Pizza Huthorribly dropped pizza/ delivery /credit/refund

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New Year's eve I ordered a pizza to be delivered to my in-laws house at 710 Lemoine Lane Richmond VA 23236. We knew it would take a while and were completely fine with it. The pizza came and the delivery driver left very quickly, we figured she probably had many deliveries to make and went inside to open the pizza for the kids, as I have never had a bad pizza from pizza hut. I swear by Pizza Hut! The pizza was the worst thing I've ever seen. First it looked as if it had been dropped, but some of the kids were so hungry they didn't care, until we saw the middle. It was dough. No question, not grease from the cheese, it was uncooked, most likely because the store was so and backed up. I understood that too. We just wanted our money back, I didn't even have a problem bringing the pizza back to show them, or email a picture because was bad. It should never have been sent out. I asked for a refund and the person I spoke with who was very polite in the beginning started excuses which I didn't have time for, send me another, or refund the money. I payed 21.00 for one pepperoni pizza. It better be good. Long story short I finally got what gee said was a 25 dollar credit, anytime I wanted pizza hut again. I wasn't thrilled but, I love pizza hut! Lol now I go home and two days later I attempt to do just that using my credit. So NOW I'm told I can't use it at any other address or any other pizza hut. I was NEVER told this. He was aware I ordered it for kids at a party, at a house that's not my own. This seem shady and totally unprofessional. I'll not be in a position to order pizza from them as I've just had surgery and won't be moving for weeks. I'd like pizza hut to live up to the expectations I have always known them for, and either credit my card back the 21.00 (tip included) or make my $25 credit usable from my pizza hut app. for my address, the affected linked to the credit card in used to purchase the pizza. Thank you for your permit attention to this matter.

Joseph & Rachel Hood

horribly dropped pizza/ delivery /credit/refund

  • Updated by Joe&Rachel · Jan 03, 2020

    I had no idea this was being posted!!! I just wanted someone to help me from district management or something. This one star is for this particular delivery at this particular place and time. And, It does not represent this particular restaurants service all the time or reflect on the employees there. Only New Year's eve this one time! Geez I'm sorry guys!


  • Zachary2001 Jan 03, 2020

    Geez I'm sorry guys!

    That's okay you are forgiven.

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  • Um is not an answer! Jan 06, 2020

    Do your in-laws know they have a complete mo5on for a son/daughter in law??? You just posted their entire address complete with their full names!

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  • Zachary2001 Jan 07, 2020

    @Um is not an answer! Party at their house Saturday night Jan 11th Midnight to 4am. don't tell them.

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