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My husband and I have been with PNC for 20 years. Today, when I logged in, the password kept auto-filling to an incorrect code. I was then locked out. I called PNC. As I have for 20 years whenever I had a problem logging in, I entered my account, my pin, sat through 5 different options, none of which applied and finally got to customer service. The MAN who answered had me change my browser settings (to no avail and which also caused me to lose all my passwords). I gave him account numbers, last transaction, my social security, my husband social security, the login and on and on. When HE could not figure out the logon problem, he told me he had to speak to my husband - who was at work and not home. I told the MAN this and he said I was not allowed to logon or fix logon to our joint account because I needed my husband's approval/permission or he needed to hear some man's voice tell him the same information. I guess I could have just grabbed any man off the street as how who you know? So this is not a security issues. I have had issues logging on before and had WOMEN who work at customer service help with the logon issues without my HUSBAND's permission. I talked to a WOMAN at the mobile banking on Saturday to deposit a check using my phone in the same mobile/online whatever account that today I was banned from Then, I went to the PNC branch in Abington, PA. Again, I was told I could not log on to our joint account - like I have been doing for years and just did YESTERDAY without my spouses approval. I had my spouse ON THE PHONE and the boy in the suit said he could not help me; he told I had my husband had to call to speak to your service department. Then he spoke to me about how he and his wife did their banking and how his wife couldn't use his card (like that was even what I was trying to address) and speaking to me as if I were a 5-yr. old, not a 53-yr. old woman with a Master's degree. Sexist much? Time for some anti-discrimination training at PNC. No More. Learn it; know it; live it.


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      Apr 02, 2018

    I have a Payee at this time. but I am in a law suit before had so freeze the account#3. a prorate it like my ssi at the local ssa office gov. 46902 kokomo, in 46902. Into cash-out banking of accounts under Payee accounts stand

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