Rafael Mejia
    >> understood all this problem but he still ignored
    >> my complain because I decide not to be part of the
    >> office after all embarrassment situation could not
    >> continue in the company of Primerica, Julio S ruin
    >> my credit send me to collection missing to his
    >> oath whit the agreement that he made to take
    >> responsibility to pay the computer and also to
    >> return my money back that I borrow him, I feel bad
    >> because Rafael Mejia decide practically support
    >> him because I decide not work whit them and Julio
    >> Salazar still whit him. Now you are only source
    >> that I have for me because you cannot be possible
    >> to allow people like Julio Salazar continue using
    >> Primerica to recruit people to work whit him in
    >> Primerica pretend to be a good person ask for help
    >> and them ignore this favor swindling a recruit and
    >> don't pay his debt, and also to allowing him to
    >> use Primerica your name in court in front a judge
    >> of his hypocrisy I have letters signed for him
    >> that he would be responsible for paying all the
    >> debt including the computer payments and the money
    >> that I borrow him but he just ignored never pay me
    >> I'm still waiting for my money back, he never made
    >> the payments to dell company he ruin my credit and
    >> send me to collection for lack of payments to
    >> Dell. I feel desperate about this you as an
    >> organization and big company have to do with this
    >> person working in your company that you are
    >> supposed to help those across it represents like
    >> Julio Salazar give a bad representation to the
    >> name of Primerica he use this name to the laws of
    >> this country to lie saying to a judge that we
    >> never made an agreement, because I don't have
    >> another option to take all this problem to court
    >> because RVP Rafael Mejia he decide do nothing with
    >> Julio Salazar, and my friend that also work in
    >> Primerica told me that I can put my complain whit
    >> you the headquarter of the company my friend told
    >> me that this is not allow the someone nobody can
    >> ask for money to their recruits I didn't know
    >> about this I just want to make a favor, and Julio
    >> Salazar he knows about the rules that you have in
    >> your company and also RVP Rafael Mejia. Please
    >> don't ignore my complain too please help me whit
    >> all this situation please tell me if I can trust
    >> in you. is a shame for Primerica that people like
    >> Julio Salazar represent your name in front to a
    >> judge in court and pretend that nothing happen
    >> that all this is nothing whit someone who worked
    >> in Primerica that not only ruin my credit and
    >> never pay me back my money he ruined my
    >> perspective about the people the recruit people to
    >> work whit him in Primerica and for the other
    >> people that know about this problem whit his
    >> irresponsibility of our agreement .here I send you
    >> a example of the copy of the paper that he signed
    >> to me and you can give you a idea about all.
    >> Thanks for your time I hope that you can
    >> understand my difficult situation thanks
    >> ----
    >> Example Letter
    >> To whom it may concern :
    >> This letter is to notified Mr. Julio Salazar to
    >> take full responsibility for the payment for the
    >> computer which he ask me as a favor to help him as
    >> a
    >> co. signer duo to his financial negligence my
    >> personal credit is been affected there for Evelyn
    >> Juarez demand of Mr. Julio Salazar full financial
    >> responsibility of payment or I will take legal
    >> action against him. I will also write a letter to
    >> Primerica Financial Service head quarters letting
    >> them know about Mr. Julio Salazar behaviors whit
    >> his recruits.
    >> Julio
    >> Salazar .
    >> Evelyn Juarez
    >> __________________ _________________
    >> Firm Att.
    >> Julio Salazar Loan
    >> This letter is to notified Mr. Julio Salazar that
    >> I Evelyn Juarez demand to him full payment in the
    >> amount of $ 2, 723.00 as a personal loan that I in
    >> good faith lent him, which he gave his word to pay
    >> me back by January 2007 which as of today it
    >> hasn't been paid not even a single payment.
    >> I Evelyn Juarez give to MR. Julio Salazar the
    >> option to pay me in one lump sum or 3 equal
    >> installments stating July 11th 2008, in case that
    >> Mr. Julio Salazar refuse to agree to this terms, I
    >> will take legal action to Primerica Financial
    >> Service, the unprofetional behaviors of Mr. Julio
    >> Salazar whit his recruits.
    >> Julio
    >> Salazar.
    >> Evelyn Juarez
    >> ______________
    >> __________________
    >> Firm.
    >> Att.
    >> -------------------------------------------------
    >> > -----Original Message-----
    >> > From: [email protected]
    >> > Sent: Sat, 27 Jun 2009 19:58:29 -0400 (EDT)
    >> > To: [email protected]
    >> > Subject: Re: kanr7
    >> >
    >> > We apologize for the inconvenience. Can you
    >> please send your request in
    >> > English. We currently do not have a translator.
    >> If you have any questions
    >> > or concerns please call [protected], press 1
    >> for billing, and 0 to speak
    >> > to a representative.
    >> >
    >> > Thank you
    >> > KV, CallAtlanta Billing
    >> >
    >> >
    >> > ---- Original message ----
    >> > >Date: Fri, 26 Jun 2009 16:29:45 -0800
    >> > >From: "JULISSA J. V" <[email protected]>
    >> > >Subject: kanr7
    >> > >To: [email protected]
    >> >>
    >> >> Hi my name is Evelyn Juarez ( kanr7 ) I worked
    >> in
    >> >> the office of Rafael Mejia 1038 N Maclay ve,
    >> suit A
    >> >> San Fernando CA, 91340 la razon de este email
    >> es
    >> >> porque quiero poner una queja con una persona
    >> que
    >> >> trabaja en esta officina localisada en
    >> california
    >> >> era una recluta de Julio cesar Salazar estabajo
    >> con
    >> >> el grupo de Salazar el me pidio un favor que le
    >> >> hiciera un prestamo de dinero el cual llego a
    >> la
    >> >> suma de $2, 723.00, tambien le preste hice
    >> presatmo
    >> >> de mi credito credito comprando una computadora
    >> a mi
    >> >> nombre para ayudar en el trabajo de primerica
    >> acepte
    >> >> y decide ayudarlo un vez mas con el acuerdo que
    >> el
    >> >> iva a tomar toda la responsabilidad de hacer
    >> los
    >> >> pagos de la computadora quese le hizo a la
    >> compania
    >> >> Dell. lamentablemente el no cumplio con su
    >> parte, le
    >> >> pedi el dinero que se le havia prestado tambien
    >> que
    >> >> terminara de hacer los pagos se nego hacerlo,
    >> por mi
    >> >> parte me queje con Rafael Mejia el RVP Rafael
    >> ignoro
    >> >> mi queja diciendo que este problemas era entre
    >> los
    >> >> dos no de la compania Primerica cuando sabia
    >> que se
    >> >> havia hecho bajo un acuerdo que era para ayudar
    >> con
    >> >> el grupo de Julio Salazar por motivos que yo no
    >> pude
    >> >> seguir en la compania primerica por este
    >> problema
    >> >> con Julio Salazar rafael mejia decidio apoyar a
    >> >> julio Salazar, ahora estamos llevando este caso
    >> a
    >> >> corte, decidi contactarlos ya que ustedes son
    >> una
    >> >> esperanza para mi porque no se puede ser
    >> posible que
    >> >> permitan que personas como Julio Salazar siga
    >> ab
    >> >> usando de su nombre de Primerica mitiendo ante
    >> una
    >> >> corte ante un Juez de su hipocrecia tengo
    >> cartas
    >> >> firmadas por el de se haria cargo de pagarme mi
    >> >> denero mas haria los pagos a la compania Dell
    >> de la
    >> >> comtadora, no a pagado la deuda tambien aruino
    >> mi
    >> >> credito mandandome a colleccion por falta de
    >> pagos a
    >> >> DEll. me siento desesperada ante esto ustudes
    >> como
    >> >> una organisacion tienen que ver con las
    >> personas que
    >> >> trabajan en su compania se supone que ustedes
    >> estan
    >> >> para ayudar atravez de quienes lo representa
    >> mas sin
    >> >> embargo el Sr. Julio Salazar perdica su nombre
    >> de
    >> >> Primerica ante las leyes de este pais, por
    >> favor
    >> >> digamen si me pueden ayudarcon esto y hablar
    >> con
    >> >> Julio Salazar y con Rafael Mejia de como pueden
    >> >> permitir que pase esto dentro de su compania de
    >> >> Primerica es un verguenza que personas como
    >> Julio
    >> >> Salazar reclute personas solo para
    >> >> estafarlas.gracias por su tiempo
    >> >>
    >> >> loan. $2723.00
    >> >>
    >> >> Dell computer now. $2046.22
    >> >>
    >> >> total; $ 4769.22
    >> >>
    >> >> phone [protected]
    >> >>
    >> >>
    >> ------------------------------------------------
    >> >>
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    >> >> Receive Notifications of Incoming Messages
    >> >> Easily monitor multiple email accounts & access
    >> them
    >> >> with a click. Visit [] and
    >> check
    >> >> it out!
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    >> email if you are going to
    >> > reply to this message.)
    > Thank You.
    > CallAtlanta Billing.
    > (Please include your solution number and this email if you are going to
    > reply to this message.)

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  • Pf
    PFSSmokingGun Jul 10, 2009

    Sadly, you're right in all that you said. But there are some things you need to know.

    1st - You need to know exactly what you are dealing with. PRIMERICA is the classic MLM. MLMs eventually evolve into a cult-like movement that brands everything else other than its own teaching as evil. MSNBC did a wonderful piece on Quixtar (Amway in disguise), and the similarities between a big Quixtar/Amway function and a big PFS rah-rah-rally are scary to say the least. So, systematically, if you get tied into this "system", it will slowly and ever-so-gently remove your God-given ability to think independently.

    2nd- One of the most powerful weapons you have on your side is FACTS. If anyone is mixed up in this MLM, they will have what is known as POL-Online. Log on to it, and force your budding new Primerica agent to read the cashflow scoreboard which will tell in plain language what everyone is earning. Regardless where you go, there will be very few fat cats at the top of the pointy-point dangling the "passive-residule income" carrot in front of every other broke/starving agent. By having teams of loyal followers who are willing to work for the carrot, they make money. The problem with this is the same as any other MLM, the older the MLM gets, the fewer the people who will ever get to the top of the pyramid.

    Another fun-fact about Primerica is this - externally they boast over 100, 000 agents, and internally they boast around 20, 000 new recruits each month. And when they brag to each other, it is almost ALWAYS about how many recruits they have for the month and never the INCOME that they earn. Where do the new recruits go? I mean think about it, the total number of agents hovers around 100, 000, yet recruiting is going up. And on top of that, for 2008, some reports suggest that the total number of recruits went up while the number of agents actually dropped slightly. Tell me then, where do an estimated 240, 000 new people every year go? Low incomes and potential drive them out, and you need 240, 000 heads every year to just keep the average number up. And that translates into a certain loss for the rank & file agent who is trying to get along in the world.

    3rd - You have to love the family member who is getting tied up into cult thinking. You have to lovingly hit them with facts, and they have to be shown a little each day what is happening. And they have to be won out of the system a little bit at a time.

    How do I know?
    I was there.
    And by God's grace I was freed from cult thinking.

    One more thing...If Primerica survives 2009/2010, that is, it is not shut down rather than sold outright from the CitiHoldings portfolio, you need to be there to pick up the pieces and to prevent your PFS agent from getting sucked into whatever rushes in to fill the void.

    7 Votes
  • Cr
    Crissie B. Jul 06, 2009

    DUE to this WONDERFUL business/joke I am going threw a divorce at age32 with four children 9, 7, 4 and 2 and living with my parents. My ex husband has a Masters degree but will NOT get a J.O.B because he is SOLD OUT on Primerica!! We lost our home and now it has split our family up. VERY VERY SAD!! RUN AWAY when you hear PFS.

    5 Votes
  • Ju
    Just Me Jun 14, 2009

    I was once with Primerica. In my opinion I found a better opportunity with HBW Insurance & Financial Services. It wasn't an emotional decision to leave Primerica it was a business decision. When I bring people on my team I just give them the information and let them decide what's in their best interest.

    Primerica is not a scam, they just have their way of doing business and people can just take it or leave it.

    -1 Votes
  • Co
    copernicus2009 Jun 12, 2009


    Agreed. It's quite sad, really.

    -2 Votes
  • Ap
    appleipodsucks Jun 11, 2009

    Is there anyone here who is not a whole life/cash value insurance salesman?
    I know you are all threatened by primerica because they're opening eyes as to how your insurance companies have been screwing the public.

    Maybe we can get some honest feedback.

    -5 Votes
  • Co
    copernicus2009 May 23, 2009

    It's sad to see how many people base their opinions off of a company simply because "someone else" said its bad or they didn't get instant money.
    This is why we will be financially independent and you will have to punch a time clock everyday. Not trying to be mean, just being honest.
    Thank you for your time.

    -5 Votes
  • Mz
    mzpaid May 01, 2009

    Well im not suprised at how completely closed minded the great majority of people are. I used to work for quite a few huge mortgage companies, I know and have worked in investments and have always seen fit to do my homework in all other aspects of financial planning. I can say as someone who as seen both the inner workings of banks and various lenders and that of Primerica. For all you consumers out there Countrywide now extinct and one with B of A drove their business by doing what was best for the company ensuring Angelo Mozelo kept obsene amounts of money rolling into his pockets and shareholders. I was once a Loan Consultant for them and was daily instructed to offer the worst products to the most innocent customers who were truly dependent on me to do what was right as they knew nothing about mortgages and I got paid well for it. Their key words BE VAGUE, dont believe me call Bank of America today and tell me ow satisfied you are when you give them your money to refi and you never get a call back and end up in a loan with hidden points and fees that they will secretly sneak into your loan. Has anyone tried to call their morgage company and ask them to help you put together a plan to get out of debt where you can be helped with your mortgage, debt, investments, life insurance, home and auto insurance and if you have more month at the end of the money and cant achieve your goals will your mortgage company offer you a way to make the difference. The answer is HELL NO! Primerica even behind closed doors pushes the idea of helping the consumer 100% of the time if we can NOT help you then we dont do business with you period! This field is not for everyone just as everyone cant be a doctor or lawyer or architect or construction worker or any other occupation you can name; but it is a fantastic opportunity for the right people. I feel great about what I do and I make a great living doing it. The way you will always know when there is a crusade happening or when something that goes against everything and is right is happening is when you see things like this when people try to persecute what they know nothing about or better what they do not understand. Some agents go about things the wrong way I do not doubt that but I have never had to pressure anyone into anyting I chose this route and I make 10, 000 per month at 22 yrs old with 2 children. Do your research a little better if your husband hasnt done well its probably because he didnt have his star player ' YOU' to support him and help build the business behind every great man theres a great woman I guess we can all see why your mans greatness is falling short. For anyone considering the Primerica opportunity do all the research you can before hand develop a passion for what your doing and if you allow these dumb bloggers to stop you from seeing for yourself then your in for a world of trouble never trust anyones information but your own!

    -9 Votes
  • Ro
    rookie Apr 28, 2009

    It's really too bad there are so many people that are putting down Primerica as they are. I have been a rep for about 2 yrs, and only started actually "working" in the last couple of months, and already, been promoted.

    If all of you that have been putting this company down have lots of money to hand off to big companies to get help with your investments, great, and if you already know how money works, great.

    It is true that most people in this company don't do anything. But here's the thing, if you go to your "job" and don't work, will your employer really keep you and pay you? Probably not.

    We simply give a chance to people that want a chance. We are NOT promising results.

    Same as joining a gym, just because you join the gym doesn't mean you get in shape. You actually have to watch you diet, go to the gym and work out.

    I am guessing most people putting us down are either competitors that are losing sales to us, or people that signed up, but didn't do anything.

    For anyone new looking at this opportunity, check your facts of this business, and do yourself a favor, don't check forums, check credible business references.

    And I don't mean [redacted] either. they will post anything bad on anyone.

    Hope this was usefull.

    -4 Votes
  • He
    heart&soul Jul 29, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @rookie Hey listen I had personal experience with this company. The rep ripped me off of my retirement fund while being this so called friend she destroyed my initial investment application rewrot e it and forged and change d the information I gave her. So don't even try to say any positive things about this company. BTW Prim Erica can tell forgeries but had chose to have a blind eye.

    0 Votes
  • Ca
    Canerie Yellow Sep 23, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @rookie Hey Lady Why was asked to go to a man & his wife's new business money concept with teaching kids with toys. They used this on me since I'm a teacher's aid. By the way I was @ Walmart customer service. When I got to your so Great opportunity scam the ppl where bored & spaced out in the meeting. When I walked in bulbs of energy started going off. They were extra overly nice & kept saying I belong. A lady took me in a small clutter room & we talked one on one. They were trying to convence instead of hiring me & asked for 5 family friend references. The lady asked me those saving money questions that turned into life insurance & college intuition for couples kids. When she then told me it would only cost me 99 & 25.00 a month I asked to work? Yeap to certify me. She said aren't you tired of living Pay check to paycheck? Why would you like 100 dollars stop you. Lol if you are Great & are millionaires why would charge ppl to work there? Oh by the way the guy never started this with his wife. They were not leading the meeting when I arrived they are pawns too who tried to recruit me. After the lady saw I wasn't impressed & didn't get my credit card. She asked me what am I not understanding. Dum a.. b**** your Are Not Making Sense. Not hooked try Again...I felt like they had me trapped & didn't want to let me out my sight. I asked to use the bathroom & go get my phone charger & I was followed by the guy who invited me to come. They are like a cult & all agree it's fake. They are phony to get you to join a life of miserable minions waiting for the Jackpot that never comes. The VP is the only one eating fat happy dressed up smiling & not doing Jack.The guy lied to me about a new toy on money concepts. That dumb fool also offered to pay the 100 for me since I told the lady I was broke. I had cash & credit cards. Why are they giving me handouts because he is a pawn in the Ponzi scheme. I had surgery 3 days after. He keeps calling me like a telemarketer & I told them I had foot surgery on both my feet. They seem pretty desperate for Millionaires. Oh yeah I definitely belong there is what they keep repeating when they tried to hold me hostage... Don't give them a Dime...Run Forrest Run...I'm not Dumb or Desperate enough but they still are calling me like Crazy. His name is Chris Fremont CA. Do not get sucked in it's off Automall Parkway. Warning they use the 72 Rule. My cousin husband almost got hooked years ago she made him leave. I her my experience I hear they be doing scams for years & have advanced their lies & ways to get you in. My family was surprised they are still doing it. Shame on you Lady

    1 Votes
  • Ca
    Canerie Yellow Sep 23, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @rookie You have lost your mind when you get out that sunken place & come back to the lunchroom you'll be better... Or you are at the Top of the Pyramid my lady

    0 Votes
  • Su
    Susan Mar 03, 2009

    My Son was contacted by an Ex Boyfriend, so I did my research showed it to my Adult Son so he could make his own decision, I spoke with the X told him I am not interested and left it @ that... He recently contacted me again and I stupidly mentioned to him I had just been laid off from my job... I sent out another EMAIL and this is the response I just received on 3/2/09;

    I don't care how much you think you know.Do you think I would get involved with something bad? Susan you really don't know me! I'm shocked how stubborn and negative you have become. Do you think going back to school is going to help you. Honey you need a reality check! Companies don't want to hire people our age! they can hire some kid out of school for half the salary. Susan I know this is harsh to write this way, but I think your not being realistic. Good luck and have a great life. I wish you all the best! this will be my last draft. I won't open your E-mail again so please don't respond. you will just be wasting your time.

    3 Votes
  • Lo
    Lorena Feb 14, 2009

    My marriage was already on the rocks and we agreed to work on it after he retired from his civil service job. A friend of his introduced him to Primerca and the representative came out to our home to go through the term life insurance plan and FNA. Instantly my husband was hooked, but I was a little skeptical about it all. Needless to say, the hours he spent working for PFS didn't help our marriage and he told me at one point that if I wasn't on board with him in joining PFS, then I wasn't on his list of priorties. We are now getting a divorce and I'm looking forward to it.

    5 Votes
  • Dh
    Dhanush Feb 12, 2009

    Thank you very much mam. Internet is both a curse and a blessing. The need of the hour is to think critically. Primerica is basically a commission based business. And its true that when you pass the Life licensing exam you don't get the Financial advisor designation, which is the starting point. I'm a student nearing graduation. I was approached by a Primerica representative in a career fair. When i went for a conversation face to face with the rep. i found out that this guy was working as a primerica rep for 9 yrs and is still a REPRESENTATIVE. Just this little twist gave me the indication that there's something wrong. And i was true when i searched on the internet after reaching home. Try to tell as many people as you can to avoid Primerica before they fall into trap.

    I f your husband is so attracted to commission-based businesses to make big bucks, then tell him to appear for Stock Broker series level exams. Its harder than life licensing exam but there's a potential for earning something by the end of the day. God bless!


    6 Votes
  • De
    Denise Nov 21, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I feel so much empathy reading your thoughts toward Primerica. Listen to you heart, you are right on the money. My husband started Primerica close to 10 years ago. He's always had a good job that supported our family; however, he wanted more. I was apprehensive about Primerica from the beginning because of how pushy and condescending the man over the local operation was. My gut said ... RUN. My husband was a man of character, great father, husband. I knew he always dreamed of making money somehow besides his job and accepted this because we were paying the bills with his regular job. Once he got into their program he also changed. We attended a very large church where he was well known. To my horror, he started using the church roster as contacts for Primerica. Every person he came into contact with was a potential sales prospect. It's hard to articulate but it really changed him. He became disinterested in his family life, but whenever I would approach him about it we would have an argument. There is definitely an element of mind-control. He never made more than $5, 000 per year. It tore apart our family.

    I pray your husband will find something else.


    5 Votes
  • Tr
    Tropical1009 Nov 05, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @Denise My gf is also involved with priamerica very . She goes on short weekend trips to nj to listen to speakers about 4:or 5 times in a year I know her. She goes to meetings a few times a week. She is obsessed and only had maybe 2 clients. It is really starting to affect our relationship and she doesn't even see it. I bought it up to her and she doesn't seem any problem. Was just upset she hasn't had many clients. It really seems like a Colt!!!

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  • Tr
    Tropical1009 Nov 05, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @Tropical1009 And she even tried to sell me life insurance. It was very sneaky.

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  • Kc
    KCampbell Nov 11, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Thank you for your information. I was contacted everyday for over a week my this company. I finally agreed to an interview because the guy was so nice and persitent. Wanted me back today. Not going! Thank you so much for sharing. It saved me a great deal of grief and time!

    8 Votes

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