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50 cents for water & flour

I'm appalled of the amount of gravy they put on your potatoes, and when you ask for a little more gravy...

poor food, poor service, false advertising!

In june of this year my finance and I went to popeyes chicken for the first time while visiting niagara...

bad food preparation

On 7/13/07, I purchased chicken and an order of french fries from Popeyes on Boston Road, Bronx, New York.

Upon arrival home and opening the french fries, I found 5 shrimp mixed in with the fries. This is a very serious issue for me as I have life threatening allergies to shell fish. If these foods are going to cross contaminate, then Popeyes should advise their customers of this. I had to throw away the fries. I did not see any sign in the establishment addressing this.

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    717justin Dec 15, 2009

    I just ate there, I had the fried chicken. It made me sick as can be. I am very allergic to shellfish and they fry the popcorn shrimp in the same oil as the chicken. Places alway disclose things about peanuts but nothing about shellfish. applebees does the same thing to. It is very dangerious

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    M. Dew May 03, 2012

    I live in La Plata, MD and on April 30th I purchased 3 pc chicken meal with coleslaw & biscuit from the Popeyes in that location. A few hours after eating I began to experience a burning itch and developed hives. I am highly allergic to shrimp and did not realize the chicken and shrimp were cooked in the same oil. I thought this was against policy in restaurant establishments and am disappointed that Popeyes would not take care for the safety of its customers. I guess KFC will have to be my fried chicken place of choice from now on.

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Resolved nasty service at the drive-through!

My kids and I went to popeye's in memphis (Winchester road) last night to pick up dinner. We noticed a lot of cars in the drive thru and a line of customers inside at the counter also.

I really wanted to try the catfish basket, so we waited in line at the drive thru. We placed our order and I paid with my credit card. There was no mention of a delay in preparing my order until once they had my signature on the credit card slip, then things went down hill. She told me to pull up and that my order would be out in 1 minute.

Nearly 5 minutes later a worker came out but it was not to bring my order... It was to tell me to move further away from the restaurant's door because I was holding up their line! When I asked about my order, I was told that they were very busy and she didn't know how much longer it would take. Well it took over 10 minutes to get my order. By then I was totally ticked off. To add insult to injury, when I got home I noticed that they left off my biscuit and the shrimp basket, was actually a basket full of fries with a few popcorn shrimp on top. The person that took my order (And lied to me) was tenisha... Her name is on the receipt. Next time, i'll know better than to "pull up". It's either my food at the window or my money back on the spot!

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    tamekia williams Jan 14, 2009

    i was very disappointed very

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    Unknownname May 07, 2013

    I was waited on by deidrie and I she was very rude from the start. A truck in front of me just got done placing their order so I pulled up to the speaker after they were done. Someone said something over the speaker that wasn't even clear. So I thought they were talking to the person in the truck still at the window. So I waited and then they said it again but this time she yelled it at me! Ignored her rudeness and started placing my order. I pulled up to the window and she contined being rude. And slung the bag of food at me while only holding onto one strap and about poured the bag out! Left very upset I was treated that way and the whole time showed respect to her! Store number is 5478. Her name was Deidrie.

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Resolved unsanitary restrooms and poor customer service!

My wife and I recently went to Alexandria, La to shop. On our way home we stopped at the Popeyes on U.S.165...

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