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I was booking a hotel with Priceline using a laptop. My computer dropped on the floor and become a black screen, so I use the mouse to randomly click and accidentally hit the cancel button. The booking and canceling happened within an hour. I called the Priceline customer service right away to explain I did not mean to cancel the rooms and I want to keep that order. However, they still want to charge me $277 for that cancellation. According to FTC's Cooling-Off Rule, I believe I am entitled to the full refund of the cancellation fee.

C - car rental extra charges

Hello. I search for weeks find a good prices for car rental I was only going to have it for 4 days and didn't want to pay an arm and a leg when $39 a day popped up today for Priceline. I was so excited I was getting ready to pay the 248 total and when I went to check out after my card info it switch to 389 and immediately charge me I couldn't go back! I chatted with a Priceline specialist and I tried called to speak to a manager which I guess was unavailable and they said there was nothing they could do about it so now I'm paying $389 as opposed to 248 money that I do not have and there's nothing I could do about it I will never in my life use Priceline!! I called immediately after it happened within 5 minutes it is not my fault the page changed I would no way in heck ever pay that much money for a car rental especially because I'm not going to be using it that much. - my luggage got stolen from my hotel room

We checked in 4PM, the front desk gave me a room, rm 307, a one bed smoking room and very far away. As my wife has mobility problem, Immediately we want to cancel the reservation but the front desk lady said the room was booked by Priceline, we could not change it. When we wanted to walk away to different hotel, she gave me a room right next lobby on first floor. After we came back from dinner, our luggage were stolen, everything were gone, most of all, without medication my wife were so sick until we got home in California.

I called police and police report indicated the clerk was not cooperative.

I want you guy to change the rating of the hotel so less people will hurt.
Also the way Priceline Customer Service handle this incident is just to ask the Hotel manager to call me. I have placed many chat and phone calls to Priceline Customer Service and Hotel, same result, the Hotel manager never called me.
Until I put a very bad survey to the Hotel, then Hotel manager called me.

And I like to have compensation for my lost of luggage just like Airline lose bag.

Here is my detail of reservation and the Priceline request number

Customer Care Consultant.

Please call us at [protected]
enter the following information:
Your request number [protected].

Thursday, June 21, 2018 (03:00 PM)
Check-out: Friday, June 22, 2018 (11:00 AM)
Hotel Address: 7393 W Jefferson Ave
Lakewood CO, 80235, United States
Hotel Phone Number: [protected]
Number of Rooms: 1 Room
Reservation Name: Room 1: Jim Kuo
For 2 Adults

Hotel Confirmation Number: [protected]

Jim - customer service

Last October I had a terrible stay at a hotel booked by Priceline.
Priceline admitted the mistake an gave us a 30% coupon to make up for it.
We finally had time to go away again and found a vacation to book and all of a sudden a whole bunch of new rules were thrown into the mix.
Well second vacation ruined by priceline!!
You guys have to be written off,
I will be posting my story everywhere because you guys are simply dishonest - car rental #[protected]

I made this reservation of Hertz car in Brisbane Australia through you today.
By mistake I entered the wrong date for pickup: July 22nd - instead of the correct date July 23rd. Since there is a full month before the date of the rental and because the term of the rental said that it is subject to cancellation or modification I assumed that it should be no problem to change it or cancel it. However, when trying to do this I found that it is impossible. When I contacted your agents they referred me to Hertz. But Hertz representatives insisted that since the reservation was made by you and pre-paid to you - they cannot modify or cancel it. I spent over 90 minutes on the phone with both Priceline and Hertz representatives on this and they kept running me back and forth each saying that it is the other company's responsibility.
I would appreciate if you could sort this problem ASAP.
Yoav Dotan

Update by Yoav Dotan
Jun 23, 2018

I made this reservation of Hertz car in Brisbane Australia through you today.
By mistake I entered the wrong date for pickup: July 22nd - instead of the correct date July 23rd. Since there is a full month before the date of the rental and because the term of the rental said that it is subject to cancellation or modification I assumed that it should be no problem to change it or cancel it. However, when trying to do this I found that it is impossible. When I contacted your agents they referred me to Hertz. But Hertz representatives insisted that since the reservation was made by you and pre-paid to you - they cannot modify or cancel it. I spent over 90 minutes on the phone with both Priceline and Hertz representatives on this and they kept running me back and forth each saying that it is the other company's responsibility.
I would appreciate if you could sort this problem ASAP.
Yoav Dotan - hotel reservation

Last night I booked a room in Medford, Oregon (Priceline Trip Number: [protected]). When I arrived at the hotel, the clerk said that there were no rooms available. I asked if he'd received the reservation. He said, yes, but that there were no rooms available. A man standing behind me overheard the conversation and asked if his reservation would be honored. "Yes, " said the clerk. "I have rooms for everyone else; just not for Priceline." The clerk said that Priceline routinely books rooms that are not available. After the encounter, I checked, that the hotel was still available on Priceline but the rates had increased. I called Priceline to ask what was going on. The representative called the hotel and reported back to me that the clerk had offered me a room at another property. I told the Priceline rep that that wasn't true; that he'd only recommended that I try a Motel 6 down the road. The Motel 6 is known for prostitution and drugs. The Priceline reviews are quite bad. I declined.

Later that night, I received an email confirming that my reservation had been cancelled, but warning me that this was an unusual case and that I should not expect a refund in the future.

I'm incredibly frustrated. Why would Priceline book rooms in a hotel that does not honor those reservations? I ended up driving an hour to a friend's house. I use Priceline a lot. Please tell me why I should trust Priceline in the future? And why Priceline does business with hotels that don't honor their reservations or their customers?

Cael Weston
[protected] - service/charges

My name is Faye Haddad and after being on the road for hours this morning with two infant children I submitted an online reservation at for they Hyatt at Plymoth Meeting. Upon submitting my CC info I received a message saying invalid card so I resubmitted my CC info and got the same message so for the 3rd time I entered my CC info again and still got the same invalid card message. Instantly I received a call from BOA about 3 pending charges in the amount of $165.00 each.
After speaking with BOA I was advised to call Priceline where your first rep told me that Hyatt website was updating inventory.. fair enough, BUT that is NOT the message I received. Had I received that message I would not have resubmitted my CC details 3 times... Priceline submitted false information - terrible business. I asked to speak to a supervisor regarding this and I spoke with Ian who told me to take it up with my bank which is poor customer service saying that the charges are pending and will drop off in 5 days... well that's all good and dandy but NOT my problem... he offered to call BOA but then asked if I was comfortable giving my fill CC details.. ABSOLUTELY NOT!! why would I trust Priceline or their rep with my personal details when they falsified information regarding the reservation I tried to book... I asked for his supervisor and was transferred to Josh, ID nbr 5260462who basically repeated what Ian ID nbr 526046 said and that is all he could do. He kept insisting that the bank will drop the charges and that Priceline is not the one holding my funds but rather my bank... HOW??? BoA wouldn't not have pending charges if Priceline didny submit them? Seriously!!! He then offered to conference call BOA to have funds released. He at least did not ask for my personal info like Ian... again clearly me giving Ian my personal details was not correct protocol as Josh didn't. BOA rep, confirmed that they do not remove holds. Josh asked to speak with a supervisor at BOA, well that was not up for debate- THEY DO NOT REMOVE HOLDS...
So, here I am on the road with 2 infants, still no reservation, my money tied up with Priceline for 5 business days and ALL Priceline could do was tell me it's not their fault and that I should attempt to rebook after refreshing the page. How do they suppose I do that when 500.00 on my CC is being held for the next 5 days. I CAN NOT make another reservation because of the hold. Priceline has caused my children and I to have to sleep in out car. Did not assist in contacting the hotel or offering a reservation for us. BAD BUSINESS. I will NOT be using Priceline ever again and I will be sure to share my situation publically. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES. - hotel booking

I booked a 4D3N trip to the The Park, Calangute, Goa via for 5th-8th July 2018 for 2 people. When I booked the trip, I received a summary of the invoice saying the total cost is 35, 700 INR. It also mentioned that the money can be deducted anytime after the booking. The next day(9th June 2018) when I see my credit card transaction, it says 45, 696 INR have been deducted from my account. To my surprise, I called to check if it was a mistake. The first person, Marta B. told me its a mistake from Priceline and I can cancel the reservation if needed. As I wanted this reservation, I asked her if the extra charge can be refunded and she hung up on me. Next time I call and Simon attended my call. He said he will ask the property if anything can be done as these are the taxes deducted via the property. I told him that NO WHERE IN MY EMAIL CONFIRMATION AND MY ITINERARY IT IS MENTIONED THAT I WILL BE CHARGED ~10, 000 INR more than what was showed to me in the mail. He told me the taxes will be refunded but I ill have to complete the trip. Instead, I can cancel the reservation for free.
When I asked them to cancel, I received no response.
I call them on 11th June, ask them why the reservation is not cancelled. To my surprise, they tell me now the reservation is not free and priceline is not responsible for any extra charges deducted from my credit card. They were plain rude and told me that I should have checked the property's page before booking.
If I had to book directly from the property, I would not have booked it via at all.
Now they are telling me that if you cancel the reservation, entire amount will be charged.
This is worst of the customer service I have received so far. Such fraud has never happened with me. Priceline refuses to take responsibility of this and tell me that they cannot answer my questions!

I am never going to book anything again via and I will make sure no one else around me books it as well.

I also think that just because I am an Indian, they are being racist and do not want to help me! - car rental

I purchased a car rental through, with Alamo. About 3 hours later I went to pick up the rental but was turn away before even being processed. Unless you have a round trip ticket the airport rental car companies such as Alamo will not take a debit card. I'm not sure why this policy exists but it does, and they wouldn't even take a large deposit.
Priceline would only give me a partial refund. They wanted to charge me a $69.00 cancelation fee, almost 33% of the cost, for a reservation that was at this point about 4 hours old and for an issue that was not my fault.
I will deal directly with my bank and get a full refund. After the inconvenience Priceline has put me through they want to charge me almost $70.00. Not if I have to say anything about it. - airfare booking

I booked a roundtrip from Hartford to Albuquerque for August 3rd departure and an August 9th return. I am a disabled veteran attending the annual veterans golden age games. When I looked at all my info all was correct. Upon booking when I printed out the itinerary it said I was returning on the 8th I called but being it was late evening there was no one to take care of my issue. Needless to say when I finally communicated with someone the following day they said nothing could be done. I booked it 101 days before my departure date been trying to get someone to help and still no one can. Please help. I wait all year for this veterans reunion and now I'm having this problem that well make my trip not worth it cause the big day is the 8th when all the metals trophy and celebrations is held .

Good day Jose Lefty Allende!
There is insufficient data in your complaint (e-ticket/boarding pass/booking details).
It is addressed to noone.
In addition, Priceline is not the air carrier, nor the agent make discounts for veterans.

Such complaint can not be handled by anyone fairly.

I am not associated with .

manager for ICAO/IATA irregulation matters
e-mail: aryan(AT)
air.irregulations(AT) . - air flight tickets

I purchased two flight tickets on June 5th from Washington DC to Cairo through Priceline. When I went to check in at the airport, the person at the desk told me that I needed a visa in order to make two stops in Europe. I told them that I was not aware of that and they told me that the travel agency should have notified me of that requirement before booking. I called multiple numbers on my confirmation email and when my call was answered, I was told to call a different number. Finally when I got through someone with Priceline, about 1 hour of trying to speak to someone that can help me. The lady on the phone asked me many questions and was not aware of the visa requirement herself so I had to have someone at the airline desk at the airport speak to her and explain why I cannot take this flight because of visa restrictions. After a long discussion with her, she told me that it was too late to make any changes because the flight was about an hour away and would not help me. They told me that I would have to solve the issue at the airline desk at the airport. I asked to speak to a supervisor or a manager and I was put on hold for 30 minutes then hung up on. I then quickly went to the airline desk and they changed my flight to only have one layover in Europe instead of two and charged me about $1, 200. I don't think that I should be responsible for paying this amount. The travel agent at Priceline failed to tell me about the requirement while booking the flight and did not help me when I called the day of my flight to change it. I would like to request for a refund. My number is [protected].

Despite the said above correctly,
there are some issues, which the author of the complaint did not know and does not know.

If the author wants to present the claim and does not know the result, kindly send
1) your full name, city, email, phone for sms / evening contact (if any)
2) your above text, add phone number of the agent
3) e-ticket / receipt
4) boarding pass
5) page of passport, which show country and name
6) notification for refusal for the June 5 flight

I (we) can present your claim before the air carrier and and before the authority for small charges :-
1) USD35 before the claim, paybalr online
2) 10+% after the compensation is issued: it must be payable by fault party after the final decision is in force.

manager for ICAO / IATA irregulations
substitute antispam (at)[email protected]

It is your responsibility to find out what travel documents you need. Priceline is not a full service travel agency, that is why they are less expensive. You get what you pay for. - hotel “guarantee”

I was double charged for the hotel room ... once by Priceline and once by the hotel... the hotel billed me 101.00 and Priceline billed me 122.00 ... I promptly called Priceline to get my guarantee for the best price within 24 hours ... it was not a Priceline deal ... the Priceline agent proceeded to explain to me about profits that Priceline receives when booking an allotted amt of rooms... I told him I did not want to discuss profit and margins ... I just wanted my guarantee Priceline boasts about in their advertising... they did mention giving me a 5% discount voucher ... that was an insult ... I have to wait for my 101.00 ... they need to talk to the manager ... he or she was not responding ... - did not get what I expected

I used priceline deal express for a 4.5 star hotel for Miami Beach. The hotel chosen for my reservation was Royal Palms Hotel, which was a hotel I have stayed in before and did not have a good experience when previously stayed. I called customer service to express my concerns with hotel, stating that I would like to change my hotel and that I was even willing to pay extra to get the 4.5 star hotel that I was under the impression I would be getting. I even read reviews on your website for the hotel thinking maybe this hotel had been renovated or improved and majority of reviews were complaints of hotel cleanliness and 4.5 star rating was not the standard of this hotel.
I called customer service and stated my concerns with my stay and was told by the manager and his staff that I had to call the Hotel myself and state my issues, which I felt was not my job. I also expressed concerns for not wanting to wait until the day of my check in to handle this problem and not have any lodging and would have to find hotel to stay in. - airline reservation

I recently. purchased. a airline. ticket. from. priceline. to. fly. home to. norfolk va.
When. i arrived at the. airport. i was. given a bus ticket. and. told to take a coach bus to. chicago. ohare. to. catch. my. connecting flight. i was to fly out of mitchell airport. to. ohare and fly home to. norfolk. va. when i arrived. there. the. flight. changed. several. times. and. i did not. make it home. until. the. next. day. 2:00 am. my name. is. cassandra penson. my confirmation. number was h9vq4n and ticket number [protected]. i was very. irritated. with the. airport. experience. i had. and would. like to be. compensated. for the. terrible. experience. i encounter - registration

I booked a hotel thru priceline and my credit card was billed and the hotel has no record of reservation. Why? This is crap. The hotl called eden roc was called and no reservation was found. Why don't you have a valid contact number to reach you people? I waited an hr and nobody answered the phone poor business I want a contact number to talk to a human being and not a recording - hotel price drop and not credited

I recently booked a hotel through priceline and paid $111.99 on 5/17/18 the itinerary number #[protected] and upon checking out the hotel informed me that the price had dropped to $83.00 and the amount I would be charged $95.04 but after speaking to one of priceline reps I was told I would not be reimbursed because I paid in advance and would not be credited the difference I just feel that is not fair to me as a customer and feel if I am owed a refund I should get my refund. Your company advertise 100% lowest price guarantee but refuse to refund customers so in reality your company is getting over on the customers as well as the hotels that allow customers to book through you services your company is benefiting but no one else. my reference # from the hotel of the price change is #[protected]. I will never use priceline ever again and I will also go on your website and put in a review to help warn any new or returning customers to keep a look out for not being reimbursed for price changes to help someone not have to go through what I am going through at this moment. It not about the money it's the fact you don't stand behind you word. - sofitel gatwick uk

Sheets on the bed in this hotel, which we have used on 3 prior occasions and liked, finding it clean and quiet, were bloody on one side of the top sheet. Looked as though the person making up the bed had cut her or himself and not bothered to take care of tht and re-do the linens. We didn't discover this until quite late, and were only there for the night, having hiked in Italy the week before, and we were quite exhausted. This sight was pretty unpleasant! I took two photos of the problem that I'd be glad to send. I have also complained to Sofitel. - hotel booking

Hi there,

We had our most terrible experience with Priceline recently althou we have been a Priceline customer for more than 10-15 years. What happened was our flight was delayed getting from San Diego to Minneapolis on the way to Buffalo to visit Niagara falls over this Memorial weekend. Consequently we lost an entire day of vacation at the Minneapolis airport. Priceline never called us indicating rebooking except an email to contact Delta. So after our rebooking, we called our hotel out of courtesy to indicate we were going to be coming in the next day since we had prepaid for 3 nights and they indicated its fine. When we finally reached Buffalo, got our prepaid rental with Priceline and drove to our Super 8 inn in Ontario near the Falls on the Canadian side, hotel manager Ben indicated they have no documentation of our calls to the hotel and we were marked no show and so our prepaid 3 nights reservation was no longer valid. Priceline called him to confirm when we called them and they started fighting about who should cover us because of flight delay and even Priceline escalation contact indicated that we have to book hotel again since those charges cannot be refunded per the "policy". We were so hungry and tired at this point to argue for fairness and justice with the dreary and unhelpful hotel manager or Priceline that we hung up when they kept repeating. When I told Priceline I need a different hotel, they said we could negotiate a discounted rate with the same hotel manager who had been of no help this far. After dinner, unfortunately, we ended up booking another hotel thru Priceline ourselves since Priceline rep was not helpful anyway. All in all, we spent 1200 bucks for our 1 day of vacation from San Diego to the Falls. - hotel

I challenge any executive from priceline to stay at the extended stay in perimeter, ga
This is not a 2.5 star hotel! It idefinitely needs a remodel. Customers are definitely looking for a good deal but not at the expense of safety!
Be prepared to bring and extra pillow, blanket, house shoes because I couldn't tell you the last time it was mopped (I brought cleaning supplies and cleaned the bathroom before w used it).
Also bring your own toiletries including hand soap because additional upgrade is $10!!!
The room is reserved for a queen if you need a double it's $25 more at the hotel.
Priceline failed big time, last time we use them. The sad thing is we were in town celebrating our "25th" anniversary.

Oh and bring your own hangers and the breakfast is a take and go😳 possibly the worst hotel we've stayed in🤦🏼‍♀️ - car rental refused. left stranded

I used Priceline to book a rental car for birthday road-trip for my daughter and friends. I used the prepaid, non-refundable option as it was the cheapest and my dates and times were firm. I paid for the car upon purchase and called the rental company (Avis) the day prior to confirm my arrangements. Everything was set to go, I was told. I arranged a ride to drop me off at the airport (a 30 min one way trip) to pick up the car. I was told at Avis that I must show a credit card---even though I had purchased the car in advance, bought the insurance, and confirmed the information ahead of time. I do not have a credit card so this was important information! Avis refused to release the car. I called Priceline to see if they could help arrange another vendor or assist in getting the car with Avis. I was told the most they could do was cancel the reservation---but not without a cancellation fee! I did not want to cancel the reservation--I needed a car for the trip that was supposed to be leaving! I argued with Avis and Priceline with both vendors pointing to the other. In the end, I was left very upset, stranded at the airport, and without the necessary car for my daughter's birthday trip! I will not do business with Priceline or Avis again. I was treated rudely by the Avis employee and Priceline did nothing to help resolve the situation. I was basically charged a fee to be stranded and without the means I needed. I ended up having to call for a ride and booked on my own through another vendor. It cost me twice as much since it was a last minute booking. I felt swindled and mistreated. I have booked rental cars with only a debit card many times in the past and felt like this should have been made clear that this would not be sufficient with this company and Priceline should have helped make alternative arrangements if their company failed to honor the contracted business. At the very least, Priceline should not have issued a cancellation fee for something outside my control. It was a nightmare for me to navigate, caused a lot of emotional distress and inconvenience for me and others who had to make multiple long distance trips to pick me up from the airport after being left without transportation by Avis and Priceline.

On the Priceline website it states: "If the driver provides a bank debit card for the security deposit, it cannot be used as credit. The use of a debit card may also require a credit check at the counter." This would have been enough for any intelligent person to know to bring a credit card just to be safe; especially if the pick up point was so far away.

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