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Over 2 years ago my divorce was finalized. My entire settlement was my portion of retirement IRA's. The bank has managed to refuse to turn over the settlement to the point that there is not much left to be divided and I still do not have the settlement.

First they didn't respond to the lawyer's faxes. Once the papers were drawn up to the banks satisfaction they were signed by a judge. The bank didn't like the signature. The next submission went to the now outsourced dept. were they appear to have lost the papers. After receiving e-mail saying the transaction would be completed in 30 days I heard nothing, When I e-mailed they claimed they had sent the papers back. They hadn't. Called customer service who sent me to a gentleman who after seeing the papers with signature said he could take care of this is less then a week. When he found out I would not rollover the accounts to PNC he told me he couldn't help me. He didn't know who could and good luck.

90 days later I get the papers back and they don't like the clerks signature. I have to pay a lawyer to do this and every time they send the papers back I lose money, the IRA has lost money and I don't know how to get even whats left of this settlement.

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      Oct 24, 2009

    I have been going through the same thing, except my divorce was finalized in Jan., 2006, and I still haven't received the settlement the judge ordered. Like you, I have now hired my 4th attorney trying to get my assets. This attorney has had my case for 14 months and we can't seem to get a court date. I have copies of forged documents, papers proving my ex-husband received $900, 000. towards equitable distribution, but that wasn't even listed on the decree. My husband had been living with another family for 2 years(telling our family he was traveling every week for 2 years, when all along he was living and providing for his girlfriend and her 2 sons. My attorney during the divorce never asked for any of my husband's accounts, never asked him for proof of what he had spent on his girlfriend while we were married, nor did he have to turn over any information about assets that he did not declare. I have lost complete trust in the legal system, because when the truth about a divorce is the one with the most money-wins. My ex-husband has done so many things that are illegal, I can't even begin to list them. He has now spent all the money that were in the accounts the judge awarded me, sold a home that the judge ordered him to put in my name, and yet his attorney said if I didn't pay the taxes on the sale of the property $168, 000.00, he would have me incarcerated for 6 months. That was the fifth time he has threatened to put me in jail, and I am the innocent party. Now, they are just playing the waiting game, because if something isn't done by Dec. 13, 2009, my ex-husband won't have to pay me anything. I am worn out from the battle, when I wasn't the one committing adultry, if you have any information that could help me, PLEASE forward it to me. I am running out of time.

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