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Playtika - slotomania

[protected] made a purchase, got a confirmation but did not receive what I had purchased. I questioned why this happened and got the following response. THIS SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN TO ANOTHER PERSON!!!

From: [protected] [mailto:[protected]]
Sent: Wednesday, December 13, 2017 1:29 AM
Subject: INC2656072 - Slotomania

Hi Arlo,

Thank you for contacting us!

I checked your account and I see that unfortunately, the promotion ended exactly 9 seconds before you finished your purchase.
Apologies for any inconvenience created by the situation Arlo!

Best regards,
Leon Alexander
Slotomania Support

Playtika - slotomania

Hi! I just spent over 25 dollar for some game time and all it did was take my coins and my money! This is not a real slot game where we are playing for money. So, if I spend money on stuff like this I should expect some excitement or something.. This game was cool with me until all of the changes. And remind you that this isn't the first time I have had a problem I just let it go but not this time. Hope to hear back from someone real soon.

Playtika - game play

I only play for entertainment, old lady keeping amused and have been with Slotomania since time began or so would seem and I don't put any money into it...but a lot of people do and that is where my bother comes in.

They appear to be, for want of a better word, making mistakes a little bit on bonus wins. I have 2 favorite games Rapid Fire and I have noticed that sometimes when you get a bonus within a bonus they do not always add the extra spins...just ride right past it.

Tonight I was playing my other favorite where you get the bonus of 14 spins and every time you get 2 or more bonus balls you get 3 extra spins. Well! it has happened to me before and I noticed about the skip on bonus pay whatever it was and tonight having fun and paying out my token 1200.00 a spin and they passed me by with 27 or 30 spins not given.

It just sort of takes the fun out of the games a my way of thinking anyway...

Playtika - charges that were not authorized by me!

I let my son use my card for a one time charge and I have been charged twice more for stuff. I want it to stop. So to even get you to look at it I have to make this complaint longer. I don't know how else to tell you to stop charging my account. There are to be no more charges to Barbara Collett's card, for anything! Is this plain enough for you? Get this taken care of!

Playtika - no gift cards and cannot receive sloto cards from players

I have sent into support for 8 days about the issue of no gift cards showing on my pc and players are sending me cards and I can not recieve them the last time I had a problem it took 100 days I am a...

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Playtika - slotomania

To whom it may concern,

I have been a loyal player for many years now and have spent a considerable amount of money on this game (royal Diamond player). In the past 2 yrs or so this game is forgetting its loyal customers and only concentrating on bringing in new players.
I have recently dramatically reduced my spending as i feel i am not getting value for money. I'm a single mum with 2 disabled children so i dont go out and socialise and this game was the only bit of fun i had but now its terrible. I can spend £100s in a week and still be broke with dead spin after dead spin, i keep getting same ace cards ( its been ages since had a card i need to complete a card set) cannot seem to win enough money to play the quests to get the ace cards needed, since the jackpots were introduced not once have i won the grand or super jackpot(even doing bets of 500mil +) Even when i do get a nice win its taken straight back and im broke again with in hours! I understand you cannot win all the time (and to be fair that would be boring) but a bit of fair play would be appreciated. It would be nice for once to win a super jackpot etc so i can get a decent game play. everyday i go into ssg to see lots of lower tiers winning the jackpots and levelling up more than me in a space of weeks when ive been playing for yrs!!. I have contacted sloto customer support so many times but get the same automated replies of the game is random, im sure your luck will change soon etc etc but yet it never does.
This email is my last attempt to get some fair play in a game that i used to love and looked forward to playing each day. Its my outlet after a hard day with the kids, its my stress relief and contact with the world outside my home, but at the moment its just frustrating...

I have reached the point now where i would love a refund for all the money i have put into this game over the yrs( i could of bought my own house by now)

just please start respecting your loyal customers and let us benefit from the jackpot wins like the lower tiers. Winning the grand or super jackpot would definitely make my Christmas...

I know nothing will come of this complaint and i will still find myself unable to enjoy this game due to lack of funds but its worth a shot if someone actually reads this and replies to me and maybe let me win once in awhile.

kind regards

a very frustrated sloto fan.

Playtika - slotomania scam

Tonight I spent approximately 45mins playing the slotomania game "Panda Chi" betting between 12-18million, and for a period of time was getting considerable wins however my credits didn't seem to...

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Playtika - questionable behaviour

On 11/27/2017 Caesar Slots pop-up stated "session expired" with a balance of 1, 112, 000, 000+. On 11/28/2017 I returned to Caesars Slots ID#[protected] I had a balance of 2, 224.I paid 49.99 for 414, 000, 000 in my vault. The "Mulltipal Platform" pop-up came on with 352, 757, 000 balance, several hours I returned to the game to see a balance or 42M+. On 11/29/2017 I opened Caesars Slots to see 6M+ for my balance without playing the game! I want my coins restored or a refund. Thank You

Playtika - cards and coins

I sent 2 cards to a friend of mine yesterday at 11am. She still has not recieved those cards. I sent her golden gust and foofi. Her name is Stephanie Fetu. Please help usfind those cards so she can complete her sets. Also during play I was offered x88 if I made purchase last week. I made several purchase but never recieved x88. It was supposed to credit on November 17. I completed the last quest and did not recieve the Ace pack atthe end of the quest. If this can not be fixed I will have to change where I spend my money from now on. Please help name is Tammy Hutchison. [protected]

Playtika - unethical behaviour

Slotomania claim that there system using an RNG to pick winners yet it seems time and time again the same players win which hardly seems random to me. Likewise they have a Mega Bonus wheel that seems designed only to pay the maximum when they decide it should. They advertise as a FREE PLAY game but are, in effect a Casino that does not pay out real money. They push sales of Fake coins and boosters at you with pop up after pop up and, unless you buy, you can never win big on their games so how can that be random?

I once, somehow, won over 1 Trillion coins in a game but since then they have made it impossible for me to win much unless I am prepared to make a purchase. They set out to make players addicted to their pretend casino app by allowing players to win big a few times but gradually make it harder and harder unless they can buy. A real Casino could not do this but, by calling themselves a game they can get away with anything.

Playtika - slotomania app

Please note: you do not care anything about your customers by not providing a way to give feedback directly from the app! My complaint to you is about the amount of credits that I just lost on your games. I just won 330 million and now I only have 100 million credits. This is not my fault! This was due to the poor, tight and fixed payouts on your awful slot machines that you try to decorate with really ugly symbols and characters in my opinion. You do that just to distract people from the high number of credits that they lose by playing games that don't win anything. I want to have 330 million credits in my slotomania account by tommorow. I pay good money for these credits and literally lose them all because of how horrible the payouts are on your rather silly games. This is wrong, what you do to people like me. And if I even do get a response to this the first thing you'll mention is that lost credits due not qualify for anything. And that you don't give refunds for anything. That is so wrong and disrespectful on your part. I may be a bit rude in with my feedback. But trust me I have a good reason to be mad! Fix my issue please. If not then you should really be disappointed in yourself for failing a paying customers requests. Thanks

Playtika - unethical behavior

This company discriminates against its long time loyal players. prices are high to purchase fake coin for their games compared to lower ranked players. as a high tiered player (diamond) I do not get perks as lower tiers do. meaning ace cards packs and longer play time. They do not compensate appropriately when they are confronted with glitches in their game play and deny any wrong doing. I have spent thousands of dollars playing their "FREE" game and I am tired of dealing with incompetent workers who do not address issues and expect a low sum of fake coins as compensation. I want a refund of my monies invested in this game, they have blatantly lied about rewards and again when confronted use double speak to explain it away

Playtika - slotomania

Would love all my money I have put into this game back. I'm not going to play it again. I have purcshed gifts so meany times trying to get cards nothing but the same ones. Then the quest is a big joke (choose your difficulty hard=impossible!) game always freezing not too mention loading the bloody thing Must have too spend hundreds to get any where. With these issues I would love my money back. Iv been playing for years used too enjoy it would even make comps with my sister in law too See who can win more. She won but in saying that she spends alot to get it. What about everyone else!!

Playtika - slotomania

I am so annoyed in the last 2 weeks I have had around 200 sloto cards or ave packs and not received any ones i have needed. I have been waiting for Golden gust for around a.month now and can't get it. I managed to get my coins to over 500 million and now I am below 4 million. What has happened to the good payouts. It seems we are losing more coins instead of gaining some. I am now unable to complete my quest which has annoyed me massively as I am so close to the end. Please explain what is happening with the game lately because I am very close to leaving the game behind me. Thank you in advance.

Playtika - slotomania in general


Been playing this game for many years. It was a welcome distraction when I travel and stay in hotels 1/3 of the year. It had slowly devolved into a game of purchasing with no chance for regular players. I realize you need to make money but give me a break. I used to be able to get high coin levels then would lose it and I was fine with this. Eventually I started purchasing small packages to see if it would help but has been no help. I started the latest quest at the medium level and have spun through maybe 300M coins with no significant wins or bonuses. Needless to say I'll never pass the first challenge on this one and have given up.

On the Sloto cards and Ace games the only Aces I have gotten have been 1 or 2 stars and then repeats so no help on the cards either. You have a few people get the rare cards and thousands begging for trades, really disgusting watching it. At the end of the day I am done.



Playtika - slotomania

Hi I've been trying for months to lodge in a complaint in slotomania and for some reason I can't open the browser, it's not fair I've spent hindreds of euros buying packages and having different issues and lost billions of coins, I couldn't sent In a complaint when this happened in any of the occasions it seems to be alright for me to buy coins but not alright to complain if anything goes wrong! My id number is [protected] I demand this be fixed as soon as possible and I want a reply.

Playtika - caesar slots

I paid for a boost mode today a posting on caesars page said buy it and you would get 4xs the boost mode I only get 2xs which is standard. I sent 13 messages to support with in 9 hours shouls have recieved a extra 152 thousand and in 45 minutes another 38 thosand I received no response from them please can you help me . I have been with you almost from the start I play all your games .Thank you

Playtika - slotomania

Hello, I recently started to play slotomania.
From the game I came to know that there would be an ace pack when reach level 50 or 00. So when I hit level 300, I was expecting a new ace card buy I received one which I already had before.
What's the use of advertising of getting a supposedly great ace pack at that level in particular when you get nothing but cards that you already have and get whenever playing the ace event?
Isn't it supposed to be special when hitting such levels that ends with 00 you get some extra new cards?
I would appreciate if I could get a feedback on this.
With thanks,


Playtika - slotomania

Hi I am playing the game Despicable wolf and when I get a win the total amount of the win is not being added to my account I am losing thousands of coins and my partner is also losing coins that are not being added to her account as well.
There is obviously a problem with slotomania so can I please have the proper amount of coins added my account.
And rectify the problem so the total amount of the winning coins are added to our account not just some of it.
My ID number is [protected]
Thank you

Playtika - caesars slots

Noticed after 2 big bonus game wins, the full amount is not credited. Noticed this before. Can you explain this to me ?
- math whiz, Karina Oishei
Also noted some purchases were deducted twice. Google contacted you but no credits to my bank account.
Also interesting when you need a mega win to complete a challenge, you only get big wins, even 20 million. If you need a big win, you only get mega wins. Do you think we don't notice these things ?

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