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I opened a joint account with my son so he would have use of an ATM account while in college. We chose PNC bank because his college marketed PNC to freshman as the bank on campus. We were offered the service of overdraft protection where for $36 PNC will cover overdraft fees. I don't believe you should be able to take money out that you don't have so I declined the overdraft protection. I specifically said I do not want him to be able to take money out if it's not there.
I closed the PNC accounts yesterday after paying $140 in overdraft fees. The account was overdrawn $1.84 because it turns out PNC let's you take out between$1 and $25 even if the funds aren't there and then they charge you$ 7.00 per day for every day the account is overdrawn. The account was turned into an online account (not by out request) so I hadn't received a statement and was unaware of the $7 per day charges that were occuring. I received a letter in the mail, went to the bank on the same day and discovered the $140 in fees. What a scam.

I have other accounts at Bank of America, Chase, Magyar, and Financial Resources and have never encountered such a sneaky way of charging fees. I would NEVER RECOMMEND PNC Bank. I asked for certain account limits I was promised and did not receive. I will take this complaint to regulatory agencies.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Jun 22, 2022 3:31 pm EDT

What good is getting a notification sent to your phone the day after a payment has gone through. Debits that come out after banking hours should not post until the next business day. It's like they don't want to give their customers anytime to make the account current. With the way the economy is these days. You would think they would help out even a little. It's sad!

Dec 06, 2015 9:49 pm EST
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I am too a victim of PNC and its fees. I was overdrawn and charged a fee for the overdraft. Well I get paid every two weeks, and my firm doesn't offer direct deposit, so I had been cashing my checks and paying my bills at local amscots Etc. I did this because pnc was putting holds on my paychecks and I was not able to wait for the release as my bills would be late. Well time passes and my original overdraft balance was -45.00, I haven't touched the account and don't get paid till the 15th, so another week, today my balance is -105.00. I was unaware of this charge per day of 7.00. No o e told us this when the account was set up and I'm pretty sure this is illegal by the OCC.

Jul 30, 2009 10:20 am EDT

Beware of banking with PNC Bank! Allow me to illustrate my point. Let's say that you do not use internet banking and you keep an old fashion checkbook at home. You know that on the 15th you have an automated withdrawl of $50 and on the 13th you have an automated deposit of $50. Today is the 11th and you have $100 in your account. On the 12th you make a purchase of $75 so your balance is $25, right? Wrong! If your automated withdrawl came in as a pending transaction today, according to the bank, you have only $50, but you don't know this, so your purchase overdrafts your account and you get charged a $34-$36 overdraft fee. Now when your $50 automated withdrawl actually shifts from 'pending' to 'posted', even though they already counted that money as unavailable, you are charged with another overdraft fee. The story doesn't end there. Now your deposit clears and because of the overdrafts, your balance is now -$93. Your deposit clears and your account is -$43. Because you do not use internet banking, you are not aware of the problem until your statement arrives 10 days later. By then they have charged you $7 PER DAY that your account was negative. That's another -$70. Now your balance is -$113. So what does that mean?

$34-$36 per overdraft
$34-$36 per pending transaction that is moved to posted if it posts under a negative balance
$7 per day that the balance is negative (like your computer/internet breaks and you are unaware of a negative balance)


Oh and they will only refund an overdraft fee once in a while, so don't make the same mistake twice!

Nov 04, 2009 6:21 pm EST

PNC Bank is a complete rip off! I overdrew my account by $2 and then again by $9 so a total of $11, but I was charged $36 each time I overdrew it and $6 a day after that!
They also charged me for pending transactions which is completly ridiculous and sounds almost illegal!
I am now at Wachovia and have closed down my PNC account. They are a horrible bank and kick you when you're down, especially in an economy like this! No one can afford the fees they tack onto minor things. I will never go back to PNC and I recommend anyone who is still there to get out while they still can!

Mar 13, 2013 5:39 pm EDT

I agree with the compliant….
Let me tell you my story. I was a PNC customer for more than 15 years. Back then PNC acted as a “people” bank, really working with people and taking actions and decisions that made good common sense, and in the interest of its customers. That was the reason I did business with PNC. Unfortunately in the last 3 – 4 years PNC has changes so much, that it is using the same tactics, rules, and actions as any predatory bank out there – regardless of their name.
Take my case. I deposited a bank check to my account known that some personal checks will arrive and have to be clear up. The check was not a personal check, but a bank –or cashier check produced by one of the largest banks in US and the world in fact, and endorsed by the bank’s assets. It should been cashed by PNC right away. Their policy – endorsed by many banks is to allow 24 hours for endorsement of personal checks in order to verify that the personal account have sufficient funds to cover the check. I have no problem with that policy. But what the PNC bank did in my case … they waited 50+ hours to endorse the bank check – why when they could have endorsed it right away? . Some of my personal checks come to PNC to be cleared 42 hours after I deposited the bank check. Of course during this period PNC kept my bank check without cashing it or endorsing it, they hit me with several “overdraft” fees, and more that 50+ hours after I deposited the bank check they finally endorsed the check.
If these actions are not the actions of a predatory bank, then I’m Napoleon – reincarnated!

Feb 14, 2011 9:02 pm EST

I have pnc and have over draft two times and for got to check my mails 2-3 days after the event and i was not charged per day, On the third day I putted enough money to cover my purchase and was fine.

Dec 10, 2009 1:20 pm EST

pnc nails you for 7$ a day, this I can confirm, yes, they bundle it in 3 days packages to make it look like that, but if you are over two days it will bill 14$, the 3 days bundle is only after this new 7 dollar a day, it used to be 7 dollars every three days, but due to all the complaints in the change in policy they bundle it in 3 day charges, but it is 7 dollars a day, they changed the way it looks, fraud and sscumbags. They pay a lot of money for the software which maximizes their fees. They are a fraud and even online the balence is never right. Other banks like KNBT factor in Debit card transactions instantly, PNC bank waits, to whack ya with fees. Stay away from PNC, they are a horrible bank and selectively clear debit card transactions, once I went out of state and it took two weeks to clear debit card transactions.


Sep 24, 2009 5:35 am EDT

I use PNC and I know for a fact that they don't charge the 7$ per day fee until 4 days after your account goes negative, not the first day. Therefore it is impossible for you to have accrued 70$ in "continuous overdraft fees" in 7 days time because they would not have started charging you until the 5th day.


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