PNC Financial Services Groupwithdrawal from atm pnc bank at turkey hill

On August 26th 2019 I reported to my Ace flare bank account about money not being dispersed to me but the ATM telling me it had. No aceflare had to cancel and report my card lost or stolen and also tells me that I have provided documentation for the claim which I have not. They provide me with a $400 provisional credit and give me a claim number now they put the $400 back on my card within 15 days as a credit while they investigated further into my claim I get a text message today from aceflare saying they did not find a bank error. Now they want to take $400 from my account. I don't know whether it was PNC Bank that has scammed me or Turkey Hill or aceflare now while I was there at the ATM there was another lady that had the same thing happen to her we tried talking to the manager at the turkey hill in Shamokin and she claimed it was out of her hands and couldn't provide me with a phone number or any information on the PNC Bank ATM machine. I have called NetSpend I have called MetaBank I have called aceflare my next call will be to Turkey Hill and then after that it will be too PNC Bank in after that I'm going to report it to the US attorney's office and the office of thrift supervision and the Better Business Bureau how can they say I received cash when I did not aren't there cameras everywhere at Turkey Hill and aren't there cameras on the ATM machine how can they figure that I receive that money? Ace flare pretty much called me a liar I will never do business with them again and when I find out more about PNC Bank and Turkey Hill management in Northumberland I will update more. Something shady is going on in Shamokin Pennsylvania Turkey Hill PNC and aceflare and I smell a lawsuit.

Oct 11, 2019

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