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Here is the deal. Ive worked for pizza hut for eight years.In the last year a new corp took over (Npc). This company has completely ruined the lives of their managers. Anyone who works as an assistant or store manager gets treated like trash.
For example: the hours were pushed up to 54 hours per week with no additional pay. We had to work 6 day work weeks for 8 months straight. They stopped giving bonuses for assistant managers whom 90% of the time is also doing the store managers' job. I came to work one day only to find out that I had been transferred 1 1/2 hours away to a store that is so far out of the way that it is extremely difficult to get to in a decent amount of time. There are no breaks, no time to eat and all shifts are now 12 hours for 4 days of the week.
This company treats their employees like rag dolls and has completely alleonated all of the workers that actually made a difference. And this is why the service is so lousy. Since the minimum wage went up (And rightly so) they cut the staff by 1/3 and expect the manager to make up the difference.In one day, I answer phones, make pizzas, cut pizzas, dispatch, cash out orders, order our inventory, work on the schedule, take care of complaints, follow the food safety guidelines, deal with at least 3 people calling out a day, deployment issues because of staff shortages, all while trying to handle upwards of 400 orders on a friday or saturday and a little less on weekdays. Needless to say im doped up on caffeine, cant sleep, dont eat lunch or dinner 5 days a week, and have no social life of any kind.
They do not care about quality of life for their managers. Oh, and one more thing. One particular incident will never leave me. A manager came to work though pregnant and not feeling well at about 3 pm started having pains and tried to get a replacement but no one showed for 2 hours. Well, use your imagination on what happened to her child.
Education doesnt matter, how about common decency


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    ShahnaCat Jul 09, 2010

    Iowa NPC Managers don't get much better treatment. I have not had a raise in 4 yrs of working my [censor] off, I get treated like a piece of sh*t that got stuck on the bottom of someone's shoe, and I have to watch all the male managers get treated better, have less work and more money, and they have worked less time than I have. I am on my feet for anywhere from 9-14 hours a day and I NEVER get to sit down or take any break time. If you want to get a job at Pizza Hut, make sure they are NOT a franchise owned by NPC - you will regret every minute of it! Yes, I am trying to find another job. I need a paycheck for now, but just as soon as i get something else, I'm outta that hole that was barfed up from the bowels of hell!

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    heartofthehut Sep 29, 2010

    I completely agree with both of these complaints, or rather truths of NPC. I started out as a driver when it was still phi..and stayed when it changed to NPC. I'm now a shift leader and think the expectations are too ridiculous!! Watch your numbers, cook because your cook is out, cash in drivers, drop the wings, answer questions in a hurry, deal with discounts for csr's, complaints, and don't forget to answer the phones so you don't get abandon calls!!?? Really?? And this whole c.h.a.m.p.s. thing is supposed to make me feel good about my job when I can't even get off my feet to eat for 15mins.?? Breaks?? Can't even tell you what that is..we don't even get a 15min. one..what happened to the laws? Oh, don't clock out and work, because if you fall, A: we won't cover your worker's comp. B: we won't have an employee. NPC, is a joke! They are a cash cow! The Heart of the Hut, is a book of common sense. Why do I have to memorize a book that tells you to basically be professional and treat everyone else with respect? Uh, duh.. isn't that expected at all jobs, well most of em. Most of the time, manager's that I've come across treat their employees like crap, by yelling at them and cussing at them in front of customers. Maybe they are soo tired and stressed they flip out, but still, not the best way to treat anyone. I've heard horror stories and know of an Area Coach who still have their jobs, but treat people like they are below them. Well here's the truth if you didn't get it in elementary school, WE ARE CREATED EQUAL!! I don't care if you work like cow, don't take out your stress on me..I came in to relieve you so you can go home and not close. For once, I would like to work for a company I'm proud to work for. Not feel like a roach they find in their kitchens. You want more business, HIRE MORE HELP NPC!!! Stop treating us like we are disposable, because one day you will find that your little organization built on lies and a lackadaisical attitude will ruin you!! How do we get OTD, HIGH FIVES, and not have so many credit's to give if you don't give us the support. And stop sending emails of who team is better than the next.!! I don't care!! I know my team works their butts off but it doesn't matter to Npc. You've gotten us into spoiling the customer that they expect way more than what we can give them. It's just a fast food chain, not the president's kitchen. Now don't get me wrong, I do my job and always go above the call of duty..but I don't appreciate no support or a little understanding from the one who signs my check, or puts it in on my paycard. If your "dream" is to work at The Hut, go with an independent owner for one, and do not be in management, You make more being a driver... if you get tips. As soon as I get another job lined up I'm OUT!!

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    kiss my ass NPC Nov 17, 2010

    Dude NPC is seriously the worst company I have worked for. Seems like almost everyday they come up with such stupid ideas, it seems like ideas the chairman's whacked out wife thought up one night. What did they call us today ? Cant think of it, I'm a driver and I'm stoned, something impling that we are a threat to brand success and heads will roll if we dont get more survey responses. They clearly dont think things through. Look at that annual award thing with picture. C'mon 6 guys to 64 chicks? Thats not fair and Id say the same if it were the other way around. They made all the area managers have an 8 hour meeting on Veterans day. Honor our troops!! I felt bad for those guys, even if some are idiots. The worst thing about NPC is that there isnt ANyTHING good about them. At all.

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    Kate1987 Nov 17, 2010

    I also work at an NPC international-owned Pizza Hut. It is the worst job. I have been there for 2 and half years with no pay raise, besides the minimum wage raise, and know how to do everything in that store. I am a CSR and get treated like crap on a daily basis. Our store is actually dealing with a little mutiny from me and 3 other employees against our assistant manager because he treats us like crap. I am writing this right now because I just got sent home because I refused to get on the register. Why, you ask? Because half the time they don't set up different registers for different people so everyone is using one register and if it comes up short we all get written up. Tonight he did set up registers and my early out CSR was working on it. He set me up one but I refused because he gets on my register and I am not risking my job for him. He is already trying to get most of the store fired because he found out that no one really likes him because of the way he treats his employees. As a matter of fact I was always nice to the guy and I told him on multiple occasions that he has good employees but if he keeps dicking them around something bad is going to happen. NCP international keeps very little tabs on individual stores. As long as it is clean and making money they don't care about anything else. Our Regional manager never gets in touch with us when we have complaints to file and no one else higher tends to answer either. As much as I need a job, I am quite willing and ready to be fired for some insane reason and I hope to expose our store's management for what they are along the way. The [censor]. Manager gets to come in two hours late every day because he has another job and yet when I am in the hospital and call in 6 hours before my shift I get an attitude from management for a week and my hours cut. WHY IS ANY OF THIS OKAY? Because NPC doesn't give a good crap. But as I sit at 11 and half hours every week this assistant manager gets his friends hired as a CSR, management knowing full well we already have five and the highest hours given out are 19. NO ONE can live off of that except teenagers who live with their parents. But none of the CSRs are that. Two others and I are in college or are trying to get enough money up to pay for a couple of classes. But that doesn't matter does it? I tell my manager I need more hours. He tells me that I am in school so he is taking it easy on me. I am 23 and took mostly online classes so I could recieve as many hours as possible. I only go on campus twice a week. I am old enough and wise enough to handle school and more than 12 hours at work a week. I could do all of those hours in one day standing on my head. WTF NPC? Pay attention to who really is the heart of Pizza Hut. The cooks, CSRs, drivers, waitresses. The people who actually have to deal with the customers everyday. BTW, does anyone know where to find employee handbooks on line because for some reason we never have one in the store. We actually had a new guy ask for one and our manger said, ", we don't have any". What complete B.S.

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    CRocka05 Dec 01, 2010

    I work at a NPC owned Pizza Hut in Horn Lake, MS and it is also the worst job ever. First off, I have been there for a year now and I'm still topping out at 15 hours a week with no pay raise while the manager can bring in his friends and they get around 30-35 hours starting out and are making 8 dollars an hour. And on the subject of the managers friends, I put in an request for a shift lead opening after I was there for 3 months. I kept asking the managers about it and they said they would let me know. Last week, one of the managers driver friends started boasting that he got the postition and he has only been there for 2 weeks! Also one night I got a flat tire while out on a run and I called the store to tell them that I had to wait for my friend to bring a jack. Instead of asking was I ok and if they could help, the manager just rudely tells me "Just Hurry Up and Don't Eat the Pizza" as if that was what I was thinking about at the time. Long story short, I got the tire fixed and the pizza delivered and when I got back to the store, which was no more than an hour later, he closes me out for the night and tells me to go home. That next day I checked the upcoming schedule and saw I was only scheduled for one day. I asked why and he said that I was "unreliable". That was the only time I was ever late on a delivery and he calls me unreliable, but his "friends" can go out and be gone on a run for upwards of two hours and come back high as a kite and he just laughs. I will be so glad when I can finally leave this job.

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  • Mz

    oh my god i can't believe this is all around i work in colorado npc bought us out 1 1/2 years ago and it has been horrible this company is moraly and ethicaly corupt i havent had a raise sense they took over, the numbers they want us managers to hit are impossible so then we have to munipulate and if we get caught we get fired if we dont munipulate and run bad numbers we get fired, now they are starting their new drivers at 4.50 an hour which is ridiculous they dont reimburse the drivers enough money for gas we have to cut our labor constantly which makes us give bad service because we never have enough people for the demand this company has been using and mistreating their employees so severely and they know we will put up with it because the economy is so bad but one day this company will fail being so greedy and only caring about its profits before their people will turn on them ( i hope) i am sorry that there is so many people suffering because of a greedy multimillion dollar corporation i hope i dont need this job for too long it is by far the worste company i have ever worked for

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    monkeyboy Jan 30, 2011

    I was a shift leader in Georgetown Ky. i agree with all of u. One Weekend I was asked to take over Ritchmond rd. store in Lex. Ky and when i got there i couldn't believe the condition of the store. lets just say 6 inches of green and black mold growing under the make table was just a start. it took me 2 weeks of staying late after hours to get the stoore back into shape. even the walls were a different color when i was fin. I could tell the customers were happy. the cluless district manager didn;t give a [censor] and niether did the employes. the only one that cared was the gm in georgetown. he said that he would try to make me gm of the ritchmond rd. stoore so i kept working hard there. sales went up and so did repeat buisness. one day i got the word that i was to train a new manager from o'charlies and my boss said it was going to be my ast. mng. so I did. two weeks later the comleatly ignorant district mng. made him gm of the store so i basicly trained my replacement!!! [censor] pizza hut we put in all the hard work that we do and end up not getting anything back. i deleated the pics of the mess or they would be on here but lets just say that the [censor] that was growing in that store looked like it was straight off the descovery channel. career?????? yeah rite

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    justplainmadatthehut Jul 22, 2011

    i was just terminated for a complaint that was made up by managers and they
    also shaved hours that i worked by going in the computer and changing times i clocked out or not letting me clock out and im a driver this means someone else claimed my tips? im at a complete loss for words on these things and it really makes me furious. Any suggestions?

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    thegoodthebadandthefugly Mar 18, 2012

    i have been working with pizza hut for a little over five years, two of which have been as a shift lead, and recently a customer complained about me through pcr and now npc is looking at firing me-- for a customer complaint! i have read the customers complaint and it sounds nothing like me. i am sick of this company. i have been worrying about my job this entire weekend because the area coach did not want to make a decision right away... and in my mind that means i am fired! i work my ### off at this location and i pick up the slack of all the other managers. it isn't fair! npc is a horrible company to work for! they are rude an inconsiderate! but more importantly, they are sexist pigs. it is a male dominated working environment. we had an assistant manager who left the store to go have sex in the parking lot, while on the shift, abandoning the store, and he kept his job. he left a $2, 000 deposit in the dispatch drawer, and kept his job. and now, because of a customer, one customer, out of the five great years i have worked there, complains about me, and they are thinking of firing me? wtf? however, it isn't set in stone, yet... nevertheless i have been waiting the entire weekend to hear back from the area coach if i have a job or not come this up coming shift. has anyone else experienced something like this?

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  • Np

    I work at one of the Pizza Huts in Central, Illinois. I can't believe how many of these stories I relate too. I'm a driver. And anyone who has worked at Pizza Hut knows, the closing driver has to finish prepping dough for the next day and our store does not have a dishwasher like some, so it's the closing driver who has to finish up any dishes left over, which a lot of times is ridiculously too much because no one will help out. Well, Last week I closed and my new GM had his inventory to do. I did not get back to the store until about 20 minutes AFTER we closed because costumers seem to can't grasp not ordering 10 minutes before close. I hadn't finished the dough and had dishes from that morning AND evening buffet to wash. Now, I hadn't had a single break the whole time I worked. I went in at 4pm. Between finishing the dough, finishing the dishes, washing the sink, sweeping the floor and mopping it, I didn't get out of work until 2am. Now normally I wouldn't care, hey more hours more pay. But I'm talking about 10 straight hours without a break and it been almost 12 hours since I last ate anything. I was exhausted and feeling very sick. I was still feeling this way the next day. Now, I tried to call in sick for the very first time since working there for 9 months. Never called off sick. called off twice because of car issues, but never sick in 9 months. I was told I had to come in or I would be written up.
    When I got to work my manager was telling everyone I was in a bad mood because I didn't leave until 2am and he wouldn't let me call off. I informed the everyone what he didn't. That I worked 10 hours straight without a break or food. I was told that if I didn't change my "attitude" I would be sent home for 5 days. When I confronted him he said "he doesn't have to give me a break because it's NPC's policy." He even told me to call our DM, after plopping the policy book down in front of me. After this, he did the new schedule and cut my hours down and i'm working hour and a half shifts (8-9:30pm) and 8 to close (10pm), saying I can't handle working without a break. So he fixed it to where I don't need one, and now I'm not making any money either, a**hole!
    So according to him, NPC "policy" trumps the LAW. Yes I have talked to a lawyer and even he says, and I quote: "Under the laws of all states in this country, an employee is required to be given a ten (10) minute break after two hours of work and at least a thirty (30) minute break after four (4) hours of work." But again, according to my manager and NPC, he doesn't have to give us a break.
    Now am I in the wrong here? Keep in mind, this is a regular occurrence. I had gone 2 months without receiving a break and then boom, out of the blue I had gotten one. Then the next time, nothing. One server went a month. I say this is unacceptable. And they know we can't do anything because we need our job. What do you think?

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  • WOW!!! HOW TRUE. I worked for this company as an rgm for almost 2 years, I was asked to do things that a AGM should of done and I did it, no complaints. My goal was to move up until I seen how this company runs. Most of time the AGM's are sitting on their butts at their homes. All you ever hear is run numbers, watch OTD, my delivery area was so big that there was no way to run OTD. My AGM says be creative well guess what I was and I got wrote up. Then I got fired. FIRED FOR DOING MY JOB. This company will get theirs one day and I can't wait. I worked for PH for almost 23 years, started as a OP's manager. I have always gone far and beyond expectations, worst mistake I ever made was going to work for NPC(NATIONAL ### COMPANY), . MONEY MONEY IS ALL THEY CARE ABOUT. No quality of life. 100 hours a week for almost 2 years and what do I get in return..fired. I couldn't give my employee's enough hours so turn over was unreal. If we question a customer about their so-called bad service we were coached, but if we gave them a credit then we were coached on that. 11 pt sch.. what a laugh. Like our AM said it doesn't matter how many hours you work, you have to work that 11 pt sch. O/C 6 DAYS STRAIGHT but couldn't take 2 days off in a row. NPC I HOPE YOU GET YOUR'S AND I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THAT DAY.

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  • Bi
    bihorel Dec 14, 2012

    I have worked for pizza hut for three years and as of today I'm very unhappy with the treatment received by the managers there. Last week I got my nails done for Christmas and was told I had to wear gloves so I did and that was fine... Then they had me sign a paper saying we were not aloud to were nails or have any dies in our hair of any kind, which I don't understand about the hair when we have to wear hats and it cant be seen anyway. Then two days later I receive a text saying I'm not able to work until I have got the nails off, But then to find out there are other employees still working there and have yet to take there nails off??????? WHY AM I SINGLED OUT OF THE REST?????

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  • Ja
    James Geee Feb 10, 2013

    I am a new NPC Pizza Hut employee in the Kansas City area. I have been there for three weeks and already have been shocked at the way this franchisee operates this brand. Always cutting hours, horrible customer service during busy times. I eve n had a friend that was a driver and was robbed at gunpoint, his car property was stolen along with his bank money and tips. Company could care less and didn't re-reimburse for expenses to get his car out of compound, damage done to it or even his tip money. The said thing is that NPV is based in my home town of Overland Park, Ks

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  • In
    Inthistogether Feb 17, 2013

    Tiredd of being screwed around by npc pizza hut for working off the clock including meetings and training time..are there SERVERS tired of doing "other jobs" that doesnt include your duties as a server. This applies to the following job titles: shift leader, cook, CSR, server, and delivery drivers. If so please feel free to check us out.

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  • Ti
    tired in tennessee Mar 11, 2013

    Please check out take the brief survey to see if you are able to join our litigation suit against npc pizza hut

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  • Ti
    tired in tennessee Mar 11, 2013

    Please check out to see if you are able to join our litigation suit against npc pizza hut. This company needs to be stopped !

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  • Ma
    markgschaefer Mar 21, 2013

    please contact me about pizza hut i want to fry them i hate the company i am based in kansas cit missouri npc sucks and i need your help because that is the only to make them treat you fair so call me 816-419-7994

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  • Ti
    tired in tennessee Apr 06, 2013

    If you are involved with the NPC "Off the Clock" lawsuit, or if you are considering joining, you should know NPC has made an offer of judgment (settlement) but we have rejected this offer. If you have been employeed with NPC pizza hut in the last 3 years OR are still employeed with them, THE TIME TO JOIN IS NOW!!! If you are owed time that you worked and were not paid for, including unpaid meetings and unpaid training time, please check out our web site...  NO MORE FREE LABOR

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  • Ho
    Howard Law Firm, P.C. Apr 25, 2013

    I am an attorney and my law firm has a pending lawsuit against NPC International. A Pizza Hut manager "lost it" and attacked out client, a customer. We determined that the manager was under enomous stress because he was trying to do several jobs at once with minimal staff. We believe that he snapped under the pressure of his job and we contend that NPC is accountable for our client's serious injury. From your posts I believe that you could provide us with valuable information and help our injured client. We would certainly communicate with you privately if you are willing to come forward. We will not identify you to anyone without your permission. My name is Attorney James Howard. Please give me a call at 770-270-5080, or send me an email (put NPC complaintant in the subject line please) at [email protected]

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  • Di
    disgustedaplicant Apr 26, 2013

    I applied to work for them and I was told I had the job as shift manager, filled out all the paperwork, did 4 interviews, and yet NEVER received a phone call on when to start to where to start. I was lied to by the HR department in saying the job was shift manager and the area manager said it was for team member. They only returned phone calls when I e-mailed them and asked them to...several days later. i was told I'd be contacted, yet nothing. I hope someone investigates these f*** sticks.

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  • Np
    NPC_SUX Jun 10, 2013

    I have worked for Pizza Hut (NPC) for around 13 years. I was a RGM for 2 years and left that position after a went back to school and changed job careers. i have stayed as a very part time shift manager for the last 10 years. I worked for another Pizza company before NPC for about 10 years so I have been in the business for a long time. All the above i have read is correct. In the last year or so I have seen a major change in the way NPC does things. They have become so tight on the labor that the new labor guidelines do not give you enough help to service the customers or even get the prep done. For the last 2 month I have been asked to work more than I usually do and by doing this I can see how NPC has lost their minds concerning what they want us to do as managers. I have been scheduled at times to basically do a $2000 nite with 2 of us, Just me as the manager, cook, csr, etc and 1 server on the floor. ARE U KIDDING ME???? It's like this everytime I work now. I don't have enough people to handle the business at all when I;m scheduled to run a shift. I was a RGM for a total between both companies of about 12 years and I can move pretty darn fast in the store but even I can't keep up that kinda pace. The good thing for me is I was just doing it as a part time job and unlike my other manager friends I dont need the Job so last night I informed the store manager that it was gonna be my last night. I gave 12 years working my ### off for NPC and believe me they don't care if you live or die. I HATE NPC and hope they get what they have coming to them.

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    npc...nonphuckingcaring Jun 30, 2013

    I have given 6 years of my life to pizza hut. I loved my job when I started as a cook. Best job ever...under colonial foods. Then they went belly up and the vultures at npc international swoop in and start picking at the corpse. I am now a rgm and run a delco in RVA. I worked my ### off as a cook just to get a shot at shift lead. Never got it. Worked 40+ hours to show I would do anything for it. Never got it and still loved the job. Transferred an hour away to my current area and got shift lead after 8 gruiling months of working at every store and picking up ever spare minute. Worked as a cook. Then a driver. Then a server. Then a csr. Then I was doing Tuesday full store inventorys for my former rgm at one of the biggest stores in npc. Still nothing. Once my rgm was fired for manipulation of numbers among other things, they were so desperate for management staff they could trust, they finally turned to me for shift manager. I took it because minimum wage is hard to rent an apartment with. With in 3 months I and the new store manager alone turned a sbe store into a sae store and doubled annual profits making it a 1.2 million dollar a year store for the first time in over 5 years. 2 months later when I got no recognition for my work. I told my boss if I didn't get an oppurtunity to do something more or make more money I would have to leave. They made me a store manager that week. No formal training. No negotiation of pay. Not even disclosing what store I would go to. I didn't quite get the pay raise for 6 months of working as acting rgm. I made 9 dollars an hour managing shift leads who where making more. My boss told me not to worry about it because I was being apporved for overtime while no one else was...65 hours of over time every week for 6 months. That's an average of 105 hours...A WEEK. Flash to a year and a half later, I still have no management staff after begging for help. Trying to promote from within just to be shot down by my useless agm. Being shipped off to other stores to help them even though I'm still working open to close 5 days a week and 10 to 12 hours on the other 2 days. I have 200 vacation hours that roll over in less then a month and I can't use them. So I roll over 80 and lose 120 just to get 40 more...I a whole paycheck because I can't have time off essentially. Its like giving a kid a piece of candy just to look at but not eat. I'm worked to death. My tplh goal is 2.20 and I often run a 6.5 and up because its just me running the entire store with one or 2 drivers. And I haven't called out sick one day in over 3 years even when my doctors thought I had leukimia or thrombocytociemia. Or when my father was diagnosed with cancer and had to have his bladder removed. Or when I had a death in the family and was directly asked to leave a funeral service to go in because a shift manager had to leave to go home and let her dog one at npc would piss on your face to put it out if it was on fire and they had to use the bathroom 6 rest stops ago. And the biggest joke of it all is HR! They say they are there for you but don't repsond to your calls or emails. And are essentially there for the company not to get sued. Lawyers in sheeps clothing. No one is keeping tabs on anything but money. Raise the price of pizzas and then cut driver wages? Then report a 42% profit increase with a 59% sales decrease? How does that work? Where is the money going? Richmond market pizza hut stores are a joke. They are run down. Old. And nothing works. And if anything gets fixed it comes out of your stores controlable income which dictates your bonus... fix a freezer, lose your bonus. Don't fix it and lose your bonus because of bad food cost. Unhappy drivers because you make them take a pay cut then report record profits, tough ###, tell a guy who has worked for the company since you were in diapers and is older then your father that he has to get half a paycheck from now on. I've killed myself for this company and have been shown no compassion or sympathy or recognition or anything resembling human decency for over 6 years. A quarter of my life. It is getting to be time for a union. A lawsuit. Or a new job. Hell maybe all three.

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  • Aj
    ajoahnson Mar 01, 2014

    According to Missouri Employment and Federal Law: It is a violation of federal law for an employer to discriminate or retaliate against an employee in any way as a result of filing a legitimate complaint

    I can appreciate this being an internal corporate matter as pointed out by you. However, it becomes public when this hostility and disrespect are exhibited in front of public customers and employees.

    About a month ago I wrote you to express my concerns about how one of the server is treated by the management. Nothing has happened from what I understand from my letters written to different Pizza Hut and NPC officials. A couple a weeks ago this girl had to be rushed to the hospital for extremely high blood pressure (stroke mode), because of the manager screaming and cussing at her in the restaurant in front of employees and customers alike. Remember she had a bad stroke 3 years ago. Because of this episode she had to stay home from her work due to his behavior on that particular day as instructed by the doctors at the hospital.

    Yesterday the same thing happened. The manager screamed and yelled at her in front of customers and employees, although she already had finished with the customer and the phone rang. So, the manager came rushing up front from the back screaming as he always does in front of customers and other employees " Have I not told you not to answer the phone in front of customers. Come to the back". -In this case she was already finished with the customer, who was just writing down information to hand over to her. So when she came home her blood pressure was way up last night and she called the doctor and was told to take extra medicine and try to relax. A lady from the city, as a customer was present during his irate behavior thought it was extremely rude and hostile.

    A year ago when she continually complained about being hostilely disrespected and humiliated in front of customers, NPC´s claim was that you were unaware of the situation. However, now WHEN you are aware of the situation, nothing has changed. Now you know, let us see what you do.

    So why has nothing happened. It is now 4 months since I first pointed out this hostile aggression against her to the top management . When is it going to stop? This is a medical matter and is no longer private corporate matter when this hostile behavior is spilling out into public area of the restaurant, and when it is getting public like this, embarrassing and threatening someone in front of customers and other employees it becomes a real public concern. Janice is entitled to her job without having to be afraid of having a new stroke due to poor management. It is not an internal business any longer as long as this manager keeps screaming, disrespecting, threatening and cussing at her in plain sight. It is obvious where your favor lies.You prefer to keep or hold onto the status quo even at the detriment of your employees. She has worked with Pizza Hut for over 25 years and this is the respect she gets for loyalty and attempting to maintain Pizza Hut and NPC quality standards and never wavering in her efforts.

    So why don´t you take lessons from earlier mistakes from your drivers case and other cases pending I pointed out made by NPC due to poor management and retaliatory incidents. So, why are you continuing this retaliatory efforts against some one just trying to do their job. She is not going to quit, if this is your intention is to drive her out so the case against you will go away. Try a bit of humanity for a change. It might surprise you of the reward you might receive. And remember" If you are digging a ditch for some one you are standing in it yourself ".

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  • Ja
    Jameslov Jul 12, 2014

    I was working for a NPC pizza hut in Alabama. The manager had a problem with me because my daughter is her son's girlfriend & I know company policies to well & she was'nt following them all. She cut my hours to 8 a week & I have been with the company almost 5 years. So I left that night to avoid a confrontation she told me to let the stores in Marshall county give me hours. They started giving me close to 40 hours a week but she termed me frfrom the system so I could no longer work at all.

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  • Ps
    Pstubbz the anonymous Sep 09, 2014

    one thing i forgot to say to there was managers that asked me to do favors off the clock and they made up complaints about me .

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  • Xn
    Xnpcshifmanager Oct 10, 2014

    I worked at Pizza hut"NPC" in Largo, Florida until this morning . I was fired and giving the reason " I refused to hand over medical records and any medicine I was taking for them to see " they claim they asked because i hurt my wrist while off the clock and want to make sure they wouldn't get sued .
    I told them, If i called in sick or off due me being hurt, I would of gave them a doctors note to be excused from work . But, I showed up for work and did a training class 'while they knew my wrist was hurt" and passed me in the training class .
    After the class, we had a managers meeting " I'm a shift manager" it was to take about one hour, 2o mins in they let the other managers go and left me there with the store manager and area manager . the next 30 mins I got yelled at for siding with a delivery driver a few days earlier . Driver was upset the store manager was cashing in while on the road and putting him out on other deliveries and then when he gets back, he has to wait for another delivery that's still in the oven and he is dispatched on making 4.25 a hour, instead of mini wage for 15 mins . this keeps happening to the guy and after saying something about it a few times, the manager yells at him . then cuts his hours to 10 hours a week and sends him home early.
    after the so called meeting, area manager starts on me about my hand and tells sends me home, saying she has to have all paper work from the doctor and any discharge papers, along with any medicine I'm taking for it . When i told her i was taking an over the counter medicine, she still wants to see it, along with all my medical paper work .
    I wasn't allowed to return for work and then tired to say i was a No call no show for my Monday shift, which is the shift I got sent home on . After i called them out on that, they fired for the paper work i wouldn't show them . Npc thinks they are above any wage and labor law

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  • To
    topperformer Jan 27, 2015

    I wish I could say that I'm shocked by these complaints but I'm not a few sound like disgruntled employees but for the most part I have had the same complaints as well. I worked for NPC when it was owned by Gene Bucknell. I was a great place to work then. Now its horrible. The squeeze for the bottom line profit has created a non- employee friendly environment. Unfortunately this is pretty much how the fast food industry is going. I left this company because they just became to outlandish with their demands on mgt.and are totally unfair to hourly employees including those that have been with them for years with these multiple job codes yearly nickel raises and cutting hours by half in order to eliminate full time employees. Its no longer a job to make a living at. I am sorry that these issues are the same everywhere it seems. It used to be a great place work. A lot if these stories seem to be about specificngt not the company but if the company would have been respectful to the good mgt then they wouldn't have a need to hire and retain the lousy ones.

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  • Ro
    Roslyn Fradella Sep 21, 2015

    I must agree with ALL the comments and concerns addressed here, i am(was) a 25 year veteran of NPC and all i can say is that was a wasted 25 years of my life! I have given 110% consistently with little to no recognition, have for many years, , given proven results that exceeded what was expected, as an RGM, for the whole 25 yrs, i have NOTHING to show for it!! Was recently placed on medical leave, was refused short term disability, and workers comp for an injury sustained on the job, a person, (my superior) who i THOUGHT was always considered a "friend" and mentor, turns out to be a heartless back stabbing hippocrit, as the other upper management and administrative officers of this company, I have accepted all challenges given to me, in hopes of it being a step upward, but NOTHING! i have trained sr mgmt and assistants, performed HR and financial audits, have been on 4 acquisitions, worked at a store 200 miles away in another state for 2 months with only 3 days notice and my provisions while i was there was a hotel room with a bed and bathroom, THAT WAS IT!!! and have done soooo many things for this company without even something to show appreciation, , , and now, at the age of 60, and unable to physically perform my job as required(not my fault) has been given the ultimate "ttab in the back", slap in the face, imaginable! and because of this, i have become virtually penniles!! exhausting all of my last wages, 401, and savings, because NPC would not grant me short term disability, and compensate me for the injury i recently sustained while on duty before my physician removed me from duty.. so i suppose this is another notch in their belt, They destroyed another one! and saved them expenses, which is their ONLY priority, not the employees needs or goals, their money, their profit, is their ONLY priority, So, the moral, to ALL job seekers, NPC IS NOT THE PLACE TO WORK...if you dont believe me, read the other complaints from current or former employees, , , it will be a HUGE mistake...good luck to you, and anyone wanting to add to this please dont hesitate...the public NEEDS to be informed...

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  • Np
    NPC needs to be stopped Dec 11, 2015

    Ok so I hate NPC I currently work for them in central Illinois. I would love information on joining a lawsuite against them. I do not want to go into detail on here but if someone with more information could contact me. Either at [email protected] or 217 853 4001 today is 12/11/2015

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  • Go
    God sees through evil Jul 11, 2017

    I was a worker of NPC International. I worked for the location at 2343 W. Broad St in Richmond, Virginia. During my time there I was treated poorly. I was called stupid, cursed at, threats of firing me when I ask them not to speak to me in that way and one employee threaten to bring someone up to the job to put their hands on me. Well I was assaulted by the assistant manager and I have taken out an warrant on him. To make matters worse it was a guy who had put his hands on me. Then after the issue was over and I was waiting for the police to come both the hiring manager and the assistant managers both male came outside of the establishment to further taunt me call me names and try to pick a fight. I was fired un lawfully one time and after te regional manager's "investigation" A week or two later what a coincidence I got my job back. Now after thinking about it. If I am such a bad worker and do not perform my job why would their boss bring me back on? Since I have been there people have been telling me that Samir just talks like a [censor] and is just playing when he talks rude and acts like a male chauvinist. I do not find nothing funny being called names. Then whenever I asks him a question about my hours or more tasks he calls me in a group with other employees and talk down to me and they all laugh. H makes them come around to hear. To be clear the manager I was assaulted by was Mark Jenkins. Tat is who actually punched me and slapped me.

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  • Tj
    TJ57 Jan 25, 2018

    Wow, amazing how a franchise owner (NPC) can destroy a good company like Pizza Hut. We have many problems at our Pizza Hut as well, way to many problems to go into deep detail. I am job hunting right now because of how bad it has become. We had an awesome manager, not sure what exactly happened but I do know he left because of the area manager and/or regional manager. To give you an idea of how smart they are, they hired a new manager that has never stepped foot in a Pizza Hut, never worked in food service, he was a liquor store owner for 18 years. The poor guy didn't have a clue what he was doing and they put him as manager. There is so much crap going on it's insane. I would absolutely love to have a long talk with Pizza Hut corporate, someone high up in corporate... NOT NPC... Pizza Hut... They need to wake up because NPC is destroying a Pizza place that people have been loving for years. They are not only destroying the work force, they are also destroying the customer base.

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  • Ma
    Mansoor Abbas Nov 24, 2018

    Dear Customer Service,

    Kindly note that we been treated very poorly at Al Qusais Br, near Grand Lube Auto Services.

    At first, we discovered on the table that the Main Large Pizza is not spicy, while we paid extra for it. Contacted the counter Server Grace, to do the needful at the earliest, since the whole family were waiting for it, but as per her, she will Serve the Pizza on our table, but even after 1 hour no one serve us the Pizza and our whole meal was spoiled.

    Contacted the duty manager Mr. Housam but no use and the whole family returned home upset.

    We would like to elaborate that we had a patience, when Pizza Hut Team made first mistake for not making the Pizza Spicy, but how come they ignore our family again by not serving us the Pizza even after 01 hour.

    This should be investigated and feedback to be provided within short time.

    Moreover, we recommend to appointment Customer Caring staff.


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  • Mp
    Mp4305 Nov 09, 2019

    I was a 5 year employee as a certain type of manager(won't say because they will know) since I've worked there along with the major stress of them changing the rules. Adding new job functions, and just the overall pressure put on all the managers was compounding each year. In jan of this year I was diagnosed with PTSD and confirmed by three doctors although this was due to working in a war zone a few years ago, it was just surfacing. With all the meds and treatment the docs had me on, I admit I was struggling to do the best I could at my work. My attorney suggested I let my boss know about the PTSD. So I did. Three weeks later I was terminated for poor performance. When just 4 months before that I had received an ok performance evaluation. All I asked from NPC was a little understanding and patience while I worked through the PTSD...nope not happening, just shows you their compassion or lack of for employees.

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