Popeyes Louisiana Kitchencleanliness

S Sep 15, 2018 Review updated:

I went in to purchase a meal after a long shift at work, and there was a young lady mopping the floors while I was waiting for my food.
I watched her go into the washroom with the mop, and then continue to use the same mop from the washroom through to the dining area. Disgusting! At that point I didnt even want my food, because it made me wonder what other kind of disgusting things they were doing that I could not see? Now, the "mopping" she was doing was simply spreading around urine and who knows what else l around the floor where people eat their food.


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    MaryFreeman Sep 21, 2018

    It was on around 8:50 we stop by to get some chicken feed to kids one of them drunk something that was sitting on the table and she should have liquor in it I know it tastes like country Daddy's cranks before and it was at Popeye's it's a shame that your employer Sam's and drinking liquor just to feel good on the job who else knows what they do

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