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There have been other issues I've had with your company so I think this is the reason I'm writing now. One more little thing that is annoying that I'd like to share.

I have a rewards certificate that expired yesterday. This is for rewards for money I have spent with you in the past. I was informed that you will not extend the date of expiration as I have run out of the time allotted to spend by a day. Funny but the $25 rewards would have probably not gotten me much in the store. But I would have gone in and probably picked up several things thinking I was getting $25 off my entire purchase. But now I won't because you won't extend the expiration. I think all these minor changes (including that in order to make a return at the store I need my card) inconvenience the customer and relays poor customer service. More and more I'm shopping at stores like Crate and Barrel where everything is much easier.

Jun 05, 2019

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