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Preferred Homecaremedical supplies

With a cancer diagnosis in 2013 I underwent a laryngectomy and removal of my voice box at UCLA R. Reagan Medical Center. After 10 days my husband brought me home to Las Vegas and to the care of visiting nurses and a myriad of DME equipment and medical supplies - all provided by and organized by Preferred Homecare.
I was a bewildered, needy patient who was immensely helped by your company.
In a few months the laryngectomy tube was removed and a voice prosthesis inserted. This allows me to speak but with difficulty.
My contact with Preferred Homecare was by email. The nicest, most efficient customer service representative, Lisa Halwix, Trach and Vent Coordinator, offered to receive my monthly supply orders by email, understanding that requiring me to dictate a list of needed supplies on the telephone would be a huge strain on my meager voice.
In 2014 I was diagnosed with lung cancer and was seen by a pulmonologist. Now I needed oxygen equipment and was referred to AA Medical, now AdaptHealth Co.
It did not trouble me to have two medical supply companies. However, in 2019 AA Medical had a billing problem which we could not agree on. I had to leave their nice employees and decided to put all my supply needs in the hands of Preferred. Lisa Halwix helped me with all my transferring needs. Every month I ordered from her, receiving the box of supplies within a few days. There were orders from physicians needed by my insurance provider, Aetna Medicare, and Lisa helped me with all the forms.
Oh, I did not take Lisa's caring attitude for granted. Frequently I thanked her and acknowledged that she was going above and beyond the definition of customer service.
Eight years have gone by, my lung tumor is stable but ever present, I sleep with oxygen from the concentrator, and every month I receive medical supplies. UNTIL NOW.
And NOW brings me to the point of this communication. We changed our insurance in January this year, choosing Medicare as our primary and Anthem Blue Cross as secondary. Suddenly my accustomed routine of medical supplies fell apart. There began a series (not merely one!) of phone calls from Regina Lozada in billing. She instructed me that I must see my doctor and submit from him to Preferred Homecare an approved list of supplies. After 8 years with little variation in my supplies. After assuming I was a valued customer with a Preferred file for all my details.
February dragged into March. My pulmonogist, overwhelmed with the Covid-19 crisis, said one of his nurse practitioners could easily handle this insurance issue since I was not at all ill. Papers were sent to Preferred. They were refused several times for signatures in wrong places, an objection refuted by the Lung Center doctors. In March I submitted an order to Lisa Halwix and then learned the sad truth: Medicare patients cannot be represented in their home state. I would have to deal with employees in Arizona. These people, represented by Ms Lozada in addition, now, to a Lisa Hill, insisted their forms were still not correct for me to be served by Preferred. AFTER 8 YEARS!! My doctors office manager tells me she deals with many medical supply companies here in Las Vegas and never has been treated as Preferred's employees did.
Finally in March it seemed I was going to be allowed to pay Preferred for tubing, masks, suction jars, etc., any supplies not fully covered by Medicare. I emailed my usual order for 5 or 6 items to 3 different people. This is what I was instructed to do: to Regina Lozada, Lisa Hill and MIT Supplies. That week my husband answered the phone to Lisa Hill, calling me with a question. I reminded her that speaking on the phone was so difficult for me. Could she not send an email? She sounded surprised and ignorant of my condition. AFTER 8 YEARS!! Does Preferred not have files on patients? Eventually I did receive that March order.
I write today not merely because I am so disappointed in a company which I thought valued me but also because on April 28 I emailed a second supply order, requesting a reply from Preferred having received it (a gesture Lisa Halwix did monthly as a courtesy). Today is May 5. I have received no reply and to date no supplies. Will they arrive?
Of course, I am taking recommendations from my ENT, my oncologist and pulmonologist for a change of medical supply companies. My leaving your firm won't be of consequence to you, but social media will read this and do I, how Preferred Homecare stays in business.
Joyce Goldin

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    Preferred HomecareO2 concentrator

    I have been on hold for 1 hr. trying to talk to SOMEONE at the Las Vegas office. I need some assistance with my O2 Concentrator. The alarm keeps going off.

    There is actually no excuse for this. What if I need this oxygen just to breathe at all.

    This is not the first time I have had trouble even getting the phone answered.

    Please respond.

    Donna Aldridge

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      Sep 09, 2020

      Preferred Homecare — Oxygen and respiratory supply service

      I have used this company previously when I lived in Buckeye AZ and now in Mesa AZ. I have never had such...

      Aug 29, 2020

      Preferred Homecare — Delivery

      Was suppose to have recieved my oxygen tanks today but no one even showed up I called about 3pm was told that...

      The complaint has been investigated and
      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
      Preferred Homecare — cpap billing and unethical approach

      When I notified the RT that I was changing insurance companies and that I wanted to self-pay-to-own my CPAP...

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      Preferred Homecare — cpap supplies

      Dr ordered a new c pap machine. They brought out a busted broken machine with nasty fluids on it. My son i...

      Preferred Homecare — ordering supplies

      Need C pap supplies. Have called for days. Go for hours holding, no one comes to answer. I'm in need of my...

      Preferred Homecare — preferred homecare delivery

      I have medical power of attorney over my father and he is awaiting a lung transplant and has 2 appointment...

      Preferred Homecare — patients transitioning to new vendor due to branch location closing

      My name is Michael Moctezuma, I have been a client receiving trachea and vent supplies from your company for...

      Preferred Homecare — follow-up to "hypoxaemic/copd" patient not receiving oxygen

      On Monday 10/23/17, another call to Las Vegas branch, demanding a manager. Finally got through to "Keith"...

      Preferred Homecare — oxygen order for hypoxaemic/copd patient not delivered

      Ordered 13 tanks 10/18/17 for next day. Never recv'd on 10/19/17. Called after hours & told order had "not...

      Preferred Homecare — prescription for oxygen tank

      Every month we get a letter about needing a prescription for the oxygen tank. So I got one and mailed it...

      Preferred Homecareunauthorized debit card charge

      I feel so disgusted and sad at the way the customer service rep and his "supervisor" spoke to me today. There was suddenly a charge for $121.00 on my debit card today. I have the paperwork from when I received my cpap machine December 20th, 2016. I paid $50.00 at that time and agreed to pay $35.00 x 4months on my debit card. those payments came out, ending in April 2017. Low and behold I wake up this morning and this fraudulent company took $121.00 from my account today, no warning, no bills, no calls, they just decided to auto deduct this from me. When I called I could not get a straighter answer, first the insurance denied, oh no no not that, it's your deductible. yea that makes sense my insurance cycled again in January. I was told "they aren't my personal banker" and how if I wanted money taken from my HSA that's what I should have used then. I was also told, and I quote "you agreed to this when you provided your debit card number" ummm no don't think so I agreed to $35 for 4 months, not bill me as you wish!!! I hung up on the supervisor and called my bank. I've blocked all charges! and I'm disputing this charge. you all should be ashamed of yourselves. I will be ordering future supplies elsewhere, you all are scammers and frauds!!!

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        • Du
          Duncan O'Connell Jul 07, 2017
          This comment was posted by
          a verified customer
          Verified customer

          I had a similar experience. When I first spoke to them in March, they quoted me $59 at pickup, then $6.81 a month rental. I get to my appointment and I'm told, oops, it's $66.25 now and $13.63 a month (doubled plus a penny), but no-one could explain why the price changed. I went ahead with it because I prefer to keep breathing while I'm asleep.
          A month later I got my first invoice. $360 for March and $90 for April. I called them and was told that my insurance deductible needed to be met. I said, no, that is not what I agreed to. I told them to either fix the invoice of come get the machine. They said they'd see what they could do.
          May arrived, and with it, another $90 invoice. I called them again and told them to come get the machine, because it's obvious they can't or won't fix the billing. They said OK, but never showed up.
          June. Now they've apparently "fixed" it, because the invoice is for $13.63. Only problem is that the other invoices are now "past due" at their original amounts, with a total balance of $550. I called again, and was told (again) they would come get the machine. Never happened.
          July 5, they tried to charge $180 on my card that I'd made the original payment with. I'm glad I had already put a stop payment on them.

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        Preferred Homecare — cpap machine

        This is the worst company I have ever had to deal with. I requested that they pick up their machine. Then, I...

        Preferred HomecareOxygen concentrator and supplies

        First visit with a tech from preferred homecare never happened because tech never showed up to the hospital after I had been there the entire day waiting. My child started desating once home from the hospital because the tech who came out to the home set her equipment on the wrong settings and left my home. When i called to trying correct her settings three different Representatives gave me different incorrect settings so my daughter was left on her portable tank throughout the night and half of the next day till a tech finally came out and put it on the correct setting which was different from the setting 's each representative gave me over the phone the night before. I received adult canulas instead of the infant canulas I needed. I ordered tape for my daughters cheeks and received nasal tape. I ordered oximeter probes and received the wrong ones. Luckily I was able to reuse my daughters old one which stopped picking up her sats about 4 hours before I received the correct probes. I placed an order with a representative for supplies for my daughter and when I called to find out why I hadn't received my order the following day the rep told me looks like the order should arrive in 45 min. After I still hadn't received my order a few hours later I called only to have the rep tell me my order was never placed, that she didn't even see it in the system and I wouldn't receive it till two days later. 😲😠😲😠

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          Preferred Homecare — Power Scooter and nebulizer

          My doctor prescribed a scooter in Dec. 2015 as I need my 4th knee replacement and can't use a wheelchair as I...

          Preferred HomecareCpap monthly supplies late/orders lost

          I received a new CPAP machine 1/25/16. Between 2/25/16 and 11/25/16, delivery of CPAP supplies occurred In a timely manner, about the 25th of each month, However, in December a problem developed. Since 12/25/16 was both a Sunday and a holiday, I called Friday, Dec 23 to order my supplies. I was told they would be scheduled for 12/27. When 12/30 arrived and no delivery arrived, I called to inquire of the order. I was told they could find no record of the order. They reordered it with a 12/2 delivery date. I called for the Feb order the few days of Jan., and was told it would be scheduled for Feb 2. On Feb 1 I called to verify the 2/2 delivery. I was told it was scheduled for Fri 2/3. It failed to arrive. Since the next business day will be Mon 2/6, and that is uncertain, I believe it safe to say that, at best, the 30 day delivery interval has been stretched to at least a 34 day interval.

          In a day and age where even the smallest businesses have a customer order system via internet, Preferred Homecare is stuck in an unreliable, ineffective, customer order system where the person taking the order appears to be unaccountable for their ineffective efforts.

          The quality of the CPAP mask is inadequate to remain effective more than 30 days. Please attempt to actually deliver the supplies every 30 days in a timely manner

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            Preferred HomecareUnauthorized charges

            Originally my wife needed a tank and was approved by you all and was told that our monthly bill would be $8.57 a month, that was all. I watch my bank and on [protected] is when it run through. Then some time forward a bill for $14.00 came through on [protected]. Then a bill for $8.31 on 10-26-2016. Then a bill for $15.44. I then called to find out what was going on and they told me this is what it was going to cost from here on out. On 12-21-2016 I noticed a pending payment for the amount $123.48 showed up?? Which I called and ask what was going on. I was told that they sent me an email on 12-01-2016?? It did not exist?? My wife called to get a copy of the email and they could not produce and sent us a copy of a bill for $61.74 with AUTO PAY ON stamped across the front which I never received and said a total of $138.92 would be deducted on 12-21-2016. First thing I NEVER RECEIVED EMAIL OR STATEMENT before that...This was 2 days before Christmas...
            Number 1...TURN AUTO PAY OFF
            TURN AUTO PAY OFF
            Number 2...I agreed to pay $8.57 a month told by your people who delivered units...
            Number 3...I did not agree to Higher Amount too be withdraw-ed..
            Number 4...PreFerred HomeCare Claudia @ [protected] @ 10:30 am told my wife to contact our insurance company about it?????????
            Number 5...Called my bank and had the $123.48 on 12-29-2016 that this charge was NOT AUTHORIZED and to refuse payment...
            Number 6... I noticed a pending transaction today [protected] for $154.36...Again, NOT an AUTHORIZED PAYMENT or notice that it was coming?????
            Number 7...This is fraudulence and I will not authorize this payment...
            Number 8...TOO many inconsistencies and Not pre-approved by myself.
            Number 9...Official Notice on AutoPay
            TURN OFF or will be reported...
            Thanks for your time..Jerry / Spouse of Diane Addison Acct# UG171

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              Preferred Homecare — Portable oxygen concentrator

              In less than 3 months, I've had 5 of their portable oxygen concentrators die on me. They refuse to deliver...

              Preferred Care At Home In Mount Clemens, MichiganHome care

              I wish this website had zero star so I can give it to this company: “Preferred Care at home”.

              The worst home helper care I have never ever seen. They sent out an African American to help my 90 y/o mother. We don’t have any problem with the race. But the problem is she is very careless, ignorant, filthy and dishonest. She washed my mom’s dishes without dish soap. The grease was all over the dishes, pans and pots! Not acceptable…

              Anytime she washes my mother’s clothes, she spills the detergent all over the soap container and leaves it that way. She puts my mother’s soup containers in her fridge in a careless way, making the containers behind tip over and spill the soup. Anytime she puts my mother’s clothes in the dryer, she slams the door strongly and never removes the lint from the filter screen after she is done. This is dangerous. It may burn your dryer and burn your house down…

              She never reads the instructions to wash my mother’s clothes. She washed my mother’s 100% cotton sweater with hot water and put it in the dryer with high temperature, making the sweater small and became a 10 y/o size sweater…My mother was very mad because it is her favorite sweater!

              She is supposed to come to my house at 11am on Tusedays, Wenesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. She always comes late for her shift. But she always writes in daily book that she comes at 11am even she is 25 minutes late…

              The worst is that she is a very very DISHONEST person. She made up a lot of things not true about me and my family. On Sept 30, 2016, she went to Meijer to buy groceries for my mother. She left at around at 2:25pm and came back at around 4:25pm. I always left the door unlocked anytime she went shopping and I told her that before she left the house. We have a baby at home, sometimes I put baby sleep, I just don’t want her to wake up my baby by pushing the door bell. But when she came back she called her manager and told her and wrote on the daily book, I locked her outside in the rain for 30 minutes. It is a very big fat lie!. Our house has a very huge overhanging roof above the porch: it is 20’ deep x 30’ long. How could she stuck in the rain??? A big fat stupid lie! And then she said I locked her out for 30 minutes, finally my mother let her in…During that time, my mother was in her room, watching her TV, how could she open the door and let her in??? She came back home from Meijer at around 4:25pm and started unloading the stuffs, dumping everything under the very huge overhanging roof above the porch and then brought stuffs into my mother’s room and left my house at 4:55pm, done with her shift. How could she do this if I left her outside in 30 minutes??? It is big fat stupid lie!

              So you never know what she will do in your home when you are not at home with your loved ones! It is dangerous to have a very dishonest person around your house and your family…

              We called this company in order to change this lady many times but the case manager Debbie and marketing manager Mike never picked up my phone. We left the messages many times and they never returned our calls.

              In short, if you do want to leave your loved ones with a careless, ignorant, filthy and dishonest person at home, go with them. Otherwise, please don’t even bother to waste your time and your money.

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