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The cards are dropping from the dealer to me very slowly.
I do not see my cards in time for me to place a bet.
This happens in all games, i.e. tournaments, hold'em, omaha.
Can you help me with any technical support.
Other players are not having this problem. The game site in not operating properly and it is impossible to play any card game or tournament. Sometimes the game plays at normal speed, and other days, it is very slow causing the play cards from the Dealer to my spot, to look
like leaves slowly dropping off a tree at 2mph; the cards are twisted as
they fall and so I cannot even read them. Before I can bet, I have
been shut out of that game for not acting quickly. If I bet on time,
I am betting blindly so I just fold never knowing what my card was.

  • Updated by Teressa Nahanee, Sep 27, 2019

    When will I get an answer to my complaint about the cards dropping from
    the Dealer making it impossible to bet or play.

Sep 27, 2019

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