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found pieces of bone in my boerewors

I have been shopping at the Village Walk Pick 'n pay because of convenience. My first complaint with the store was when I found plastic in my toasted sandwhich bought from the deli. I spoke to the manager (an older lady). She appologised and said that she would deal with it straightaway, she then walked in the oppisite direction. She made no effort to refund me or correct the situation.

This weekend I then bought a back of boerewors. After cooking it and we started to consume it and small sharp pieces of bone were found through out. Obvously bones were ground up and added to the sausage to save costs. This is a disgusting method of saving costs and extremely unethical. This is age where people watch what they put into their bodies and ground up bones was definatly not on the ingredient listing.

Shame on you Pick 'n Pay Village Walk!

they double debit my acc

Iam so disgusted at pnp, i went to pnp bought a few things and went to pay, when i got to pay my 1st transaction declined i was like i have funds in my acc so the lady brought a mobile swipe machine and what would you know it went through. So a few days later i checked my bank statements and to my surprise bought transactions went off my account. Incl the declined transaction. The same sunday i went to pnp spoke to a guy and he promised it would be sorted out, a week later nothing!! So i go in again 4 the second time told them the problem again nothing happened! And it was the second time i was promised they would call me back regarding the matter the 3rd time i went back still nothing! I just want to know does pnp intend giving my money back because this is truely theft!!!

  • Th
    thulisile Aug 16, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    the same thing just happened to me last week Wednesday, i went there at Campus square pnp was told to come back on friday with my bank statement did the same but i went on Monday. the lady told me she called pnp finance department and also my bank but she's told both of the are telling her they don't have the money. With the notifications i received it said money went to pnp. Icalled my bank was told to contact multi choice as the payment was meant for them, now i'm stuck don't even know what to do anymore as it seems as if i won't be getting my money.

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store encourages poor hygiene practices

I have complained numerous times with regards to the hygiene of this store. Today I was nauseated by the stench floating around the meat counter of this store. This is totally unacceptable, even for the Louis Trichardt store were Management shows no concern for any of the clients. My problem however is the remains is any of the fresh products served in this store safe for human consumption? While standing at the bread counter, I noticed that the public pokes the fresh bread, touches and squeezes the bread until the “right” bread is located and then it placed in a protective cover. (Plastic or paper.) All of this happens after about ten breads have been handled already. We life in a society pestered by illnesses related to poor hygiene, yet your store encourages poor hygiene practices by letting the public handle the fresh bread. I also noticed that only some of your bakery personnel wear gloves while handling fresh products. If all of the above is not bad enough it seems like all your cashiers are on a slow strike, taking their time assisting patrons in your store.

  • Ch
    Chanel77 Jan 13, 2011

    If you consider this post to be absolutely true, you've continued to go back anyway because...?

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received a threat from an employee

On Friday the 26th of February, I went to Pick n' Pay liquors to purchase a bottle of wine, as I couldn't find that certain wine, I asked an employee by the name of Zulu for assistance, I told him that I was looking for a bottle of natural sweet red wine(I was standing in the white wine section and had found nothing in the red wine section), he told me 'here are all the wines, can't you see them?'I replied that I was looking for a specific brand and could not find it on the shelf, he then asks me, 'Can you not see it on the shelf?', he then proceeded to fetch it from a box and handed it to me with attitude then he says, 'do you not know how to say thank you?'Then I told him that he can't expect me to say thank you when he was being rude, he then started to swear at me in zulu and threatening me saying that he would come after me(mind you, this guy's eyes were very red, therefore he must have been drinking on the job). I think Pick n' Pay should be aware of the kind of people they employ and those people's attitudes and if an employee is drinking on the job, especially in a liquor store, that's not a good look.

stay away from pick 'n pay

On Sun 06-12-09 i went to purchase a few consumables at Athlone Park Pick n' Pay and in I am normally a person who checks expiry dates but thought that Pick n' Pay being a reputable store will not stock expired goods... I WAS SO WRONG! While driving back home I was drinking the naartjie Twist cooldrink I purchased and spilt some. While cleaning up ; to my DISGUST I noticed the expiry date underneath the can, 30 Nov 09. I was peeved. I paid for those expired goods and I wouldnt even sponsor poor people hampers with such stale goods let alone pay for it! Even the bread on the shelves read, use by date 08-12-09, and on fri I purchased bread at my local garage with a sell by date, 07-12-09. Athlone Park Pick n' Pay store is not very busy and I doubt the managers even check stock, it is a dumpsite and i wil now advise relatives and friends who reside near and in that area to NOT shop at that store ever! No matter the desperation, travel and get fresh stock. It may be a few days old only but where are your principles and policies?How unhygienic, imagine if it was another edible item that made me ill?? Filthy sty of a store, clean up your act and store its disgusting.

  • Wo
    Wontlem Sep 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My husband went to the pick n pay in Steeldale yeesterday to purchase a few things. There were three full heavy bags in total. The lady who packed was Nombuso, My husband told her to please put the good in the trolley, she told him that he must get it himself. He came home very disturbed and told me that it was the first time that he had a problem with bad attitude at Pick n Pay. He told me that he asked for the manager and was directed to Zodwa. He told her the problem and she then asked him what must she do. He then told her to sort her staff out. She told him that he must sort it out. I phoned Zodwa who denied any of this. She said that Nombuso told her that she could not get a trolley because she was watching another customers packets who left it with her. Now that's just great cos let we all go shopping and ask Nombuso to watch it while we attend to other shops. If the company's values is that the staff is passionate about the customer, this would not have happened. Basically this is a total contradiction. It seems the staff and the manager do not have customer skills. We will in future proceed to purchase our goods at Checkers. I will take this to the media.

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failed to deliver as promised

I did an online shopping order which was delivered on Monday 2nd Nov. When they had delivered and left I picked up the 7kg bag of potatoes and the bottom literaly fell off and the potatoes were rotten. I immediately called the home shopping line and was promised they would replace them the next day. By Tuesday eveing - no replacement. I called on Wed and spoke to a cistomer service rep (Siniswe) and was promised delivery on Thursday. By 4.30 on Thursday I still had no delivery. I called again and spoke to Siresh and he then called the store who promised delivery on Friday. He even called me back at home to confirm this. By 4.30 on Friday I still had no delivery. When I called the customer service centre I asked to peak to a supervisor. A lady Vanessa called me to say how sorry they were but nothing could be done till tomorrow. I demanded taht she call the manager (who had just left) and get him to deliver them himself!! At 5.45 I still have no answer and doubt very much that I will see the goods tomorrw either. Pick and Pay abuses the customer and because they have such a hold on the market feel they can do as they please.

member of staff (abigail) ignoring customer

As you know, I am not a great fan of the PnP Mini Market at Lakefield Square. Today, I again tried to get Ciabatta rolls (6pack), again none in stock (happens often, I guess the guy who does the ordering does not comprehend that if the product is constantly out of stock, it actually sells?). Tried to order a few packs. Went to the 'manager section' (no manager or supervisor in sight anywhere). Two staff were busy doing whatever they were doing. A cashier walked past me, made them aware that I was standing there, no response. I then said ME IS A CUSTOMER, still no response, they continued doing what they were doing. I then asked the female staff (NOT a 'security staff') what her name was. She did not respond. I had to ask her SEVEN TIMES, the last two times I asked whether she was refusing to give me her name. Her name is Abigal.

Resolved bad attitude at pick 'n pay campus square

The staff at the Campus Square branch are extremely rude and unwilling to assist in general. There are more people standing around, holding hands and having their own good time, than available pay stations or assistance on the floor. Even the Manager (supervisor) on duty doesn't care much.

Yesterday customers had to wait in line while an employee took her time paying and chatting to the cashier on duty and the customers were ignored. Worst of all is the employees have bad attitudes when customers dare say something.

This is just 1 instance, these type of scenes happen daily in the specific branch.

The 'fresh fruit and veg' doesn't last long and sometimes it smells bad in that department, that looks chaotic most of the time.

Overall stock disappointing. It's a pity that the area is only serviced by 1 Pick 'n Pay in the area!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Pick n Pay's response · Aug 20, 2018

    Good Day All Pick N Pay Customers

    Please kindly send all complaints/ inquiry's directly to Pick n Pay on the below email address for a Pick N Pay consultant to address all concerns.

    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    We can be contacted during the following office hours.

    Monday-Friday : 08:00 – 19:00
    Saturday : 08:00 – 19:00
    Sunday : 09:00 - 17:00
    Public Holidays : 09:00 - 17:00

    Our Contact number is 0800 11 22 88.

    Kind Regards
    Pick n Pay

  • De
    Despa Jul 16, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It is absurd the kind of service that one get in Group PnP.I when to a PnP in campus square and I withdraw money from the till and the cashier gave me a R200.00 note and told her that it won't server for my purpose may I please have a lose money and what I got was a shouting and a question which was ''mna ndenzeni" which means that so what do you want me to do.I asked why she is not asking for a change to other cashiers and I was told that it not their duty to give change.I was not asking for a change I wanted a lose money.instead the cashier started servicing other customers.So this means that there are better customers at PnP than others.it important that if you don't have capacity to render a particular service you simply don't render it at all.
    It is also imperative that you training your cashiers customers services.as much a I would like to use your services, I'll not use services were I'll be treated like nothing.I was also amused by the guy who supposed to be manager presumingly, his conduct is not that of a manager he act the same as the cashier the only thing that Bost about is to beat customers.you will never see me or any of the people close to me using your services or buying your products.if an entity is not treating it's stakeholders well, I don't see a reason that would continue supporting its operations.The name of the guy is Isaac.he was hiding his name and he got annoyed when I looked at his name.

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crazy prices & disgusting food

I have so much to complain about with regards to Pick 'n Pay Hypermarket Norwood Mall.I have been shopping there since I was a little girl but lately I have alot to complain about.Firstly if you buy a ready made meal it is because you have no time to cook & expect something nice.I bought a big portion of your ready made chicken curry from your deli & sat down to eat it for dinner.All there was, was chicken bones, skin & fat blobs, I was & still are disgusted & the price was blady expensive too.I bought a pack of cinnamon buns that came with a caramel sauce, the date was still right, they were as hard as rocks & extremely dry that even the caramel sauce could not help the dryness, I ended up throwing them all away, they were terrible.How come Woolworths have their own brand of decaf coffee which is R29-95, goes off the shelf for a while as they are out of stock & need to get the coffee beans.It comes back onto the shelves a couple months later at the exact same price of R29-95 but Pick 'n Pay's prices go up daily, it is really ridiculous at the way ur prices just keep shooting up & you are ripping us consumers off who hardly have any money! I am so angry & dont want to shop at your store!

  • No
    No name brand Jan 03, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yesterday 2nd Jan I bought 3 ready made meals at the Waterfront Store. I have never bought P'nP ready made meals but have always seen it in store and the packaging always looked good, also wanted to compare to Woolworths ready meals. Well what a mistake. I bought my son the kiddies veg meal, which was covered in baked egg, but hardely had any veg and only pasta, he did not want any of it. I had the beef chow main, which was covered in water, looked like it had been frozen and then defrosted, the beef look unappetising and smelled funny, i then only looked a the sell by date and it was the 2nd, surely should have been taken off the shelves already.
    Terrible, i will never pay that type of money again for such horrible food. Neve buy Pick 'n Pay's ready made meals!!!

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about 40% of the items that I picked, I couldn't find pricing for

Went shopping at Pick n Pay. About 40% of the items that I picked, I couldnt find pricing for. Then I had to search for someone to help me. Then I was made to wait about 10 minutes for a price for one specific item. This was unacceptable. My shopping time could have been less 30 minutes if labels were correctly placed and staff was within a close vicinity in their departments.

stay away from pick n pay

I was doing my grocery shopping and I was in the aisle where the hair accessories are kept. One of the pick 'n pay employees picked up a brush, brushed her hair and put the brush back. Completely brazen, uncaring that the aisle was full of people. Now there are certain things in life that we just don't do...and I should NEVER have to write in to report this kind of behaviour. Standing watching the employees of pick 'n pay I have to say that they are completely out of control and unruly. Shouting at each other, pushing past customers...there is such a thing as common courtesy which I have to say is sorely lacking.

very unprofessional and untrained staff

The sales man requested a TV license which I didn’t have with me but had my id, he referred me to patience at customer care, I explained to patience that I don’t have copy of my TV license with me but have my id and proof and he can call sabc call centre to confirm, she call Joseph who is patience manager. Joseph told me pick n pay doesn’t call sabc and I have to produce copy of the TV license. Their TV Section firstly doesn’t have anything showing what they need when purchasing TV. I asked Joseph for copy of the doc that states that I have to have a copy of TV lic when purchasing a TV and he showed me a sample of a TV license which also states that retailers have to confirm with sabc if a cust have a valid TV license. When I showed him the procedure on the letter (TV license) he told me they only call sabc when you produce you license. I went to collect copy of my TV lic which was expired (2007) and they sold me TV without even confirming with sabc if it is valid, After I paid for everything I asked Joseph why did they sell me a TV without confirming with sabc as it a procedure and he told me I can report to the highest person I want. Is their staff trained on such things.

you just has to lightly touch a page and it literally falls out of the pad itself

I bought 20 No-Name brand exam pads a month ago. My daughter is in Matric and uses exam pads extensively to take and make notes. She began complaining bitterly that she just has to lightly touch a page and it literally falls out of the pad itself. I check on this and found it virtually impossible to keep notes in the exam pad - as you're writing, the pages become detached from the top section. I thought I would report this because 'goedkoop' in this case is definately 'duurkoop'. What a waste! I went to Checkers and bought 20 of their exam pads and they're doing just fine, thank you very much.

budget speach and cigarette prices

I would just like to make a comment. The day after the budget speach, when the minister of finance announced...