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Popeyes review: food and manager (chris) - who says he is also the owner

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Popeye's Restaurant, store #7336, Sale number 409101, Sunday October. 2, 2016 @6:23 PM. Order number 401.
I am requesting a refund of $11. 00 I placed an order for one $5 box that was missing my side of Cajun fries, and 6 whole wings that were suppose to be spicy but were cold and mild. I also received a receipt that was not mine and contained orders that I had not placed. When I called to explain to the manager about my missing item and my incorrect receipt, the manager who said his name was Chris stated that yes I probably did get the wrong order but that I paid what was on my receipt and that I should have checked my receipt before I left so It was my fault. He said I need to bring him back the food then. I explained that I do not live in the area and that I live about 40 miles away and wont be back on that side of town for about 4 to 7 days. He then said that I need to bring the food then. I explained that I will not drive round for a week with food that can spoil in my car and that I can take a picture showing date and time of the food that I have. The Manger Chris said no spoiled or not I have to bring the food to the store before he will correct my order. At this time I was speechless that a manager of a restaurant wanted me to keep spoiled food in my vehicle and then bring it into the restaurant. I asked for the owners information at which time Chris said that he was the owner. He said that that was the policy of Popeye's. I was done talking to him and explained that I would be filing a complaint with the corporation and the BBB. I can't believe that Popeye's has a policy to bring a week old spoiled food into their establishment. I think that I should also file a complaint with the board of health because that cant be sanitary to even bring spoiled contaminated food into a restaurant. I have been a weekly regular customer of Popeye's chicken a different location for several months and I refuse to spend my money with this company again. I will tell my friends to tell their friends not to patronage this establishment anymore. Popeye's this is unacceptable! Manager / Owner Chris if that is the real name, you need to repeat the customer satisfaction class because I am very unsatisfied!
Angela G.

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