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3:42 pm EST

Dr. Daniel Man Face lift, upper lip enhancement, neck lift.

Dr Man should have his license revoked! He charged me 22,800.00 for a face-lift and chin implant (THAT I DIDN'T NEED). I was over weight and developed diabetes. My doctor put me on a diet and I got down to normal weight for a petite 5'1" woman. The diet worked and the diabetes is gone...leaving me with "no elasticity in my 70's hanging skin",

I heard about Dr. Man and made an appointment. He told me I needed a chin implant! He said I have a week chin! I told him I didn't, but he said that the implant would help him straighten out the lines in my chin. I took a chance and trusted him.

He left stiches in for three months or so. My skin burned and eas quite ichy. I pleaded with him to take the stiches out, but he said they weren't ready! I had major surgery a few time, but never heard of leaving the stiches in where my skin was growing over the stiches. I

I paid for upper lip enhancement whish he didn't do. Right after the surgery where you would think my lips would be swollen, they weren't at all!

He is an arrogant, chauvinistic man they should retire. I can name a few more things that happened, but I don't want this to go into 20 pages! I now look like Jay Leno's sister. I wear a mask all the time to cover my chin area.

I called Dr. Man and said I have to have this implant removed. The second AND third opinions doctors saw my pictures before the surgery and they both agreed I didn't need an implant. Also, the two specialists told me that Dr MAN. Put the oversized implant in crooked leaving it loose enough for me to move it.

I told him I wanted at least 6,000 b

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3:05 am EST

Dr. Daniel Man Inmoral

Dr Man has no moral or integrity at all. His office is as [censored]house. He had no regrets protecting and keeping in his staff a RENZO CUTOLO who has no Certifications and according to him do most of the job that Dr Man should do, even after I talked to him about the completely inappropriate behavior and how he reached out to my husband with immoral texts and nudes.
Renzo Cutolo also was stealing products from the office but Dr Man didn't care at all.
Apparently as long as Renzo Cutolo keeps the secret of the excess of time of use of anesthesia and surgery room that is charged to the patients and as long as Renzo continue doing the surgeries that Dr Man should do and as long as Renzo doesn't disclose that many times they charge in cash with no report to IRS. EVERYTHING IS OK.

Desired outcome: Fired Renzo Cutolo letter apologizing

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3:35 pm EDT

Dr. Daniel Man Face saser neorgn lip lift.. Burn blood clod chop my nose

This Daniel Man, I cannot type 'Dr' because he is nothing but a butcher, arrogant, bad person., sarcastic, liar, won't take responsibility of his butchery PLEASE stop him and. HE MADE ME Aa many other woman invalids! Ho manny woman must suffer until you take his Madial license aways from him!? He made me a monster. y fave in burner .. he threatening all of the us that he wil sue us if we will write bad feet about him... is over 70 years old.. he made us sign ll those mil documents without us looking. i sing my document right after the surgery when was still on my antiscia, he ever gave me the copy of all these documents.. he told me, that i sign my life away to him and laugh at my face.. YOU must take his nd license .. stop him immediately.. how much pain and suffering and how many people more he mus leave as invalid until you will do something ;(

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Dr. Daniel Man earns 84% level of Trustworthiness

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12:26 pm EDT

Dr. Daniel Man hair replacement surgery

I came to Dr. Man to hair replacement surgery at the beginning of June 1019. A small strip of scalp from the back of the head is removed, the hair is harvested and the follicles are transplanted onto the balding areas. I had similar surgery done 15 years ago by another doctor and it went extremely well. Dr. Man assured me that he could replicate the same experience. He couldn't.
The nightmare begins with the incision. Even under local anesthesia I could feel him cutting. And it wasnt a smooth cut. He had difficulty cutting in a straight line. He seemed frustrated. It felt as if he were cutting steak. He also found it difficult to stitch up the incision. He was pulling the wound together with great difficulty.
The subsequent scar is grotesque and my scalp is completely numb. He seems to have severed the nerves in the back of my head. I do not feel my scalp at all. The scar is visible because the hair fell out around it and what hair is growing is growing wild! Its a nightmare! It gets worse.
Either because of this or some other mistake he made the hair that I had before my surgery is falling out. I have less hair now than when I started.
He is a butcher!

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8:54 pm EDT

Dr. Daniel Man surgery

He was somewhat pleasant in the beginning. Then after he received my money and performed my surgery it all went downhill from there. He put me in excruciating pain during the surgery and thereafter. I barely have any results from the surgery at all... I went back for multiple follow ups and did exactly what he suggested and recommended I do and I have nothing to show for it besides being left out of thousands of dollars. He is a terrible person with no care about his patients well being. He made me feel terrible about myself and has caused me to seek out another doctor to fix his mistakes... which is will never take blame for... he would just blame me or not have any explanation or reasoning at all. I don't know how any of the people in his office would work for such a terrible heartless person who treats his patients he way he does. It's just unbelieveable. He is rude, insensitive, condescending, unsupportive and careless. I will never step foot in that office again and neither will anyone I encounter who wants to see this type of doctor. He's just Awful and doesn't deserve a penny.

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9:37 am EST

Dr. Daniel Man poor surgical practice

My experience with Dr Man had been horrendous. He inflicted excruciating physical pain on me with no appropriate management and was insensitive to my suffering. He performed procedures I did not request and did not perform procedures he was paid and contracted for.

Currently, almost 4 months since my original facelift surgery, my lower lip pulls to the right, like someone who had a stroke, I have swelling and redness on the right cheek just below the right ear, both my ears are sensitive to touch, my nose is running all the time, my right side of the neck feels like it is too tight to turn my head, one nostril is bigger than the other and I have a small hole on the exterior part of my nostril.

I had such a terrible experience with Dr Daniel Man. Read about my experience before planning to have Dr Man touch your face with a surgical blade.

I came to see Dr Man for a facelift and doing my lower and upper eyelid. We discussed and agreed to have the upper and lower lids done and have a chin implant. He also suggested to do an upper lip enhancement, which I agreed to.

I had my surgery at Dr Man's office and stayed in the post op recovery suite for 3 days. During these 3 days, they provided me with frozen meals, which I could not chew. I had begged one of the nurses to get me soup, since I could barely open my mouth.

I drove myself home after 3 days and that's when I started to experience severe facial pains. My ears felt like they are on fire and I was not able to touch them . I had extreme and excruciating pain. I went through hell. My face was swollen and painful to touch with burning sensation along my chick bone and closer to my ears. I had expected the pain to subside over time and only experience numbness, but this pain was beyond control. I have not been able to sleep for days due to pain.

I had visited Dr Man's office frequently hoping he can treat my pain and ease my suffering. He had recommended that I would use gabapentin for nerve pain and also alternate Ibuprofen with Tylenol. I was on regimen every 3-4 hours with no relief. I also added Prilosec and yet developed epigastric / stomach pain and stopped all the pain medicine all together.

I was frustrated from the severe pain which the doctor only offered" it will take time" or when he offered " try some marijuana." I have not been eating from the pain of moving my jaw, inside and out, and lack of sleep, complaining that I can barely open my jaw and have the ongoing swelling and burning pain in my neck and ear. During this painful period I have lost 12 lb, I did not intend to.

When I came to see Dr Man for a follow up with these complaints, Dr Man suggested we get in to the treatment room and for him to see what can be done. He took me to a treatment room and tied my hands. He had an assistant in the room with him. He was injecting and opening sutures in the back of my right ear. The pain was unreal. I screamed in pain and asked him to stop. But, he kept going. I wanted to push myself off the treatment table, but I couldn't, because I was tied down. I thought I was about to pass out from the pain and begged for them to stop and release my arms. I felt the cutting and the suturing of the skin behind my ear. It was a torture. At some point I lost consciousness and woke up an hour later.

Dr Man said he though it all looked good, and that he had released a suture and hoped that would ease my facial discomfort and swelling.

However, the agony with the pain continued. My face continued to be swollen, red and sensitive to blowing air. A simple touch felt like it was on fire. For relief, I would place iced towels on my face. I was not able to tolerate being outdoors, or going anywhere without iced towels to my ears, neck and cheeks for weeks. I slept with iced towels on my face fore weeks.

A week later, I went to see Dr Man because of the same pain and pull of the left ear. He recommended I will take anti-anxiety pills and gabapentin. Indeed my anxiety was high- I was in constant pain. He had never offered me any narcotic pain control and insisted that the NSAID, and gabapentin should be sufficient.

I had very little sleep and ongoing excruciating left facial pain with swelling and redness. When I contacted Dr Man about this, he admitted me to Boca regional hospital with a diagnosis of cellulitis and stated that he wanted me to see infectious disease doctor and a plastic surgeon to rule out infection and to make sure the surgical site was appropriately treated. I had to go through another left ear surgery with release of " something" but he claimed all was good.

As time went on, I discovered some disturbing findings.

My upper lids were never done. He did operate on the lower lids but not the upper. In addition, he surgically operated on the ear lobe, claiming he thought I had too big of ear opening and decided to fix it. - With no consent

The upper lip enhancement left me with super sensitive and irritated site inside the left nostril and ongoing runny nose (which I had never had before) that further irritate the nostril interior and exterior part.

Dr Man also charged me for de-pigmentation treatment, for the pigmentation of my face. He did not perform that procedure either.

Currently, almost 4 months since my original surgery, my lower lip pulls to the right, like someone who had a stroke, I have swelling and redness on the right cheek just below the right ear, both my ears are sensitive to touch, my nose is running all the time and my right side of the neck feels like it is too tight to turn my head.

My experience with Dr Man had been horrendous. He inflicted excruciating physical pain on me with no appropriate management and was insensitive to my suffering. He performed procedures I did not request and did not perform procedures he was paid and contracted for.

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12:03 am EDT

Dr. Daniel Man fillers

My horror story began 15 months ago and I am still not finished with medical treatment for the damages incurred by this office and this so called doctor.
My story is a long one and my pictures are to graphic to post.
My advise is Consumer beware of the consequences when seeing this long over due to retire physician. I am scarred for life and my out of pocket medical expenses are off the charts.
The system protects these so called doctors and there is little recourse. I learned the hard and expensive way.
Yes, I have full documentation and pictures in my possession if the chance of ever opening up a case again. As of now, he is protected by the law and it is difficult to pursue a fair case by jury.
My eyes should have opened when I signed a waiver stating I would not sue, if there were differences between me and Dr. Man, for more than 200k and also I waived my constitutional right to a jury trial. I trusted him and just signed what was put forth.
Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, and I am here to state that will not be the case as I will not be fooled by an incompetent doctor.

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8:06 pm EDT

Dr. Daniel Man Dr. Man and his wife committed fraud against me

Dr. Man and his wife committed fraud against me. One of their many rental properties was released back to them and they refused to give me my security deposit. The house was actually inhabitable due to Windows not working doors not Sealing no fire alarms etcetera etcetera, there were 11 code violations in all. Rather than fix them they had me evicted it and didn't give me any money back, as an act of reprisal, as an act of retaliation. Somebody help me understand how a man of his stature can live with himself after robbing a man such as his. I have been victimized by muscular dystrophy and have three children with child support payments. He is a wealthy man, why does he have to steal from the blue collar? If anyone can answer that I'd be delighted.
Please contact me as I am planning a rally in front of his office with picket signs. Anyone and everyone who's been wronged by Dr. Man is welcome to attend. Or if you don't want to attend and want to help, then we could use some blank signs from Sign Warehouse. Please contact me for more information.
Ken LaFlamme

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10:27 am EDT
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Dr. Daniel Man - mel practice and negligence

Put the wrong size implants in. I asked for 500 ccs he put 800ccs. I asked for under the muscle and he put one under and the other over the muscle. he then tried to do three more surgeries on right breast to correct his mistakes and punctured my right implant several times and caused infection. i had to have both implants removed for eight months. i have...

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mel practice and negligence
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