Pick n Paypick n pay newmarket @ lemon tree practises dishonest advertising.


Advertising paper for prices valid 17 - 20 October 2017 advertises "Bulk Ground Beef R52.99 per kg".
On the counter in the shop a hand written poster advertises "Bulk Ground Beef R52.99 per kg".
On the shelf you only find "Ground Beef mix R52.99 per kg".
I raised the problem with one of the butchery staff who called a senior staff member called Clayton.
Clayton could not respond to the fact that the Ground Beef mix contains a lot more fat that the packet labelled Beef Mince.
Clayton called the manager named Cindy.
Cindy insisted that Ground Beef mix and Ground Beef is exactly the same thing because the label and the bar code correspond.
She insisted that there is no misrepresentation and accused me of insinuating that they are uneducated when I pointed out that adding a word to an advertised item changes the description of the item.

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