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March 15, 2019

Philippine Airlines Complaint Desk
MCIAA, Lapu-lapu City, Cebu

Sir/ Madame:


I'm Alan A. Nunez; purchaser of Mr. & Mrs. Alfredo Y. Lua's Socor Construction Corporation. I've been trying to contact your office but to no avail. Nobody answers my call.

Could you please correct the erroneously typed name spelling of passenger Ms Ma. Filinas O. Lua into Ma. Filipinas O. Lua. Her booking reference number is MKTTDZ. Ticket Number: [protected] for Cebu to Manila. Also, they're requesting a baggage of 20 kgs.

Your kind consideration is highly appreciated. Thank you very much!


Alan A. Nunez

Mar 15, 2019
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      4th of Apr, 2019

    Mr. Alan A. Nunez,

    To assist is a duty of the service provider, whom you had paid. It is the office of Philippine Airlines at Cebu.

    1. Usually, the air carrier shows the contact phone number and address in the very first message regarding the reservation MKTTDZ.

    Currently, at this moment, the the Philippine Airlines carrier does ot show PNR number MKTTDZ, which is associated with surname "Lua".
    It does not mean that such reservation does not exest or, otherwise, exists.
    As the evidence of the reservation is the primary PNR or e-tcket,
    which had been issued primary to the passenger's e- mail by the air carrier.

    2. The Philippine Airlines site do not show PNR which had been booked in 1 day after the arrival of the flight

    3. The mistake of the name transacription of 3 leters or less is not a reason of the denial of boarding by air carrier.

    4. It is the duty of the agent of the air carrier is to correct the name of passenger by him or by herself
    at the airport free of charge during the checkin procedure, prior to boarding.
    Usually air carrier, which operate internationnaly, do not do this against the ICAO and IATA rules.

    You can attach evidences (PNR or e-ticket or comments), if you want to process further at this site.

    I am not the staff of the Philippine Airlines air carrier.


    sr manager for ICAO / IATA irregulations matters
    Aryan engineers ltd.
    e--mail < aryan (at) >

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