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I have been registered for a year.

After transferring 100€ on my player up account, I try a purchase. I am waiting for the middleman... 2 days, 7 days, two weeks... How slow!

The account sellers have understood this: they all suggest to use telegram and/or Discord.

Disappointed with the service, I decide to withdraw my 100€ from the platform. The term is "cash out".

I make my request.

No answer. I make two more requests, three more... same thing. Radio silence.

I contact the customer service by all possible means: Telegram, Facebook, email to support.

Two months later, they answer me on telegram: Phew, they're finally going to take care of it!

Three more months pass. Still nothing. I contact the support again: "Yes, we'll take care of it soon".

Two months pass. Again. Each time I call back, I get the same answer: "soon, soon".

It's been a year now and the customer service doesn't even answer me anymore. I still haven't got my 100€ back.

This site is purely and simply a scam.


Payment received. You just have to insist a lot. Contacting customer support thru telegram seems to be the best way to do that.

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