Playtikacaesar's free casino online - stole about 17 million in credits


This evening 10/18/2017 about 8 pm pst I finally responded to Caesars Free Casino Playtika's incessant pleas to connect to FaceBook. BIG MISTAKE. Essentially, the game started over. It took more than 17 million credits that I had earned/purchased and kicked me back bronze level with 297, 000 credits.

Be aware this is not free — not if you want to keep playing. Besides ruining my fun, you have cheated me out of credits I recently purchased!

Customer Support Non-Existent or Well-Hidden
Playtika says they have customer support, but when you click, nothing happens. You can see from the "support" link, it is related to working for the company.

I have copies of billings for credit purchases. Will not attach now. I mainly want my original game and credits back.

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